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This page was created to provide researchers with  a means of finding individual names in a family database.  As such, it has been very successful; if you have found a name here that is of interest to you, please email us or select Our Research Site and request a user account.  When requesting a user account, please include a comment about the names that you are interested in.  This is a free service.

The list has 19,686 names from this family's GEDCOM and was updated 25 July 2020.

When given names are not known names are entered as Husband Huxtable, Daughter Gardner, etc.

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Ernest George Abbey 1888 Lambeth, London, England
Henry Richard Goodwin Abbey 1846 Lambeth, London, England
William Goodwin Abbey 1879 19 Howley Place, Lambeth, London, England
Winifred A E Abbey 1913 Southwark, London, England
Arthur Abbott 1912
Edith May Abbott 1888 5 Coronation Terrace, Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Frederick Abbott 1885 Shute, Devon, England
George Frank Abbott 1998 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harry Abbott
Hilda Berdina Abbott 1892 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Laura Frances Abbott 1870 Walworth, London, England
Rose Elizabeth Abbott 2000 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Stephen Robert Abbott 1961 Wells, Somerset, England
Unknown Abbott
George Abbs
Helen Caroline Abbs 1854 Waterdown, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada
Alice Maria Abby 1889 Lambeth, London, England
Annie Ethel Abby 1889 Lambeth, London, England
Emma Abby 1873 Lambeth, London, England
Fanny Mary Ann Abby 1868 3 Woburn Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
Henry Goodwin Abby 1883 Lambeth, London, England
Henry Goodwin Abby
Henry Richard Abby 1877 Lambeth, London, England
Maria Abby 1871 Lambeth, London, England
Three Children Abby
Abraham Abery 1845 Tilchurst, Berkshire, England
Kate Abery 1875 Epsom, Surrey, England
Ellen Jane Ablart 1860 Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales
John Ablart 1855 Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales
John Ablart
John R Ablart 1913 Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mary Ablart 1853 Christchurch, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Ablart 1811 Christchurch, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Ablart 1857
Thomas William Ablart 1882 Henllys, Monmouthshire, Wales
Hilda Abraham 1884 Wimbledon, London, England
Robert Abraham
Alfonso Acebal 1973 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Manuel Acebal 1970 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Manuel Acebal 1940 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
William Henry H Acford
Agnes Ackland
Harriett Lucille Acton 1921
Marion Adair
Anne Adams 1821 Bigbury, Devon, England
Christine M Adams
Elizabeth Adams
John Adams 1821 Littlebourne, Kent, England
Mabel Beatrice Adams 1873 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Maria Adams
Mary Jane Adams 1880 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Peter Adams
William Henry Adams 1861 Patrixbourne, Kent, England
Juddith M Adderson 1939 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Robert William Adderson
William Robert Adderson 1910 Leyton, Essex, England
Violet Hilda Addicott 1909 Taunton, Somerset, England
Alexander Adelsberg 1984
Alfred Eaton Adelsberg 1890 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Cara Jane Adelsberg 1981 Thanet, Kent, England
Caroline Jane Adelsberg 1980 Margate, Kent, England
Daniel Adelsberg 1982
Emma Louise Adelsberg 1985 Thanet, Kent, England
Gina M. Adelsberg 1959 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Jennifer M. Adelsberg 1950 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Johanes K Adelsberg 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John R. Adelsberg 1950 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Laura Jane Adelsberg 1981 Bromley, Kent, England
Mark Adelsberg 1981
Nicole Adelsberg 1982 Margate, Kent, England
Phillip L. Adelsberg 1952 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Raymond A. Adelsberg 1951 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Robert Alfred Adelsberg 1925 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Stephen George Adelsberg 1956 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Jesse Adlam 1886 6 Orchard Place,Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Adlam 1863 London, England
Arnold Adler
Caroline Brooks Adler
Betty Adlingham
Blanche Helen Adrain 1903 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Charles William Adrain 1906 Stamford Hill, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dennis John Adrain 1914 Stamford Hill, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Grace Isabel Adrain 1900 Natal, South Africa
John Adrain
William James Adrain
Alexandra Elvira A. Affleck 1994 Sutton, Surrey, England
Casandra Robyn L. Affleck 1996 Sutton, Surrey, England
David Kevin Affleck 1964 Purley, Surrey, England
Gillian Margaret Affleck 1958 Kaduna, Nigeria
Helen Jane Affleck 1962 Purley, Surrey, England
Janet Elizabeth Affleck 1959 Purley, Surrey, England
Jerome Thomas Affleck 1996 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Kieran Robert Affleck 1994 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Lawrence Greenhill Affleck 1971 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Michael John Affleck 1930 Hertfordshire, England
Mary Afford
Mary Afield 1782
Emily Agar
John Henry Agar
Mary Jane Aggett 1827 Torquay, Devon, England
William Aggett
Albert Ainge 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Albert Ainge 1900 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Alfred Henry Ainge 1906 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Amelia Ainge 1900 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Barry L Ainge 1947 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Daniel Ainge 1844 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Dora Lillian Ainge 1908 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edith May Ainge 1900 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elsie Maud Ainge 1906 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Fanny Ainge 1842 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Florence Edith Ainge 1881 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence Nellie Ainge 1904 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Francesca Louise Ainge 1979 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
George Ainge 1846 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
George Ainge 1904 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Ainge 1870 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Ainge 1904 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Hannah Bertha Ainge 1901 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Hannah Maria Ainge 1872 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Hilda Ainge 1902 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Henry Ainge 1879 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Henry Ainge 1899 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Leonard Ainge 1910 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joanne Ainge 1976 Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
John Ainge 1804 London, England
Keri Ainge 1974 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Leslie Hubert Thomas Ainge 1913 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lillian May Ainge 1903 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Ainge 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
May Ainge 1905 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Patricia Ellen Ainge 1939 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Stephen Ainge 1846 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
William Ainge 1875 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Ainge 1909 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Yvonne M Ainge 1938 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Kristine Aivars 1981 Riga, Latvia
Nikolajs Aivars 1954 Latvia
Pablo Aixela Bachs
Maria de los Angeles Aixela de Lasarte 1910 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Harriet Evelyn Akelson
Hirem Alba
Dorothy M Alcock
Joseph Alcock
Mary Webb Jane Alcock 1827 Balscote, Oxfordshire, England
Sarah Alderidge
Hagar Alderman 1847 Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire, England
Ann Aldridge 1846 Chapel Street, Tiverton, Devon, England
Ivy H Aldridge 1916 Brentford, London, England
John Aldridge
Brigita Aleinikova 1933
Dorothy Salway Alexander
George G Alexander 1891
John Alexander
Ruth Alexander 1710
Torrence William Alexander
Harriet Alford 1839 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Alford 1710
William Alford
Alfred Alforth 1860 Middlesex, England
Alice Alforth 1826 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Anna Alforth 1766 Whitton, Lincolnshire, England
Charles Edward Alforth 1832 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Daughter Alforth
Eliza Alforth 1835 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Eliza Alforth 1824 Nottinghamshire, England
Elizabeth Alforth 1822 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Emily Alforth 1833 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Emma Alforth 1832 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Hannah Alforth 1778 Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England
Isabella Alforth 1836 Nottinghamshire, England
John Alforth 1787 Old Leake, Lincolnshire, England
John Alforth 1794 Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, England
John Alforth
John Alforth
John Alforth
Lizzy Alforth 1853 10 Windsor Street, Myton, Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Alforth 1803 South Shields, Durham, England
Maria Alforth 1838 Boughton Street, St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Marie Alforth
Martha Alforth 1807 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Martha Alforth 1772 Whitton, Lincolnshire, England
Martha Alforth 1774 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Mary Alforth 1799 Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary Ann Alforth 1819 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary Ann ALFORTH 1843 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Matthew ALFORTH 1803 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Peter Alforth
Sarah Baker Alforth 1848 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Susanna Alforth 1777
Thomas Alforth Whickham, County Durham, England
Thomas Alforth
Thomas Alforth
Thomas ALFORTH 1775 Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England
Thomas Alforth 1796 Papplewick, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Alforth 1777
Thomas Alforth 1732
Thomas Alforth 1847 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Alforth 1732
William Alforth 1813 St Mary, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
William Alforth
William Alforth
Charles Alison
Christiana Alison 1779 Kinnoull, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland
Phillip Allam
Margaret Allan 1845
Frances Sarah Allbutt
Ada Lavina Allen 1869 Llandilo, NSW, Australia
Alexandra Allen 1902 Hackney, London, England
Annie Marie Allen 1895 Hackney, London, England
Beatrice Rose Allen 1911 Hackney, London, England
Bridget Allen
Charles Elmer Allen 1869 Metcalfe Township, Middlesex County. Ontario, Canada
Charles James Allen 1896 Hackney, London, England
Child Allen
Daughter Allen
Elma Allen 1917 Ontario, Canada
Emily Louise Allen 1904 Hackney, London, England
Emma Pauline Allen 1899 Hackney, London, England
Florence Matilda Allen
George Patrick Allen 1906 Hackney, London, England
George Wilfred Allen 1897 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Henry Richard Allen 1891 Bethnal Green, London, England
Ivy Pauline Allen 1909 Hackney, London, England
James Allen
James Allen
John Albert Allen 1892 Hackney, London, England
Joseph Elijah Allen 1857 Dorchester Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Laura Allen 1901 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Marie R Allen
Mary Allen
Myrtle Edna Allen 1905 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Norman Earl Allen 1905 Haliburton, Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada
Pearl Evelyn Allen 1909 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Philip Allen 1915 Ontario, Canada
Rachel Allen
Sarah Ann Frances Allen 1898 Hackney, London, England
Sophia Jane W Allen 1821 Devon, England
Stanley Elmer Allen 1899 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Allen
Thomasine Allen 1881
William Allen
William Henry Allen 1865 Romsey, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Allens 1806 Worcestershire, England
Ann Eliza Allforth 1868 22 Upper Queen Street, Rotherhithe, London, England
James Thomas Allforth 1845 26 Albion Street, Rotherhithe, London, England
John Allforth
Mary Anne Allforth 1830
William Allforth 1796 Deptford, London, England
Frank Allman 1891
Candice Lorelie Serena Alloway 1972 Guys Hospital, Southwark, London, England
Bea Almas
Agatha Ral Aloma
Martha Alpin 1821 Thornecombe, Dorset, England
Sarah Alridge
Sopia Amer
Elizabeth Ann Amesbury 1859 Mark, Somerset, England
J Ivan Amey 1920 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
John William Amey 1965 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Netta Iris May Amey 1913 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Patricia Anne Amey 1950 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Paul David Amey 1947 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Blanche Amroyd 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Helena Ancans
Hanne Andersen 1977 Bornholm, Denmark
Alice Anderson
Donald Charles Anderson 1935 Kew, Victoria, Australia
Elsie Anderson
Elsie Robina Anderson 1891 Rosebury Avenue, North Brighton, Victoria, Australia
Kenneth Anderson
Kerry Ann Anderson 1964 Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia
Olina Anderson Norway
Son Anderson
Son Anderson
Alexander Lawson Andrew
Campbell Lawson Andrew 1919 Wellington, New Zealand
Ann Andrews 1835 Bideford, Devon, England
Anne Andrews 1661
Annie Fursman Andrews 1880 Exeter, Devon, England
Edward Andrews
Francis Andrews 1915 4 Parkin Terrace,Truro, Cornwall, England
Frederick Fursman Andrews
Frederick W Andrews
Husband Andrews
Joshua Andrews
Lilleth Barter Andrews
Lydia Andrews 1808 Arlington, Berkshire, England
Martha Andrews 1852
Mary Jane Andrews 1847 Guildford, Surrey, England
Sarah Agnes Andrews 1846
Sylvia Maureen Andrews 1943 Truro, Cornwall, England
Louise Elizabeth Ann 1912 Peckham, London, England
Eric J Anning
Jessy Elizabeth AnnSanger 1859 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Francis Anstes 1785 Cornwall, England
Ann Walters Anstey 1811 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Anstey 1722 Washfield, Devon, England
John Anstey 1702
John Anstey 1809 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Anstey
William Anstey 1732 Washfield, Devon, England
George Anthony 1764 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Anthony 1790 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Anthony
Thomas Anthony
John M Apostol
Frances Sarah Lizzie Appleton Bradwell on Sea, Essex, England
Ann Appleyard
Hubert Spencer Apps
Sarah Apsey
Amelia Elizabeth Archer
Gilbert Archer
Mary Jane Archer 1858 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Ann Arkel 1807 Miserden, Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Arlett 1840 Oakford, Devon, England
Francis Arlett 1798 Sulhampstead Abbots, Berkshire, England
John Armitage 1792
Sarah Anne Armitage 1846 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
May Armitt
Frances Emily Armor 1914 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Frank Armor 1882
David Armstrong 1977 Sunderland, County Durham, England
David Armstrong 1887 Murton, County Durham, England
Elizabeth Catherine Armstrong 1909 Easington, County Durham, England
Heather Armstrong 1976 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Henry Armstrong 1945 Murton, County Durham, England
Henry Raymond Armstrong 1912 Easington, County Durham, England
Katherine Hewison Armstrong 1938 Murton, County Durham, England
Kaye Armstrong 1973 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Matilda Armstrong
Reuben Armstrong 1913 Dalton-le-Dale, County Durham, England
Richard Raymond Armstrong 1910 Easington, County Durham, England
Elizabeth Arnold 1868
Frances Arnold 1764
Mary Arnold
Wilford James Arnold 1902 Sombra, Ontario, Canada
Wife Arnott
Agneta Arscott
Thomas Arscott
Moses Arthur
Rosario Garcia Asbert 1908
Clementine Asfar
Colin Edward Ashby 1959 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
James Philip Ashby 1990 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
John A Ashby 1909
Keith William Ashby 1938 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Mark Christopher Ashby 1985 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Martha Ashby 1869 Clay Hill, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Ashby 1834 Sarrat, Hertfordshire, England
Victoria Louise Ashby 1987 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Ann Ashford 1799 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Hubert Martin Ashley 1881 Oxford, Oakland County, Michigan, USA
Joseph Ashley
Elizabeth Ashplant?
Jayne M Ashton
John Ashton
William Ashton
Eleanor Ashworth
Frederick Heather Askew
Joyce D Askew 1923 Epping, Essex, England
Ellen Catherine Louise Aspland 1889 London, England
Elsie Maud Maria Aston
Patience Aston
Lucy Atherell
Alan H Atkey 1924 Hamilton, New Zealand
David C Atkey 1943 Surrey, England
Eric Herschell Atkey 1887 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Eric Nigil Atkey 1921 Hamilton, New Zealand
Evangeline Atkey
Frederick Atkey
Frederick Sydney Clive Atkey 1917 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Marion Coris Atkey
Martin G Atkey 1947 Surrey, England
Philip Herschell Atkey 1948 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Son Atkey
Winifred Lisle Atkey
Jane Sophia Atkins
Ann Elizabeth Atkinson 1858 Stockton, Durham, England
James Atkinson
Susan Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson
Akexander Henley Attwater 1847 South Molton, Devon, England
Alexander Henley Attwater 1821 St Mary, Newington Butts, London, England
Alexander Henley Attwater 1801 Devon, England
Alexander Henley Huxtable Attwater 1901 Bampton, Devon, England
Alexander R H Attwater 1934 Tiverton, Devon, England
Augustus Frederick William Attwater 1857 South Molton, Devon, England
Edgar Cecil Attwater 1903 Bampton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Lukey Attwater 1853 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Lilian Attwater 1878 Taunton, Somerset, England
Ellen Attwater 1880 Taunton, Somerset, England
Ellen Eliza May Attwater 1897 Mill Head, Bampton, Devon, England
Ellen Jane Attwater 1858 Broad Street, South Molton, Devon, England
Emily Elizabeth Attwater 1880 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Frank Clarke Attwater 1856 South Molton, Devon, England
Frederick Augustus William Attwater 1882 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Harry Attwater 1884 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
Harry Faulconer Attwater 1890 Bampton, Devon, England
Harry Huxtable Attwater 1855 South Molton, Devon, England
Louis Faulconer Attwater 1854 Mill Head, Bampton, Devon, England
Louis Faulconer Attwater 1849 South Molton, Devon, England
Malena Ellen Ann Attwater 1845 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Attwater 1880 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Robert Huxtable Attwater 1860 South Molton, Devon, England
Anne Attwood 1825 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Edna M Attwood
Child Atwell
William Randle Atwell 1906 New Zealand
Olga Augspols St Petersburg, Russia
Valdemars Augspols St Petersburg, Russia
Anna Aunger
Manikam Aurokiam 1877 Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India
Simon Aurokiam
Roy Austin
Aaron Austine 1690 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann AUSTINE 1685 Chard, Somerset, England
Joan Austine 1678 Chard, Somerset, England
John Austine 1681 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Austine 1676 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas AUSTINE 1650 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Austine 1680 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas G Austy
Agnes Katherine Avery 1907 Clapham, London, England
Alberta Winifred M Avery 1897 Battersea, London, England
Alice Mary Avery 1857 Braunton, Devon, England
Benjamin Avery 1970 Billericay, Essex, England
Bessie Avery 1853 'Upcott', Braunton, Devon, England
Charles Albert Avery 1875 London, England
Charles Albert Avery 1901 Battersea, London, England
Charles Albert Avery 1940 Battersea, London, England
Eileen Avery 1905 Battersea, London, England
Francis Allen Avery 1899 Battersea, London, England
George Avery 1789 Braunton, Devon, England
George Avery 1821 Braunton, Devon, England
George Huxtable Avery 1854 Braunton, Devon, England
George James Avery 1862 Braunton, Devon, England
Kenneth Avery
Leslie Robert Avery 1910 Lambeth, London, England
Mabel Mary Avery 1903 Battersea, London, England
Mary Avery 1845 Copt Heath, Warwickshire, England
Mary Dyer Avery 1821 Braunton, Devon, England
Matthew Charles Avery 1969 Billericay, Essex, England
William Avery
Wilmot Avery
Evlyn Denise Aycock
Anna Ayers
Eleanor AYLESBURY 1386
Mary Miriam Aylward 1891 New Zealand
Florence May Babbage 1892
Grant D'arcy Babion 1885 Welland, Ontario, Canada
Maribeth Babion
Peter James Babion 1850
Robert Grant Babion
Ross Grant Babion 1915 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Dorothy Bache 1905 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Emma Bache 1862 England
Thomas Bache
Thomas Bache 1875 Shifnal, Shropshire, England
Andrew Badcock 1870 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Catherine Beedell Badcock 1834 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Dorothy Sybella Badcock 1900 Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
Ellen Badcock 1875 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Emily Badcock 1868 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Emily Badcock 1843 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Florence Amy Badcock 1877 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Isabel Ada Badcock 1871 Burlescombe, Devon, England
James Badcock 1806 Devon, England
James Badcock 1901 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
James Badcock
James Badcock 1862 'Bearscombe Farm', Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
James Badcock 1874 Burlescombe, Devon, England
James Badcock 1832 Washfield, Devon, England
James Percival Badcock 1890 Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
Jane Mary Badcock 1833 Burlescombe, Devon, England
John Badcock 1902 Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
John Badcock 1837 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Kate Badcock 1869 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Rebecca Mary Badcock 1893 Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
William Badcock 1904 Buckland Tout Saints, Devon, England
Dora Baddeley 1874 Hackney, London, England
John James Baddeley 1842 Shoreditch, London, England
Willard Badger 1835
Agnes Maud Emma Baggaley 1882 North Curry, Somerset, England
Alfred Bailey
Andrew Charles Bailey 1956 Wellington, Shropshire, England
Arthur Edmund Bailey 1875 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Bruce Thomas Bailey 1918 Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cyril Bailey 1925 Berkshire, England
Doris Bailey 1919 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Edward Bailey
Emma Louise Bailey 1998 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England
Florence Ena Bailey 1905 Lancashire, England
Francis Alfred Bailey
Herma Helen Bartlett Bailey 1912 Lot 2, Concession 15, Clinton Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Herman Bailey 1884
Jane Bailey
Janet Catherine Bailey 1959 Romanby, Northallerton, Yorkshire, England
John George Bailey
Judith Bailey
Katharine Bailey 1985 Newport, Pembrokeshire, England
Lily Sophia Bailey 1894 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Lucy Ann Bailey 1987 Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Maggie Bailey 1983 Newport, Pembrokeshire, England
Margaret Eileen Bailey 1940 6 New Road East, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Martin Simon Bailey 1961 Northallerton, Yorkshire, England
Mary Annie Bailey
Michael Christopher Bailey 1996 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England
Muriel Beth Bailey
Pamela Bailey
Rachel Bailey 1989 Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Ralph Bailey
Samuel Henry Bailey 1879
Susan Jean Bailey 1954 Bebbington Wirral, Cheshire, England
Thomas A Bailey
William Bailey 1953 Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England
William Frank Bailey
Dennis Baily 1909
Agnes Bain 1857 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
James Mowat Bain 1925
Sally P Bain 1955 Hammersmith, London, England
Edwin Grant Bainbridge 1916 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Edwin John Bainbridge 1978 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Edwin Stewart Bainbridge 1942 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Geoffrey Stewart Bainbridge 1969 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Jack Bainbridge
Michael Jaimet Bainbridge 1974 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Rachelle Bainbridge
Alison Baines 1973 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England
Andrew Baines 1977 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England
Brian Baines
Martha Baines 1865
Annie Lavinia Bainton 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Henry Bainton
Arthur John Frederick Baird 1897 Wandsworth, London, England
Charles Baird 1870 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Charles Arthur H Baird 1922 Lambeth, London, England
Constance Agnes Baird 1924
Elizabeth Baird 1948 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Hilda Baird 1920
Evelyn Alice Baird 1932 Levallois Perret, Paris, France
Evelyn May Baird 1944 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Freda Maud Baird 1907 New Zealand
George Henry Baird
Leslie Charles Baird 1946 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lilian Jane Baird
Alice Baker 1859 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alice Maria Baker 1866 Exeter, Devon, England
Andrew Baker
Ann Baker
Ann Baker 1847 Bradninch, Devon, England
Baxter Slade Baker 1896 Beer Crocombe, Somerset, England
Benjamin Baxter Baker 1858 Beer Crocombe, Somerset, England
Caroline Baker 1856 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Christopher Baker 1898 Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, England
Clayton Baker 1890 Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
David C Baker 1951 Exmoor, Somerset, England
David Frederick Baker 1942 Los Angeles, California, USA
Derek Baker
Doreen Baker 1910 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Edith Dorothy Reynolds Baker 1874 Rockbeare, Devon, England
Edith Mary Baker 1895 Beer Crocombe, Somerset, England
Edwin Baker 1854 North Molton, Devon, England
Eleanor Lucrecia Jessie Baker 1898 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Eliza Baker 1840 Tipperary, Ireland
Elizabeth Baker 1733 Halberton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Baker 1862 Battersea, London, England
Ellen Amanda Baker 1869 Exeter, Devon, England
Elsie Ann Baker
Emily Baker 1900 Beer Crocombe, Somerset, England
Ernest Charles Baker 1879 Freemantle, Hampshire, England
Florence Louise Baker 1880 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Frank Mallord Turner Baker 1877 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Frank Robert Baker 1902 Uckfield, Sussex, England
Frederick Baker 1880 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Frederick Francis S. Baker 1888 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Frederick George Baker 1891 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Frederick John Baker 1865 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Frederick John George Baker 1900 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Gawain Baker
Geoffrey Vivian Baker 1918 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
George Baker
George Baker 1855 Yeovil, Somerset, England
George Baker 1780 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Baker 1802 Tiverton, Devon, England
Harriett Baker 1819 Rackenford, Devon, England
Harry Scarsbrook Baker 1894 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Harry Walter L. Baker 1882 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Baker 1841 Exeter, Devon, England
Henry Baker 1872 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Henry W. Baker
Holly Baker 1908 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Hubert Baker 1870 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Isabella Maisie Baker 1909 Brighton, Sussex, England
Ivy Kathleen Baker 1902 Southwick, Hampshire, England
James Baker 1834 Cornwall, England
James Baker 1823 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James Baker
James A. Baker 1857 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James L Baker 1952 Exmoor, Somerset, England
Jessie Elizabeth Baker 1885 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Jessie Pridham Baker 1882 Southampton, Hampshire, England
John Baker 1842 St Sidwell, Exeter, Devon, England
John Baker
John Baker
John Baker 1821 Clyst Hydon, Devon, England
John Baker Baker 1800 Tiverton, Devon, England
Joseph Baker
Joseph William Baker 1859 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Kate Rosina Pridham Baker 1868 Exeter, Devon, England
Katherine Emily Baker 1900 Langport, Somerset, England
Kathleen Margaret Baker 1910 Brighton, Sussex, England
Laura Jane Baker 1983 Taunton, Somerset, England
Leonard H Baker 1910 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Lily Alma Baker 1858 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Mabel L Baker 1922 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaretta Jean Baker 1930 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Margery Baker
Maria Baker 1822 Bampton, Devon, England
Marjorie Ruth Baker 1908 Langport, Somerset, England
Mary Baker 1867 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Baker 1858 Tiverton, Devon, England
Millicent Baker
Muriel Evelyn Baker 1890 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Noah Baker
Peter Baker
Phyllis Maude Baker 1910 Langport, Somerset, England
Rachael Helen Baker 1981 Taunton, Somerset, England
Reginald Baker 1900 Brighton, Sussex, England
Robert Baker 1826 Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England
Roberta Baker
Sarah Baker
Selina Baker 1860 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Sidney Albert Baker 1883 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Son Baker
Son Baker
Stephen William Baker 1906 Brighton, Sussex, England
Sydney Walter John Baker 1908 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker 1851 North Molton, Devon, England
Thomas John Baker 1871 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Tom Baker
Victor Ray Viney Baker 1903 Southwick, Hampshire, England
Violet Murial Baker 1928 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Vivian Richard Baker 1879 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Baker 1850 Exeter, Devon, England
William Baker
William Baker 1860 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Baker
William J Baker 1898 Southsea, Hampshire, England
Willie Gerald Baker 1880 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Winifred Olive Baker 1905 Brighton, Sussex, England
Lilian Edith Balaam 1943 Northumberland, England
Anna Cristina Balaguer 1967 London, England
Policarpo Balaguer-Beniforach
Jose Balaguer-Morris 1933 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Marcelo Balaguer-Morris 1932 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Raymond Balcombe 1956 Epping, Essex, England
Saffron Peter Balcombe 1970 London, England
Sidney Balcombe 1928 Essex, England
Zoe Hariet Balcombe 1980 Leytonstone, Essex, England
Charles Frederick Baldwin 1831 Kilburn, London, England
Daughter Baldwin
Emma Grace Baldwin 1858
Husband Baldwin
Son Baldwin
Son Baldwin
Husband Ball
Edith E Ballantyne
Lucinda Ballantyne
Caroline Ballard 1812
Catherine Ballard
Catherine Ballard
Edith Ballard
Elizabeth Ballard
Emily Ballard 1874 Putney, London, England
John Spencer Ballard
Philip Ballard
Robert Ballard 1784 Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Robert Ballard 1839 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Stephen Ballard
Brian Graham Ballenden
Jane Balllinger 1840
Elizabeth Ann Balsdon 1857 Marwood, Devon, England
Ellen Balsdon 1855 Marwood, Devon, England
Lucy Balsdon 1838 Westleigh, Devon, England
Lucy Emma Balsdon 1858 Marwood, Devon, England
Mary Ann Balsdon 1862 Marwood, Devon, England
Richard Balsdon 1799 Huish, Devon, England
Richard William Huxtable Balsdon 1860 Marwood, Devon, England
Susan Balsdon 1865 Marwood, Devon, England
William Balsdon 1826 Westleigh, Devon, England
Charlotte Balson 1828 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ann Banister 1660
Andrew David Bankes-Price 1985 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
David H Bankes-Price
Victoria Lucy Bankes-Price 1982 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Amy E Banks
Anna Mae Banks 1877 Elmer City, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Charles H Banks 1872 Michigan, USA
Charlotta Estelle Banks 1880 Watertown, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Cora Ethel Banks 1885 Watertown, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
David Albert Banks 1890 Watertown, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Ethelyn Banks 1906 Michigan, USA
George Banks 1780 Kilham, Yorkshire, England
George Henderson Banks 1819 Kilham, Yorkshire, England
John Henry Banks 1854 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Louis Wesley Banks 1883 Watertown, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Minnie Banks 1890 Elmer City, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Robert Henry Banks 1888 Elmer City, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
George Bannel
Jane Bannister 1816 Much Cowarne, Worcestershire, England
Alex Baptist
Ethel Baptist 1912 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
George Baptist 1906
George Baptist 1868 Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada
Marion Baptist 1902 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Alethea Alice Barber 1855 Wilstead, Bedfordshire, England
Thomas Barber
Violet Alice M Barber 1911 Suffolk, England
Augustine Barblut
Agnes Bare
Ann Barge
Adelaide Maria Barker 1865 Lambeth, London, England
Charles John Barker 1842 Lambeth, London, England
David Meynell Barker
Frances Amelia Barker 1931 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
George Barker
Harriett Elizabeth Barker
Helen Blanche Barker 1854 Notting Hill, London, England
Malcolm Barker
Ralph Fredeick Barker
Charles Barnard
Maggie Barnard 1890
Uriah Payne Barnard 1875 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Barnard 1840
William Robert Barnard 1906 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Ann Barnes
Daughter Barnes
Edgar John Barnes 1923 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Elitha Barnes Plumstead, London, England
Julia Barnes 1912 Brighton, Sussex, England
Maria Barnes
Alison J Barnett 1965 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Archibald Benjamin Barnett
Benjamin James Barnett 1931 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Brian Barnett
Cindy Barnett
Daniel Ieuan Barnett 1985 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Greg Barnett
John William Barnett 1943 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Matthew David Barnett 1987 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Neil James Barnett 1967 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Percy V Barnett
Rachel Anner Barnett 1974 Exeter, Devon, England
Rachel Megan Barnett 1993 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Shawn Barnett
Husband Barney
James Robson Barr 1830
Maria Neill Barr 1868 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Hugh Barrett 1863 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Sarah Ann Barrett 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Amanda Joanne Barrow 1974 Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Barrow 1814
Elizabeth Rachell Barrow High Bray, Devon, England
John Barrow
Deirdre Barry
Jane Bartens 1853 St Martin in the Fields, London, England
Ada Bartlett
Alix Isabella Bartlett 1931
Alma Bartlett
Alma Bartlett Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Alma Bartlett 1901
Andrew Bailey Bartlett 1963 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Anetta Bartlett 1899
Anne Bartlett
Annie Bartlett 1885 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Bartlett 1921 Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Bartlett
Arthur David Bartlett 1905 Killarney, Manioba, Canada
Arthur Weale Bartlett 1844 Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
Arthur Weale Archibald Bartlett 1877 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Barbara Anne Bartlett
Barry Bartlett
Bella Bartlett 1909
Beverly May Bartlett 1936 Detroit, Michigan, USA
Brenda Louise Bartlett 1959 Harrow, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Carol-Anne Bartlett
Carol Bartlett
Catherine Elizabeth Bartlett 1873 Clay Bank, McNab Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Charles Appleby Bartlett 1889 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Charles James Bartlett 1854 Lambeth, London, England
Cheryl Bartlett
Christopher Weale Bartlett 1884 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Clemens Jordison Bartlett 1907 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Clifford C Edward Bartlett 1919 York County, Ontario, Canada
Curtis Elmer Bartlett 1908 Lot 19 ENR, Wicklow, Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Cyrus Augustus Bartlett 1876 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
David Bartlett
David Ephraim Bartlett 1879 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
David James Bartlett 1955 Ontario, Canada
David Keith Bartlett
David Richard Bartlett 1967
David Ronald Bartlett 1942 Huntsville, Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Delia Kathleen Bartlett
Delma Kernigham Bartlett 1904 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Donald Bartlett
Donald Sinclair Bartlett 1929
Donald Sinclair Bartlett 1956 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Doris Rosalee Bartlett 1920 Whitney, Ontario, Canada
Dorothy Ann Bartlett Ontario, Canada
Earl Clifford Bartlett 1900 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Edith Maud Bartlett 1887 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Edmund Bartlett 1941
Edna May Bartlett 1909 Lot 21 Concession 7, Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Edna May Bartlett 1908 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Edna Vivian Bartlett 1919 Tompkins, Saskatchewan, Canada
Edward Bartlett 1818 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Edward Bartlett 1842 Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
Edward Morley Bartlett 1927 Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Eliza Bartlett 1888 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Bartlett
Elizabeth Ann Bartlett 1830 Knighton, Dorset, England
Elizabeth Frances Bartlett 1850 Islington, London, England
Elizabeth Frances Bartlett 1888 Pakenham Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Ellen Bartlett
Elmer Bartlett 1911
Elsie Rose Bartlett 1889 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Elva Iona Bartlett 1912 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Elvin Bartlett
Elvin Robert Bartlett 1923
Emma Pashley Bartlett 1888 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Ernest Alfred Bartlett 1886 White Lake
Esther A Bartlett 1886 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Esther Frith Bartlett 1882 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Esther Mary Bartlett 1856 Brixton, London, England
Esther R Bartlett 1873 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Eunice Bartlett
Evelyn Annabella Bartlett 1919 Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Evelynne Marie Bartlett 1922 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Everett Glenford Bartlett 1915 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Fay Manderville Bartlett 1920 Ontario, Canada
Finley Edward Bartlett 1902 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Floyd William Bartlett 1926
Frances Annie Bartlett 1885 Ontario, Canada
Frances Joan Bartlett 1927
Frances Sendle Bartlett 1887 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Arthur Bartlett 1912 Golldlands, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Arthur Bartlett 1859 Harpurhey, Lancashire, England
Frieda Bartlett
Gail Susan Bartlett 1968 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
George Bartlett 1917
George Alfred Bartlett 1879 Ontario, Canada
George Augustus Bartlett 1843 Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
George Edison Bartlett 1931 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
George Ernest Bartlett 1916 Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
George Frith Bartlett 1892 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
George Reginald Bartlett 1898 Warren, Kirkpatrick Township, Nippissing District, Ontario, Canada
George Weale Bartlett 1852 Islington, London, England
George Weale Bartlett 1812 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Georgia Lynn Bartlett 1965 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Gladys Ellen Margaret Bartlett 1912 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Glenn Bartlett 1932
Gloria Gold Bartlett 1921 Dunnville, Ontario, Canada
Gloria Lynn Bartlett 1957 Ontario, Canada
Gordon Alfred Bartlett 1903 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Stanley Bartlett 1887 Ontario, Canada
Gordon William Bartlett
Grace Winifred Bartlett 1911 492 Simcoe Street, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Graham Bartlett
Gwendolyn Bartlett 1934
Harry Bartlett 1916
Harry Alfred Benjamin Bartlett 1896 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Harry Edwin Bartlett 1905 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Harry J C Bartlett 1915
Herbert Ernest Bartlett 1894 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Herbert Ernest Bartlett 1890 Warren, Kirkpatrick Township, Nippissing District, Ontario, Canada
Hester Bartlett 1880 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Hugh Melville Bartlett 1892 Warren, Kirkpatrick Township, Nippissing District, Ontario, Canada
Inger Anne Bartlett 1952 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Irene Bartlett
Irene McIntyre Bartlett 1913 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Isabella May Bartlett 1898 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Isabelle Marion Bartlett 1924
Iva Ella May Bartlett 1910 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
James Bartlett Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
James Cecil Bartlett 1925 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
James Craig Bartlett 1957
James Henry Bartlett 1870 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
James Stephen Bartlett 1876 Ontario, Canada
Jane Bartlett
Jane Bartlett 1883
Jane Bartlett 1816 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Jane Bartlett 1876 Ontario, Canada
Jane Ellen Bartlett 1853 13 St James Road, Holloway, London, England
Janet Bartlett
Jean Bartlett
Jenny Lee Bartlett 1950
Joan Bartlett 1936
John Bartlett
John Bartlett
John Andrew Bartlett Ontario, Canada
John Clarence Bartlett 1904 Lennox and Addington County, Ontario, Canada
John George Bartlett 1919 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
John Herbert Bartlett 1901 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Julie Lynn Bartlett 1967
Karen Bartlett
Kenneth Bartlett
Kenneth David Bartlett 1921
Leola Ann Bartlett 1949
Lerene Bartlett
Lisa Anne Bartlett 1963
Lloyd Cleveland Bartlett 1917 Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Lois Irene Bartlett 1895 Tweed, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Lorna Bartlett
Lorna Bartlett Ontario, Canada
Mackenzie Bartlett 1921
Margaret Bartlett 1918
Margaret Bartlett 1919
Margaret Anne Bartlett 1944
Margaret Ault Bartlett 1881 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Elda Bernice Bartlett 1916 Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Ellen Bartlett 1909 Lot 1 Concession 5, Ratter Township, Nipissing District, Ontario, Canada
Margaret L Bartlett 1881 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Lynne Bartlett 1954 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Maria E Bartlett 1889 Ontario, Canada
Marie Darlene Bartlett
Marlene Bartlett
Mary Bartlett
Mary Bartlett 1918
Mary Anne Bartlett
Mary Edna Bartlett 1897 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Esther Rae Bartlett 1897 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Jane Bartlett
Matilda Bartlett 1891 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Matthew Bartlett
Murray C Bartlett 1916
Myrtle Gertrude Bartlett 1906
Nancy Anne Bartlett 1949
Nettie Jane Bartlett 1884 Ontario, Canada
Norman M Bartlett 1891 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Norman Murray Bartlett 1951
Paul Bartlett
Paul Bartlett
Pearl Rose Bartlett 1894 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Peggy A Bartlett
Peter Bartlett
Philip Bartlett
Philip Bartlett
Phyllis Bartlett
Raymond Herbert Bartlett 1918
Rebecca Vera Bartlett 1899 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Reginald Cleveland Bartlett 1891 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Rex Bartlett
Richard H Bartlett 1875
Robert Bartlett
Robert Bartlett
Robert Alexander Bartlett 1894 Warren, Kirkpatrick Township, Nippissing District, Ontario, Canada
Robert Alfred Bartlett 1858 Kennington, London, England
Robert Gordon Bartlett 1902 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Robert James Bartlett 1874 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Robert John Bartlett
Robert Thomas Bartlett 1875 McNab Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Robert Thomas Bartlett 1964 Ontario, Canada
Robert Thomas Bartlett 1847 Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
Robert Thomas Bartlett 1814 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Ronald Bartlett
Ross Bartlett 1913
Rupert Stanley Bartlett 1895 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Ruth Bartlett
Samuel Garnet Bartlett 1896 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Anne Bartlett 1855 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Scott Gregory Bartlett 1959
Selma Bartlett 1919
Sheila Bartlett
Shirley Bartlett
Stanley Bartlett Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Stephen Bartlett
Susan Bartlett
Susanah Elizabeth Bartlett 1894 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Bartlett
Thomas Bartlett
Thomas Eagles Bartlett 1772 Brackley, Northamptonshire, England
Thomas Eagles Bartlett 1851 Buntingford, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Eagles Bartlett 1846 Watling Street, London, England
Thomas Harvey Bartlett 1906 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Henry Bartlett 1885 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas James Bartlett 1961 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas John Bartlett 1890 Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Mackenzie Bartlett 1874 Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada
Vera Thelma Bartlett 1917 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Verna Bartlett
Verna Bartlett
Viona Gloria Bartlett 1924 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Wife Bartlett
William Bartlett 1872
William Bartlett
William Edward Bartlett 1960 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
William George Bartlett 1876 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
William Harvey Bartlett 1877 Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
William James Bartlett 1848 Islington, London, England
Wilma Aileen Bartlett
Alfred John Barton 1850 Threxton, Norfolk, England
Arthur Edwin Barton 1906 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Audrey Cecilia Barton 1901 Strumpshaw, Norfolk, England
David Edmund Barton 1935 Enfield, London, England
Edmund Barton 1877 Cromhall, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Barton
Edwin Barton
Mary Barton 1831
Mary Jane Barton 1796
Richard Barton
Valdis Basens
Patrick Bass
Edward Bassingthwaighte
Mary Anne Bassingthwaighte 1820 Edgefield, Norfolk, England
Caroline Bastin 1824 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, England
Pamela Batchelor 1964
Derek E Bateman
Edward Bateman 1859 England
Eleanor M. Bateman 1948 Cobham, Surrey, England
Ian James Bateman 1959 Catford, London, England
Ida Maud Mary Bateman 1890 Camberwell, London, England
Jack Ronald Bateman 1990 Swindon, London, England
John Samuel Bateman
Philip John Bateman 1986 Swindon, London, England
Rachel Jane Bateman 1988 Swindon, London, England
Rosy Samantha Bateman 1993 Swindon, London, England
William Bateman 1838 England
Frederick Batens
Charles Bater 1847 Silverton, Devon, England
Emma Jane Bater 1868 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Francis William Bater 1861 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Jane Upham Bater 1841 Silverton, Devon, England
John Bater 1843 Silverton, Devon, England
Robert Bater 1809 Culmstock, Devon, England
Robert Bater 1835 Hemyock, Devon, England
Susan Bater 1870 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Susan Bater 1839 Silverton, Devon, England
William Bater 1837 Silverton, Devon, England
Arthur Bates 1909 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Beryl Helen Bates 1920 Michigan, USA
Ethel Bates 1903 Queensland, Australia
George Bates 1917 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Harriet Bates 1906 Glassford Creek, Queensland, Australia
John Bates
John Arthur Bates
John Edward Mills Bates
Josephine Victoria Bates
Kenneth Bates 1926 Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia
Martha Elizabeth Bates 1903 Queensland, Australia
Mary Ann Bates 1911 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Son Bates
Stella Sylvia Bates 1910
Vera Bates 1921 Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia
Walter Reuben Bates 1878 Browns Creek, Queensland, Australia
Eliza Battelle 1822 Plymouth, Devon, England
Eileen P Batterton 1936 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Philip Batterton
Emma Louise Battey 1848 Poplar, London, England
John Battey 1814 Burton in Lonsdale, Yorkshire, England
Mary Olive Battrick 1875 Studland, Dorset, England
Dajana H Bauer
Anne Baugh
Albert John Baulch 1904 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Alfred John Baulch 1873 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Angela P Baulch 1941 Chard, Somerset, England
Charles Baulch 1877 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Charles Augustus Baulch 1902 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Clarence Herbert Baulch 1915 Chard, Somerset, England
Clifford Avery Baulch 1911 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Dorothy M Baulch 1901 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Edith Sarah Annie Baulch 1876 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Eli Baulch 1829 South Molton, Devon, England
Eli Tom Baulch 1884 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Elizabeth Baulch 1832 Chard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Baulch 1886 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Rose Baulch 1940 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Emily Elizabeth Baulch 1865 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Ethel Mary Gladys Baulch 1892 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Frances Rosa Lily Baulch 1881 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frederick George Baulch 1871 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
George Baulch 1846 South Molton, Devon, England
Hannah Baulch 1835 South Molton, Devon, England
Jemina Baulch 1837 South Molton, Devon, England
John Baulch 1851 Chard, Somerset, England
John Baulch 1906 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Kate Baulch 1887 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Minnie Lavinia Baulch 1905 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Peter J Baulch 1944 Chard, Somerset, England
Peter Robert Baulch 1882 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Reginald John Thomas Baulch 1880 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Baulch 1840 South Molton, Devon, England
Robert Baulch
Robert Baulch 1868 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Robert George Baulch 1899 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Samuel George Baulch 1874 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Annie Baulch 1862 Chard, Somerset, England
Susan Honor Baulch 1879 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Alfred Baulch 1909 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Baulch 1808 Chard, Somerset, England
William Baulch 1831 South Molton, Devon, England
William Edwin Baulch 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Gertude Baulke 1916
James Richard Baulke 1903 Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
John Baulke
John William Baulke 1918 Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Morris George Baulke 1901 Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Nettie Louisa Margaret Baulke 1907 Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Roberrt Baulke 1910 Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada
Son Baulke
William Morris Baulke 1868 County Wexford, Ireland
Franz Baumgartner 1906 Austria
Gerhard Baumgartner 1940 Graz, Austria
Gernot Baumgartner
Gudrun Baumgartner
Heidi Baumgartner
Siegfried Baumgartner
Siegrun Baumgartner
Two children Baumgartner
Honor Bawden
Ann Bax 1721 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Daniel Bax 1731 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Daniel Bax 1690 'Plaistow', Capel, Surrey, England
Mary Bax 1724 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Nathanial Bax
Rebecca Bax 1726 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Richard Bax 1754 Capel, Surrey, England
Richard Bax
Richard Bax 1723 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Ruth Bax 1729 'Wattlehurst', Capel, Surrey, England
Thomas Bax
Mary Ann Alice Baxter 1862 Pimlico, London, England
Nellie Baxter
Emma Bayley
Mary Ann Baylis 1852 Redditch, Worcestershire, England
George Bayliss 1863 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Jean Bayliss 1940 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
William Bayliss 1895 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
James Pink Bayne 1870 Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Kathleen Georgina Pink Bayne 1914 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Lucy Agnes Montgomery Bayne 1898 Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Robert Bayne
Alexander BAYNHAM
Eliza Beach 1853 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Beach 1822
Elva Elfrida Beadle 1894 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Isaac Beadle 1856 Epsom, Surrey, England
Magdelen Beadle
Robert Beake 1893
Anne Beale
Edmund Beale
John Beale 1625
Martha Beale 1849 Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire, England
Anna May Beall 1928 Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, USA
Arthur John Beamish
Dinah Helen Elizabeth Beamish 1960 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England
Gabriel Gys A Beamish 2004 South Hams, Devon, England
Gabrielle Katharine Stewart Beamish 1958 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England
Isabel Rose M Beamish 1998 South Hams, Devon, England
Luke Delacour Beamish 1934
Matthew Gillespie Beamish 1964 Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England
Peter Delacour Beamish 1963 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Sebastian Jelle Beamish 1997 Teignbridge, Devon, England
Jerome Beara
William Lesley Beara 1872 Appledore, Devon, England
Charles L Beard
Graham A Beard 1935 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Joan BEARD 1540
Thomas BEARD
Bernice Maurrie Beare 1898 31 Baker Street, London, England
Nellie Beare 1890 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Thomas Lawrence Beare 1861
Wife Beare
Christina May Beaton 1884
Catherine Beattie 1885 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Isabella Beattie 1882 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Walter Beattie 1885 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Walter Beattie 1838 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Elinor Beck 1636
Elizabeth Beck 1766 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jane Beck 1764 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beck Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Beck
Angeline T Beckenham 1941 Surrey, England
Denise Maureen Beckenham 1940 Woodmansterne, Surrey, England
Margaret D Beckenham 1936 Surrey, England
Marie L Beckenham 1942 Surrey, England
Mary A Beckenham
William Beckenham 1885 Woodmansterne, Surrey, England
William Thomas Beckenham 1910
David Beckett 1953
Gladys Victoris Beckett 1888 East Indies
Sarah Beckett 1885
Sarah Ann Beckett 1861 Collingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Annie Eliza Beckwith 1880 Erith, Kent, England
Maurice H Beckwith
Gemma Louise Beddows 1992 Stourbridge RD, England
Ian M Beddows 1960 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
John Beddows
William Jack Beddows 1996 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Andrea Lena Bedell 1904 New Zealand
Maynard Gothard Bedell 1905 New Zealand
Merioneth Wilmer Bedell 1907 New Zealand
Zelda Alanstan Bedell
Hettie Bee
Adela Louisa Mary Beedell 1847 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Agnes Beedell 1836 Templeton, Devon, England
Alan Hugh Beedell 1908 Balham, London, England
Albert Beedell 1893 Croydon, NSW, Australia
Albert Edward Beedell 1863 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Albert Victor Beedell 1895 Tiverton, Devon, England
Alfred Beedell 1838 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Alfred Beedell 1840
Alice Beedell 1859 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Alice Beedell 1868 Tiverton, Devon, England
Alice Mary Beedell 1896 NSW, Australia
Alison P Beedell 1960 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Amelia Beedell 1856 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Amelia Beedell 1857 'Ford Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ann Beedell 1845 Culmstock, Devon, England
Ann Beedell 1857 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Ann Beedell 1838 Templeton, Devon, England
Ann Smale Beedell 1860 'Ford Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ann Walters Beedell 1858 Rackenford, Devon, England
Anne Beedell 1812 Templeton, Devon, England
Annie Scott Beedell 1874 Thorverton, Devon, England
Anthony J Beedell 1936 Rochford, Essex, England
Arabella Jane Beedell 1876 Woolcombe's Gully, Timaru, New Zealand
Arthur John Beedell 1901 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Arthur John Beedell 1847 Stepney, London, England
Arthur William Beedell 1867 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Bessie Beedell 1866 Tiverton, Devon, England
Betty Beedell 1805 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Betty Beedell 1808 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Caroline Beedell 1819 Tiverton, Devon, England
Caroline Beedell 1832 Templeton, Devon, England
Caroline Beedell 1860
Cecil Frederick Beedell 1905 Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Charity Beedell 1864 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Charles Edward Beedell 1876 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Charles Edward Beedell 1880 Hackney, London, England
Charlotte A Beedell 1959 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Christine Beedell 1964 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Christopher John Beedell 1924 Highbridge, Somerset, England
Clyde Errol Hatswell Beedell 1914 Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Constance Marian Beedell 1872 Tottenham, London, England
Cyril Hastings Hatswell Beedell 1889 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Darren James Beedell 1985 Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England
Daughter Beedell
Daughter Beedell
Daughter Beedell
Daughter Beedell
Daughter Beedell
Daughter Beedell
Derek Couchman Beedell 1908 Tottenham, London, England
Dinah Beedell 1843 Templeton, Devon, England
Dora Mary Rose Beedell 1878 Tottenham, London, England
Dorothy Gladys Beedell 1894 Withleigh, Devon, England
Edith Beedell 1883 Uffculme, Devon, England
Edith Elizabeth Mary Beedell 1882 Wolborough, Devon, England
Edith Mary Beedell 1904 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Edward Beedell 1851 Culmstock, Devon, England
Edward Beedell 1887 Uffculme, Devon, England
Edward Beedell 1831 Washfield, Devon, England
Edward Couchman Beedell 1840 4 Crown Street, Hackney, London, England
Edward Ernst Beedell 1867 Dalston, London, England
Edward John H Beedell 1906 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Edward William Beedell 1869 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Edward William Beedell 1892 NSW, Australia
Edwin Beedell 1854 Tiverton, Devon, England
Edwin Beedell 1863 Rackenford, Devon, England
Edwin Beedell 1826 Templeton, Devon, England
Edwin William Beedell 1840 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Elisa Beedell 1817
Eliza Beedell 1843 Washfield, Devon, England
Eliza Beedell 1817 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Eliza Beedell 1860 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Eliza Jane Beedell 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1859
Elizabeth Beedell 1784 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1788 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1787 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1859 Willesden, London, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1812 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1834 Templeton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1784 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1859 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1838 Washfield, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1852 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1815 Washfield, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedell 1788 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Beedell 1851 Hackney, London, England
Ellen Beedell 1864
Ellen Beedell 1861 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ellen Beedell 1856 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Ellen Arlett Beedell 1865 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Ellen Elizabeth Beedell 1892 Rackenford, Devon, England
Emily Beedell 1841 Templeton, Devon, England
Emily Ann Beedell 1843 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Emily Harriet Beedell 1844 Hackney, London, England
Emily Isabella Beedell 1848 Stepney, London, England
Emma Jane Louisa Beedell 1845 Stepney, London, England
Enid M Beedell 1913 Crediton, Devon, England
Erie George Norman Hatswell Beedell 1910 Queensland, Australia
Erle Stanley Hatswell Beedell 1883 Kensington, London, England
Ethel Frances Beedell 1888 Devonport, Devon, England
Eva Maud Beedell 1874 Tottenham, London, England
Florence Isobel Beedell 1878 Auckland, New Zealand
Florie Beedell 1893 Rackenford, Devon, England
Frank Beedell 1910 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Frederick Edward Beedell 1879 New Zealand
Frederick Samuel Beedell 1843 Barnstaple, Devon, England
George Beedell 1790 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Beedell 1821 Kenton, Devon, England
George Hatswell Beedell 1851 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Gertrude Amy Beedell 1881 New Zealand
Gladys Emmeline Beedell
Gordon Ronald Beedell 1918 Tweed Head, Queensland, Australia
Grace Beedell 1808 Tiverton, Devon, England
Grace Beedell 1809 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Beedell 1781 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Beedell 1793 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Beedell 1781 Tiverton, Devon, England
Harold Arthur Beedell 1885 Hackney, London, England
Harriet Beedell 1828
Harriet Beedell 1833 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Harriett Beedell 1846 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Hazel Gwyneth Beedell 1925 Northmead, NSW, Australia
Heather Gwendoline Hatswell Beedell 1916 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Helena Hatswell Beedell 1849 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1852 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1824 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1797 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1855 'North Ford Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1826 Topsham, Devon, England
Henry Beedell 1797 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Frank Beedell 1889 Devonport, Devon, England
Henry George Beedell 1876 New Zealand
Henry George Beedell 1852 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Leonard Beedell 1896 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Henry Scott Beedell 1873 Thorverton, Devon, England
Herbert Beedell 1869
Herbert Vivian Beedell 1870 Hackney, London, England
Herbert Wilfred Beedell 1876 Hackney, London, England
Horace Couchman Beedell 1873 Hackney, London, England
Hubert Dallas Beedell 1889 Hackney, London, England
Isabella Beedell 1830 Templeton, Devon, England
Jack Beedell 1901 Horsham, Sussex, England
James Beedell 1823 Washfield, Devon, England
James Beedell 1824
James Beedell 1861 Rackenford, Devon, England
James Beedell 1784 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
James Beedell 1793 Templeton, Devon, England
James Beedell 1822 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
James Andrew Hewish Beedell 1860 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
James R Beedell 1934 Southwark, London, England
Jane Beedell 1819 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Jane Beedell 1856 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Jane Beedell 1948 Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Jane Beedell 1855 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Janice Merle Beedell 1941 Nanango, Queensland, Australia
Jason Carl Beedell 1986 Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England
Joan Esme Beedell 1900 Tottenham, London, England
Joanna Beedell 1955 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Beedell 1814 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1802 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1863 Barnstaple, Devon, England
John Beedell 1782 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1782 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1788 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedell 1864 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
John Beedell 1813 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedell 1863 'Ford Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedell 1881 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
John Beedell 1814 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedell 1782 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
John Beedell 1744 Calverleigh, Devon, England
John Beedell 1820 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1785 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1854 Rackenford, Devon, England
John Beedell 1847 Culmstock, Devon, England
John Beedell 1743 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedell 1785 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Anstey Beedell 1859 Rackenford, Devon, England
John Bidgood Beedell 1847 Washfield, Devon, England
John Francis Beedell 1841 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
John Thomas Beedell 1891 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Thomas Beedell 1862 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Jonathan Beedell 1952 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Kate Beedell 1866
Kathleen Mary Beedell 1889 Withleigh, Devon, England
Kenneth Arthur Beedell 1927 Northmead, NSW, Australia
Kevin Beedell 1962 Lambeth, London, England
Laura Beedell 1896 Rackenford, Devon, England
Laura Beedell 1859 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Laura Beedell 1865
Laura Ann Beedell 1831 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lawrence Henry Beedell 1920 Plymouth, Devon, England
Lester Couchman Beedell 1902 Tottenham, London, England
Lester Couchman Beedell 1934 Marylebone, London, England
Lilian Beedell 1891 Devonport, Devon, England
Louisa Beedell 1827 Templeton, Devon, England
Mabel Beedell 1892 Devonport, Devon, England
Mabel Violet Beedell 1900 NSW, Australia
Margaret Beedell 1930 Chelsea, London, England
Mary Beedell 1867 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1804 Templeton, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1858 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1810 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1840 Rackenford, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1851 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1795 Templeton, Devon, England
Mary Beedell 1835 Washfield, Devon, England
Mary Agnes Beedell 1878 New Zealand
Mary Ann Beedell 1851 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1852 Willesden, London, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1844 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1856 Rackenford, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1855 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1848 Templeton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1811 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedell 1819 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Isabella Beedell 1874 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Mary Jane Beedell 1841 Upton Pyne, Devon, England
Mary Jane Beedell 1877 Thorverton, Devon, England
Mary Louisa Beedell 1875 New Zealand
Matilda Jane Beedell 1837 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Maximilian Fyfe Beedell 1985 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Michael Beedell 1826 Tiverton, Devon, England
Muriel Beedell 1894 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Norah Beedell 1897 Tottenham, London, England
Olive Sally Beedell 1892 Tiverton, Devon, England
Percy Roy Beedell 1898 Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Peter D Beedell 1932 Rochford, Essex, England
Queenie Louise Beedell 1903 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Richard Beedell 1857 Tiverton, Devon, England
Richard Beedell 1737
Richard Beedell 1784 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Ricky Lee Beedell 1983 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Robert Beedell 1814 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1897 Rackenford, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1769 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1835 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1838 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1809 Templeton, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1816 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Robert Beedell 1853 Rackenford, Devon, England
Robert Dodson Beedell 1858 Stepney, London, England
Robert Hellier Beedell 1902 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Robert James Beedell 1824 Devon, England
Robert John Beedell 1880 Wolborough, Devon, England
Robert Scott Beedell 1916 Plymouth, Devon, England
Rosa Susannah Beedell 1856 Stepney, London, England
Rose Alexander F Beedell 1982 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Beedell 1820 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sarah Beedell 1788 London, England
Sarah A Beedell 1854 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Sarah Ann Beedell 1853 'South Ford', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Sarah Ann Beedell 1848 Halberton, Devon, England
Sarah Reed Beedell 1842 Washfield, Devon, England
Son Beedell
Son Beedell
Son Beedell
Son Beedell
Son Beedell
Son Beedell
Stanley Charles W Beedell 1908 Hackney, London, England
Steven J Beedell 1961 Lambeth, London, England
Stuart Bertram Hatswell Beedell 1886 Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Tessa Louise Beedell 1988 Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Beedell 1810 Washfield, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1858 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1831 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1857 Rackenford, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1817 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1879 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas Beedell 1839 Washfield, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1849 Culmstock, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1822 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1825 Washfield, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell 1797 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas James Beedell 1865 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Powis Beedell 1824 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Sidney Beedell 1864 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Vera Constance Beedell 1918 Queensland, Australia
Vera Ellen Beedell 1903 Liverpool, NSW, Australia
Victor Wren Beedell 1883 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Walter Herbert Beedell 1881 New Zealand
Walter John Beedell 1861 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Beedell 1807 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
William Beedell 1843 Washfield, Devon, England
William Beedell 1859 'Ford Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Beedell 1790 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Beedell 1790 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Beedell 1855 Horton, Buckinghamshire, England
William Beedell 1879 New Zealand
William Beedell 1844
William Beedell 1851 Washfield, Devon, England
William Beedell 1851 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Beedell 1857 Barnstaple, Devon, England
William Beedell 1806 Templeton, Devon, England
William Beedell 1786 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Beedell 1878 56 Bedford Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
William Beedell 1780 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
William Beedell 1812 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Beedell 1819 Washfield, Devon, England
William Dallas Beedell 1915 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
William Edwin Beedell 1881 Thorverton, Devon, England
William Henry Beedell 1847 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Henry Beedell 1911 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Henry Beedell 1848 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Howard Beedell 1874
William John Venman Beedell 1836 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Joseph Beedell 1872 Barnstaple, Devon, England
William Thomas Beedell 1885 Devonport, Devon, England
Abraham Beedham Beedle 1800 Tiverton, Devon, England
Agnes Beedle 1757 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Agnes Beedle 1731 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Alfred M Beedle 1830 Plymouth, Devon, England
Alfred Thomas Beedle 1856 Exeter, Devon, England
Alice Beedle 1889 Exeter, Devon, England
Alice Beedle 1694 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Amey Wood Beedle 1705 Poughill, Devon, England
Ann Beedle 1765 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Ann Beedle 1816 Devon, England
Anne Beedle 1742 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Bertie Stanley Beedle 1890 Exeter, Devon, England
Charity Beedle 1805 Templeton, Devon, England
Charity Beedle 1724 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Child Beedle
Daughter Beedle Calverleigh, Devon, England
Eliza Beedle 1834 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Eliza Beedle 1825 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1761 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1792 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Elizabeth BEEDLE 1756 'Nethercott', Rose Ash, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle
Elizabeth Beedle 1774 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1806 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1751 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1789 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1849 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1798 Templeton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1819
Elizabeth Beedle 1752 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1714 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1899 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Beedle 1689 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Denniston Ridge Beedle 1872 Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elizabeth Venman Beedle 1830 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ellen Beedle 1827
Emily Sophia Beedle 1823 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Emma Beedle 1832 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Ernest Dyke Beedle 1837 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
Ethel Beedle 1886 Woodbury, Devon, England
Fanny Beedle 1831 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Florence Eveline Beedle 1895 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Frances Beedle 1720 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Frank Augustus Beedle 1841 Plymouth, Devon, England
Frederick William Beedle 1827 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Frederick Withycombe Beedle 1863 Toxteth, Lancashire, England
George Harold Beedle 1879 Islington, London, England
George Knight Beedle 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
Gertrude Martha Beedle 1893 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Grace Beedle 1777 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Grace Beedle 1771 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Grace Beedle 1766 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Hannah Beedle 1721 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Hannah Beedle 1748 Tiverton, Devon, England
Helen Violet Beedle 1901 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Henry Beedle 1836
Henry Beedle 1830 Upton Pyne, Devon, England
Henry Beedle 1750 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Francis Beedle 1850 Exetre
Henry Francis Beedle 1827 Exeter, Devon, England
Henry George Beedle 1823 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Henry Ridge Beedle 1871 Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Henry Watkinson Beedle 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Horace George Beedle 1908 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
James Beedle 1762 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Beedle 1776 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
James Beedle 1795 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
James Beedle 1841
James Beedle 1791 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Beedle 1744 Calverleigh, Devon, England
James Beedle 1815 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
James Duckham Beedle 1794 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Francis Beedle 1847 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jane Beedle 1762 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Jane Beedle 1717 Washfield, Devon, England
Joan Beedle 1691 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedle 1810 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
John Beedle 1811 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedle 1660 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Beedle
John Beedle 1783 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Beedle 1827 Upton Pyne, Devon, England
John BEEDLE 1681 Devon, England
John Beedle 1718 Calverleigh, Devon, England
John Beedle 1774 Bickleigh, Devon, England
John Beedle 1755 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hitchcock Beedle 1821 Exeter, Devon, England
John Lockett Beedle 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Lucy Beedle 1842 Tiverton, Devon, England
M I Beedle 1840 Tiverton, Devon, England
Maria Fanny Beedle 1867 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Maria Garnett Beedle 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Maria Widdicombe Beedle 1905 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mary Beedle 1722 Washfield, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1767 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1707 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1764 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1777 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1844 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1793 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1754 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1838 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Mary Beedle 1798 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedle 1853 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Ann Beedle 1844 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Mary Jane Beedle 1838 Tiverton, Devon, England
Maud Down Beedle 1884 Tavistock, Devon, England
Michael Nott Beedle 1800 Tiverton, Devon, England
Peter Denniston Ridge Beedle 1876 17 Holyrood Crescent, Maryhill, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Richard Beedle 1745 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Richard Beedle 1766 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Richard Garnett Beedle 1906 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Richard Garnett Beedle 1836 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Richard Gladstone Beedle 1879 2 Venmore Street, Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert BEEDLE 1721 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Robert Beedle 1746 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Robert Beedle 1785 Tiverton, Devon, England
Robert Beedle 1759 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Robert Garnett Beedle 1819 St George in the East, London, England
Robert Hele Beedle 1811 Stepney, London, England
Robert James Beedle 1824 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert Ridge Beedle 1874 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Robert Walter Beedle 1849 Hackney, London, England
Robert Watkinson Beedle 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert William Richard Beedle 1864 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Rosa Lucretia Beedle 1833 Plymouth, Devon, England
Sarah Beedle 1733 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sarah Beedle 1736 Washfield, Devon, England
Sarah Beedle 1897 St Cuthbert, Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Sarah Baker Beedle 1770 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Sarah Jane Beedle 1817 St George in the East, London, England
Sarah Webber Beedle 1825 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Susannah Beedle 1821 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1785 Exeter, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1786 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1821 Upton Pyne, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1683 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1713 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1723 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1839 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1723 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle 1763 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Thomas Mogridge Beedle 1826 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Thomas Wallis Beedle 1820 St George in the East, London, England
Thomas William Beedle 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Thomasin Beedle 1793
Victoria May Beedle 1897 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Walter Beedle 1858 Exeter, Devon, England
Walter Grace Beedle 1885 St Chrysostom, Everton, Lancashire, England
Walter James Beedle 1825 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
William Beedle 1787 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Beedle 1874 West Derby, Lancashire, England
William Beedle 1788 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
William Beedle 1734 Calverleigh, Devon, England
William Beedle 1759 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Beedle 1719 Calverleigh, Devon, England
William Beedle 1742 Calverleigh, Devon, England
William Denniston Ridge Beedle 1875 Buenos Aires, Argentina
William Henry Beedle 1845 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William John Beedle 1838 City Road, St Luke's, London, Middlesex, England
William Ridge Beedle 1831 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Winnie May Beedle 1893 Exeter, Devon, England
Frances Rhoda Beer 1857 Axmouth, Devon, England
Ada Beetham 1887
Albert Augustus Beetham 1857 Wanganui, New Zealand
Albert Mayo Beetham 1896
Albert William Beetham 1802 London, England
Albert William Beetham 1828 St Luke Old Street, London, England
Amy Mary Beetham 1896 New Zealand
Arthur Beetham 1855
Arthur Beetham 1837 Saint Mathew, Brixton, London, England
Arthur Raymond Beetham 1895 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Attila Harry Beetham 1870 New Zealand
Beverley Mayo Beetham 1929 New Zealand
Bonamy Beetham 1877 New Zealand
Cicely Beetham 1872 New Zealand
Clement Noel Beetham 1918 Taranaki, New Zealand
Clement Rice Beetham 1889 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Daughter Beetham
Daughter Beetham
Edward Beetham
Edward Beetham 1863 Islington, London, England
Edward Betham Beetham 1905 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Emily Beetham 1868 New Zealand
Eunice Amy Beetham 1916 New Zealand
Evelyn Rose Beetham 1887 Newtown, NSW, Australia
Frank Beetham 1860 New Zealand
Fred Roland Robert Beetham 1905 New Zealand
Freda Beetham 1896 New Zealand
Frederick Beetham 1862 Islington, London, England
Frederick Beetham 1862 Christchurch, New Zealand
Geoffrey Beetham 1865 New Zealand
Jane Beetham Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England
Jennifer Robin Kemp Beetham 1934 19 Wentworth Road, Sydney, NSW, Australia
John Raymond Beetham 1928 Eastwood, NSW, Australia
Joyce Beetham 1928 Kew, Victoria, Australia
Julian Beetham 1831
Kate Beetham 1863 New Zealand
Katherine Beetham 1829 St Luke Old Street, London, England
Kathleen Mayo Beetham 1899 Auckland, New Zealand
Marie Dorothy Beetham 1927
Mary Katherine Beetham 1870 Highbury, London, England
Maud Beatrice Beetham 1892 Newtown, NSW, Australia
Monatgue Innes Beetham 1897 Auckland, New Zealand
Montague Beetham 1866 New Zealand
Montague Main Beetham 1901 Auckland, New Zealand
Montrose Attila Beetham 1898 Auckland, New Zealand
Naomi Beetham 1892 New Zealand
Olive Grey Beetham 1902 New Zealand
Reginald William Beetham 1889 Victoria, Australia
Rose Jane Beetham 1835 St Luke Old Street, London, England
Ruth Myrtle Beetham 1893 New Zealand
Sidney Beetham 1861 New Zealand
Son Beetham
Stanley Develle Beetham 1894 New Zealand
Susan Elizabeth Beetham 1963 Camperdown, NSW, Australia
Suzanne Beetham
Walter Beetham 1833 St Luke Old Street, London, England
Walter Beetham 1889
William Beetham
William Beetham 1854 New Zealand
William Beetham 1853 Taranaki, New Zealand
William Ronald Beetham 1925 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Eileen Margaret Beggs 1926
Hilliard Osborne Beggs 1897 Cameron, Fenelon Township, Ontario, Canada
Joyce Olive Beggs 1927
Mark Osborne Beggs 1941
Ruth Isobel Beggs 1929
Nehemiah Wood Beirdneau
Eleonora Beitans 1932
Aileen Maud Bell 1931 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Anne Bell
Clifford E Bell 1961 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Cynthia M Bell 1944 Northumberland, England
Daughter Bell
Daughter Bell
Daughter Bell
Edward Bell
Edward D Y Bell 1929 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Elizabeth Bell
Eric Bell 1940 Northumberland, England
Eunice M Bell 1942 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Gardner Bell
Gardner Bell 1931 Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Geoffrey Bell 1938 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
George Frederick Bell 1909 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Georgina Ruth Bell 1977
Gerald Bell 1934 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Hannah Amelia Bell 1906 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Harold Bell 1875 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Hilary S Bell 1956 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Kevin M Bell 1965 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Margaret Bell 1865 Farlam, Cumberland, England
Margaret Bell 1932 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Mary Emily Bell
Maureen E Bell 1937 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Paul Bell 1973 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Rhyce Harvey Bell 1997 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Sharon Bell 1963 Northumberland, England
Son Bell
Son Bell
Thomas E Bell 1908 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
William Bell
William Bell
William Bell 1902 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
William Henry Bell 1875 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Florry Bellamy 1887 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Bellamy
Hannah Maria Bellenger 1861 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Husband Bellon
Elizabeth Hannah Bellwood 1874 St Pancras, London, England
William Thomas Bellwood
Chrystal M Bendall 1921 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Bendall 1775 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Cullis Bendall
Josephine A Bendall 1936 Dudley, Worcestershire, England
Patricia Ann Bendall 1939 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Reginlad M Bendall 1934 Dudley, Worcestershire, England
Richard G Bendall 1957 Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England
Robin A Bendall 1925 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Susan A Bendall 1953 Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Bendall
Albert Bennett
Bertha Mary Bennett
Bobby James Bennett 2007 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Connie Marie Bennett 2011 England
Courtney Angel Bennett 2002 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Creswell Bennett 1875 Brixton, London, England
Doris Ethel Bennett 1908 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Dorothy M Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Ernest Bennett 1874 Brixton, London, England
Frankie Leigh Bennett 2005 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harrison Bennett
John Bennett 1803
John Bennett 1846 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Bennett 1971
Kaitlin Elle Bennett 2006 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Keira Brooke Bennett 2010 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Lucy Bennett 1813 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Richard James Bennett 1983 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Thomas Bennett 1770 Devon, England
Thomas Arthur Bennett 1870 Tiverton, Devon, England
Roy Benson
Valerie Walker Benson
Basil Benzengre
Cecile Benzengre 1862 Moscow, Russia
Edith May Beresford 1908 Hoxton, London, England
Joshua Edward Beresford 1886 Islington, London, England
Rolf Berg
Jane BERKELEY 1508 Gloucestershire, England
Thomas BERKELEY 1472 Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England
Dina Berkmane 1983 Riga, Latvia
Heather Rita Bernard 1917
Bernarda Berrero 1845 Gibraltar
Edward Berry
Elizabeth Berry
Jane Berry
Kathleen Ada Berry 1922 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Richard C Berry
Joseph F Berthelot France
Yolande Simone Berthelot 1902
Ernesto Bertoletti
Adelaide Julia Bertram 1847 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Robert Bertram
Austris Berzins 1957 Latvia
daughter Berzins
Irene Berzins
Kristine Berzins 1980 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Martins Berzins 1983 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Amelia Besley 1839 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Ann Besley 1824 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Bennett Besley 1831 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Emily Besley 1829 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Emma Beedell Besley 1826 Tiverton, Devon, England
Grace Besley 1750 Devon, England
Henry Besley 1795 Templeton, Devon, England
James Besley 1843
John Besley 1836 Calverleigh, Devon, England
John Besley
Mary Besley 1834 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Richard Thomas William Besley
Thomasin Besley 1759 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Best
Frederick William Best
Isabella Best
Isabella Best 1808 Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Stella Kathleen Best 1912 New Zealand
Barbera Jane Betche 1916 Chicago, Illinois, USA
William Betche
Edward Ladd Betts
Herbert Peto Betts 1857
Mary Gertrude Betts
Ruth Sandeman Betts
Ann Bevan 1819 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Bevan 1872 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Brian C Bevan 1945 Glamorgan, Wales
Charles Bevan 1831 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Emily Susan Bevan 1832 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
James Bevan 1801
James Bevan 1820 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
James Arthur Bevan 1861 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
James Frederick Bevan 1836 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
John Bevan
Leslie W Bevan
Miriam Bevan 1827 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Beatrice Lily Beviss 1904 Chard, Somerset, England
John Beviss 1852 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Bewick 1851 Barrow, Lincolnshire, England
George Bewick 1824 Hetton, Durham, England
Jane Bewick 1849 Utterby, Lincolnshire, England
John Bewick 1848 Thrapston, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth Beyly
Edith Caroline Kate Bibb 1855 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Edward Bibb
John Henry Bibb
Albert Edward Bibbs 1863 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Albert James Bibbs 1886 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Alfred Bibbs
Alfred John Bibbs 1846 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Alice E Bibbs 1847 2 Barony Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Benjamin Bibbs 1819 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Benjamin Bibbs 1790
Benjamin George Bibbs 1844 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Caroline Louisa Bibbs 1824
Catherine Ethel Bibbs 1920 Pennsylvania, USA
Catherine Louisa Bibbs 1860 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Catherine Sarah Bibbs 1896 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Clara Harriet Maria Bibbs 1858 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Cyril Ernest Bibbs
Daughter Bibbs
Dorothy Mabel Bibbs
Elice Bibbs 1902 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Elizabeth Catherine Ann Bibbs 1820 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Rose Bibbs 1848 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Emily Alison Bibbs 1893 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Ernest John Bibbs 1862 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Ernest William Robert Bibbs
Florence Maria Bibbs
Frances Katherine Bibbs
Frederick Charles Bibbs 1850 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Gertrude Louise Bibbs
Harold F Bibbs
Henry Llewellyn Bibbs
Herbert Oliver Bibbs 1890 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Herbert William Bibbs 1852 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John Bibbs 1816 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John Bibbs 1862 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John Bibbs 1795 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John B Bibbs
John Cecil Bibbs 1900 Normanton, Derbyshire, England
Leonard Benjamin Charles Donovan Bibbs 1884 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Leonard Frederick Bibbs 1915 Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, USA
Leonard Henry Bibbs 1856 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Louise Rose Bibbs 1900 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Rose Emily Bibbs 1919 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas Walter Bibbs 1854 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Walter Edward Bibbs 1888 25 Arboretum Road, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
William Arthur Bibbs
William Henry Bibbs 1821 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Genna Bibby 1978 Salford, Lancashire, England
Albert Edward Bidgood 1880 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Albert John Bidgood 1885 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Alice Bidgood 1871 Tiverton, Devon, England
Anna Bidgood 1959 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Bidgood 1884 Tiverton, Devon, England
Annie Bidgood 1860 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Annie Aldridge Bidgood 1904 Exeter, Devon, England
Arthur Bidgood 1867 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Bessie Bidgood 1874 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Bidgood 1878 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Bidgood 1870 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Edith L Bidgood 1911 Exeter, Devon, England
Edna Mary Bidgood 1915 Devonport, Devon, England
Elizabeth Bidgood 1867 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Bidgood 1854 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Bidgood 1860 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Bidgood 1778 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Bidgood 1836 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ellen Bidgood 1864 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Ernest John Bidgood 1876 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Florence Eliza Bidgood 1874 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Bidgood 1806 Tiverton, Devon, England
Francis Thomas Bidgood 1901 Tiverton, Devon, England
Frederick Thomas Bidgood 1890 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Bidgood 1878 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George James Bidgood 1851 Tiverton, Devon, England
Greta Bidgood 1919 Devonport, Devon, England
Harold Bidgood 1894 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Bidgood 1742 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Henry Bidgood 1881 8 Orchard Place, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Bidgood 1859 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Bidgood 1875 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Bidgood 1804 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry William Bidgood 1847 Tiverton, Devon, England
Isabella Bidgood 1878 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Ivy Minnie Bidgood 1907 Exeter, Devon, England
Jacqueline Patricia Bidgood 1955 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Bidgood 1856 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
James Henry Bidgood 1830 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jessie Bidgood 1869 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
John Bidgood 1844 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Bidgood 1739 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Bidgood 1838 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Bidgood
John Bidgood 1868 Tiverton, Devon, England
Kenneth Arnold D Bidgood 1916 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lenore Bidgood 1950
Lilian Aldridge Bidgood 1898 Exeter, Devon, England
Lucy Bidgood 1862 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Mabel Florence Bidgood 1896 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Maria Bidgood 1840 Tiverton, Devon, England
Maria Bidgood 1897 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Bidgood 1773 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Mary Ann Bidgood 1802 Tiverton, Devon, England
Olive Bessie Bidgood 1883 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Raymond John Bidgood 1923 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ronald Henry Bidgood 1920 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Sarah Ann Bidgood 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Bidgood
Sydney John Bidgood 1885 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Tessa Bidgood 1955 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Bidgood 1876 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Bidgood 1829 Uffculme, Devon, England
Thomas Bidgood 1778 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Tom Bidgood 1853 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Violet Elsie Bidgood 1913 Exeter, Devon, England
William Bidgood 1750 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Bidgood 1874 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
William Bidgood 1812 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Bidgood 1871 Southampton, Hampshire, England
William Bidgood 1862
William Bidgood 1833 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Henry Bidgood 1844 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Henry Bidgood 1858 Water Lane, Tiverton, Devon, England
Nathaniel Bidgood-Shelley 1996 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Asa Elija Bigelow
Arthur Richard James Billett 1877 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Betty Attwater Billett 1912 Taunton, Somerset, England
Cyril Attwater Billett 1899 Taunton, Somerset, England
John Billett 1851 Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset, England
Margaret N J Billett 1930 Taunton, Somerset, England
Patricia Winifred Billett 1924 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Portia Eileen Attwater Billett 1904 Taunton, Somerset, England
Stanley W Billett
Angela Mary Billings 1940 Stepney, London, England
Harriett Penelope Billings 1901 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Robert Billings
Sidney Billings 1907 Mile End Old Town, London, England
John Billingsley
John E Bimson
Julia Birch
Sarah Birch 1853 Seacombe, Cheshire, England
Georgina P Birchall
Ada Bird 1877
Amanda Bird 1968 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emily Parkhouse Bird 1830
Flora Annie Bird
George Bird
Henry James D Bird 1871 North Molton, Devon, England
Lionel Farrell Birdno 1876
Ernests Birkensbergs
Silvija Birkensbergs
Samuel Birkhead
Ilga Birnbaums
Laimonis Birnbaums
Lilija Birnbaums
two daughters Birnbaums
Valdis Birnbaums Denmark
Albert Bishop 1878 Umgeni, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Bertha Bishop 1883 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Blanche Anne Bishop 1879 Umgeni, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Charles Henry Bishop 1874 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Charles Robert Bishop 1848 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Charles Robert Bishop 1889 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Christopher Bishop
Daughter Bishop
Daughter Bishop 1917 Natal, South Africa
David J Bishop 1962 Ealing, London, England
Doreen Sarah Bishop 1910 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Edward William Bishop 1907 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Grace Bishop 1876 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Fanny Bishop 1846 Farway, Devon, England
Husband Bishop
Jade Kelly Bishop 2001 Glamorgan, Wales
Jane Bishop 1860 Umgeni, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Jodie Catherine Bishop 1999 Glamorgan, Wales
John Bishop 1856 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
John Robert Bishop 1932 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Kate Winifred Bishop 1901 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Kathleen Maud Bishop 1886 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Louise A Bishop 1964 Bromley, Kent, England
Lydia Bishop
Mary Bishop 1657 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Bishop 1810 Martock, Somerset, England
Mildred May Bishop 1897 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Percey Lawton Bishop 1905 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Richard Bartle Bishop 1882 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Robert Bishop 1903 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Samuel Webb Bishop 1896 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Samuel Webb Bishop 1818
Samuel William Bishop 1873 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Sarah Ann Bishop 1829 Chard, Somerset, England
Stella Ruby Bishop 1895 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Thomas Bishop 1665 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Bishop
Three daughters Bishop
Two sons Bishop Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Ann Jane Biss 1843
George Biss
Alan Bisset
Charles Henry Bissett 1886 Bideford, Devon, England
Linda Jessie Bissett 1913 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mara Bite
Benjamin Joseph Bither 1860
Sutcliff Hall Bither Jr 1923 California, USA
Sutcliffe Hall Bither 1884 California, USA
Thomas Stevens Bither 1916 California, USA
Dorothy Black
Elizabeth Black 1857 Cadbury, Devon, England
Kathleen Martha Black
Elias Blackaller
Elias Blackaller 1787 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Blackaller 1750 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Blackaller 1782 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Susanna Blackaller 1784 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
William Blackaller 1792 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Stephen Blacker 1968 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Thomas Frederick Blacker
Cecilia Marion Blackford 1870 Paddington, London, England
Kate Blacklin 1842 Islington, London, England
Amelia Blackmore
Damian James Blackmore 1977 Glamorgan, Wales
Francis George Blackmore
Harrison James Blackmore 2004 Glamorgan, Wales
Jack Brinley Blackmore 2002 Glamorgan, Wales
Virginia A Blackmore
Jilian Mary Blackwell
John B Blackwell
John Blagdon
Alfred Francis Blake
Dorothy Blake
Edward William Blake 1925 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Edwin Blake 1862 Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Ellen May Blake 1902 Poplar, London, England
Jane Blake 1860
Janet J P Blake
Joan Blake 1924 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Kareen Adrea O Blake
Mary Blake
Richard Blake
Richard Blake 1754 South Molton, Devon, England
Son Blake
William Henry Blake 1891 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia
Emma Sophia Blakeney 1863
Mary Blakeney
Denis Michel Blanchette Quebec, Canada
Jasper Blanchette 1998 Canada
Joshua Blanchette 2002 Costa Rica
Samuel Blanchette 2006 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mary Lee Bland
Muriel Frances Bland 1896 Leytonstone, Essex, England
Charlotte Ann Blandford 1818 Chelsea, London, England
Maria Blanks 1855
Mary Ann Sarah Blase
Mary Blewett
Agneta Bligh
Elizabeth BLIGH 1572 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Emanuel Bligh
Emyln Bligh
Honora Bligh
Jana Bligh
John Bligh
Michael Bligh
Richard BLIGH 1472
Rosa Bligh
Thomas BLIGH
Thomas Bligh 1570 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Ernest James Blight 1890 England
Frances Blight 1806
Frank Herbert Claude Blight 1890 South Norwood, Surrey, England
Gertrude Selina Blight 1881 Islington, London, England
Gilbert Henry Blight 1853 London, England
Grace Elizabeth Alice Blight
Marion Dorothy Beatrice Blight 1884 Islington, London, England
Matthew Henry Blight
Muriel Blight 1883 Islington, London, England
Winifred Millicent Blight 1889 South Norwood, Surrey, England
Alec L Bliss 1912 Northleach, Gloucestershire, England
David L Bliss
Elizabeth Blissard 1569
Elizabeth Blissard 1654
John Blissard 1571
John BLISSARD Buckland, Surrey, England
Maude BLISSARD 1567 Buckland, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Blissard 1565
William Blissard 1573
Icel Blodgetta
Beulah Larkins Blood 1913 Preston, Franklin County, Idaho, USA
Erma Larkins Blood 1905 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
George Hooper Blood 1908 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
George Hooper Blood 1879 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Mildred Larkins Blood 1910 Preston, Franklin County, Idaho, USA
Vaiola Larkins Blood 1904 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
William Blood
Edward J Bloxham
Edward R Bloxham 1941 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Edward H Blume
Myrah Sophia Eliza Blume 1884 Middleton Township, Northfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Alice Mabel Blunden
Elizabeth Boar
Phyllis Boatswain 1909 Heddington, Wiltshire, England
Thomas Boatswain 1876 Mapperton, Dorset, England
Thomas William Boatswain 1908 Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England
Charles Bobbins
Charles Boddy
Mary Ann Boddy 1833 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Edward Bodley 1689 Witheridge, Devon, England
John Bodley 1760 Devon, England
John Bodley 1695
Mary Bodley 1723
Sarah Bodley 1783 Brampford Speke, Devon, England
Thomas Bodley 1715 Witheridge, Devon, England
Orville John Boe 1904
Anne-Marie Boesen 1965
Catherine Egdal Boesen India
Clara J Bogart
Gertrude Bold
Frances Maria Bole 1865 Pakenham, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Bole
Anne Boleyn 1501 Blicking Hall, Blicking, Norfolk, England
Alice Mary Bomford 1888 'Upton House', Haselor, Warwickshire, England
Theophilus Bomford 1851
Margaret Rebecca Bonar 1937 Letterkenny, Ireland
Annie Gertrude Bond 1873 Frithelstock, Devon, England
Bertha R M Bond 1911 Bovey Tracey, Devon, England
Charles Bond 1907 Lustleigh, Devon, England
Child Bond
Ernest F Bond
George Bond 1843 Kingskerswell, Devon, England
George Henry Bond 1904 Moretonhampstead, Devon, England
Harold Clement Bond 1896 Penzance, Cornwall, England
Hugh Alexander Bond
Richard W Bond 1842 Putford, Devon, England
Robert Bond 1793 West Lydford, Somerset, England
Samuel Elisha Hicks Bond 1879 Kingskerswell, Devon, England
Wilson Evans Bond 1898 Shelbourne, Ontario, Canada
Brenda M Boniface 1946 Hammersmith, London, England
Keith T Bonner
Cecily Bonville
Frederick Boock
Lily Sophie Boock 1887 Camberwell, London, England
Thomas Boodle 1808 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Alan Booth
Eleanor Booth
Karen Booth
Mary Dorothy Watson Booth 1926 Dover, Ohio, USA
Ethel Boothman
Jane Borer 1808
Caroline Rosa Borlase 1858 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Edwin Silas Borlase 1876 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Edwin Stephen Borlase 1853 Plymouth, Devon, England
Eleanor Borlase 1883 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Emily Sophia Borlase 1854 Plymouth, Devon, England
George Hubert Borlase 1878 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Ida Jane Borlase 1880 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Ida Ladisline Borlase 1860 Gateshead, County Durham, England
John Borlase 1856 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
John Borlase 1825 Devonport, Devon, England
John James Borlase 1850 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
Sarah Jane Borman 1867 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Diana Borovskis 1974 Daugavpils, Latvia
Irena Borovskis 1945 Daugavpils, Latvia
Richards Borovskis 1946 Daugavpils, Latvia
Stefans Borovskis 1919
Vita Borovskis 1950 Daugavpils, Latvia
Adrians Borowski 1980 Germany
Fibia Daniela Borowski 2005 Germany
Linda Emilia Borowski 2010 Germany
Charles Bosher
Clifton J Bosher 1947 Glamorgan, Wales
George Bosher 1875 Pontnewwyndd, Monmouthshire, Wales
George Bosher 1850 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harold J W Bosher 1911 Rhymney, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Bosher 1877 Pontnewwyndd, Monmouthshire, Wales
Irene Evelyn Bosher 1909 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Bosher 1879 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Jennifer M Bosher 1950 Glamorgan, Wales
Rhoda Bosher 1881 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Charles Bosher 1874 Pontnewwyndd, Monmouthshire, Wales
Richard Boslay
Ada Bosley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Ann Bosley 1859 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Ben Bosley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Gerald Bosley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Herbert Bosley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Herbert Edward Bosley 1866 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
John Pedlingham Bosley 1871 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Kate Bosley 1867 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Reginald Alfred Bosley 1869 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Pedlingham Gerald Bosley 1857 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Bosley
Thomas Bosley 1828 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Tom Bosley Southampton, Hampshire, England
Valentine Ernest Bosley 1863 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Bott
Adelia Bottero
May E Bottley
Child Bouchier
Fred Herbert Courtney Bouchier 1920 Axbridge, Somerset, England
Frederick Courtney Bouchier 1866 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Henry Frank Bouchier 1897 Broadway Hill, Ilminster, Somerset, England
Herbert Thomas Bouchier 1894 38 St Mary Street, Bridgwater, Somerset, England
John Bouchier 1828
Pamela Ann Bouchier 1945
Ann Bound
John Bourne 1811
Mary Ann Bourne 1840 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Richard Bryan Bourne
Frederick George Bowcott
Wife Bowcott
Ernest James Bowden 1863 Little Hempston, Devon, England
Hanah Bowden 1726 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
John Bowden 1820
John Bowden 1829 South Molton, Devon, England
Maria Bowden 1889 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Robert Bowden
Susannah Kerslake Bowden 1856 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
William Bowden 1845
Clifford Thomas Bowen 1930 Devon, England
Elizabeth Emma Bowen 1865
Garry Clifford Bowen 1955 Devon, England
Jenifer Bowen 1956 Devon, England
Kathryn Elizabeth Bowen 1956 Devon, England
Muriel Hazel Bowen 1911 Durham, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Bowen 1905 Wales
William Henry Bowen
Alice Bower
Ambrose Bower
Dorothy Elizabeth Bower 1881 Garrick Street, Strand, London, England
John Stevens Bower 1779 Swanage, Dorset, England
Laura Anne Bower 1841 23 Lower John Street, St George East, London, England
Lucy Bower 1847 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Mary Jane Bower
May Emily Bower 1889 Worth Matravers, Dorset, England
Nicholas Diddams Bower 1807 Swanage, Dorset, England
Nicholas Warren Bower 1838 25 Princess Square, Shadwell, London, England
Wife Bower
William Bower 1842
Betty I C Bowes 1926
Jack L A Bowes 1919
Phoebe Kathleen Emily Bowes 1907 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Samuel H Bowes 1916 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
William Henry Pedlingham Bowes 1913 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
William Smith Bowes 1879 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Doris Bowker 1912 North Dakota, USA
Elizabeth L Bowkett 1884 England
Charles Thomas King Bowles 1860
Ella Edith Bowles 1887 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Evelyn Kathleen Bowles 1909 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Patricia M Bowles 1921
Seth Eveyln Bowles 1883 Springbourne, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Bown 1858 Pitney, Somerset, England
Robert Alexander Bown 1859 Pitney, Somerset, England
Samuel Benjamin Box
Sarah Box
Cecilia Boxa
Soledad Martin i Boxa
John Arthur Wilson Boxell 1860 Brighton, Sussex, England
Joseph Boxell
Lydia Ann Boxell 1863 Kentish Town, London, England
Margaret Alice Boxell 1910 Brighton, Sussex, England
Mary Elizabeth Boxell 1906 42 Landsdown Street, Hove, Sussex, England
Paul Wilson Boxell 1908 118 Western Road, Brighton, Susex, England
William Lancelot Boxell 1908 118 Western Road, Brighton, Susex, England
Anthony E.G. Boyce 1955
Georgia Nyree H. Boyce 1992 Thanet, Kent, England
Jordan Graham A. Boyce 1990 Thanet, Kent, England
Niall Anthony J. Boyce 1994 Thanet, Kent, England
Mary Boyd Spitalfields, London, England
Albert Boynton
Anna J Boynton 1856 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Ellsworth Boynton
Batholemew Boynton 1846 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Charles Lewis Wal Boynton 1906 Delhi, Beckham County, Oklahoma, USA
Corrine Mae Boynton 1896 Wise County, Texas, USA
E L Boynton 1891 Wise County, Texas, USA
Gertrude Cass Boynton 1898 Texas, USA
Gussie Harrison Boynton 1900 Pella, Wise County, Texas, USA
Inger Vernus Lenore Boynton
J T Boynton 1917 Childress, Childress County, Texas, USA
John Cass Boynton 1860 Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada
John Douglas Boynton 1889 Pella, Wise County, Texas, USA
Maria Louisa Boynton 1858 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Martha Ann Boynton 1863 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Mary Elizabeth Boynton 1883 Wise County, Texas, USA
Mary Ellen Boynton 1867 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Mellie Catharine Boynton 1892 Pella, Wise County, Texas, USA
Roberta Myrtle Boynton 1880 Decatur, Wise County, Texas, USA
Walter James Boynton 1854 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Boynton
William D Boynton 1911 Delhi, Beckham County, Oklahoma, USA
William James Boynton 1821 Stillington, Yorkshire, England
William Jefferson Boynton 1877 Wise County, Texas, USA
William Nicholas Boynton 1849 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Husband Brace
John Bracewell
Beryl Bradbury
Arthur David Bradford
Audrey Bradford
Eleanor Bradford
Eleanor Bradford 1739
Elizabeth Ellen Bradford
Marilyn Bradford
Mary Ann Bradford
Sarah Bradford 1778 Witheridge, Devon, England
Ada J Bradley 1861
Charles Bradley
Laura Ellen Bradley 1908 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Mary Jane Bradley 1839 Feriston, Devon, England
Herbert John Bradshaw
Kathleen Mary Bradshaw 1906 Limerick Ireland
Kathleen Mary Bradshaw 1906 Limerick Ireland
Ada May Bragg 1876 Chard, Somerset, England
Albert George Bragg 1885 Chard, Somerset, England
Alice Elizabeth Bragg 1872 Chard, Somerset, England
Beatice Annie Bragg 1881 Chard, Somerset, England
Beatrice May Bragg 1887 Chard, Somerset, England
Bertram Francis L Bragg 1914
Betty J Bragg 1923 Taunton, Somerset, England
Burt Bragg 1891 Chard, Somerset, England
Clara Victoria Bragg 1887 Chard, Somerset, England
Dora Bragg 1895 Chard, Somerset, England
Edwin Bragg 1877 Chard, Somerset, England
Eleanor Bragg 1843 Chard, Somerset, England
Eli Bragg 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Eli Bragg 1838 Chard, Somerset, England
Ellen Emma Bragg 1879 Chard, Somerset, England
Ellen Emma Bragg 1874 Chard, Somerset, England
Ethel Rosa Bragg 1884 Chard, Somerset, England
Frances Louisa Bragg 1875 Chard, Somerset, England
George Bragg 1845 Chard, Somerset, England
George Bragg 1897 Chard, Somerset, England
George Walter Bragg 1863 Chard, Somerset, England
Gerald S Bragg 1950 Taunton, Somerset, England
Heather I Bragg 1926 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Charles Bragg 1891 Chard, Somerset, England
Jesse Bragg 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Jessie Bragg 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
John Bragg 1833 Chard, Somerset, England
John Bragg 1795 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
John Henry Bragg 1884 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Bragg 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
Minnie Bragg 1889 Chard, Somerset, England
Nelson Christopher Bragg 1900 Chard, Somerset, England
Reginald C Bragg 1912
Robert Bragg 1819 Chard, Somerset, England
Roger Bragg 1955 Taunton, Somerset, England
Sarah Brown Bragg 1826 Chard, Somerset, England
Susan Ellen Bragg 1858 Chard, Somerset, England
Susan Matilda Bragg 1830 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas George Bragg 1869 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Henry Bragg 1882 Chard, Somerset, England
Wendy C Bragg 1946 Taunton, Somerset, England
William Charles Bragg 1886 Chard, Somerset, England
William James Bragg 1879 Chard, Somerset, England
Clarice E Brain
Eliza Brame 1855 Derbyshire, England
Ivan K Branchflower 1930 Rochford, Essex, England
Leslie William Branchflower 1902 Rochford, Essex, England
Veronica A Branchflower 1950
Holly Jane Brand 1974 Exeter, Devon, England
John Brand
Leslie Andrew Brand 1914
Mark Stephen Brandi 1968 Enfield, London, England
Matthew Frank Brandi 1967 Stepney, London, England
Vincent Brandi
Charles Brandon
Eleanor Brandon
Frances Brandon
Henry Brandon
John Daniel Branfield 1857 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Phyllis M Branfield 1908
Gilbert R Brann
Mary Martyn Brannon
Richard Branton
Richard Branton
Hugh Sean Brasier-Creagh 1965
Michael Brooke Brasier-Creagh 1934 Witney, Oxfordshire, England
Paul Brooke Brasier-Creagh 1963
Percy Brooke Brasier-Creagh 1901
Rosalind Elizabeth Brasier-Creagh 1939 Dorchester, Dorset, England
Sydney John Brasier-Creagh
Mary Maria Braund 1821 Black Torrington, Devon, England
Elizabeth BRAY 1513
Elizabeth Bray 1744 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Bray
Gertrude Ethel Bray 1884 Brixton, London, England
Jasper Bray 1749 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
John Bray 1708
John Bray 1737
Mary Bray 1740 Cam, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Bray 1738 Coaley, Gloucestershire, England
Walter Bray 1856 Cullompton, Devon, England
William Bray 1742 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Edmund BRAYE
John Brayley
Trevlyn William Brazier 1906 Wellington, Somerset, England
Edith Breadman
Cornish Breeden 1851 Balsall Heath, Birmingham, England
Thomas Breeden 1813 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Husband Bremner
Mary Brenan
Colleen Brennam 1957 Long Island, New York, USA
Allison Brennick
Ben Brennick
Chris Brennick
Daughter Brennick
Daughter Brennick
Gregory Brennick 1952 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lawrence Joseph Brennick 1919
Marlie Brennick
Michael Brennick 1885
Robin Brennick
Shirley Brennick
Stephen Brennick
Husband Brethour
Edith Ellen Brett 1894 Hamstead, London, England
Margaret Ann Brett 1942 Victoria, Australia
Thomas Brett
Ann Brewer 1829 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Betsey Brewer 1826 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Brewer 1806 Devon, England
George Henry Brewer 1887
Jane Brewer 1830 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Jesse Brewer
John Easterbrook Brewer 1828 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Mary Brewer 1854 Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales
Robert Brewer
William Brewer
William Brewer
Albert Joseph Sylvester Brewster
Daughter Brewster
Esme Brewster 1922 Dannevirke, New Zealand
Geoffrey Albert Brewster 1917 New Zealand
John Thomas Mervyn Brewster 1891 Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia
Alvina Brezinskis 1926 Latvia
Anna Brezinskis 1846
Anna Lidija Brezinskis 1898 Zalite, Bauska Region, Zemgale, Latvia
Darta Brezinskis 1850
Daughter Brezinskis
Eduards Gothards BREZINSKIS 1882 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Emilija Brezinskis 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Fannija Brezinskis 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Fricis Brezinskis 1847
Gederts Julijs Brezinskis 1890 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Grieta Brezinskis 1844
Guntis Brezinskis 1944
Jakabs Brezinskis 1811
Janis BREZINSKIS 1920 'Jeruzaleme', Laucesa, Ilukste Region, Zemgale, Latvia
Janis BREZINSKIS 1810 Latvia
Janis Brezinskis 1869
Janis Brezinskis 1833
Janis Fridrichs BREZINSKIS 1839 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Janis Kristaps Brezinskis 1840
Jekabs Fridrihs Brezinskis 1874 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Jekabs Ludvigs Brezinskis 1842
Johans Vilhelms Brezinskis 1878 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Jule Brezinskis 1859
Julijs Teodors Brezinskis 1857
Juris Brezinskis 1852
Juris Brezinskis 1848
Karline Brezinskis 1854
Konstance Leotine Brezinskis 1881 'Sansavas', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Krisjanis Brezinskis 1850
Lize Brezinskis 1842
Matiss BREZINSKIS 1788 'Grantele', Zalite, Bauska region, Zemgale, Latvia
Mirdza Marija Brezinskis 1915 Tambov, Russia
Olga Eliza Karolina Brezinskis 1896 Zalite, Bauska Region, Zemgale, Latvia
Peteris Brezinskis 1857
Peteris Brezinskis 1846
Trine Brezinskis 1839
Trine Brezinskis 1855
Zane BREZINSKIS 1944 Balastdambis, Riga, Latvia
Zanis Brezinskis 1872 Latvia
Sarah Brice Plymtree, Devon, England
George Bridge 1937 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Ann Bridgeman 1703 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Jane BRIDGEMAN 1707 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John BRIDGEMAN 1604 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Bridgeman 1641 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Joseph Bridgeman 1666 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Joseph BRIDGEMAN 1640
Joseph Bridgeman 1705 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Bridgeman 1711 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary BRIDGEMAN 1651 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas Bridgeman 1709 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas BRIDGEMAN 1672 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Thomas Bridgeman 1646 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Thomas BRIDGEMAN 1572 Roche, Cornwall, England
Walter Bridgeman 1649 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Alfred Bridger 1801 North Stoneham, Hampshire, England
Alfred Capron Bridger 1829 St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, England
Arthur Bridger 1836 St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Capron Bridger 1833 St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Charles Bridger 1803 North Stoneham, Hampshire, England
Edward Bridger 1834 Hackney, London, England
Edward Deall Bridger 1764 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Elfie Geraldine Capron Bridger 1865 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Ella Inez Bridger 1861 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Ethel Bridger 1838 St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Frank Alfred Bridger 1880 Havant, Hampshire, England
Frank Ellis Bridger 1900 Bedhampton, Hampshire, England
Inez Bridger 1831 St Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Mabel R E Bridger 1936 Horsham, Sussex, England
Mary Eliza Bridger 1828 St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, England
Octavius Bridger 1866 Puketapu, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Osmer Bridger 1835 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Paul E Bridger 1964 Stamford RD, Lincolnshire, England
Renee Elsie Mabel Bridger 1936 Horsham, Sussex, England
Richard F Bridger 1944 Horsham, Sussex, England
Roy E E Bridger 1939 Horsham, Sussex, England
William Bridger 1832 Hackney, London, England
Gladys M Bridges
Queenie M Bridges
Sarah Ann Bridges
Ursula Bridges
Harriet Bridgland 1809
William George Bridson 1907 Isle of Man
George Brigden 1808 Cuckfield, Sussex, England
Henry Brigden 1777 Cuckfield, Sussex, England
Thomas Brigden 1813 Cuckfield, Sussex, England
William Brigden 1807 Cuckfield, Sussex, England
Alison Briggs 1959 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Carol Briggs 1962 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Elvin Mary Briggs
James Briggs
Stuart Briggs 1932 South Africa
Husband Bright
George Brighton
Joan Michele Brint 1944 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
John Bristow 1806
Emma Brittain 1830 Bloomsbury, London, England
George Brittain
Fanny Jane Britten
Arthur William Britton 1906 Bishopston, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
David George Britton 1930
George Britton
George Trask Britton 1905 Bishopston, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Richard Britton 1913 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret E Britton 1934
William Britton 1882 Bratton Fleming, Devon, England
Winifred Mary Britton
Frederick S Brixey
Lily Rose Brixey 2003 Sutton, Surrey, England
Natasha Brixey 1996 Sutton, Surrey, England
Stephen Frederick Brixey 1969 Sutton, Surrey, England
I Matilda Broad
Sanford Broadbent
Susan Louise Broadbent 1880 Linwood, Minnesota, USA
Caroline Mary Broben 1827 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Broben
Mary Brock
Bessie Bromell
Joseph Bromfield 1846
Judith Bromley 1938 Exeter, Devon, England
Edward Bromwich
Margaret Bromwich
Grace Brook
Hilda Brook 1893 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Brooke 1619 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Edward Brooker
Lesley J Brooker
Percy Bertram John Brooker 1906 Boscombe, Hampshire, England
Ann Brookes 1785 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Betsey Brookes 1792 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Jennifer Brookes 1796 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Brookes
John Brookes 1788 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Lawrence Brookes 1802 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Prudence Brookes 1799 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Brookes 1806 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Douglas Ross Brookie 1902 Wellington, New Zealand
Andrew G Brooking
Alfred Charles Brooks 1893 Chard, Somerset, England
Alice Maud Brooks 1886 Bath Street, Chard, Somerset, England
Anthony Brooks 1933 Barrackpore, Bengal, India
Arthur Robert Brooks 1928 Stepney, London, England
Charles Brooks 1859 Morcombelake, Dorset, England
Elsie Sarah Brooks 1887 Chard, Somerset, England
Emma Brooks
Ernest Claude Brooks 1903 Chard, Somerset, England
Florence Annie Brooks 1906 Chard, Somerset, England
Frederick Brooks 1895 Chard, Somerset, England
Frederick George Brooks 1907 Chard, Somerset, England
Harriett Ann Brooks 1881 Chard, Somerset, England
Harry F Brooks 1929
Henry Charles Brooks 1891 Chard, Somerset, England
Horace Brooks 1901 Ratcliff, London, England
Ivy May Brooks 1896 Chard, Somerset, England
James Brooks 1880 Chard, Somerset, England
James Brooks
John Brooks 1801 Halberton, Devon, England
Lorraine Brooks 1964
Mary Ann Brooks 1830 Cullompton, Devon, England
Mary Jane Brooks 1889 Chard, Somerset, England
Rosa Jane Brooks 1884 Chard, Somerset, England
Sidney Brooks 1900 Chard, Somerset, England
Son Brooks
Stanley Brooks 1904 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Terence Brooks 1963 Northumberland, England
Thomas Andrew Brooks 1907 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Vivian Brooks 1936 Colaba, Bombay, India
Vivian A Brooks
Walter John Brooks 1897 Chard, Somerset, England
Walter John Brooks
William Allen Brooks 1901 Chard, Somerset, England
William George Brooks 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Broom 1839
Ann Broom
Anna Maria Broom 1819 Kentisbeare, Devon, England
Frances Broughton 1850 St John's Wood, London, England
George Broughton
Alan D Brown
Albert George Brown 1881 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Alfred Augustus Brown
Allen Thomas Brown 1856 Chard, Somerset, England
Alma Mary Brown 1897 Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Amy Selby Brown 1874 Hanley Castle, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, England
Andrew S Brown 1950 Chatham, Kent, England
Angela Cara Brown 1992 Chatham, Kent, England
Ann Brown 1843 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Brown 1789 Chard, Somerset, England
Anne Brown
Anne Brown 1834 Chard, Somerset, England
Annie Brown 1902 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Brown
Annie Maud Brown 1871 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Anthony J Brown 1941
Archibald Brown 1873 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Noel Brown 1897 New Zealand
Arthur William Brown 1875
Audry Brown 1929 New York, New York, USA
Barbara Brown 1926 New York, New York, USA
Barbara Brown
Bartholomew Brown 1778 Chard, Somerset, England
Betty Brown 1792 Chard, Somerset, England
Betty April Brown 1938 168 Vaughan Road, Hendon, London, England
Bridgett Brown
Bruce A. Brown 1962 Maidstone, Kent, England
Cecil Herbert Brown 1886 Camberwell, London, England
Charles Oscar Brown 1868 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Christine Mary Brown 1928 Biddenden, Kent, England
Cicely Mayo Brown 1895 New Zealand
Clara Brown 1852 Westburn, Sherborne, Dorset, England
Clifford Stewart Brown 1897
ColinJ Brown
Daniel Brown
Daniel A Brown 1960 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Daniel Edward Brown
Daughter Brown
David Brown
David Christopher Brown
Debra S Brown 1962 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Dora Henny Brown 1910 Blaagaardsgade 8 2. sal, Blaagaards Sandn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Dorcas Eva Brown 1885 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Dorothy May Brown 1917 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Brown
Elizabeth BROWN
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Ann Brown 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Fanny Brown 1830 Chard, Somerset, England
Elsie Selby Brown 1903 Taunton, Somerset, England
Emma Brown 1850 Charlwood, Surrey, England
Ernest Charles Brown 1893 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Ernest Victor Brown 1875 Upton upon Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Esme Evelyn Brown 1924 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Maud Brown 1892 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Eva Emma Brown 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
Felicity S Brown 1952 Chatham, Kent, England
Flora Mary Brown 1861 Chard, Somerset, England
Florence Brown 1894 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Frances Aileen Brown 1893 Drury, Auckland, New Zealand
Francis Hamilton Brown 1861 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Fred Brown
Frederick William Brown
Gail Reveley Brown
Geoffrey Brown 1945
Geoffrey MacPherson Brown 1894 New Zealand
George Brown 1858 Shoreditch, London, England
George Brown 1821 Chard, Somerset, England
George Brown 1844 Chard, Somerset, England
George BROWN
George Brown 1828 Chard, Somerset, England
George Albert Brown 1852 Chard, Somerset, England
Gerald Edward Alan Brown 1948 Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Grace Florence Brown 1870 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Hadley Brown 1925 Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgis, USA
Hadley Brown
Harold Brown 1907 Gower, Glamorganshire, Wales
Harold Edgar Brown 1893 55 Kelvin Road, Highbury, London, England
Harold Reveley Brown 1879 Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
Henry Brown 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Brown
Henry Handley Brown 1891 New Zealand
Henry William Brown 1912 Islington, London, England
Ian Andrew Brown 1990 Ashford, Kent, England
Ivor Mervyn Brown 1922 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ivy Moss Brown 1889 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jack Lindsay Brown 1905 Catford, London, England
James Brown 1815 Bath Street, Chard, Somerset, England
James Brown
James Alan Brown 1989 Ashford, Kent, England
Jane Brown 1847 Borough of Chard, Somerset, England
Jane Brown 1842 Charlwood, Surrey, England
Jane Eliza Brown 1824 Bermondsey Street, Lambeth, London, England
Jessie Brown
John Brown
John Brown 1743 Chard, Somerset, England
John Brown
John Frederick Brown 1918 London, England
John Henry Robert Brown 1885 13 Belle Vue, Clifton, Barton Regis, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Thomas Edgar Brown 1865 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown
Joshua Ryan Brown 1982 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Julie Brown
June Elizabeth Brown 1938
Kate Isabell Brown 1851 Bath, Somerset, England
Kate Jane Brown 1855 Shoreditch, London, England
Kathleen Elsie Brown 1901 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Katie Brown
Kenneth Sidney Brown 1901 New Zealand
Leigh Lorraine Brown USA
Lennox Turnbull Brown 1908 New Zealand
Leonard Brown 1909 1 Highbury Road, Bedminster, Somerset, England
Leonard Alfred Brown 1896 Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Leonard Swan Brown 1909 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Leslie Henry Brown 1907 Woodland Crescent, Downend, Gloucestershire, England
Lilian Florence Brown 1881 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Linda Beverley Brown 1954 Nairobi, Kenya
Madeline Laura Brown 1897 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Maria Brown 1840 Charlwood, Surrey, England
Marion Evangeline Beatrice Brown 1866 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Marjory Rose Brown 1890
Mark Daniel Brown 1986 Ashford, Kent, England
Mary Brown 1744 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Brown
Mary Ann BROWN 1823 'Rose Cottage', High Street, Chard, Somerset, England
Matthew Ryan James Brown 2014
Melanie Brown 1956
Molly Brown 1911
Norman Reveley Brown 1908
Olive Maud Brown 1921 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
One child Brown
Pamela Joan Brown 1946 Curry Mallett, Somerset, England
Partner Brown
Percival Gordon Brown 1878 Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
Philip R Brown 1965 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Phyllis Brown 1906
Ralph Allen Brown 1888 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Ralph Allen Brown 1886 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Reginald Tucker Brown 1871 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Reginald Victor Brown 1886 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Reively Frederick Henry Brown 1899 39 Sydenham Park, Sydenham, London, England
Robert BROWN 1746 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Brown 1827 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Baker Brown 1822 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Baker Brown 1782 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Henry Brown 1895 Portsea Island, Hampshire, England
Rosa Ruth Brown 1850 High Street, Chard, Somerset, England
Roy Brown
Royston E C Brown 1918 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ryan Gerald Brown 1977 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Samuel William Brown 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
Samuel William Brown 1841 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Brown 1824 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Brown 1823 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Brown 1785 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Brown 1953
Sophie Brown 2006
Stanley Joseph Brown 1906 Taunton, Somerset, England
Susan Brown 1844 Charlwood, Surrey, England
Susanna Brown 1798 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas BROWN 1801 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Brown 1791 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Brown 1838 Burstow, Surrey, England
Thomas Brown 1873 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Brown 1781
Thomas Baker Brown 1838 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Hern Brown 1862 Chard, Somerset, England
Tina L Brown 1964 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Trevor Laurence Brown USA
Trevor Reveley Brown 1940 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
William Brown 1816 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Brown 1812 Charlwood, Surrey, England
William Brown 1846 Charlwood, Surrey, England
William Baker Brown 1789 Chard, Somerset, England
William Baker Brown 1895 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England
William Baker Brown 1804
William Baker Brown 1870 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Henry Brown 1873 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Winifred Edith Brown 1902 Wandsworth, London, England
Winifred Rosetta Brown 1906 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Arnold E Browne 1937 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Arnold Richard Browne 1892 Crediton, Devon, England
Dorothy Fredda Browne
Edith Mary Browne
Ethel E G Browne
Mary Ann Browne
Richard Browne
Richard C Browne 1934 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
William Blazey Browne
Christopher Browne-Mason 1909 Barnet, London, England
Norma Annetta Leonie Browne-Mason 1911 Ghorpuri, Bombay, India
Farther Browning
Katie Browning
William A M Browning
Donna Bruce
Francis Alvin Bruce 1894 Lotus, Durham Region, Ontario, Canada
Helen Irene Bruce 1923
Ivan L Bruce 1929
Joyce Bruce
Lloyd Douglas Bruce 1949
Marjorie Grace Bruce 1925
Morley Keith Bruce 1922 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Robert Bruce
Wallace Bruce
Mary Mercia Brundrett 1920
Anne Brunovskis Skerstani, Zasa parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Darte Brunovskis 1834 'Grekans', Sauka parish, Zemgale, Latvia
daughter Brunovskis
daughter 1 Brunovskis Latvia
Ernests Brunovskis
Ieva Brunovskis
Irma Brunovskis
Janis Brunovskis
Janis Brunovskis
Janis Brunovskis Skerstani, Zasa parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Janis Brunovskis
Juris Brunovskis
Lize Brunovskis
Lize Brunovskis
Madala BRUNOVSKIS 1821 Latvia
Marta Brunovskis Skerstani, Zasa parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Martins Brunovskis
Roberts Brunovskis
son Brunovskis
son Brunovskis
son Brunovskis
son Brunovskis
son 1 Brunovskis Latvia
son 2 Brunovskis Latvia
son 3 Brunovskis Latvia
son 4 Brunovskis Latvia
John Bruton 1854 Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
Llewellyn Bruton 1823 Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire, England
Lilian Margaret Bryan-Brown 1917 'Brislington Hill House', Brislington, Gloucestershire, England
Willoughby Bryan-Brown
Aaron Bryant
Alan W Bryant 1924 Kensington, London, England
Alfred Bryant
Charles Edward Bryant 1838 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Douglas J Bryant
Evelyn Uneeta Bryant 1911 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Fanny Matilda Bryant 1842 Bampton, Devon, England
Harold Lloyd Bryant 1909 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Lewis Bryant
Lionel Bryant 1928 Kensington, London, England
Olive May Bryant 1916 Saskatchewan, Canada
Roy Clifford Bryant 1883 Manchester, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Theresa Bryant 1814 Long Sutton, Somerset, England
Thomas Bryant
Walter Bryant
Walter S Bryant
Marion Bryden
Ian D Brydges 1954 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Jack Francis Brydges 1918 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Robert J Brydges 1951
Lesley Buck
Caroline Louisa Buckingham 1822 Colchester, Essex, England
Frederick Buckingham
Catherine Buckland
David Buckland
Forrester Knowling Buckland 1936
George Buckland
Janet Buckland
John Buckland 1934
John William Buckland
Lance Hamilton Buckland 1964 Dover, Kent, England
Lancelot Liddle Rorke Buckland 1897
Pamela Buckland 1947
Pat Buckland 1944
Roger Buckland
Ross Buckland
Sean Buckland
Lois Marjorie Buckler 1928 Rothley, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Frank Ian Buckley 1926 Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Ian Buckley 1949
Peggy Grace Buckley 1941 Castle Donnington, Licestershire, England
Ada Jane Bugg
Elizabeth Buglar 1791 North Perrott, Somerset, England
Mary Bukner
daughters Bukovskis
Child Bull
Edith Mary Bull 1891 County Cork, Ireland
Elizabeth Jane Bull 1849 County Cork, Ireland
Francis Bull 1856 County Cork, Ireland
George Henry Bull 1852 County Cork, Ireland
George Henry Bull 1881 County Cork, Ireland
James Bull 1876 County Cork, Ireland
James Alfred Bull 1854 County Cork, Ireland
Jane F Bull 1886 County Cork, Ireland
Joshua Bull
Joshua Bull 1816
Joshua Edward Bull 1851 Cittadella, County Cork, Ireland
Katherine C Bull 1889 County Cork, Ireland
Kathleen Joyce Bull 1925 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Edith Bull 1852 County Cork, Ireland
Mary Julia Bull 1887 County Cork, Ireland
Patience Ellen Bull 1884 County Cork, Ireland
Ralph Antony Bull 1853 County Cork, Ireland
Thomas Buller
Donald H Bulley
Clare Richard Bullis 1911 USA
Daughter Bullis
Daughter Bullis
Daughter Bullis
Edward Motlo Bullis 1877 Oxford, Ontario, Canada
Emaline Ada Bullis 1916 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Emma M Bullis 1925 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Frank Nelson Bullis 1902 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Harold Hiram Carlton Bullis 1905 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Joe Bullis 1919 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Mabel M Bullis 1922 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Randy Bullis
Roy Lee Bullis 1928 Michigan, USA
Imants Bullitis
Janis Bullitis
Silvija Bullitis
Alfred Bullivant 1917 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anne Bullivant 1937 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Arthur Edward Bullivant 1936 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Barry F Bullivant 1948 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Beryl W Bullivant 1938 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Brian W A Bullivant 1940 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Catherine Bullivant 1923 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Charles Thomas Bullivant 1857 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Christopher James Bullivant 1915 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Christopher John Bullivant 1947 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Clarence Bullivant 1933 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Derek J Bullivant 1957 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Dora Rosalie Bullivant 1920 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Doris Elaine Bullivant 1926 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Frederick Charles Bullivant 1928 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joanne Bullivant 1969 Meriden, Warwickshire, England
Julie Anne Bullivant 1954 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mark A Bullivant 1960 Meriden, Warwickshire, England
Philip A Bullivant 1948 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Roy D Bullivant 1953 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sandra C Bullivant 1942 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Vivienne Mary Bullivant 1930 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Thomas Bullivant 1889 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Thomas Bullivant 1913 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ann Bullock
Anna Bullock
Celia Meredith Bullock 1912 Beddington, Surrey, England
Christine Margaret Bullock 1909 Purley, Surrey, England
David Bullock
Geoffrey Morris Bullock 1905 Hammersmith, London, England
Peter Bullock 1838 Gawsworth, Cheshire, England
Phyllis Freeman Bullock 1907 Hammersmith, London, England
Samuel Bullock 1864 Gorton, Lancashire, England
Alford Bulpin 1814 Westonzoyland, Somerset, England
Mary Jane Bulpin 1844 Curry Mallett, Somerset, England
Richard Bulpin 1838 North Curry, Somerset, England
Ellen May Bumpsteed 1896 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Henry Bumpsteed
Mary Rose M Bunclark 1886 Chudleigh Knighton, Devon, England
Kenneth Bundy
LouiseEvelyn Bunn 1961 Herne Hill, London, England
Mollie Bunn 1994 Bonita Springs, Florida, USA
Olivia Bunn 1996 Bonita Springs, Florida, USA
Steven Bunn 1957
Ruth Bunt 1927 Redruth, Cornwall, England
Charlotte Burbage 1834 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Burbage 1793 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James Oscar Burch 1893 Alabama, USA
Albert Burchell 1876 Battersea, London, England
Edith Annie Burchell 1879 Battersea, London, England
Elizabeth Rose Burchell 1871 Battersea, London, England
Emily Burchell 1854 Vange, Essex, England
four Children Burchell
Frederick Thomas Burchell 1873 Battersea, London, England
Luke Burchell 1843 Pulborough, Sussex, England
Nathan Burchell
George Mansell Burchett
Katie Burchett 1859 Sunbury, Middlesex, England
Susanna Burck 1823 St Giles, London, England
Anthony J. Burden
Dora Victoria Burden 1908 Rawmarsh, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Emma Jane Burden 1979 London, England
George Burden 1876 Rotherham, Yorkshire, England
Gwendoline May Burden 1907 Rawmarsh, Yorkshire, England
James Henry Burden 1979 London, England
John Burden
Ernest John Burgess 1879 South Molton, Devon, England
Florence Cicely Burgess 1910 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Francis Burgess
Francis Burgess 1809 South Molton, Devon, England
Frank Powell Burgess 1869
Frank Trant Burgess 1877 South Molton, Devon, England
Ida Burgess 1875 South Molton, Devon, England
John Cole Burgess 1840 South Molton, Devon, England
Kathleen Irene Burgess 1906 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Nora Jane Burgess 1875 South Molton, Devon, England
William Cole Burgess 1847 South Molton, Devon, England
Muriel Haskell Burgin 1903 Balderton, Nottinghamshire, England
Robert Thomas Burgin
Jim Robert Gordon Burke 1923 Napier, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Lorene Sandra Maria Burke 1957 Palmerston North, New Zealand
Mary Burke 1866 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Peggy Dawn Burley 1920
Edward James Burnell
Karen Burnham 1974 Exeter, Devon, England
Daughter Burniston
Daughter Burniston
Alfred James Burns 1917 Ontario, Canada
Bobbie Burns
Bonnie Burns
Charles Burns
Charles A Burns 1914 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Burns
Edith Burns 1916 Ontario, Canada
Emma Laura Burns 1877 Canada
Frederick Austin Burns 1877 Maccan, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada
George Austin Burns 1910 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Kathleen Christian Burns 1920 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Lilian May Burns 1912 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Martha Burns 1880 Shoreditch, London, England
Mary Burns 1801 Sussex, England
Muriel Burns 1922 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Randy Burns
Robert Burns 1849 London, England
Samuel Burns
Sandra Heather Burns 1953 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Charles Henry Beedell Burren 1896 Strood, Kent, England
Frances Ellen Burren 1899 Strood, Kent, England
George John Burren 1861 Strood, Kent, England
Hilary J Burren 1963 Chatham, Kent, England
John William Burren 1890 Strood, Kent, England
Margaret Jill Burren 1894 Strood, Kent, England
Maurice John Burren 1927 Strood, Kent, England
Shiela M Burren 1958 Chatham, Kent, England
Robert Burridge 1841 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert Burridge
John Burrough
Nancy M Burrough 1933 Axminster, Devon, England
Charlotte Burrow 1828 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Edith Burrows 1752 Staverton, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Burrows
Thomas Burrows 1750 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Thomas Burrows 1775 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Margaret Burry
James Harvey Burt 1863 Shroton, Dorset, England
Sally Burt 1965 Downham, Cambridgeshire, England
Walter Henry Burt 1884 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Edith Burtch
Bruce Arnold Burton 1931
Cameron David Burton Howick, New Zealand
Christopher John Burton 1964 Howick, New Zealand
Clifford Henry Burton 1873 Tottenham, London, England
Edgar Oliver Burton
Elizabeth Burton
Elizabeth Anne Burton 1969 Howick, New Zealand
Henry Topping Burton
Jane Burton
Malcolm David Burton 1961 Howick, New Zealand
Martha Burton
Olivia Suzanne Burton Howick, New Zealand
Thelma Burton
William Burton 1906
Desta Kathlene Buse
Catherine Jane Bush 1855 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Harrington Mansfield Bush 1859 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Mansfield Bush 1854 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Augusta Bush 1858 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Harrington Bush 1863 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Herbert Wheler Bush 1862 Westbury on Trym. Gloucestershire, England
Hugh Wheler Bush 1899 Bath, Somerset, England
John Bush 1776 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Nettie Bush
William H Bush 1822 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
William T B Bush
Annie Bell Bushell 1896 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Child Bushell
Howard James Bushell 1901 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James George Bushell 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Matthew Bushell
Dzenija Busmans 2004 Latvia
Janis Busmans 1982 Latvia
Clare Margaret Busscher 1970 Plymouth, Devon, England
Hermanns Busscher 1921 Canada
Paul Busscher 1947 Plymouth, Devon, England
Steven Paul Busscher 1975 Plymouth, Devon, England
Mary Bustard 1763 Silverton, Devon, England
Harriet Emily Buswell 1876 Holt, Wiltshire, England
Thomas Buswell 1852 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Phoebe Butcher 1842 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Daniel Butler 1976 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Edward Butler 1839 Ireland
Eliza Butler 1872 St Sepulchre, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth E Butler 1841 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England
Elsie May Butler 1891 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Elyssa Tamzin Butler 2006 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Fanny Butler 1852 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Frederick Butler
George Butler 1833 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
George O'Connor Butler 1843 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Henry Butler
Henry Butler
James Butler
Jane Butler 1855 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Katie Louise Butler 2003 Gosport, Hampshire, England
Louis Charles Butler 1896 Cohoes, New York, USA
Eliza Butson
Alice Butt
Frank Butt 1850 Worlington, Devon, England
John Butt 1828 Down St Mary, Devon, England
Patience Butt
Clifford Butterfield 1905
Jack Butterfield 1928
Joyce Butterfield 1930
Kate Butterfield 1886
Sarah Ann Butterfield 1836 Bow, London, England
William Butterfield
William Butterfield 1932
Fred Butterworth 1893 Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Matilda Butterworth 1875 Bethnal Green, London, England
Nelly Butterworth 1923 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Joanne E Button
Ann Buxton
Annie Bycroft 1873 South Reston Grange, Lincolnshire, England
Henry T Bycroft 1834
Emaline Byers
Patricia Diane Byers
David H Bywater
Melanie Jane Bywater 1975 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Stephen David Bywater 1968 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Rose Bywaters 1877
Susannah Cadle
William Cadzow
William Cafe
John Cage
John Cage
Charles W Cailes 1882
Henry John Cailes
Elizabeth Strobel Cain 1914 Washington DC, USA
John Fendall Cain
Paul Francis Cain 1871 Washington DC, USA
Louisa Cakebread 1827
Edith Maud Calder
Ann Call 1821 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Kenneth John Edward Callaghan 1976 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Laura Jean Callaghan 1979 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Mary Callaghan
Patrick John Edward Callaghan 1949 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Rachael Callaghan 1986 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Allan Edward Callard 1930 Greenwich, London, England
Charles Edward Callard 1868 Deptford, London, England
Edward Thomas Callard 1896 Deptford, London, England
Susanna Callard 1761 Burrington, Devon, England
Jorge Nestor Camacci 1963 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elena Camacho Collado 1973 Madrid, Spain
Cristiane Camargo 1976
Colin Cameron 1958
Benjamin CAMM 1744
James Camm 1771
Mary CAMM 1776 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Fanny Camp 1865 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Florence Marie Camp 1873 Leytonstone, Essex, England
John Camp
Mary Camp 1740
Alexander Campbell
Amelia Campbell 1817 Middlesex, England
Archibald CAMPBELL 1786 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Archibald Campbell 1821 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Archibald Edwin Campbell 1823 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Cameron J Campbell
Caroline W Campbell 1827
Donald John Campbell 1998 Waltham Forest, London, England
Duncan Campbell 1781 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Elizabeth CAMPBELL 1814 Spithead, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Campbell 1788 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Fiona M. K. Campbell 1962 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Harriet Campbell 1819 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Isabella Campbell 1812 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James S. P. Campbell 1959 St Austell, Cornwall, England
John A. Campbell 1935
John Ernest Campbell 1868
John Keylock Campbell
Malcolm P Campbell 1844 Glengary, Ontario, Canada
Maria Campbell 1816 Tower Hamlets, London, England
Mary Campbell
Neil Campbell 1790 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Neilson John Campbell 1827 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England
Mervyn Longford Candwell 1882 Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Grace Cann
Dorothy Cannell 1912 Dover, Kent, England
Gladys C Cannell 1913 Dover, Kent, England
Phillis C Cannell 1918 Dover, Kent, England
Samuel Bartley Cannell 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Thomas B C Cannell 1926 Dover, Kent, England
William Frederick C Cannell 1917 Dover, Kent, England
William Frederick Shakespeare Cannell 1867 Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Ethel Kate Canning 1885 London, England
Charlotte Canniver 1838
Martha Cannon 1871
Elizabeth M K Canty 1927 Poplar, London, England
Harold Canty 1891 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
John Francis Canty 1852 County Cork, Ireland
Ursula M Canty 1932 Lewisham, London, England
Elizabeth Capell
Ann Capern 1802 Tiverton, Devon, England
Francis Capern 1771 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Capern
Judith Capin
Joan Capon
Agnes Capron 1694 Poughill, Devon, England
Ann Capron Innkeeper, Swan Inn
Ann Capron 1729 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ann Capron
Ann Capron 1742 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ann Capron 1692 Poughill, Devon, England
Ann Capron 1774 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Ann Capron 1777 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Caroline Jane Capron 1807 St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
Edward Capron 1830 King Street, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, England
Elizabeth CAPRON 1722 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Capron 1751 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Drew Capron 1809 St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
George Capron 1786 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
George Capron 1815 Codicote, Hertfordshire, England
George Capron 1752 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Grace Capron 1636 Ashbrittle, Somerset, England
Grace Capron 1687 Tiverton, Devon, England
Grace Capron 1653 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Capron 1792 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
James Capron 1740 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Jane Capron 1771 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Jane Capron 1749 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Joan Capron 1726 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Capron 1685 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Capron 1782 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John CAPRON 1689 Poughill, Devon, England
John Capron 1723 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Capron 1774 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Capron 1755 Shobrooke, Devon, England
John Anthony Capron 1803 St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
John Edward Capron 1858 St Mary, Send, Surrey, England
John Rand Capron 1829 King Street, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London, England
Louisa Capron 1812 Bishopsgate Street, London, England
Maria Capron 1835 Guildford Street, Clerkenwell, London, England
Mary Capron 1731 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Capron 1817 Codicote, Hertfordshire, England
Mary Capron 1780 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Mary Capron 1757 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Mary Capron 1780 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Gill Capron 1800
Mary Gill Capron 1802 St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
Matilda Elizabeth Capron 1805 St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
Mellena Capron 1737 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Nicholas Capron 1683 Tiverton, Devon, England
Nicholas Capron 1627 Ashbrittle, Somerset, England
Nicholas Capron 1740
Nicholas CAPRON
Nicholas CAPRON
Robert Capron 1778 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Robert Capron 1697 Poughill, Devon, England
Robert Capron 1744 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Robert Capron
Sarah Capron 1735 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Sarah Capron 1773 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Susannah Capron 1732 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Susannah Capron 1772 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Capron 1746 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Capron 1771 Washfield, Devon, England
William Capron 1776 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Capron 1776 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
William Capron 1773 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Malinda J Carbin 1952 Taunton, Somerset, England
Darius King Card 1827 Ontario, Canada
Selina Card 1877
Edith Cornelia Cardew 1865 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
George Schayler Cardew
Esther Carew
Husband Carew
Kathleen N Carey
Grace Carlisle
James Carlson
Ruth Carlson
Timothy Carlson
Albert H Carlton
Mary Carlyon Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Husband Carnahan
Son Carnahan
Son Carnahan
Thomasin Carnall
Amelia Carnarton 1816 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Benjamin Abednego Carnarton 1804
Charles Carnarton 1768
Mary Carnarton 1791 Helston, Cornwall, England
Mary Jane Carnarton 1827 Helston, Cornwall, England
Joyce Winifred Carnell 1927 Exeter, Devon, England
Dora Mary Carnelley
Charles Carnochan
Daughter Carnochan
Son Carnochan
Denise L.P. Carpenter
George B Carpenter 1905 Woolwich, London, England
Maureen D Carpenter 1936 Woolwich, London, England
Christina Julia Carr
Roderick Campbell Carr 1967
Charles Carritt
Eliza Matilda Carritt 1862 Theddlethorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Agnes C Carroll 1913 Woolwich, London, England
Albert Daniel Leo Carroll 1899 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Albert Edward Carroll 1874 Gort, Galway, Ireland
Daniel Carroll
Daniel John Carroll 1907 Erith, Kent, England
Ernest Edward Carroll 1904 Poplar, London, England
Grace Dora Carroll 1883 Poplar, London, England
Mary Magdalen Carroll 1910 Poplar, London, England
Matthias carroll
Peter Daniel Carroll 1933 Brentford, London, England
George Withrow Carrow
John Wilton Carrow 1904 Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Catherine Carter
Christopher H Carter
Frances Carter 1850 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lilian May Carter 1915 Redruth, Cornwall, England
Thomas John Carter
Flora Annie Cicely Cartwright 1902 Lye, England
James Cartwright 1763 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
John Cartwright 1750 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Cartwright 1744 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Cartwright 1755 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Cartwright 1721 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Cartwright
Thomas Cartwright 1745 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
William Cartwright 1873 Lye, England
William Cartwright 1747 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
John Carty
Louisa Jane Carty
Ann Maria Cary
Husband Casagrande
Son Casagrande
Alicia Victoria Evarista Casanas 1940 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Elena Casanas 1944 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Bernard R J Casbourne
Bryan R Casbourne 1937 Romford, Essex, England
Tracy E Casbourne 1965 Ilford, London, England
Ada Florence Caseley 1880 Bloomsbury, London, England
William Joseph Caseley 1839 Exeter, Devon, England
Frances Cass
Catherine Cassell 1885 Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Father Casselton
Pamela Y Casselton 1942 Dartford, Kent, England
Bessie Evelyn Cast 1910 Plaistow, Essex, England
Walter Joseph Cast 1870 Bromley by Bow, London, England
Eleanor Castell 1851 Woolwich, London, England
Thomas Castell 1826 Woolwich, London, England
Thomas Castello
George Douglas Castleden
Rosemary Angela Castleden 1913
Geneva Casto
Edith Rosetta Caston 1901 Bethnal Green, London, England
George Walter Caston 1875 Norwich, Norfolk, England
Maria Caston
Francisco Castro Toluca, Mexico
Alfred Brown Catford 1857 Chard, Somerset, England
Alfred John Catford 1888 Chard, Somerset, England
Alfred John B Catford 1915 Poole, Dorset, England
Annie Blanche Catford 1898 London, England
Anthony B B Catford 1922 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Edgar John Catford 1867 Chard, Somerset, England
Ernest Frank Catford 1859 Chard, Somerset, England
John Buffitt Catford 1828 Chard, Somerset, England
Michael A J Catford 1944 Poole, Dorset, England
Obadiah William Catford 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Raymond George B Catford 1923 South Stoneham, Hampshire, England
William Catford
Winifred Emily Catford 1891 Chard, Somerset, England
Reginald W Cattle 1910
Elizabeth Susan Catto 1889 Fulham, London, England
Robert Cavill 1773 Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England
William Cavill
Ellen Cawdrey 1912
Elizabeth Cawsey 1826 Pilton, Devon, England
William Cawsey
John James Cawthorne 1869 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Anna Cerbulis USA
Dace Cerbulis USA
Ilze C Cerbulis 1951 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Janis Cerbulis 1913 Latvia
Karlis A Cerbulis 1959 USA
Krisjanis Cerbulis USA
Genoveva Amanda Cespedes 1901 Durazno, Uruguay
Phyllis Irene Chadd
Freda M Chadwick 1924 Islington, London, England
Ellen M Challenger
Alfred Chamberlain 1841 Brighton, Sussex, England
Alfred J Chamberlain 1900 Islington, London, England
Charlotte Chamberlain 1844 Clerkenwell, London, England
Sarah Chamberlain
Sarah L Chamberlain
Thomas Chamberlain
Elizabeth CHAMBERLAINE 1670 Uplowman, Devon, England
Alice Chambers
Anne Chambers 1830 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Betty Elizabeth Chambers 1761 Batcombe, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Chambers
Henry Chambers 1757 Batcombe, Somerset, England
Mary Chambers
Reginald Chambers
Stewart J Chambers
Suzanne Mollie Chambers 1921
Clayton Champagne
Guy Champagne
Julia Champagne
Debra Champion 1961
Marian J Champion 1955
Victor R Champion
Charles Edward Chandler
Esther Ann Kenelm Chandler 1866 Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, England
George Nicholas C Chandler 1993 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Katie Jean Chandler 1989 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Kenelm Chandler 1839 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Kenelm Chandler 1808 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Britain Chandler 1813 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Robert C Chandler
Robert V Chandler 1930 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Sarah Chandler
Susan Elizabeth Chandler 1836 Chester, Cheshire, England
Alfred Channing 1852 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Annie Jane Channing 1858 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
George Henry Channing 1849 Washfield, Devon, England
Helena Augusta Channing 1856 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Helena Augusta Channing 1910 Kenn, Devon, England
Isaac Channing 1819 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Laura May Channing 1906 Dowland, Devon, England
Leonard George Channing 1904 Dowland, Devon, England
Louisa Jane Channing 1848 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Lucy M Channing 1863
Mary Ann Channing 1806 Exeter, Devon, England
Robert Channing 1786 Washfield, Devon, England
Selina Mary Channing 1855 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Sidney George Channing 1866 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
William Channing 1826 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
William Edwin Channing 1861
William Henry Channing 1908 Winkleigh, Devon, England
Anne Channon 1744
Thomas Chant 1846 South Petherton, Somerset, England
W R Chantler
Ada Chapman 1900 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Albert Humphrey Chapman 1897 Queensland, Australia
Alfred Chapman 1860 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia
Alfred Chapman 1888 Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Alfred Arthur Perry Chapman 1894 Queensland, Australia
Amy Mary Chapman 1895 Queensland, Australia
Anne Isabell Chapman 1903 Queensland, Australia
Charles Chapman 1861 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Charles Sydney Chapman 1887 Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Charles William Chapman
Daisy Jane Chapman 1898 Queensland, Australia
Elsie Chapman 1900 Queensland, Australia
George Chapman 1875 Drummers Creek, Queensland, Australia
George Herbert Edward Chapman 1903 Queensland, Australia
Gregory Homer Edwin Chapman 1905 Queensland, Australia
Harry John Ernest Chapman 1907 Queensland, Australia
Ida Florence Chapman 1900 Queensland, Australia
John Chapman
John Chapman 1832 England
John Edward Mills Chapman 1907 Queensland, Australia
Margaret Chapman
Maud Ethel Chapman 1895 Queensland, Australia
Ruby Emily Chapman 1911 Queensland, Australia
Annie Olive Chappell 1933 Wareham, Dorset, England
George Chappell 1878 Maiden Newton, Dorset, England
Harry George Chappell 1907 Studland, Dorset, England
Margaret Hilda Chappell 1935 Wareham, Dorset, England
Carrie Harris Chapple 1860 'Tetcott Barton', Tetcott, Devon, England
Francis Chapple
George Chapple
John Chapple
Lila Widgery Chapple 1858 South Molton, Devon, England
Margaret Chapple
Maria Chapple 1852 Well Street, Great Torrington, Devon, England
Mary Chapple 1819 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Robert Chapple
Thomas Chapple
William Gregory Chapple 1821 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Bert Chard
Harold Wilford Chard 1917 Michigan, USA
Jim Chard
Penny Chard
Rodney Chard
Rodney Harold Chard 1936 Michigan, USA
Elizabeth Charles
Bella Charlton
Anrew Russell Charlwood 1854 Clapham, London, England
Daniel CHARLWOOD 1668 Capel, Surrey, England
Daniel Charlwood 1704 Capel, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Charlwood 1710 Capel, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Russell Charlwood 1846 East Grinstead, Sussex, England
Hannah Charlwood 1700 Horstram, Surry, England
John Charlwood 1677 Capel, Surrey, England
John Charlwood 1806 Sussex, England
John Russell Charlwood 1845 East Grinstead, Sussex, England
Robert Charlwood 1672 Capel, Surrey, England
Sarah CHARLWOOD 1707 Capel, Surrey, England
Thomas Charlwood
Emily Frances Chase 1836 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
James Chatfield 1833 Lindfield, Sussex, England
Reuben Chatfield 1916 Woodford Bridge, Essex, England
Reuben Chatfield 1876 Yapton, Sussex, England
Emily Chave 1873
Thomas Chave
John Cheldon 1816 Cheldon, Devon, England
Mary Cheldon 1842 Chumleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Anne Cherritt
Edwin Francis Cheston
Janette Mary Cheston 1920 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Pauline Charlotte Cheston 1928 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Frank Cheston 1872 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Gladys Grace Chettleburgh
Alice Chick
Ann Chick
Cyril Duncan Chick
Daughter Chick
Elton Richard Chick 1910 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Horace Egerton Chick 1881 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Joan Chick
Kate Henrietta Philadelphia Chick 1873 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Molly Chick 1905 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Richard John Chick 1856
William Chick 1840
Annie Maria Chidgey Bermondsey, London, England
Albert Charles Child 1901 58 Manor Park Road, Manor Park, Essex, England
Alfred George Child 1898 Bethnal Green, London, England
Alfred John Child 1876 25 Commodore Street, Tower Hamlets, Mile End Old Town, London, England
Doreen Alfreda Child 1924 West Ham, Essex, England
Edward Albert Child 1908 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Elizabeth Sophia Child 1868 54 Stepney Green, Stepney, London, England
Frederick Albert Child 1880 Stepney, London, England
Frederick Arthur Child 1847 Chelmsford, Essex, England
Gordon William Child 1928 West Ham, Essex, England
Graham W Child 1956 Barton, Lancashire, England
Hettie Florence Elizabeth Child 1906 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Julie A Child 1959 Barton, Lancashire, England
Lilian Mary Child 1915 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Marguerite Emily Child 1907 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Robert A. Child 1913 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Vera Dorothy Child 1903 Walthamstow, Essex, England
William Child 1806 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Albert Child 1899 Clerkenwell, London, England
Four Children
Four children
Four Children
Two children
Elizabeth Childs
Jane Childs 1845 Newnham, Hertfordshire, England
Robert Childs 1817 Melbury Osmond, Dorset, England
Ada Maria Chiles 1868 Holloway, London, England
Arthur Chiles 1832 18 Guildford Place, Clerkenwell, London, England
Arthur James Chiles 1864 Lambeth, London, England
Edith Emma Chiles 1872 Islington, London, England
Joseph Chiles Cambridgeshire, England
Maude Chillman 1855
Hephzibah Ann Chilton 1834 14 Dean Street, Shadwell, London, England
William Chilton
Richard Chinn
Thomas Chinn
Duncan Chisholm
John Fleming Chisholm 1856 Edinburgh, Scotland
Robert Chisholm
Henry George Taber Chislett 1865 Frome, Somerset, England
Muriel Catherine Chislett 1892 Frome, Somerset, England
Zachariah Sheppard Chislett
George Henry Chiswell 1813
Joseph Chiswell 1817 Bermondsey, London, England
Samuel Chiswell
Louisa Chittenden 1814 Soho, London, England
Catherine Elizabeth Choat 1965 Ashby de la Zouch, Liecestershire, England
Nieves Chofre 1907 Manila, Philippines
Salvador Chofre
Salvador Chofre
four girls Chofre y Olea
Francisco Chofre y Olea
Maria de Las Nieves Francisca Pilar Higinia Chofre y Olea 1897 Manila, Philippines
Salvador Chofre y Olea
three boys Chofre y Olea
Dorothy Chrisiansen 1912 New York, New York, USA
Agnes Christensen
Joanna Natalie Christou 1989 Enfield, London, England
Kyriacos Christou 1954 Chirorochita, Cyprus
Louise Nichola Christou 1987 Enfield, London, England
Joseph Chriswell 1854 Stepney, London, England
Jane Mary Chubb 1836 Butterleigh, Devon, England
Priscilla Chubb 1875 Tatworth, Somerset, England
William Chubb 1797 Halberton, Devon, England
Ellen Chugg 1855 Berrynarbor, Devon, England
Joan Chuggy
Billah Church 1840 North Nibley, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Maria Church 1842 Dalston Terrace, Hackney, London, England
George Zephariah Church
Margaret S Church 1930 Rochford, Essex, England
Caroline Churchill
Lucy Churchill 1846
Mary Churly 1828 Kentisbeare, Devon, England
Catherine Clancey
Agnes Clapp 1741 Washfield, Devon, England
Alfred Manley Clapp 1883 Tottenham, London, England
Amelia Cole Clapp 1885 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Beryl Clapp 1913 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Daphne Joan G Clapp 1919 Fulham, London, England
Elizabeth Clapp 1852 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Emily Clapp 1829 Tiverton, Devon, England
Francis Bertram Clapp 1894 Bishopsgate, London, England
Freda Clapp
Geoffrey J Clapp 1948 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Georgina Phyllis Ruth Clapp 1903 'Oake Farm', Oake, Somerset, England
Gwendolin Mary Clapp 1886 Tottenham, London, England
Hannah Clapp 1744 Washfield, Devon, England
Ida Harriet Clapp 1893 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
James Clapp 1800 Poughill, Devon, England
James Clapp 1890 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
James Clapp 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Clapp 1774 Devon, England
James Clapp 1850 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John Clapp 1798 Poughill, Devon, England
John Clapp 1742 Washfield, Devon, England
John Clapp 1855 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John Clapp 1856 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Clapp 1708 Washfield, Devon, England
John Clapp
John Cole Clapp 1892 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
John Manley Clapp 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jonathan Mark Clapp 1975 Tiverton, Devon, England
Joyce Esmee Henritta Clapp 1909 Southsea, Hampshire, England
Kathleen Mildon Clapp 1889 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Kevin Clapp 1952 Devon, England
Margaret Mary Clapp 1886 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Marjorie Clapp 1912 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Mary Clapp 1804 Poughill, Devon, England
Mary Winifred Clapp
Matthew David Clapp 1979 Devon, England
Ronald A J Clapp 1919 Fulham, London, England
Sarah Clapp 1854 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Thomas Clapp 1781 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Clapp 1803 Poughill, Cornwall, England
Timothy George C Clapp 1973 Barnstaple, Devon, England
William John Percival Clapp 1889 Tottenham, London, England
George Clapper
Rosetta Clapper
William Nathan Clapper
Frank Clapton 1881 Kensington, London, England
Rosetta Marcelle Clapton 1914
Emma Clare
Harry B Clare 1932 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Harry C Clare
John Clare
Patricia M Clare 1928 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Stephen Clare
Susanna CLARE
Angela Clark 1967 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Arthur W Clark
Arthur William Clark 1873 Walworth, London, England
Brother Clark
Charles Clark
Doris Frances Mabel Clark 1905 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Clark
Ellen Clark England
Ethel Marian Clark 1895 Loughborough Junction, London, England
F Joan Clark 1935 1990
Florence Clark 1875 Wellington Heath, Herefordshire, England
Fred Clark 1880 Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, England
Harriet Clark 1871 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Jean Preston Clark 1921 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Jill Maureen Clark 1939 Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
John Clark 1810 Cornwall, England
John Clark
Mary Jane Clark 1846 St Mewan, Cornwall, England
Robert Clark
Alice Clarke
Allen Verner Clarke
Ann Clarke 1870
Anne CLARKE 1599 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Clarke
Dallas Clarke
Daughter Clarke
David Harvey Clarke
Edith Clarke
Edward T Clarke
Edwin Clarke
Eleanor Clarke 1869 London, England
Elizabeth Clarke 1850 Eganville, Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontraio, Canada
Elizabeth M Clarke
Esther Pearl Gladys Clarke 1918 Pembroke, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
George Clarke
Harvey Clarke 1920
Herbert Garfield Clarke 1919
James Clarke 1848 Ontario, Canada
James Clarke
James Garfield Clarke
Jane Lukey Clarke 1805 Bermondsey, London, England
Jeanie Clarke 1862 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
John Clarke 1769
John Clarke
Joseph Clarke 1708
Keith Ernest Clarke
Laura Clarke 1868 Bath, Somerset, England
Leisa J Clarke
Mary Clarke
Mary Clarke 1859 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Miles Clarke 1826 Ireland
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke
Robert John Clarke 1853 Islington, London, England
Ruth E Clarke
Sarah Anne Clarke
Sheila Lyda Clarke
Thomas Albert Clarke 1890 Ontario, Canada
Thomas Herbert Clarke 1878 Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontraio, Canada
Thomas Neal Clarke
Thomas William Clarke
William Clarke 1854
William Clarke
William Clarke
William Clarke 1816 Ireland
Doris Florence Mildred Eliza Clarkson 1900 Lambeth, London, England
Hannah Sarah Clarkson 1856 Paddington, London, England
John Clarkson
Adelaide Hilda Clay 1887 Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Albert A Clay
Arthur Francis Clay 1886 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Charles Clay 1885 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Charles John Clay 1828 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Ena Morton Clay 1901 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Francis Clay
George Lindsay Clay 1892 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Harriet Clay
Joseph Francis Clay 1858 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Margaret Clay 1906 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Nellie Clay 1888 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Thirza Winifred Clay 1890 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Arthur Edward Clayton 1883 Mitcham, Surrey, England
Vera K Clayton 1916 Wandsworth, London, England
William Edmund Clayton 1834 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Casey Jade Cleaver 1993 Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Simon Cleaver 1965 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Doreen Violet Cleevely
Edward Osborne Cleeves
Elmer Norman Cleeves 1908 86 Elgin Street East, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Henry Osborne Bond Cleeves 1883 Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Raymond Lloyd Cleeves 1910 Brooklin, Ontario, Canada
Richard Clemence
Donald Clement
Marlene Rose Clements 1938 Croydon, Surrey, England
Isabella Clennell
Marguerite Winifred Clery
Anne of Cleves
Alice Gertrude Clifford Clifford 1876 Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Anna Clifford 1639 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Anne Clifford 1534 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur John Clifford 1911
Arthur William Clifford 1878 Cromhall, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Clifford 1820 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Mabel Clifford
Charles Clifford 1578
Charlotte Clifford 1814 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
child Clifford
Children Clifford
Cicely Eleanor Clifford 1879 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Constance Clifford 1826
Constance M Clifford 1847 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Daniel Clifford
Daughter Clifford
David S C Clifford 1941 Gloucestershire, England
Dorothy Clifford 1574
Edith Elizabeth Clifford 1840 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Edith Katherine Clifford 1869 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Edmund Clifford 1821
Edmund Massy Clifford 1884 Cromhall, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Arthur Clifford 1850 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elaine Annie Clifford 1886 St George Hanover Square, London, England
Eleanor Clifford
Elizabeth Clifford 1809 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Clifford 1645 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Clifford
Elizabeth Kathleen Clifford 1909 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Evelyn Mary Clifford 1868 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Ferdinando Clifford
Five Sons Clifford
Frederick Clifford 1823
George Clifford 1532 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Giles Clifford
Hannah Clifford
Henrietta Hilda Elizabeth Clifford Clifford 1917 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Henry Clifford 1568
Henry Clifford
Henry Clifford 1908 Moscow, Russia
Henry CLIFFORD 1420
Henry CLIFFORD 1502 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Henry CLIFFORD 1190
Henry CLIFFORD 1366
Henry Francis Clifford 1871 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Henry James Clifford 1840 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Henry John Clifford 1810
Hugh Clifford 1170 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Isabel Clifford
James CLIFFORD 1472
James CLIFFORD 1564 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
James Clifford
James Clifford 1530 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
James CLIFFORD 1390
Jane Clifford
John Clifford 1570 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
John Clifford
John Clifford 1536 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
John CLIFFORD 1310
John Clifford 1824
John CLIFFORD 1612
Katherine Clifford
Lilian Annie Clifford 1867 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Lucia Clifford 1141 Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Mabel Constance Clifford 1874 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Clifford
Margaret Constance Clifford 1910 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Margery Clifford
Mary Clifford 1643 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Clifford
Mary Clifford
Mary Anne Clifford 1813 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Matthew Clifford
Matthias Clifford 1580 1620
Peter Clifford
Richard Clifford
Richard Clifford
Richard Clifford
Richard CLIFFORD 1151 Herefordshire, England
Robin Clifford
Roger Clifford
Rollo Clifford
Rollo Walter Clifford 1886 Cromhall, Gloucestershire, England
Rosamond Clifford 1576
Rosamund Clifford 1136 Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Rosamund CLIFFORD 1644 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Rosamund Clifford Clifford 1907 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Clifford
Six Sons Clifford
son Clifford 1880 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Son Clifford
Stephen Clifford
Susanna Clifford
Thomas Clifford 1570
Thomas Clifford
Thomas Clifford
Three Sons Clifford
Two Sons Clifford
Walter Clifford
Walter Clifford 1173 Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Walter Charles Clifford 1817
Walter John Clifford 1842 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
William CLIFFORD 1270
William Clifford 1845 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
William CLIFFORD 1538 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
William Clifford
William CLIFFORD 1235
William Clifford
William Clifford
William Clifford Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Elizabeth Clifton 1878 Lowestoft, Suffolf, England
Mary Kathleen Clinch 1860 Dublin, Ireland
William Henry Clive 1833 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Winifred Jessie Clive 1877 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Christopher Newton Clover 1880 Boreham, Essex, England
Evelyn Annie Clover 1908 Wandsworth, London, England
Abigail Clutterbuck
Ann Clutterbuck 1686 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Clutterbuck 1690 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Clutterbuck 1676 Eastington and Alkerton, Gloucestershire, England
Clifford Clutterbuck
Clifford Clutterbuck 1684 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Clutterbuck 1696 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Clutterbuck 1674 Eastington and Alkerton, Gloucestershire, England
James Clutterbuck 1680 Eastington and Alkerton, Gloucestershire, England
Jean M Clutterbuck 1936 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
John Clutterbuck 1664
Josiah Clutterbuck 1661
Margaret Clutterbuck
Mary Clutterbuck 1686 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Clutterbuck
Mary Clutterbuck
Nathaniel Clutterbuck 1625 Eastington, Gloucestershire, England
Nathaniel Clutterbuck 1654 Eastington, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Clutterbuck 1691 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Clutterbuck 1657
Robert Clutterbuck 1665 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Rosamund Clutterbuck 1667 Eastington, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Clutterbuck 1677 Eastington and Alkerton, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Clutterbuck 1691 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Clutterbuck 1679 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Clutterbuck
William Clutterbuck
William Clutterbuck 1660 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
William Clutterbuck
William Coate 1835 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Cecil W Cobb
Frederick Charles Cobb 1901 Chertsey, Surrey, England
Phyllis E Cobb 1932
Diane Cobley 1948 Exeter, Devon, England
Norman R Cobley
Elizabeth Cobner
Eliza Cochrane
Alice COCK
Mary Cock 1813 Talaton, Devon, England
Ernest Frank Cockburn 1878 Ramsgate, Kent, England
George Cockburn
Mary Elizabeth Cockburn 1905 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Ann Cockings
Sophia Cockman 1801
Zachariah Cockman
Ella Joyce Cockram 1899 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
George David Row Cockram 1940 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
George Edward James Cockram 1973 Wandsworth, London, England
George Harold Hugh Cockram 1902 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
George Woodbury Cockram
Reginald Cockram 1870 Tiverton, Devon, England
Patricia E Codack
Arthur Henry Codd
Arthur W G Codd 1913 Hendon, London, England
George William Codd
Daniel Codner 1793 Shaldon, Devon, England
Hannah Mortimer Drew Codner 1822 Dartmouth, Devon, England
Husband Codner
Francis CODRINGTON 1554 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Codrington
Annette M Coe 1954 Plymouth, Devon, England
Augusta Bridget Coe 1831 Chipping Ongar, Essex, England
Kenneth Frank Coe 1921 Brentford, London, England
Sandra E Coe 1952 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Coe
Andrew Colbeck 1955 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England
Andrew George Colbeck 1987 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England
Jack Robert Colbeck 1990 Harrowgate, Yorkshire, England
Shirley Frae Colclasure 1918
Phoebe Coldick 1854
Thomas Coldrick
Abraham Cole 1823 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Abraham Cole 1786 Ashreigney, Devon, England
Albert E Cole
Albert Edward Cole 1902 Kensington, London, England
Albina Mary Cole 1869 'Wood', Puddington, Devon, England
Alice Lucy Ethel Cole 1899 Kensington, London, England
Alice Maud Cole 1868 Bideford, Devon, England
Amelia Cole 1834 Witheridge, Devon, England
Ann Cole 1832 Witheridge, Devon, England
Archibald Cole 1884 Tiverton, Devon, England
Arthur Warman Cole 1874 Bideford, Devon, England
Basil L. Cole 1911 Kensington, London, England
Brandon Hedley Cole 1934
Charity Iona M. Cole 2000 Oxfordshire, England
Charles Hedley Brandon Cole 1965 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Charlotte Russell Cole 1860 Bath, Somerset, England
Daughter Cole
Dorothy Marion Cole 1900 30 Park Road, Bromley, Kent, England
Edgar Cole 1887 Tiverton, Devon, England
Edward Cole
Edwin Cole 1845 Witheridge, Devon, England
Eleanor Daisy Cole 1884 10 Titchborne Row, St John Paddington, Kensington, London, England
Elizabeth Cole 1822 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Elizabeth Cole 1791 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Cole 1840 Puddington, Devon, England
Elizabeth Anne H. Cole 1994 Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Cuzner Cole 1858 South Molton, Devon, England
Ellen Elizabeth Cole 1830 Bideford, Devon, England
Emilie Jane Cole 1856 South Molton, Devon, England
Emma Cole 1855 Molland, Devon, England
Ethel Cole 1893 21 Richmond Road, Hackney, London, England
Evelyn Mary Cole 1910 Kensington, London, England
Florence Matilda Cole 1867 South Molton, Devon, England
Frank Cole 1845 Bideford, Devon, England
Frank Ernest Cole 1905 Kensington, London, England
Frank Russell Cole 1870 Bideford, Devon, England
George Cole 1832 South Molton, Devon, England
George Cole 1799 South Molton, Devon, England
George Warman Cole 1870
Georgina Cole 1853 'South Combe', Witheridge, Devon, England
Georgina Dorothy M. Cole 1996 Oxfordshire, England
Gertrude Cole 1897 Harlesden, London, England
Harold Cole 1889 Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire, England
Harriet Cole 1854 'South Combe', Witheridge, Devon, England
Hedley Cole 1893 Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire, England
Henrietta Cole 1873 Devon, England
Henrietta Cole 1867 Bideford, Devon, England
Henrietta Maud Cole 1891 Fulham, London, England
Henry Roger Cole
Hester Cole 1868 South Molton, Devon, England
Jane Cole 1815 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Jane Cole 1835 South Molton, Devon, England
Jane Cole 1803 South Molton, Devon, England
John Cole 1834 Bideford, Devon, England
John Cole 1818 'Moor', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Cole 1760 Ashreigney, Devon, England
John Cole
John Cole 1821 Molland, Devon, England
John Cole 1791 Burrington, Devon, England
John Charles Brandon Hedley Cole 1992 Oxfordshire, England
John Mildon Cole 1843 'Woodington', Puddington, Devon, England
John Stanley Cole 1890 Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire, England
Kathleen Mary Cole 1902 Bromley, Kent, England
Kendra Natasha Lean Cole 1996 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lilian Cole 1891 165 Old Street, St Luke, London, England
Louisa Cole 1873 Evy, Cambridgeshire, England
Mabel Harriet Cole 1887 Fulham, London, England
Maria Soledad Lean Cole 1987 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Martha Jane Cole 1823 Bideford, Devon, England
Mary Cole 1829 Witheridge, Devon, England
Mary Cole 1789 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Gertrude Cole 1909 Hull, Yorkshire, England
Mary Hocking Taylor Cole 1831 Bideford, Devon, England
Mary Jane Cole 1864 Bideford, Devon, England
Mary Marsh Cole 1859 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Mildon Cole 1860 'South Combe', Witheridge, Devon, England
Mary Warman Cole 1865 Littleham, Devon, England
Maud Lucy Cole 1869 South Molton, Devon, England
Micaela Lean Cole 1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Norman Cole 1894 Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire, England
Osmer Lean Cole 1860 Springfield, Hampshire, England
Owen Cole 1871 South Molton, Devon, England
Paul Michael Lean Cole 1988 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reginald George Cole 1887 45 Mitchell Street, St Luke, London, England
Richard Cole 1763 South Molton, Devon, England
Richard Cole 1831 South Molton, Devon, England
Richard Lionel Cole 1906 Hull, Yorkshire, England
Rose Cole 1888 45 Mitchell Street, St Luke, London, England
Sarah Mildon Cole 1842 Witheridge, Devon, England
Son Cole
Stanley John Cole 1907 Notting Hill, London, England
Susanna Cole 1816 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Sydney George Cole 1864 South Molton, Devon, England
Thomas Cole 1831 Witheridge, Devon, England
Thomas Cole 1847 'Woodington', Puddington, Devon, England
Walter Cole 1858 South Molton, Devon, England
Walter Henry Cole 1886 Fulham, London, England
Walter O. Cole 1872 Bideford, Devon, England
William Cole 1829 South Molton, Devon, England
William Cole 1792 South Molton, Devon, England
William Cole 1820 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Ernest Cole 1872 South Molton, Devon, England
William James Lean Cole 1833 St Marys, Plympton, Devon, England
William John Cole 1861 South Molton, Devon, England
William Mildon Cole 1850 Witheridge, Devon, England
William Robert Cole 1893 Kensington, London, England
Winifred Mary Mildon Cole 1881 Tiverton, Devon, England
Silence Colegrove 1805 Sutton, Northamptonshire, England
Austin Vernon Coleman 1897 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Charles Alforth Coleman 1863 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Clara Emily Coleman 1857 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Colin Roy Coleman 1927 Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Diana Coleman 1930 Reigate, Surrey, England
Edith Ellen Coleman 1861 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Edward Coleman 1831 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Edward Coleman 1901 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Edward Ernest Coleman 1854 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Edward Noel Coleman Paris, France
Erville A Coleman 1917 Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Eunice Lovdy Coleman 1909 Upton Hellions, Devon, England
Francis Coleman 1850 Thorverton, Devon, England
Francis Beedell Coleman 1907 Upton Hellions, Devon, England
Francis Henry Coleman 1880 Upton Hellions, Devon, England
Frank Cobden Coleman 1867 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Frederick Richard Coleman 1903 Natal, South Africa
Gertrude Coleman 1906 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Harry George Coleman 1870 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Henry Coleman
John Neville Coleman 1927 Reigate, Surrey, England
Lizzy Gertrude Coleman 1859 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Marguerite Coleman Paris, France
Mary Jane Beedell Coleman 1875 Upton Hellions, Devon, England
Reginald John Coleman 1894 Somerset, England
Robert Coleman 1811 Thorverton, Devon, England
Sarah Ellen Coleman 1865 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Stanley Allforth Coleman 1895 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Coleman 1869 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Winifred Mary Coleman 1926 Reigate, Surrey, England
Alison Louise Coles 1974 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Coles 1858 Stogursey, Somerset, England
Benjamin D Coles
David J Coles 1965 Woolwich, London, England
David W J Coles
Derek Coles 1930 London, England
Elizabeth Coles 1828 Stockleigh Pomeroy, Devon, England
Fanny Coles 1881
Herbert William Coles Mark, Somerset, England
Janet Laura Coles 1967 Bexley, London, England
Lisa Jayne H Coles 1986 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mark D Coles 1961 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Neal J Coles 1963 Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nicola Jayne Coles 1971 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Barbara Janet Coling 1937 Bromley, Kent, England
Irene Sally Coling 1939 Bromley, Kent, England
John Thomas Coling 1861 Priors Marston, Warwickshire, England
Leonard Coling 1906 West Newington, London, England
Peter Leonard Coling 1947 Bromley, Kent, England
Winnifred Dorothy Collen
Mary Lavina Collett
Sandra Jean Collier 1947 Lambeth, London, England
Victor Henry Collier
Mary Margaret Collin 1814
Bessie Collings 1870 Greenwich, London, England
Eva Ella Collings 1884 Greenwich, London, England
Frank Collings 1869 Sherborne, Dorset, England
Frederick Collings 1875 Greenwich, London, England
George Collings 1848 Halstock, Dorset, England
Jesse Collings 1874 Greenwich, London, England
John Collings
Joseph Collings 1877 Greenwich, London, England
Leah Collings 1866 Lambeth, London, England
Lydia Collings 1880 Greenwich, London, England
Maria Collings 1801 Lotmoor Lyecan, Somerset, England
Phobe Collings 1804 Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
Sarah A Collings
Soloman Collings 1809 Lotishampe, Somerset, England
Soloman Collings 1850 Ryme Intrinseca, Somerset, England
William Collings 1842 Long Load, Somerset, England
William Collings 1867 Lambeth, London, England
Herbert Collins 1885 Hornsey, London, England
Jeff Collins 1921
John Collins
Sophia Collins
William Jefferies Collins
Jim Lonzo Collum
Vonnie Veneer Collum 1926 Arkansas, USA
Albert Colston
Edith Columbine 1887 Unstone, Derbyshire, England
George Columbine
Mary Ann Compton 1872 Lyneham, Wiltshire, England
John Concannon 1870 County Mayo, Ireland
John Noel Concannon 1910 St Vincent and the Grenadines
Mary Lorna Concannon
Undine Mary Concannon 1940 Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, England
Eilene Condie
Alice Coney
Leslie D Congerton
Ben Cody Connell 2003 Auckland, New Zealand
Bianca Morgan Connell 2001 Auckland, New Zealand
Craig Connell
Edmund Coleman Connell
Edna Claudine Connell 1910 Barrackpore, Bengal, India
Dennis Connellan
Henry Connellan 1872 Cressbrook, Queensland, Australia
Jan Connellan
Lucius Robert Connellan
Walter James Henry Connellan 1912 Esk, Queensland, Australia
Sarah Connett 1846 Exeter, Devon, England
Eleanor CONSTABLE 1450 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Madeleine J Conwath 1942 Canada
Anna Pearl Conway 1892 Morpeth, Ontario, Canada
Ian Conway 1951 Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, England
John David Conway
Laura Jean Conway 1980 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Robin Alexander Conway 1982 Congleton, Cheshire, England
Arthur Cook 1880 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Arthur Frederick Charles Cook 1908 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Aslana Emily Cook 2002 Ascot, Berkshire, England
Beryl W Cook 1935
Betty P Cook 1930 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Christopher Robert Cook 1972 Shoeburyness, Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Conner William Cook 2006 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
David George Cook 1969 Rochford, Essex, England
Derek Cook 1963 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Dominic Cook 1978 Cornwall, England
Harold J Cook 1930 Grimsby RD, Lincolnshire, England
Harold W Cook 1902
Horace Cook 1872 Barnes, London, England
Isolde Cook
Joan Winnifred Cook 1909 Bideford, Devon, England
Joseph Cook
Lawrence Cook
Lewis Archibald Charles Cook 1811
Lewis Augustus Cook
Marion Cook 1912 East Retford, Nottinghamshire, England
Martyn Cook 1933 grimsby RD, Lincolnshire, England
Nicola Cook 1980 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Phyllis Cook 1907 Bideford, Devon, England
Richard Dudley Cook 1946 Ilford, London, England
Stephanie Grace Cook 1987 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Susan Cook
Anthony Eskrigg Cooke 1907 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
David A D Cooke 1942 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Dianah Cooke
Elizabeth Cooke
Elizabeth Cooke
Mary Cooke
Mary Ann Cooke
Richard Edward Cooke
Rosemary A Cooke 1947 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Margaret Florence Cooke-Hurle
Francis Thomas H Cooksey 1920
Elizabeth Cooksly 1696 Morebath, Devon, England
William Cookson
Ellen Lee Coombe 1845 Crediton, Devon, England
Edward C Coomber
Brenda Eileen Coombes 1943
Thomas E Coombes
Eliza Coombs 1819
Emma Leah Coombs 1880 Bethnal Green, London, England
Frederick Charles Coombs
Uriah Coombs 1832
William Coombs
May Coomer
Ann Cooper 1824 Brigg, Licolnshire, England
Ann Selina Cooper 1855
Brian A Cooper 1947 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Elizabeth Mary Cooper 1853 Bethnal Green, London, England
Harry Cooper 1880
James Cooper 1806 Preston, Lancashire, England
John Leonard Cooper 1938 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Mary Jennifer Cooper 1975 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Michael W Cooper 1954 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Purnell Bransby Cooper 1786 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Bansby Cooper
Stanley W Cooper
Susan Cooper
William Cooper
Barry Cootes 1964 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Carol E Cootes 1959 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Janet E Cootes 1957 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Leslie M Cootes 1956 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Michael J Cootes
Sandra Jane Cootes 1966 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Elizabeth Copeland South Shields, Durham, England
John Dixon Copeland
Robert John Copeland 1894 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Ann Blanche Copeman 1830 All Saints, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
James Robert Copeman
Alice Copp 1877 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Bessie Copp
Thomas Copp 1841 Alverdiscott, Devon, England
Olive E Coppen
Frederick Henry Copplestone 1909 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
George Copplestone
George Copplestone 1892 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Maria Copplestone 1890 St Saviour, Everton, Lancashire, England
Thomas Copplestone 1894 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Thomas Mitchell Copplestone 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Arthur John Coram 1867 North Petherton, Somerset, England
Arthur Stanley James Beedell Coram 1901 Woking, Surrey, England
Bruce A Coram 1954 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Dorothy Beatrice B Coram 1899 Woking, Surrey, England
Joan Elaine Coram 1932 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Louise Anne Coram 1990 Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Malcolm Coram 1958 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Marjorie Gladys M Coram 1905 Stockbridge RD, England
Mary K Coram 1928 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Nora Alice H Coram 1898 Woking, Surrey, England
Paul Coram 1952 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Richard G Coram 1926 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Corbett
Frederic Corder
Judith Corder
Ruth Corder
Edith Elizabeth Cording 1879 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Francis Cordington
Giles Cordington
William Cordington 1462 Gloucestershire, England
Harriet Corker
Lily Corker
Julia Corkery
David Corley
Mary Ann Corley 1871
Elaine E Cornboue
Albert Henry Cornelius 1874 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Albert William Cornelius 1852 Bath Street, Chard, Somerset, England
Alfred Edgar Cornelius 1875 Chard, Somerset, England
Alfred Joseph Cornelius 1856 Chard, Somerset, England
Annie Elizabeth Cornelius 1887 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Barbara J Cornelius 1935 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Bellissa Cornelius 1891 Islington, London, England
Charles Edward Cornelius 1867 Chard, Somerset, England
Claire J Cornelius 1962 Southwark, London, England
Cyril Malcolm James Cornelius 1908 Beddington, Surrey, England
Daughter Cornelius
Dorothy Nancy Mary Cornelius 1915 Beddington, Surrey, England
Eric James Beckwith Cornelius 1904 Lewisham, London, England
Ernest Frederick Cornelius 1904 Belvedere, Kent, England
Ernest J Cornelius 1926 Belvedere, Kent, England
Ernest Joseph Cornelius 1882 Bath, Somerset, England
Ethel May Cornelius 1881 Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Eva Cornelius 1882 Wells, Somerset, England
Eva Mabel Cornelius 1899 Belvedere, Kent, England
Gertrude Cornelius 1893 Greenwich, London, England
Harold J Cornelius 1919 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
James Robert Cornelius 1878 Newbury, Berkshire, England
James Thomas Cornelius 1869 Chard, Somerset, England
John Cornelius
John Henry Cornelius 1881 Lyme Regis, Dorset, England
Joseph Cornelius
Judith Sara Cornelius 1937 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Kate Rhoda Cornelius 1861 Chard, Somerset, England
Keith Cornelius 1958 Woolwich, London, England
Leah Adeline Cornelius 1890 Kensington, London, England
Lovdy Cornelius 1801 St Austell, Cornwall, England
Margaret A Cornelius 1942 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Matilda Cornelius 1897 St Pancras, London, England
Michael John Cornelius 1932 Woolwich, London, England
Michael Robin Cornelius 1942 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Nellie Ethel Cornelius 1902 Belvedere, Kent, England
Percy Edawrd Cornelius 1887 Chard, Somerset, England
Peter W Cornelius 1933 Woolwich, London, England
Robert Cornelius 1896 Belvedere, Kent, England
Robert Cornelius 1900 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Robert Cornelius 1877 Bourton, Dorset, England
Robert E Cornelius 1913 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Robert Henry Cornelius 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Rose Annie Cornelius 1884 Lambeth, London, England
Roy Robert Beckwith Cornelius 1913 Croydon, Surrey, England
Sarah Jane Augusta Cornelius 1877 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Jane Augusta Cornelius 1858 Chard, Somerset, England
Susan Matilda Cornelius 1895 Kentish Town, London, England
Thomas George Cornelius 1884 Newbury, Berkshire, England
Valerie Cornelius 1936 Woolwich, London, England
Walter Cornelius 1878 Lyme Regis, Dorset, England
Walter Francis Cornelius 1866 Chard, Somerset, England
Wendy Pamela Cornelius 1947 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
William Cornelius 1831 Chard, Somerset, England
William Henry Cornelius 1874 Chard, Somerset, England
William Henry Cornelius 1898 Belvedere, Kent, England
Winifred Dorothy Cornelius 1907 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Minnie Cornell Bow, London, England
Eliza Corner 1811
Sarah Corner 1784 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Isabella Cornish 1824 Frome, Somerset, England
Catherine Cornishe 1655 Sancreed, Cornwall, England
Rhoda Isabel A Corti-Hughes 1896 Leominster, Herefordshire, England
Jane Cortice
Maud E Cosier
Mary COSLETT 1786
John Cossins
Maria Cossins 1853 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Samuel Cossins
Susan Cossins 1872 Charlton Adam, Somerset, England
Hannah Costello 1869 Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Charles Alfred Coton 1894 Chelsea, London, England
Elmer Coton
Richard George Coton 1860 Chelsea, London, England
Enid Mary Cotterill
Caroline Cottle 1828
John Cottle 1720
John Cottle 1766 Tiverton, Devon, England
Victor C H Cottle 1915 Frome, Somerset, England
Winsome Kathleen U Cottle 1917 Frome, Somerset, England
Ellen Jane Cotton Leicestershire, England
George Cotton 1825 Clerkenwell, London, England
George Cotton
Gillian A Cotton 1957 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Karen M Cotton 1962 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Maurice EB Cotton 1929 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Couch 1851
Gertrude May Couch 1909 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Howard Gordon Couch 1889 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
James Wilbert Couch 1912 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Jim Couch
John Couch
Karen Couch
Laura Gertrude Couch 1886 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Lemuel Couch 1878 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Marie Couch
Marion Couch
Mary Couch
Rod Couch
Son Couch
Thomas Couch 1855
William Couch
William Morley Couch 1881 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Ann Couchman 1816 St Luke's London, England
William Couchman 1792
Ena Emma Coulter 1889 Lefroy, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Coulter
Annie Coumbe 1868 Bow, London, England
Lilian Mabel Court 1900 Colyton, Devon, England
Noah Court
Alice Courtney 1829
Charles Courtney 1825 Silverton, Devon, England
Clement Courtney 1828 Silverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Courtney 1820 Silverton, Devon, England
James Courtney 1793 Silverton, Devon, England
James Courtney 1835 Silverton, Devon, England
John Courtney 1835 Silverton, Devon, England
Katherine COURTNEY
Peter Courtney 1837 Silverton, Devon, England
Thomas Courtney 1823 Silverton, Devon, England
Walter Courtney 1831 Silverton, Devon, England
Lucy P Cousins
John Cove
William Percy Cove 1868 Sutton Wick, Berkshire, England
James Cover 1845 Middlesex, England
Laura Cowan
James Eyres Coward 1795
Laurie Barbara Cowen
William Wallace Cowie
Hester Cowley
Alice Maud Cowling 1879 Exeter, Devon, England
Alice Cox
Alice Cox
Ann Cox 1789 Lyme Regis, Dorset, England
Ann Cox
Ann V Cox 1938 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann V. Cox 1938 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Cox 1880 Islington, London, England
Arthur J Cox 1918 Wandsworth, London, England
Benjamin Cox
Betty Cox 1919 Wandsworth, London, England
Derek G Cox 1944 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Frederick Cox
Henry James Cox
Herbert Thwaites Cox 1874 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Isaac Cox
Joan E Cox 1942 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Joan E. Cox 1942 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph William Cox
Lilian Cox
Mary Matilda Cox 1840 Wilmington, Devon, England
Norma Winifred Cox 1920 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Robert Cox 1849 Shoreditch, London, England
Robert Cox 1923 Wandsworth, London, England
Sydney G Cox
Thomas Thwaites Cox 1837 Marten, Wiltshire, England
John Coxon 1937 Murton, County Durham, England
Augustus Coyne
Bridget Coyne 1832 Kilkenny, Ireland
Anthea M Crabb 1933 Brighton, Sussex, England
Arthur Henry Ayres Crabb 1875 Brighton, Sussex, England
Bernard Arthur Maydwell Teed Crabb 1909 Brighton, Sussex, England
Haydon Edmund Crabb 1907 Brighton, Sussex, England
Ivor Lockwood Crabb 1910 Brighton, Sussex, England
Mary Crabb
Robert M Crabb 1932 Brighton, Sussex, England
Susan Crabb 1825 High Ham, Somerset, England
Violet Mary Crabb 1913 Brighton, Sussex, England
William Joseph Crabb
Wife Crabbe
William Leroy Crabbe
Amos Dewey Crabtree
Jerry Michael Crabtree
Joel Benjamin Crabtree
Sean Crabtree
Annie Cracknell
Anthony G Cracknell
Kate Cragg 1868
Margaret Cragg 1843 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Timothy Cragg 1809 Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Lillian Rebecca Craig 1871
Kerry Ann Crainie 1981 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Thomas James Crainie 1965 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Thomas James Crainie 1991 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Ruth Crandall
Timothy Crandall
Wilber Crandall
Arthur Lewis Crang 1923 'Perry Farm', Thorverton, Devon, England
John Crang 1886 Thornham, Norfolk, England
Judith R Crang 1953 Wells, Somerset, England
Louisa Helen Crang Crang 1978 Yeovil Marsh, Somerset, England
Paul Richard G Crang 1981 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Richard L Crang 1950 Wells, Somerset, England
Jane Cranitch
Rosaleen Sheila Cranmer-Byng 1917 Dunmow, Essex, England
Alison Crathorne
Benjamin Joshua Crathorne 1997 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Luke Johnathan Crathorne 1995 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Peter Crathorne
Philip Crathorne 1971 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Samuel Josiah Crathorne 2001 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Beatrice May Crawford
Doris Crawford 1925 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Grace Crawford
Sarah A Crawford
Alice Coralie R Creedon 1982 Camden, London, England
Anthony R M Creedon 1953 Bromley, Kent, England
Caitlin Emily Creedon 1996 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Claire Louise N Creedon 1985 Camden, London, England
Daniel Joseph Creedon 1993 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
David A J Creedon 1960 Cleveland, Yorkshire, England
Denis Creedon
James William Creedon 2003 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Joseph Louis Creedon 1996 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Michael F C Creedon 1958 Bromley, Kent, England
Raymond H Creedon 1925 Bath, Somerset, England
Samuel Oliver Creedon 1994 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Veronica M E Creedon 1956 Lewisham, London, England
Ada Sophia Creese 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Alison Stella Creese 1916 St Pancras, London, England
Bessie L Creese 1910 Massachusetts, USA
Charles Frederick H. Creese 1875 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Charles Joseph Creese 1846 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Charles R. Creese 1837 Teddington, Worcestershire, England
Edward Martyn Creese 1860 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Esther J Creese 1918 Massachusetts, USA
George Hill Creese 1920
Gillian Elizabeth Creese 1927 22 Derby Road, Withington, Manchester, England
Gwendolynn Creese
Harold Hickman Creese 1891 Yardley, Worcestershire, England
Henry Septimus Creese 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Jacqueline Creese
Jennet Evelyn Creese 1890 Yardley, Worcestershire, England
John Creese
Joseph Creese 1817 Teddington, Worcestershire, England
Letitia Mary Creese 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Elizabeth Creese 1848 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Martha Kate Creese 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Creese 1908 Massachusetts, USA
Myra Creese 1912 Massachusetts, USA
Robert Creese
Sydney Herbert Creese 1889 Yardley, Worcestershire, England
Trisha Creese
William Creese 1822 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Herbert Creese 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Hickman Creese 1921 Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Armando Cuello Crespo
Maria de los Angeles Crespo Murica, Spain
Bruce Cresswell 1853 Newland, Gloucestershire, England
Charles George Cresswell 1860 Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Charles Hungerford Warneford Cresswell 1830 Creech St Michael, Somerset, Engand
Henry Cresswell
Henry Francis Cresswell 1863 Vine Street, Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Jack Cresswell
Sophia Ann Cresswell 1861 Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Spencer Cresswell 1945 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Maria Crews 1819 Capel, Surrey, England
Samuel Crews
Shirley A Crews
Ann Cridge
Elizabeth Jane Cridland 1835 Clatworthy, Somerset, England
Elsie Caroline May Cridland 1878 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Jean Cridland
Mary Ann E Crippen 1853 Canterbury, Kent, England
Cheryl Cripps 1950 Canada
Georgina Frances Cripps
Joseph Cripps
Ann Crisp 1803 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Emily Crisp 1838 Walberswick, Suffolk, England
George Crisp 1786 Wixford, Warwickshire, England
Grace Crisp 1798 Frome, Somerset, England
Phyliss Crisp 1925 Crowborough, Sussex, England
Rebecca Crisp 1810 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Sarah Crisp 1801 Worcester Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Ada Beatrice Crispin 1898
Mary Critchley
Ann Crocker 1807 High Bickington, Devon, England
Anne Crocker 1783 High Bickington, Devon, England
Elizabeth Crocker 1803 High Bickington, Devon, England
Elizabeth Crocker 1833 East Worlington, Devon, England
Emma Jane Crocker 1857 Thorverton, Devon, England
Henry Crocker 1778 High Bickington, Devon, England
Henry Crocker 1743 High Bickington, Devon, England
Henry Crocker 1805 High Bickington, Devon, England
Jenny Crocker 1789 High Bickington, Devon, England
John Crocker 1807 High Bickington, Devon, England
Mary Crocker 1771 High Bickington, Devon, England
Edith Crockett
Henry Crockwell
Susanna Crockwell 1815 Coffinswell, Devon, England
Constance Edith Croker 1895 Fulham, London, England
James Croker
George Cromarty
Heidi Louise Cromarty 1977 Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England
Edith Florence Cronin
Alice Crook 1886 Chelsea, London, England
James Crook 1821
James A Crook 1855 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Jane Crook 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lucy Crook 1855 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Mary Ann Crook 1838 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Crook 1800 South Molton, Devon, England
William Crook 1802 Rackenford, Devon, England
Ethel M Crooke
Frances Mary Crooke 1891 Puddington, Devon, England
Mary Ann Crooke 1849 Witheridge, Devon, England
Olive Sarah Crooke 1894 Puddington, Devon, England
William Crooke 1851 Puddington, Devon, England
Alice Crooks
James Lowden Crooks
Lettie Isabel Crooks 1875 Windsor, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
Charles H Crossett
Ida May Crossett 1898
John William Crossley 1862 Shipton, Yorkshire, England
Albert John Ralph Crossling
Daniel Crotty
Amy Croucher 1864 Christchurch, New Zealand
Michael S. Crowcroft
Clifford Crowe
Linda Anne Crowhurst 1968 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Roy Ernest Crowhurst 1938 Croydon, Surrey, England
Victoria Winifred Gonyea Crowl
Rosetta Violet Crowther 1912 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
William Crowther
George Crozier
John Crozier
John Wesley Crozier 1862
Mabel May Crozier 1887 Scugog Township, Ontario, Canada
Wendy Crozier
Thomas Crudge
Henry Crumbley
Marjorie Edith Crumbley 1913 Devonport, Devon, England
Julia Crump 1880 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Boleslavs Cudars 1914 Latgale, Latvia
Lilita Cudars 1944 Latvia
Esther Rita Cuello Leiva 1910 Vilassar de Mar, Spain
Elsie Culham 1899 Dallinghoo, Suffolk, England
David Cull
James Cull 1782 Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, England
James Cullen 1862 Emily Township, Ontario, Canada
Harriet Louisa Cullimore 1871 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
William Charles Cullimore
Benjamin Cullington
Daniel Cullington 1795 St Pancras, London, England
Sarah M Cullison 1872 Illinois, USA
William Bradford Cullison
Brian John Culverhouse 1943 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Constance Evelyn Culverhouse 1944 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Mary Culverhouse 1937 West Ham, Essex, England
Ernest Andrew Culverhouse 1940 Islington, London, England
Ernest Victor Culverhouse 1906 46 Dongola Road, Plaistow, Essex, England
Gwenneth V Culverhouse 1938 West Ham, Essex, England
Jeanne Culverhouse 1956 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Joan Patricia Culverhouse 1933 West Ham, Essex, England
John Henry Culverhouse 1865
Kenneth Herbert Culverhouse 1931 22 Marys Street, Canning Town, London, England
Kenneth James Culverhouse 1962 British Military Hospital, Cyprus
Lynne Culverhouse 1967 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
Mandy Culverhouse 1963 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Pamela Irene Culverhouse 1947 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Pauline Culverhouse 1966 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Philip George Culverhouse 1948 Worth Valley, Yorkshire, England
Ronald V Culverhouse 1936 West Ham, Essex, England
Amelia Cumberland 1854
Brian Clarke Cumberland 1889 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Edward Anthony Cumberland 1848 Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, England
Eila Cumberland 1888 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Emily Cumberland 1847 Camberwell, London, England
Frederick Cumberland 1856 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Geoffrey Winn Cumberland 1889 Limpley Stoke, Wiltshire, England
Gladys May Cumberland 1885 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Hugh Cumberland 1858 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
John Cumberland 1822 Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, England
Louisa Cumberland 1854 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Mary Ann Cumberland 1849 Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England
Mary Doreen Cumberland 1892 Bath, Somerset, England
Nora Kathleen Cumberland 1886 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Olive Cumberland 1890 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Richard Cumberland 1788 Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, England
Richard C Cumberland 1922 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Rupert Leslie Cumberland 1890 Bath, Somerset, England
Sidney Cumberland 1852
Annie Dorothy Cuming 1897 St Pancras, London, England
Annie Olivia S Cuming 1870 Kensington, London, England
Arthur Reginald Cuming 1898 St Pancras, London, England
Brenda Courtney Cuming 1925 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Brenda E M Cuming 1935 Willesden, London, England
Charles Alfred Hingston Cuming 1868 5 Upper York Street, Marylebone, London, England
Charles Hingston Cuming 1819 Devon, England
Charles William Benjamin Cuming 1893 St Pancras, London, England
Eleanor Olive Cuming 1895 St Pancras, London, England
Florence Beartice Cuming 1901 St Pancras, London, England
Frederick Courtney Cuming 1899 St Pancras, London, England
Harold Ernest Cuming 1906 St Pancras, London, England
John Edward Cuming 1906 St Pancras, London, England
Sidney Albert Cuming 1907 St Pancras, London, England
Walter Hingston Cuming 1900 St Pancras, London, England
William Henry Adams Cuming 1839 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jack Cummings USA
Robert J Cummings
Ada Cummins 1881 Sidbury, Devon, England
Alice Ann Cummins 1877 Oakford, Devon, England
Alistair Thomas Cummins 1985 Honiton, Devon, England
Ann Cummins 1838 5 Holton Street, Ashley, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Frank Cummins 1884 Sidbury, Devon, England
Benjamin Daniel John Cummins 1985 Sussex, England
Callum James Cummins 1993 Sussex, England
Catherine Cummins 1905 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Cummins 1854 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Child Cummins
Christine Marjorie Cummins 1963 Exeter, Devon, England
Clifford Sidney Cummins 1923 Widworthy, Devon, England
David George Cummins 1963 Exeter, Devon, England
Dennis Cummins 1925 Devon, England
Edgar Hope Cummins 1889 Sidbury, Devon, England
Eliza Jane Cummins 1852 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Amelia Cummins 1848 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elsie Cummins 1880 Sidbury, Devon, England
Emily Kate Cummins 1860 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ernest John Cummins 1878 Sidbury, Devon, England
Ethel Cummins 1888 Sidbury, Devon, England
Evelyn Cummins 1895 Sidbury, Devon, England
Fanny Cummins 1844 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Mary Elizabeth Cummins 1875 Oakford, Devon, England
Florence May Cummins 1921 Widworthy, Devon, England
Harriet Cummins 1850 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harriet Cummins 1856 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Hilda Cummins 1907 Devon, England
James Cummins 1841 Twinnel Street, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Cummins 1840 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Cummins
John Cummins 1816 Bampton, Devon, England
John Cummins 1925 Devon, England
John Robert Cummins 1863 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lorna Mary Cummins 1953 Beer, Devon, England
Louisa Cummins 1899 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Cummins 1906 Devon, England
Margery D Cummins 1923 Northleigh, Devon, England
Mary Gladys Cummins 1911 Widworthy, Devon, England
Mary Louisa Cummins 1859 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Maud Cummins 1910 Devon, England
Maureen Y Cummins
Muriel Rosalind Cummins 1955 Beer, Devon, England
Nigel Thomas Cummins 1951 Widworthy, Devon, England
Percy Cummins 1903 Devon, England
Peter John Cummins 1958 Exeter, Devon, England
Phyliss Mary Cummins 1925 Widworthy, Devon, England
Phyliss S Cummins 1922 Honiton, Devon, England
Reginald Hole Cummins 1890 Sidbury, Devon, England
Robert Edward Cummins 1898 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Sidney Cummins 1884 Sidbury, Devon, England
Tracey Ann Cummins 1982 Honiton, Devon, England
Vera Cummins 1912 Devon, England
Violet Cummins 1915 Devon, England
Wilfred Thomas Cummins 1918 Widworthy, Devon, England
William Cummins 1869 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William James Cummins 1874 Oakford, Devon, England
Agnes de Cuni
Roger de Cuni
Anne Josephine Cunningham
Rachel Katherine Cunningham 2004
Stephen John Cunningham 1969
Christopher G Curnock
Colin Patrick Curran
David Charles Curran
Howard Hunt Curran 1914 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Howard Hunt Curran
Hugh McCollum Curran 1875 1960
Hugh McCollum Curran
Jill McCollum Curran
Margarete Stephanie Curran 1955 Manila, Philippines
Ryan McGee Curran
Scott Patrick Curran
Susan Louise Curran
Patrick Currie Ireland
Alfred Currier 1867 Massachusetts, USA
Elbridge Currier 1828 Massachusetts, USA
Frederick Morton Currier 1869 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Elizabeth Currier 1872 Hyde Park, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Nathaniel Currier
Sophia Louise Currier 1861 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Walter George Currier 1863 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Beryl Jean Curry
Charles Curry
Edwin Charles Curry
Elizabeth Curry Churchstanton, Devon, England
Ailans Cursins 2006 Latvia
Arturs Cursins 1963 Latvia
Darta Cursins 1989 Latvia
Diana Cursins 1989 Latvia
Eduards Cursins 1939 Latvia
Ilona Cursins 1991 Latvia
Krista Cursins 1994 Latvia
Liene Cursins 1994 Latvia
Roberts Cursins 1971 Latvia
Charity Curtis
Elizabeth Curtis 1890
Jane Curtis 1790
Thomas Acres Curtis 1817 Wandsworth, London, England
William Curtis
William Edward Curtis
Elizabeth Cuthers
Florence M Cutts
Ann Cuzner 1837 Frome, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Cuzner 1846 Frome, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Crisp Cuzner 1827 Frome, Somerset, England
Emily Crisp Cuzner 1831 Orchardleigh, Somerset, England
James Cuzner 1806 Frome, Somerset, England
James Cuzner 1826
James Cuzner 1833 Frome, Somerset, England
Jane Cuzner 1835 Frome, Somerset, England
Jane Crisp Cuzner 1832 Frome, Somerset, England
John Cuzner 1834 Frome, Somerset, England
John Cuzner 1791 Frome, Somerset, England
Mary Cuzner 1841 Frome, Somerset, England
Matilda Cuzner 1821 Frome, Somerset, England
Oliver Cuzner 1833 Frome, Somerset, England
Samuel Crisp Cuzner 1828 Avoncliff, Wiltshire, England
Jessamina Emelda D'Abreau
Karina Puhlmann da Luz 1978 Gaspar, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Florence Lucy Dacey 1883 Holborn, London, England
John Dacey 1853
Charles Edwin Dadds 1869 Paddington, London, England
James Russell Dadds 1856 Paddington, London, England
John R. Dadds 1867 Paddington, London, England
Mary Jane Dadds 1861 Bow, London, England
William Dadds 1831 George Nympton, Devon, England
Ann Dade 1827 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Eliza Dawn Dade 1829 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jane Dade 1823 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Sampson Dade 1789 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Sampson Dade 1829 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Sarah Dade 1824 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Nicole Daigre
Henry James Dainton 1905 Taunton, Somerset, England
James Dainton
Ronald J Dainton 1929 Taunton, Somerset, England
John William Dainty 1852 Tavistock, Devon, England
Maud Susannah Lake Dainty 1876 East Worlington, Devon, England
Brian Robert Dale 1938 Surrey, England
Ellis Clifford Dale 1986 Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
Francis Herbert Dale 1910 Surrey, England
Mandy Dale 1963 Plymouth, Devon, England
Maureen Dale 1955 Redruth, Cornwall, England
Robert E Dale
Rosamund Cynthia Dale 1954 Louth, Lincolnshire, England
William J Dale
Yvette Denise Dale 1960 Carshalton, Surrey, England
Mary Ann Daley
Emily Dallas 1847 Chelsea, London, England
Robert Dallas
David Dallen
Anita Frances Dalton 1929
James Albert Dalton 1939 Romford, Essex, England
Nancy Danby 1791
Vera E Dance
Agnes May Dand 1879 Bow, London, England
Augustus Dand 1893 Ilford, London, England
Cecil Dand 1928 Ilford, London, England
Cecil Dand 1898 Ilford, London, England
Charlotte Emma Dand 1991 Brentwood, Essex, England
Edith Winifred Dand 1886 Ilford, London, England
Ethel Maud Dand 1888 Ilford, London, England
Ethel May Dand 1901 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Evelyn Florence Dand 1896 Ilford, London, England
Frederick Dand 1856 Colchester, Essex, England
Frederick Albert Dand 1918 NSW, Australia
Frederick James Dand 1903 Manor Park, London, England
Frederick Julian Dand 1875 Stepney, London, England
Frederick Mungo Dand 1824
George Morris Dand 1884 Bow, London, England
James Henry Dand 1877 Stepney, London, England
John Reginald Dand 1961 Brentwood, Essex, England
Olivia May Dand 1993 Brentwood, Essex, England
Reginald Cecil Dand 1921 Ilford, London, England
Reginald D Dand 1896 Ilford, London, England
Sophia Minnie Dand 1890 Ilford, London, England
Vera Melville Dand 1906 Manor Park, London, England
Victor William Dand 1883 Bow, London, England
William Morris Dand 1881 Stepney, London, England
Hazel A Daniel
Henry Charles Nugent Daniell 1870 Bombay, India
John Henry Daniell 1910 North Mimms, Hertforshire, England
Priscilla Daniell 1935 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Veronica M Daniell 1938 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Eliza Daniells 1860 Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, England
Emma Matilda Daniels 1883 Washington DC, USA
Abigail Dann 1775 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Abigail Dann 1697 'Werks Farm', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Ann Dann 1779 'Werks Farm', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Anna Maria Dann 1853
Arthur Dann 1857
Dorland Dann
Ernest Dann
Eva Jane Dann 1885 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Gertrude Dann 1862
Hannah Dann 1773 'Werks Farm', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Hannah Crews Dann 1850
Herbert Dann 1858 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Isabel Maria Dann 1875 Ardingley, Sussex, England
John Dann 1851
John Dann
John Dann 1776 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Louisa Mary Dann 1877 Ardingley, Sussex, England
Margaret Dann
Marianne Emmeline Dann 1873 Ardingley, Sussex, England
Martha Dann 1772 'Werks Farm', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Osmer Laurence Dann 1892 Bletchingley, Surrey, England
Priscilla M F Dann 1942 Cuckfield, Sussex, England
Reginald Dann
Richard Dann 1770 'Werks Farm', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Robert Dann
Samuel Dann
Samuel Tully Dann 1855
Sarah Dann 1883 Ardingley, Sussex, England
Sarah Dann
Susannah Dann 1846
Thomas Dann 1769 'Gibs House', Nutfield, Surrey, England
Thomas Dann 1848
Thomas Dann
Thomas Dann 1742
Thomas Tully Dann
Thomas Tully Dann 1819 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Thomas Wilfrid Dann 1878 Ardingley, Sussex, England
William Herbert Dann 1886 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Davis Darby
Mary Darby
Sarah Ann Darby 1863 Walsall, Staffordshire, England
Anne P Darch 1955 Ealing, London, England
Betty Doreen Darch 1924 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Carol J Darch 1956 Ealing, London, England
Cassidy Leigh Darch 1998 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Ethan Darch 1995 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Gary Darch 1965 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
George Darch 1899 Combe Martin, Devon, England
Gloria Ann Darch 1938 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jane Darch
Kenneth George Darch 1924 Devonport, Devon, England
Pamela Janette Darch 1925 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Pauline Anne Darch 1953 Malta
Raymond Charles Darch 1927 Devonport, Devon, England
Roy Darch 1931 Devonport, Devon, England
Ruby Kathleen Darch 1922 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ruth Doreen Darch 1933 Devonport, Devon, England
Samuel Darch 1851 Combe Martin, Devon, England
Shirley Margaret R Darch 1935 Devonport, Devon, England
Susan Kim Darch 1956 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
William Darch 1897 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Barbara Marjorie Dare 1928 Dalwood, Devon, England
George DARE 1723 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Dare 1727 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Dare 1719 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah DARE 1749 Chard, Somerset, England
William DARE
William Dare 1725 Chard, Somerset, England
Dariush Iran
Charity Dark 1760 Rackenford, Devon, England
Nancy Dark 1781 Bondleigh, Devon, England
Thomas Dark 1749 Coldridge, Devon, England
Ann Darke
Elizabeth Darke 1829 Stockland, Devon, England
Frances Darke 1825 Stockland, Devon, England
Henry Darke 1831 Stockland, Devon, England
Richard Darke 1801 Stockland, Devon, England
Sarah Darke 1827 Stockland, Devon, England
William Darke 1824 Stockland, Devon, England
Rich Darling 1876
Richard J Darling 1939 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Roberta Darling 1937 Northampton RD, England
William Stanton Darlington Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Martha Darlow
Bertha Rachel Darney 1874 Enfield Lock, London, England
Avery Dartnell
Onora Adeline Dash 1878 Truro, Cornwall, England
Conan DAUBNEY 1607 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
Daughter Daubney
Elizabeth Daubney 1605 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
John Daubney 1610 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
Maria Daugavietis
Amelia May Davenport 1994 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
George John Davenport 1902 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Harriet Davenport 1998 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Kim Austin Davenport 1962 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lesley Ellen Davenport 1961 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Peter John Davenport 1935 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Davenport 1987 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Wayne David Davenport 1967 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Albert Davey 1875 Tiverton, Devon, England
Alma Davey 1871 Templeton, Devon, England
Beatrice Charlotte Davey 1908 Bampton, Devon, England
Beatrice Irene Davey 1905 St Thomas, Devon, England
Charity Davey 1879 Uplowman, Devon, England
Edith Davey 1872 Templeton, Devon, England
Edwin Davey 1859 Templeton, Devon, England
Edwin Davey 1840 Templeton, Devon, England
Emma Davey
Ena Eileen Davey 1909 Uplowman, Devon, England
Euphemia Davey 1894 Dalwood, Devon, England
Frederick Albert Davey 1904 St Thomas, Devon, England
Harold Leslie Davey 1924 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Harriet Davey 1844 Templeton, Devon, England
Hedley Davey 1907 Uplowman, Devon, England
Jessie Davey 1869 Templeton, Devon, England
John Davey 1833 Templeton, Devon, England
Joseph Davey 1878 Uplowman, Devon, England
Mary Davey
Mary Ann Davey 1858 Templeton, Devon, England
Nathaniel Davey 1837 Templeton, Devon, England
Richard Davey
Richard Davey 1874 Hockworthy, Devon, England
Ronald Davey 1914 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sidney Davey 1869 Templeton, Devon, England
Thirza Davey 1864 Templeton, Devon, England
Thomas Davey 1847 Dalwood, Devon, England
Vera K Davey 1920 Tiverton, Devon, England
Violet Pamela M Davey 1920 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Walter Davey 1873 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Davey 1830 Templeton, Devon, England
William Davey 1764
William Davey 1868 Templeton, Devon, England
William Davey 1806 Witheridge, Devon, England
William Davey 1862 Templeton, Devon, England
Winifred Alice Davey 1906 St Thomas, Devon, England
Nina Davidon
Anne Jane Davidson
Samuel Carelton Davidson
Alan Davies
Arthur Davies
David Lewis Davies 1878 Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Eliza Davies
Elsa Davies 1902
Gillian Frances Davies 1938 Perivale, Middlesex, England
Gwendoline Davies 1911 Stratford, Essex, England
John Davies
John Davies
Kay Davies
Lorraine M Davies 1959 Worth Valley, Yorkshire, England
Mabel Davies
Margaret Davies 1851 Llanrwst, Denbighshire, Wales
Mary Evelyn Davies 1932 Surrey, England
Raymond Davies
Raymond Davies 1906
Roderick Vivian Davies 1909 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Walter Davies 1898 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Aaron Davis
Alfred Davis 1914 3 Studley Place, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Beryl H Davis
Daughter Davis
Daughter Davis
Daughter Davis
Daughter Davis
Drew Davis
Edmund Harold Davis Davis 1902
Eric Cameron Davis
Frederick Charles Davis 1911 Berringa, Victoria, Australia
Frederick Charles Davis
Frederick S Davis
Gertrude Marion Davis 1908
Harold Davis
Harold Davis 1877 Stone, Kent, England
Harry Davis
Ian Davis
James Davis
Jane Grace Davis 1821 Bromley, Kent, England
Leanne Davis 1977
Lynne Davis 1952 Evesham, Worcestershire, England
Margaret Davis 1919 Exeter, Devon, England
Martha Davis 1797 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Davis
Mary Ann Davis
Mary E Davis 1849 Massachusetts, USA
Mary G Davis 1907 West Ham, Essex, England
Owen Davis
Perley A Davis
Rebecca Joanna Davis 1982
Robert Davis Australia
Robert Davis
Shannon Pilar Davis
Son Davis
Stanley William Davis 1920 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
William Joseph Davis 1892 Exeter, Devon, England
William Lewis Davis 1923 Exeter, Devon, England
Yvonne Davis
Elizabeth Davy
Elizabeth Jane Davy 1833 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Jane Davy 1753 Washfield, Devon, England
Jill D Davy 1927 Fulham, London, England
John Davy
John Davy 1750 Washfield, Devon, England
John Davy
John Sidney Victor Davy 1930 Wandsworth, London, England
John Tanner Davy 1771 North Molton, Devon, England
John Tanner Davy 1828 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Maria Davy 1780 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Martha Davy
Mary Davy 1782 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Richard Cook Davy 1832 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Sarah Davy 1755 Washfield, Devon, England
Spencer Dorothy Constance Davy 1910 Nowgong, Assam, India
Sydney J E Davy
Charles Daw
Gordon Daw
Rheta Pearl Dawdy
Fanny Dawe 1846 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Brent P Dawkins
Edith Dawson 1913 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Dawson
Nina Mary Dawson 1948 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England
Thomas Dawson
Carol Day
Edward Day
Hannah Day
Josiah Day 1859 Rushden, Northamptonshire, England
Lois Jane Day 1888 Wilby, Northamptonshire, England
Paul Day
Phoebe Day
Sidney F Day
Susan E Day 1939 Andover, Hampshire, England
Beatrice Ellen Dayment
Catarina de Aragon 1485 Madrid, Spain
Alianora DE AUBIGNY 1285 Lincolnshire, England
Isabel de Beaumont
Margaret de Beaumont
Robert de Beaumont
Robert DE BEAUMONT 1104
Hawise DE BEAUMONT? 1129
Letitia DE BERKELEY 1145 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Roger DE BERKELEY 1107
Cara Louise de Castro 1896 New Zealand
Frederick Knox de Castro 1860 Wellington, New Zealand
Walter FitzRichard DE CLIFFORD 1113 Clifford, Herefordshire, England
Mary Anne De Foe 1853 Chelmsford, Essex, England
Henry Alexander de Freitas
John Dennis Lewis de Freitas 1956
Robert de Freitas
Susanna de Klerk
Alicia Antonia Maria Jesus Ruiz de la Torre 1964 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Beatriz de la Torre 2003
Carlos Ruiz de la Torre 1970 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Jose Ruiz de la Torre 1967 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Jose Ruiz de la Torre 1939 Arnedo, Logrono, Spain
Pablo Ruiz de la Torre 1966 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Paz Ruiz de la Torre 1966 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Maria del Carmen de Lasarte y de Pessino
Jacquetta DE LUXEMBOURG 1415 St Pol, Artois, France
Katherine DE MALTON 1290
Augusto de Olea y Diaz
son three de Olea y Diaz
son two de Olea y Diaz
Hugh de Say
Elizabeth de Scales
Margaret De TOENI 1112 Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England
Catherine de Valois
Esther Jane Deal 1874 Mile End Old Town, London, England
George Deal 1848
E A Dealtry
Jack W Dean 1915 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Dean
Joseph Ernest Dean 1879 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susan Oriel Dean
Lilian Dean Smart 1904 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England
George Deane
John G Deans
Sally Jane Deans 1967 Cheadle, Staffordshire, England
Charlotte Lauchlan Dearie 2008 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
Josh Dearie 2010
Ross Dearie 1989 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Elena Marina M. Decastro 1905 128 Calle Camichin, Mazatlan, Mexico
Francis Richard Dechene
Francis Xavier Dechene
Leslie Dechene
Lorne Douglas Dechene
Mary Ellen Dechene
Phillip Lorne Dechene 1920
Phillip Murray Dechene 1948 Timmins, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada
Anthony E Degerdon 1956 Wood Green, London, England
Archibald Henry Degerdon 1889 Fulham, London, England
Dora Isabel Degerdon 1896 72 Rosebury Road, Fulham, London, England
Ethel Lilian Degerdon 1887 Fulham, London, England
Geoffrey A Degerdon 1922 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
George Ludwig Degerdon 1820 Baden, Germany
Grace Emily Degerdon 1898 72 Rosebury Road, Fulham, London, England
Henry Degerdon 1861 5 Little Earl Street, St Giles, London, England
Hilda Rosina Degerdon 1900 72 Rosebury Road, Fulham, London, England
Jessie Winifred Degerdon 1892 72 Rosebury Road, Fulham, London, England
Maurice Degerdon 1916 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Walter Ebert Degerdon 1854 St Pancras, London, England
Walter Edward Degerdon 1882 Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, England
Clara Maxwell Degraw 1836 Chinquacousy Township, Peel County, Ontario, Canada
Myrtle Van Degriff
Elizabeth deJioi
Margherita DEL BALZO 1394
John Delahunt
Olive Amy Delahunt 1889 Torbolton, Ontario, Canada
Fiona A Delaney 1961 Wandsworth, London, England
Gavin Paul Eugene Delaney 1968 Lambeth, London, England
Grania B Delaney 1962 Wandsworth, London, England
John P Delaney
Kieran Dominic Delaney 1967 Lambeth, London, England
Sean L Delaney 1964 Wandsworth, London, England
Betsey Delbridge 1823 Atherington, Devon, England
Barbara Dell
Dorothy Dell
Gordon Dell
Marie Dell
Robert Dell 1927
William Delve
Eliza Dench
Emma Jane Denison 1858 Fleetwood, Lancashire, England
John Denison
Constance Annie Alexandrine Denman 1901 Dorking, Surrey, England
James Denman
Ruth Lees Denney
Edith E Dennington
Alfred Dennis 1828 England
David Dennis 1843 Marylebone, London, England
David Dennis 1802 Essex, England
Martha Ann Dennis 1854
William J Dennis
Thomas Dennison
Jane Walker Denniston 1846 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Robert Denniston 1813 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Catherine Mildred Denny 1924
Cyril W Denny
James Densem 1837 Halberton, Devon, England
James Densem 1806 Stockleigh English, Devon, England
Mary Jane Densem 1839 Halberton, Devon, England
Albert Dent
James R Dent 1953 Surrey, England
Janette A Dent 1954 Surrey, England
Paula S Dent 1958 Surrey, England
William A Dent 1951 Surrey, England
Margaret Denton
Mary Lena Winifred Denyer 1886
Thelma Beryl Denzel 1909 Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Ernest Charles Denzil 1885 Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Miriam Depue
Doris Eileen Derrick 1916 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Edwin C Derrick 1918 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Ivy May Derrick 1911 Bath, Somerset, England
Thomas H Derrick 1886 Bath, Somerset, England
Thomas H Derrick 1912 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
William T Derrick 1914 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Geraldine Elizabeth Desautels 1925
Ann Desmond 1833 County Cork, Ireland
Cornelius Desmond
Joyce E M Desombre
Ian F Devenish
Philippa Devenish 1973 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Nicholas Devereux
Richard Harding Frank Devereux 1894 St Johns Wood, London, England
Elizabeth M Devine 1841 Gibraltar
John Devine 1803 Ireland
Mary A Devouto
Elizabeth Ann Dewey 1846 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Gilbert Joseph Dewhirst 1826 Canterbury, Kent, England
James Dewhirst
Joseph Dewhirst 1790 Woolwich, London, England
Joseph William Dewhirst 1846 Canterbury, Kent, England
Sarah Ann Gilbert Dewhirst 1861 Canterbury, Kent, England
Ellen Olga Dewulff-Hansen 1893 Copenhagen, Denmark
John Dexter 1869 Paddington, London, England
Rosina Annie Dexter 1893 Battersea, London, England
Len DeZorgi
James Diamond
Joaquin Diaz Carus
Fernanda Asuncion Diaz Mori 1914 Irún, Guipuzcoa, Pais Vasco, Spain
Maria de la Cabeza Diaz y Pozas
Jose Diaz y Quintana
Kenneth I Dibben
Beatrice Dibley
Catherine Dick
Arthur Harcourt Dicken
Jessie Dickens
William Hart Dickenson
Amelia Dicker 1813 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Amy Dicker 1832
Charles Dicker 1830 Exeter, Devon, England
Elizabeth Dicker 1802 Cockernwell, Devon, England
Ellen Dicker 1835
Frederick Dicker 1834
Jane Dicker 1807 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
John Dicker 1772 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
John Dicker 1804 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Louisa Priscilla Dicker 1842 Clerkenwell, London, England
Mary Ann Dicker 1838 Clerkenwell, London, England
Mary Ann Dicker 1800 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Robert Dicker 1818 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Robert Dicker
Sarah Dicker 1837 Exeter, Devon, England
Sarah Dicker 1810 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Susanna Dicker 1798 Cockernwell, Devon, England
Walter Robert Dicker 1840 Clerkenwell, London, England
Sarah Caroline Dickinson
Dorothy J. Dickson 1935 Rochford, Essex, England
Hazel Jean Dickson 1937 Maidstone, Kent, England
Jacqueline V. Dickson 1933 Maidstone, Kent, England
John H. Dickson 1934 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Malcolm Quinton Dickson 1934 Maidstone, Kent, England
Margaret I. Dickson 1929 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Pamela Gillian Dickson 1931 Maidstone, Kent, England
Reginald Robert Dickson 1902 Battersea, London, England
Robert Dickson
Brian John Didcote
Elizabeth J Didcote 1960 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Bill Dietrich
Elizabeth Dietrich
Christopher Digges 1674 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
John Digges
John Digges 1672 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Rebecca Digges
Emma Otilija Anna Dikis
Emma Dillman
Elizabeth Dillon
Nora Diment 1870 Devon, England
Zane Dimetrijeva
Angela Dimond 1929 Devon, England
Archie Dimond 1905 Devon, England
Elizabeth Jane Dimond 1852 Leigh, Dorset, England
Gabreille Dimond 1932 Devon, England
Molly Dimond 1927 Devon, England
Peggy Dimond 1928 Devon, England
Robert Dimond
Solomon Dimond 1828 Leigh, Dorset, England
Susan Dimont 1813 Stockland, Devon, England
Francis Dineley
Mary Pyke Dineley 1812 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
George Dines 1889 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Georgina Dines 1926 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Mary Ann Dingle 1837 Taunton, Somerset, England
Bessie Dinham 1862 Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, England
Ellen Beatrice Dinham 1890 Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, England
Hartie Dinham 1895 Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, England
Henry Dinham 1865 Oake, Somerset, England
John Dinham
Kate Dinham 1891 Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset, England
Thomas Dinham
Anne DINLEY 1485
Hannah Dipper 1787 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Dipper 1738 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Alma J Disberry 1937 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Audrey Disberry 1935 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Charlotte Irene W Disberry 1917 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Gregory A Disberry 1952 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Irene Patricia Disberry 1944 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Lydia Disberry
Mark W Disberry 1960 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Paul Disberry 1955 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Philip R Disberry 1963 Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Ralph E Disberry 1945 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Stephen N Disberry 1962 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
William Disberry 1861 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Edward Disberry 1883 Carnforth, Lancashire, England
William G Disberry 1938 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William George Disberry 1909
Robert Dives 1818 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Sarah Elizabeth Dives 1852 Epsom, Surrey, England
Anna Mary Dixon 2007 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Dixon 1861 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Christopher Dixon
Margaret J Dixon 1895
Paul John Dixon 1975 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Sophie Hope Dixon 2005 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Dixon
Wilfred Thomas Edward Dixon 1889 Lakefield, Quebec, Canada
Bennett Dobb
Mary Dobb
Ernest John Dobbs 1888
Wife Dobbs
Betsy Louisa Dobson 1825 London, England
Charlotte Dobson 1856 Bethnal Green, London, England
Cynthia M Dobson
John Dobson
Thomas Dobson
Patricia Ann Docherty 1960 England
Robert William Dodds
Robert William Dodds
Sarah Dodds 1928 Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Sarah Dodds 1928 Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England
Gladys Odessa Dodge 1896 Michigan, USA
Gertrude Williams Dodgshun 1893 Waipiro Bay, New Zealand
Joseph Sydney Dodgshun 1844 Hamburg, Germany
Dorothy May Dodson 1938
Kevin Dodson 1947 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Sarah Louise Dodson 1988 Torquay, Devon, England
Freda Dodsworth
Georgina Kate Dodsworth 1876 Plaistow, Essex, England
Sarah Dodwell
Ethel Victoria Doel 1887 Alderbury, Wiltshire, England
Lavinia Frances Doel 1895 Plumstead, London, England
William Henry Dole 1866
Miriam Irene Doley 1914 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Dorothy Burke Dollard 1895
Michael Dollard
Thomas Joseph Dollard
Mari Janet Dolphin 1963 Evesham, Worcestershire, England
Andrejs Dombrovskis 1882 Latvia
Anna Dombrovskis 1925 Latvia
Inese Eliana Dombrovskis 1930 Riga, Latvia
Nikolajs Aleksandrs Dombrovskis 1898 Jelgava, Latvia
Kate Louisa Dominey
Benjamin Donbavand
Emily Maud Donegan
Aigars Donins-Saule 1965 Saldus, Latvia
Diana Donins-Saule 2013 Burton, England
Barbara K Donnelly
William Donning
William Donning
Lisa Margaret Donnison 1968 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Joan Josephine Dooley 1905
William Dooley 1905
Bonnie Gail Doran
Dudley Walter Dorling 1900 Plaistow, Essex, England
Pamela Vera Dorling 1922 West Ham, Essex, England
Thomas Daniel Dorling Bow, London, England
Elizabeth Dormond 1949 Scotland
Tatyana Dorofeewa
Helen Mary Dougall
Annie Jane Doughan 1874 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Doughan
J Stephen Dow
Sidney Dow 1896 Massachusetts, USA
Stephen R Dow 1872 Massachusetts, USA
Julia C Dowding 1930 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Jane Dowlar 1874 Poplar, London, England
Mary Elizabeth Down 1843 Atherington, Devon, England
William Down 1815 Atherington, Devon, England
Ann Downey 1832 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Emily Downey 1827 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Georgina Mary Downey 1878 Paignton, Devon, England
James Downey 1839 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John Downey 1801 Witheridge, Devon, England
John Downey 1831 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John Downey 1768 Rackenford, Devon, England
Lewis Toogood Downey 1865 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Lilly Downey 1867 Exeter, Devon, England
Margaret Downey 1892 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Ellen Downey 1899 18 Frog Street, Exeter, Devon, England
William Downey 1837 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Sarah Downs
Ida Dowson
Frances Drain 1841 Bermondsey, London, England
John Drake
Elizabeth Lydia Draper
Emilie Katherina Drescher 1884
Agnes Drew 1624
Alexander Drew
Alexander DREW 1648 Okehampton, Devon, England
Armanel Drew 1640 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Elias Drew 1773 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Elias Drew 1747 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Elizabeth DREW 1699 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Elizabeth Drew 1767 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Elizabeth Drew 1743 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Elizabeth Drew
Elizabeth Drew 1740 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Elizabeth Mortimer Drew 1817 Bermondsey, London, England
Ellinor Drew 1643 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
George Drew 1811 Bermondsey, London, England
Hannah Drew 1801 Ringmore, Devon, England
Hannah Drew 1759 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Henry Drew 1783 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Henry Drew
James Drew 1694 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
James Drew 1737 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
James Drew 1770 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
James Drew
James Drew 1763 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
James Drew 1816 Bermondsey, London, England
James Drew
Jane Workman Drew 1821 Bermondsey, London, England
Joanna Drew
Joanna Ann Drew 1769 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Drew Devon, England
John Drew
John Drew 1743 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Drew
John Drew 1626 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
John Drew
John Drew 1735 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Drew 1766 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
John Drew
John Drew
John Drew 1695 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
John Drew 1695 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Joseph Drew 1770 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Joseph Drew 1819 Bermondsey, London, England
Joseph Drew 1744 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Linda C Drew
Mary Drew 1776 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Mary Drew 1632 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Mary Drew
Mary Drew
Mary Drew
Mary Drew 1761 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Mary Codner Drew 1797 Ringmore, Devon, England
Matthew Drew
Matthew Drew 1751 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Matthew Drew 1694 Stockleigh English, Devon, England
Matthew Drew 1745
Robert Drew
Sarah Drew 1776 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Sarah Drew 1729 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Stephen Drew 1697 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Thomas Drew 1775 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
Thomas Drew 1810 Bermondsey, London, England
Thomas Drew
Thomas Drew
Thomas Drew
Thomas Drew 1773 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
William Drew 1771 Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England
William Drew
William Drew 1753 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
William Drew 1693 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
William Drew
William Drew
William Drew 1628 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
William Drew
Albert Drewe
Wallace Drewe 1887 Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Dainis Oskars Driscoll 2004
Edward Bernard Driscoll 1902 Springfield, Essex, England
Glenn Driscoll 1927
Husband Driscoll
Jessica M A Driscoll 1929 137 Peckham Park Road, Peckham, London, England
Patrick J Driscoll 1931 Camberwell, London, England
Scott Thomas Driscoll 1952
William Dennis Driscoll 1876 Lambeth, London, England
Benjamin Drower
John Drower 1716 Axminster, Devon, England
Isabella Drummond 1845 York County, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Du Bois
Louis Lionel Du Bois
Magdalena F du Troit
Regine Marie Nicole Ghislaine Dubois 1950 Belgium
Emma Duck
Agnes Duckham 1856 Tiverton, Devon, England
Albert Thomas Berry Duckham 1898 West Ham, Essex, England
Amelia Duckham 1841 Halberton, Devon, England
Amelia Duckham 1855 Halberton, Devon, England
Amelia Duckham 1860 Halberton, Devon, England
Ann Duckham 1761 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Ann Duckham 1769 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Ann Mills Duckham 1833 Halberton, Devon, England
Anne Duckham 1752 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Anne Maria Duckham 1857 Cullompton, Devon, England
Anthony John Duckham 1864 Stepney, London, England
Arthur Pomeroy Duckham 1909 Bramley, Yorkshire, England
Berry Pomeroy Duckham 1830 Stepney, London, England
Betsy Duckham 1816 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Betty Duckham 1781 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Bonita Leslie Duckham 1947 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Charles Duckham 1819 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Charles Duckham 1799 Uffculme, Devon, England
Charles Henry Duckham 1837 Stepney, London, England
Charles Mills Duckham 1825 Plymtree, Devon, England
Charles Mills Duckham 1862 Halberton, Devon, England
Christine M Duckham 1927 Hale, Surrey, England
Christopher Duckham 1903 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
Dorothy Duckham 1898 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Edith Emma Duckham 1903 Queensland, Australia
Effie Mills Duckham 1904 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Eliza Duckham 1814 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Eliza Anne Duckham 1858 Stepney, London, England
Eliza Jane Duckham 1832 Stepney, London, England
Elizabeth Duckham 1770 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Duckham 1742 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Elizabeth Duckham 1764 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Elizabeth Duckham 1768 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Emily Duckham 1896 East Ham, Essex, England
Emily Duckham 1860 Stepney, London, England
Emily Olive Maud Duckham 1902 Queensland, Australia
Esther Mary Densem Duckham 1909
Fanny Duckham 1830 Tiverton, Devon, England
Five Children Duckham
Florence Mary Mills Duckham 1885 Cullompton, Devon, England
Frances Jane Duckham 1863 Stepney, London, England
Francis Thomas Duckham 1796 Tiverton, Devon, England
Frank Edwin Duckham 1919 Tavistock, Devon, England
George Duckham
George Duckham 1735 Loxbeare, Devon, England
George Duckham 1777 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Duckham
Hannah Duckham 1774 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Duckham 1766 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Hannah Maria Duckham 1857 Cullompton, Devon, England
Harriet Duckham 1877 Stepney, London, England
Henry Edward Duckham 1856 Stepney, London, England
Henry Pomeroy Duckham 1889 Upton, Essex, England
Humphrey Mills Duckham 1835 Halberton, Devon, England
Humphrey Mills Duckham 1905 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Isabell Harriett Duckham 1901 Queensland, Australia
Ivy Florence Duckham 1898 Queensland, Australia
Jack Duckham 1914 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
James Densem Duckham 1863 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Frederick Arthur Duckham
Jane Duckham 1746 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Jane Duckham 1775 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Jane Duckham 1750 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Jane Duckham 1769 Devon, England
Jennifer Margaret Duckham 1946
Jenny Duckham 1771 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Jenny Duckham 1772 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jessie Isobel Ruth Duckham 1904 Victotia Park, Western Australia, Australia
John Duckham 1739 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Duckham 1801 Uffculme, Devon, England
John Duckham 1772 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Duckham 1833 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Duckham 1768 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Duckham 1900 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
John Duckham 1777 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
John Duckham 1826 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Mills Duckham 1854 Alton, Hampshire, England
John Mills Duckham 1827 Cullompton, Devon, England
John Mills Duckham 1876 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
John William Duckham 1873 Queensland, Australia
Josephine Anne Duckham 1948 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Julia Jane Duckham 1877 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia
Kate Duckham 1862 Stepney, London, England
Lily Duckham 1885 Upton Park, Essex, England
Margaret I Duckham 1917 Romford, Essex, England
Maria Duckham 1820 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Marion Jessie Duckham 1903 Murrin Murrin, Western Australia, Australia
Marjorie Duckham 1907 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Marshall Duckham 1899 Queensland, Australia
Mary Duckham 1778 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Duckham 1759 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Mary Duckham 1737 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Mary Ann Duckham 1823 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Mary Ann Eliza Duckham 1867 Stepney, London, England
Mary Ann Eliza Duckham 1852 Stepney, London, England
Mary Hannah Elizabeth Duckham 1880 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia
Miriam Duckham 1869 174 Mile End Road, Stepney, London, England
Muriel Elizabeth May Duckham 1900 Queensland, Australia
Nancy Duckham 1909 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Nanny Duckham 1742 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Patrick William George Duckham 1897
Peter Berry S Duckham 1919 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Reginald John Duckham 1905 Ash, Surrey, England
Regine A Duckham 1928 Farnham, Surrey, England
Richard Charles Duckham 1887 Upton Park, Essex, England
Richard Pomeroy Duckham 1866 Stepney, London, England
Robert Duckham 1779 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Robert Duckham 1780 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Robert Duckham 1747 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Robert Duckham 1778 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Robert Duckham 1783 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Rosina Amelia Duckham 1888 Cullompton, Devon, England
Samuel Duckham
Samuel Duckham 1778 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Samuel Duckham 1754 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Sarah Duckham 1828 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Sarah Duckham 1803 Uffculme, Devon, England
Sarah Anne Duckham 1871 Gayndah, Queensland, Australia
Sarah Codner Duckham 1831 Halberton, Devon, England
Sheila K Duckham 1949 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Simon Mills Duckham 1829 Plymtree, Devon, England
Simon Mills Duckham 1854 Bentley, Hampshire, England
Sydney Willie Duckham 1871 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Thomas Duckham
Thomas Duckham 1772 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Thomas Duckham 1786 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Thomas Duckham 1774 Loxbear, Devon, England
Thomas Duckham 1744 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Vernon Charles Duckham 1912 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
William Duckham 1733 Loxbeare, Devon, England
William Duckham 1771 Washfield, Devon, England
William Duckham 1773 Loxbeare, Devon, England
William Duckham 1773 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Duckham 1758 Loxbeare, Devon, England
William Duckham 1813 Loxbeare, Devon, England
William Duckham 1710
William Duckham 1794 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Charles Duckham 1854 Stepney, London, England
William Frank Duckham 1896 East Ham, Essex, England
William Graham Duckham 1901 Mount Morgan, Western Australia, Australia
William John Duckham 1871 Stepney, London, England
William John Duckham 1917 Tavistock, Devon, England
William Thomas Duckham 1892 East Ham, Essex, England
Willie Duckham 1869 Queensland, Australia
Guildford Dudley
Margaret Dudley
Maud Evelyn Dudley 1900 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Willoughby Dudley-Hay 1857
Willoughby Dudley-Hay
Elizabeth Caroline Duffy
Richard I Duke of Normandy 932 Fecamp, France
Richard II Duke of Normandy 978 Normandy, France
Joyce Duncan
Elizabeth Dunham 1830 Doddington, Cambridgeshire, England
Priscilla Dunkin
Rosetta E Dunkin
John Anthony Dunleavy 1949 Blaenau Ffestiiog, Gwynedd, Wales
Sally Dunleavy 1975 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alexander Thomas Harper Dunlop 1991 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Benjamin Matthew Harper Dunlop 1999 Gosport, Hampshire, England
Cameron Michael Harper Dunlop 1993 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
John Harper Dunlop 1960 Paisley, Scotland
lauren Katherine Harper Dunlop 1996 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Lillian Dunlop
Alick Stanley Dunn 1880 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Allan Dunn 1884 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Cecil Clifford Dunn 1881 Stamford Hilli, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Dorothy Dunn 1888 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Dunn 1850 Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Elizabeth Cleave Dunn 1850 Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Ivy Kathleen Dunn 1885 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
John Dunn
Maria Dunn 1843 Wellington, Somerset, England
Marjorie Kathlene Dunn 1893 Camberwell, London, England
Mary Ann Dunn 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Norman Dunn 1883 Stamford Hill, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Rebecca Dunn 1834 Uffculme, Devon, England
Richard Dunn 1816 Plympton, Devon, England
Richard Dunn
Richard Dunn 1845 Littlebury, Essex, England
Robert Dunn 1853 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Ruby Dunn 1882 Umgeni, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Ruth Leslie Dunn 1887 Hornsey, London, England
William Alexander Dunn 1855 Kent, England
Grace Dunnett
Grace Edith Dunnett
Jesse Dunnicliffe
Eliza Dunnington
Mary K Dunsdon
Mary Isobella Drysdale Dunsire 1916 Trinidad
Thomas Laurie Dunsire 1882 Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland
Stephen Dunsmore 1857 Chinquacousy Township, Peel County, Ontario, Canada
Christine M Dunster 1924
Daniel Dunster
Mary Hallett Dunster 1829 Thornecombe, Dorset, England
Robert Dunster 1836 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Jane Dunster 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Agnes Dunstone 1850 Brighton, Sussex, England
Mary Genevieve Rebecca Dupuis 1915 Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
Cheryl Jean Durham
Mary Ann Durham 1875 Massachusetts, USA
Vera Durham
Henry Caspar Durler
Jeanie Pauline Durler 1909 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Robert Henry Durler 1879 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Erda Mae Durman
Albert Durrant
Annette S Durrant 1962 Brackley RD, England
Edith Durrant 1870
John A Durrant
Neil N Durrant 1945 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Samantha Jane Durrant 1975 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Mary Ann Durrstein
James Durston
Anne Bertha Elizabeth Dury 1888 Camely, Somerset, England
James Pitt Dury 1831 Farnham, Surrey, England
James Sumner Dury 1864 Clutton, Somerset, England
Anne Shaw Duthie 1911 Taunton, Somerset, England
James Duttson
James Duttson 1622 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Peditta Dwinnell 1885 Tiny Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Dwinnell
Edgar Pretoria Dyer 1900 Heavitree, Devon, England
Edward Dyer
Eliza Dyer 1845 Illshaw Heath, Warwickshire, England
Harriet Jane Dyer 1997 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
Herbert Dyer
John Dyer
Mary Dyer 1794 Braunton, Devon, England
Millie Elizabeth Dyer 2001 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Olivia Dyer 1995 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rex Dyer 1938 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Dyer 1845 Hambridge, Somerset, England
Terence James Dyer 1966 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Dyer
Yvette Caroline Dyer 1964 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence Dymond 1886 Upottery, Devon, England
Gladys Elizabeth Dymond 1880 Sidbury, Devon, England
Robert Collier Dymond
Edwin Eades
Alice Eager 1843 Guildford, Surrey, England
Andrew Eager Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Betty Marion Eager 1914 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Blanche Eager 1839 Guildford, Surrey, England
Cooper Eager
Harry Colebrook Eager 1837 Guildford, Surrey, England
John Essex Eager 1944 Exeter, Devon, England
Kenneth Richard W Eager 1921 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Jane Eager 1883 Melton, Suffolk, England
Matilda Ann Eager 1835 Guildford, Surrey, England
Michael Howard Eager 1948 Exeter, Devon, England
Muriel Eager 1879 Melton, Suffolk, England
Nicholas Eager
Reginald Eager 1841 St Mary, Guildford, Surrey, England
Richard Eager 1776 Dunsfold, Surrey, England
Richard Eager 1881 Melton, Suffolk, England
Richard Eager 1802 Dunsfold, Surrey, England
Richard Eager 1836 Guildford, Surrey, England
Sarah Eager
Sarah Barbara Eager 1950 Exeter, Devon, England
Timothy Walter Eager 1954 Exeter, Devon, England
Wilson Eager 1845 Guildford, Surrey, England
Edward Allen Eagle
William Eagle
Elizabeth Eagles
Blanche Mable Eales 1886 Heavitree, Devon, England
William Henry Parker Eales 1845 Hoxton, London, England
Charles Hendrick Earl 1895 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Dorothy Victoria Earl 1921 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Henry Daniel Earl 1859
Irene Earl 1923 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Marjorie Earl 1926 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Brian Vigors Earle 1922 West Ham, Essex, England
Percy Algernon Vigors Earle 1886 Knocklonegad, County Carlow, Ireland
Mercy Jane Eason 1886 Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Robert Eason
Ann Elizabeth Easter 1815 Sandwich, Kent, England
Husband Easterbrooke
John Eastham
Catherine M Easton 1949 Plymouth, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Easton 1946 Plymouth, Devon, England
Rodney Mafeking Easton 1900 Plymouth, Devon, England
Susan J Easton 1951 Plymouth, Devon, England
Susannah Eatenton
Emma Eaton
Caroline J Eccles
Edward Eckley 1807 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Boar Eckley 1799 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
Harriott Eckley 1801 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
James Eckley
James Eckley 1807 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
John Eckley 1804 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
John Eckley 1775 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
Sophia Eckley 1803 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
Ethel Mary Eddison 1887 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
George Eddison
Thomas Eddison 1858 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Bertha Eden 1828 12 St John Street, Bristol, Somerset, England
Catherine Eden 1854 Nechells, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Margaret Edgar
Sarah Ann Edgcumbe
Constance Edgington 1930
Dorothy Edmonds
Aaron EDWARDS 1777 Somerton, Somerset, England
Alfred Thomas Edwards 1828 Pierpoint Row, Islington, London, England
Alice Edwards 1886 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Ann Edwards 1810 Somerton, Somerset, England
Brother Edwards
Charles Edwards 1816 Somerton, Somerset, England
Charles Edwards 1868 Walworth, London, England
Charles Edwards 1777 Somerton, Somerset, England
Charles EDWARDS 1838 11 James Place, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch, London, England
Christopher J Edwards 1952 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
David Edwards
David George Edwards
Edward A Edwards 1890 New York, New York, USA
Edward John Edwards 1859 Camberwell, London, England
Eliza Martha Edwards
Elizabeth Edwards 1857 Leamington, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Edwards 1778 Somerton, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Harriet Edwards 1849 Camberwell, London, England
Emma Ada EDWARDS 1866 2 Maria Terrace, Canal Bank, Peckham, London, England
Ernest Edwards 1886 Bermondsey, London, England
Frederick Edwards 1824 Cottage Lane, St Luke Old Street, London, England
Frederick Edwards 1890 Hackney, London, England
Harriett Edwards 1843 11 South Street, Camberwell, London, England
Harriett Sarah Edwards 1870 6 Westmorland Place, Newington, London, England
Henry Edwards 1852 Newington, London, England
Henry Edwards 1873 Bethnal Green, London, England
Henry Barge Edwards 1803 Somerton, Somerset, England
Henry Edward Edwards 1822 Cottage Lane, St Luke Old Street, London, England
Henry Frederick Edwards 1853 Camberwell, London, England
Henry Frederick Edwards 1907 Hackney, London, England
Hephzibah Edwards 1814 Somerton, Somerset, England
James Edwards 1840 New Brentford, Middlesex, England
James Hurd Edwards 1805 Somerton, Somerset, England
Jane Edwards 1838 Marylebone, London, England
Jane Edwards 1773 Somerton, Somerset, England
Jane Edwards 1882 Homerton, London, England
Janet Sarah Edwards 1856 Camberwell, London, England
Jennet Edwards 1874 Camberwell, London, England
Jessie Edwards 1886 Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
John Edwards 1769 Somerton, Somerset, England
John Edwards 1801 Somerton, Somerset, England
John Edwards 1885 Walthamstow, Essex, England
John Edwards
Joseph Barge Edwards 1808 Somerton, Somerset, England
Joseph Barge Edwards 1806 Somerton, Somerset, England
Julia Edwards 1799 Somerton, Somerset, England
Kate Rosella Edwards 1883
Kathleen Edwards 1912 Kent, England
Lilian Louisa Edwards 1882 Bermondsey, London, England
Linda May Edwards 1908 Hackney, London, England
Louisa Ann Edwards 1849 Camberwell, London, England
Margaret Edwards 1955 Streatham, London, England
Maria Edwards 1847 Camden Place, Rosemary Branch Street, Peckham, London, England
Martha Edwards
Mary Edwards 1798 Somerton, Somerset, England
Mary Edwards 1875 Bethnal Green, London, England
Mary Ann Edwards 1798 Somerton, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Edwards 1833 Marylebone, London, England
Nigel D Edwards 1950 Surrey, England
Robert Edwards 1831 London, England
Robert Edwards 1770 Somerton, Somerset, England
Sarah Ann Edwards 1845 11 South Street, Camberwell, London, England
Sidney Edwards 1872 88 Inville Road, St Peter, Walworth, St Saviour, London, England
Susannah Edwards 1772 Somerton, Somerset, England
Sydney Albert George Edwards 1921 Camberwell, London, England
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards 1837 Lambeth, London, England
Tom Edwards
Walter Albert Edwards 1892 Camberwell, London, England
William Edwards 1894 New York, New York, USA
William Aaron Edwards 1820 Cottage Lane, St Luke Old Street, London, England
William Aaron EDWARDS 1796 Somerton, Somerset, England
William Aaron Edwards 1845 South Street, Camberwell, London, England
William Charles Edwards 1862 Camberwell, London, England
William Edward Edwards 1879 Bethnal Green, London, England
William Ernest Edwards 1910 Leyton, Essex, England
William James Edwards 1884 31 Marcia Road, Southwark, London, England
Winifred A Edwards
Anette Egdal 1959 Nysted, Storstrom, Denmark
Charlotte Egdal 1962 Stubbekřbing, Storstrom, Denmark
Christian Egdal 1962 Stubbekřbing, Storstrom, Denmark
Hans Egdal
Majbritt Egdal 1981 Bramming, Denmark
Marianne Egdal 1979 Esbjerg, Ribe, Denmark
Sřren Egdal 1956 Nysted, Storstrom, Denmark
Werner Egdal 1923 Jernbanegade, Nysted, Denmark
Wycliffe Eggington 1875
Francis John Egginton 1908 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Joan F Elder
Jennifer Elderton
Emma Florence Eldred 1889 Upton Park, Essex, England
Emma Eldridge 1836 St George Hanover Square, London, England
Betty Alexandra Elfick 1913 Rochford, Essex, England
John William Elfick 1874 Gravesend, Kent, England
Alfred Elford
Lily May Elford 1888 Ireland
William Elgar
William Elgar
Marianne Emmeline Elgie 1818
Edith Evelyn Elkin 1930 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Ellett 1811 Exeter, Devon, England
Violet Ruby Ellett 1907 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Ellicott Braton Cloville, Devon, England
Eliza Ellington 1867 Doddington, Cambridgeshire, England
Henry Ellington 1832 Benwick, Cambridgeshire, England
Chester Elliott 1861
Daughter Elliott 1901 Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, Ontaraio, Canada
Erma Eliza Elliott
Frank Elliott England
Hattie Elliott 1907 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
James R Elliott 1836 England
Jonathan Elliott 1875 Odessa, Ontario, Canada
Jonathan Elliott 1905
Kate Winifred Elliott
Katherine Elliott
Louisa Elliott 1851 Deptford, London, England
Myrtle Elliott 1904
Sarah Ann Elliott 1899
Son Elliott 1909
Adeline Ada Ellis 1876 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Annie Ellis 1854 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Caroline Elizabeth Ellis
Charles Clifford Ellis 1901 Shoreditch, London, England
Edward Ellis 1825 Fermanagh, Ireland
Evelyn Mary Ellis 1897 Stratford, Ontario, Canada
George Arthur Ellis 1901 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Gloria Ellis 1927 Shoreditch, London, England
Jane Ellis 1857 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
John Ellis Snelgrove, Ontario, Canada
John Edward Ellis 1861 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Lily Margaret Ellis 1874 Upton Pyne, Devon, England
Margaret Ellis 1875 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Margaret J Ellis 1871 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Maria Louisa Ellis 1869 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Martha Ellis 1859 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Richard Ellis 1840 Kenn, Devon, England
Roy Ellis 1927 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Sarah Ann Ellis 1868 Grenoside, Yorkshire, England
Thomas Ellis 1863 Chinquacousy Township, Peel County, Ontario, Canada
William James Ellis 1870 Ontario, Canada
Claud Larkin Ellison 1924 Layton, Davis County, Utah, USA
Ephraim Peter Ellison
John Parley Ellison 1886 Layton, Davis County, Utah, USA
Lyle Larkin Ellison 1922 Ogden, Weber County, Utal, USA
Melba Elizabeth Ellison 1927 Nevada, USA
Son Ellison 1920 Rebel Creek, Humboldt County, Nevada, USA
Karen Janet Elloway 1962
Maria Ellsworthy 1792 Lapford, Devon, England
Katherine ELMAN Ardingley, Sussex, England
James Elson
Mary Elson 1820 Tiverton, Devon, England
Kathleen May Elves 1908 Greenwich, London, England
William Elves 1875 Deptford, London, England
Angela Joy Emery 1959 Fareham, Hampshire, England
Beverley Susan Emery 1962 Fareham, Hampshire, England
Cecil Arthur Emery 1932
Celia Linda Emery 1957 Southampton, Hampshire, England
John Lester Emmett
Susan Emmett 1935 Rochester, Olmstead County, Minnesota, USA
Elsie Emms 1903 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Emuss 1831 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England
Fanny Emuss 1832 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England
Sarah Emuss 1829
Thomas Emuss
Mary Grace Endean 1880
Doris Mary Endsor 1898 Derby, Derbyshire, England
George Endsor
Joneen Engholm 1945
Joseph Jensen Engholm
Ann England 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
Elsie Lydia Caroline England 1891 New Zealand
Eric Hollingworth England 1900 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
James England 1834 Chard, Somerset, England
John England 1865 Chard, Somerset, England
Leopold England
Lily England 1901 Nottinghamshire, England
Noel Bernard England 1897 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
William England
William England 1862 Chard, Somerset, England
Emily Enid English 1886 Chelmsford, Essex, England
John English 1948
John English 1983
Sarah Enticot 1803 Axminster, Devon, England
Anna Erglis
Arvids Erglis
Ilga Erglis
Laimons Erglis
Lilija Erglis
Roberts Erglis
Arnold Erla
Daughter Erla
Daughter Erla
Daughter Erla
Son Erla
Anna Ermansons 1865 'Bigstani', Elksni parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Victorina Errasquin
Jessie Erwin
Michael Erwin
Michelle Erwin
Carolina Escobar
Charles Escott 1862 Taunton, Somerset, England
Ida M Escott 1889
Dorothy Essex
Sussana Etheridge 1625
Nina Eugenia 1860 Minnesota, USA
Ada Mazilla Evans
Caroline Evans 1820
Charles Evans 1830
Charles EVANS
Corita Alberta Evans 1928 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
David William Evans England
Edythe Murial Evans 1931
Elizabeth Evans 1833 Pantaque, Monmouthshire, Wales
Emily Mary Evans 1869 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Eric L Evans
Gladys May Evans 1905 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
Irene Isabel Evans
Jennifer Evans
John James Evans
John James Evans 1818
Mary Ann Evans 1833 Marylebone, London, England
Mary Anne EVANS 1804 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
Rachel Evans
Richard Evans 1808 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
Rilda Evans
Thomas Henry Agard Evans 1860 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Thomas Walton Evans 1889 Chester, Cheshire, England
William Evans 1838 Dudley, Worcestershire, England
William Evans
William John Evans 1870 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Lillian May Eveleigh 1925 Harpford, Devon, England
Rose Lilian Eveleigh 1875 Woking, Surrey, England
William Eveleigh
Ellen Julien Evemy Blackwater, Hampshire, England
Ann Everard
Claude Cockburn D' Amboise Everard
Dora Christina Everett 1904
Joseph Everill 1823 Whitbourne, Herefordshire, England
Lia Evers
Charles Everson
Thomas O Everson 1881
Alan E Everton
Adelaide Nathan Ewart
William Fletcher Ewell
Elizabeth Faircloth 1859 Islington, London, England
Thomas Faircloth
Laughton Ronald Fairey 1908 Dartford, Kent, England
Elizabeth Maria Fairman
Rose Mary Celeste Fairthorne 1864
Amy Annamay Fairweather 1985 Plymouth, Devon, England
Catherine Fairweather 1895 Sherford, Devon, England
Daughter Fairweather
Graham R Fairweather 1955 Totnes, Devon, England
Heather Fairweather 1946 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Henry Fairweather 1866 Sherford, Devon, England
Ida Florence Fairweather 1897 Sherford, Devon, England
Jarvis Fairweather 1790 Marlborough, Devon, England
John Fairweather 1827 Slapton, Devon, England
John Henry Fairweather 1902 Sherford, Devon, England
Keturah Fairweather 1899 Sherford, Devon, England
Keturah Fairweather 1867 Sherford, Devon, England
Lisa Anne Fairweather 1983 Plymouth, Devon, England
Lorna M Fairweather 1945 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Nigel J Fairweather 1943 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Sarah Fairweather 1869 Sherford, Devon, England
Son Fairweather
Son Fairweather
Sybil A Fairweather 1951 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
William Rossiter Fairweather 1907 Sherford, Devon, England
Emma Luella Faith 1883 Winchester, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Faith
Ethel Falconer 1896 Falkenburg, Muskoka County, Ontario, Canada
Weward Fallon
Frank Falzett
Skye Falzett
Tiber Falzett
Kate Fancy 1866 Morden, Dorset, England
Patricia Margaret Farish 1923 Victoria, Australia
Alice Ann Farmer 1872 Clatworthy, Somerset, England
John Farmer 1847 Brompton Regis, Somerset, England
Jackson B Farnsley
Sarah Louellen Farnsley 1860 Floyd County, Indiana, USA
Henry Farrant 1817
Isabel Edith Farrant 1848 Culmstock, Devon, England
Lavinia Emily Farrant 1861 Plumstead, London, England
Mary Bird Farrell 1834
Jane Farrin
Honor Farris
Dawn Louise Farthing
Laurel Lynn Farthing
Sarah Frances Farthing
Thomas Farthing
Abbie May Farwell 1878 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA
Jay Q Farwell
Sarah Farwell
Unknown Father
Unknown Father
Unknown Father
Ann Faulconer 1801
Roniina Ruby Faulds
Patrick Garfield Favron
Penelope Wren Favron 2019 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Richard Fawcett 1924 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward B Fawcett 1926 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward Peter Fawcett 1879
Eileen Marie Fawcett 1922 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Elizabeth Fawke 1790 Cradley, Herefordshire, England
Amy Kathryn Fazakerley 1978 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Cyril H Fazakerley 1950 Parton, Derbyshire, England
William J B Fazakerley
Florence Maggie Fearn 1890 Fazeley, Staffordshire, England
Hilda Fearn 1906 Wessington, Derbyshire, England
John Fearn
Joseph Fearnley 1765 Wragby, Yorkshire, England
Cecilia Feeney
Edith Feeney 1877 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Feeney 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Laura Felicioni
Charles Henry Fellows 1920 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lesley J Fellows 1965 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Fenn 1783 Cranbrook, Kent, England
Jane Fenn
Lydia Fenton
Amelia Ferguson 1883 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Charles Ferguson 1889 'Snow Hill Farm', Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Charles Mervyn Ferguson 1917 Miriam Vale, Queensland, Australia
Cheryl K Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Daughter Ferguson
Ebenezer Reed Ferguson
Elizabeth Ferguson
George Albert Ferguson 1901 Towai, Northland, New Zealand
Henry Ferguson 1809 England
Henry Arnot Ferguson 1902
Husband Ferguson
James Ferguson 1840 Alnwick, Northumberland, England
James Laurence Ferguson 1915 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Jemima Anderson Ferguson 1875 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Jill Arnot Ferguson 1935 Aldershot, Hampshire, England
John Spence Ferguson 1913 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Norman Clifford Ferguson 1924 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Patricia Joyce Ferguson 1941 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Raymond V Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Son Ferguson
Vera Ferguson
Fanny Melville Fernie 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert Fernie 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert Fernie 1830 Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Robert Fernie
Veralex Ferrer 1964
Elizabeth Ferrers 1432
Frederick Ferris 1845 Crediton, Devon, England
Herbert James Ferris
Kate Ferris 1880 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Ferris 1933 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Mary Anne Fewster
Caroline Fewtrell
Dorothy M Fey 1925 Massachusetts, USA
Frank H. Fey 1870 Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Henry Fey 1894 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Frank W Fey 1845 Pennsylvania, USA
Alfred Fido 1851 High Ham, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Fanny Fido 1848 High Ham, Somerset, England
Lucy Fido 1842 High Ham, Somerset, England
Mary Anne Fido 1840 High Ham, Somerset, England
Thomas Fido 1859 High Ham, Somerset, England
Walter Fido 1855 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Fido 1813 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Fido 1845 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Fido
Alfred Page Field 1849 Greenwich, London, England
Elizabeth Field
Ethel Field 1896
Mary Jane Field 1876 Deptford, London, England
Sarah Field 1845
Susannah Field
Alex Fields
Daughter Fields
Daughter Fields
Tupou Seini Kalolaine Elina Forget me Not Fifita Tongatapu, Tonga
Leslie Clara Mary Filbey
Alice Finch
Ann Finch 1548
Elizabeth Finch 1556
Elsie Maud Finch 1904 Devonport, Devon, England
Ernest P Finch 1875 Dartmouth, Devon, England
Frances Finch 1566
Harriett Finch 1798
John Finch 1555
Moyle Finch
Nicholas Finch 1552
Richard Finch 1560
Thomas Finch 1553
William Finch
Dorothy R Findlay 1921 Warrington, Cheshire, England
James Findlay
Elizabeth Ellen Findon
Elvie Ruth Finer
Casey Finstad 1996
Lee Finstad 1965
Taylor Finstad 1993
Andrew Roger G Fish 1969 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Audrey G Fish 1913 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Charles G D Fish 1943 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Charles James Fish 1874 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Charles Reginald Gaywood Fish 1898 Portugal
Doris Isabel G Fish 1904 St Giles, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Frederick Charles Fish 1872 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Frederick Gaywood Fish 1907 St Giles, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Frederick Oswald Fish 1894 Oakham, Rutland, England
Harriet Fish 1825 Clapham, London, England
Herbert James Fish 1858 Margate, Kent, England
Isabella Janet Fish 1865 Hythe, Kent, England
James Andrew Fish 1825 Clapham, London, England
James W. Fish 1803 Lambeth, London, England
Jessie Mackarinah Fish 1867 Sandgate, Kent, England
Kate Fish 1887 Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, England
Kenneth Robert Gaywood Fish 1908 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Laurence Gaywood Fish 1880 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Lila Mackarinha Fish 1855 Margate, Kent, England
Mabel Maud Fish 1890 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Macharinha Fish 1833 Dulwich, London, England
Marguerite Gaywood Fish 1891 Portugal
May Kathleen Gaywood Fish 1901 Portugal
Robert Gaywood Fish 1946 Northampton RD, England
Roger G Fish 1940 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Rose Emma Fish 1881 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Stanley Gaywood Fish 1910 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England
Sylvester Robert Fish 1839 Margate, Kent, England
Sylvester Robert Fish 1862 Sandgate, Kent, England
Violet Lydia Gaywood Fish 1899 Portugal
Vivienne Gaywood Fish 1939 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
William Federick Fish 1864 Sandgate, Kent, England
Winifred Ann Fish 1889 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Arthur William Fisher 1876 Bermondsey, London, England
Edith Ellen Ballantyne Fisher 1903
Eleanor Fisher
Ernest Fisher 1871 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
George Robert Fisher 1864 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Hilton George Fisher 1895 Leamington, Warwickshire, England
John Fisher
Maud Mary Fisher
Rhoda Marion Fisher 1874 Bermondsey, London, England
Sarah Jane Fisher 1851
Serena Jane Fisher 1953
Thomas Fisher
Walter Henry Sawyer Fisher
Wife Fisher
William Radford Fisher 1837 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Harriet Fishley 1834
John G Fishlock
Karen June Fishlock 1971 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Suzanne Mary Fishlock 1967 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Alice Mary Fisk 1855 Bradfield, Suffolk, England
Amanda J Fisk
Ann Winifred Fitt
Henry Fitz-Lewis
Mary Fitz Lewis
Richard FITZ PONS 1088
Husband Fitzgerald
John F Fitzgibbon
Sarah M Fitzgibbon 1963
Ernest Hugh Fitzpatrick 1863 Nellore, Madras, India
Henry Fitzpatrick
John Chisholm Fitzpatrick 1905 Illinois, USA
Robert Fitzpayne
Maud FITZWALTER 1092 Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Flamank
Julia Agnes Flannagan 1831 Ireland
Bertrand Macleod Flavall 1897 New Zealand
Laura Fleischer
Colin C Fleming
George Leslie Fleming 1889
Graham Daniel Fleming 1980 Hertfordshire, England
Jennifer Fleming 1984 Hertfordshire, England
Katy-Jane Fleming 1978 Hertfordshire, England
Son Fleming
William Henry Fleming
Charlotte Frances Fletcher 1872 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth FLETCHER 1682
Elizabeth Fletcher 1906
John Fletcher
Harijs Fligers 1930
Myrtle Luella Flinders 1896 Hooper, Weber County, Utah, USA
William Richard Flinders
Christopher Flinn
Frank W Flint
Willard Flint
James Matthew Flood 1947 Canada
James Peter Flood 1912 Canada
Kathleen Lynne Flood 1946 Canada
Mary Ann Culmore Flowerdew 1856 Woolwich, London, England
Abraham Fluck 1707 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Abraham Fluck 1762 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ada Catherine Fluck 1867 Hill Croome, Worcestershire, England
Agnes Fluck
Agnes Fluck 1576 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Alice Fluck 1601 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Alice Fluck 1593 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Fluck 1673 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Fluck 1803 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Fluck 1723 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Fluck
Ann Fluck
Ann Fluck
Ann Fluck
Ann Fluck 1743 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Fluck
Ann Fluck
Anne Fluck 1618 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Anne Fluck
Anthony FLUCK
Betty Fluck 1758 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Fluck
Charles Fluck 1790
Charles Fluck
Charles Fluck 1808 Bromley, Kent, England
Charles Fluck 1810
Edmund Fluck 1714 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Edmund Fluck
Edmund Fluck
Edward Fluck 1618 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck 1653 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck 1621 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck 1653
Edward Fluck 1617
Edward Fluck 1560 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck
Edward Fluck 1707 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck 1557 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Fluck 1585
Eleanor Fluck 1816 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1804 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck
Elizabeth Fluck 1606 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1629 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck
Elizabeth Fluck 1647 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1793
Elizabeth Fluck 1677
Elizabeth Fluck 1629 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1597 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1706 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1649 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1647 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1826 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Fluck 1705 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Emytt Fluck 1553 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Esther Fluck
Esther Fluck 1808 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Esther Fluck 1804 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Elizabeth Fluck 1871 Hill Croome, Worcestershire, England
Four children Fluck
Frances Fluck 1633 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Fluck 1613 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Frederick Fluck
George Fluck 1801 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Fluck 1752 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Fluck
George Fluck 1752 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Fluck 1835
George Fluck 1604 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Giles Fluck 1520 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Giles Fluck 1570 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Hannah Fluck
Harrye Fluck
Henry Fluck 1809 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Hester Fluck 1757 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Hester Fluck 1764 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Hugh Fluck
Hugh Fluck
Isaac Fluck 1767 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Isaac FLUCK 1663 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Isabel Fluck 1571 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Jacob Fluck 1665 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
James Fluck 1623 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
James Fluck 1604 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Fluck 1628
Jane Fluck 1712 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1582 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1593 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1600 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1606 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1621 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1555 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1591 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck 1596 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Fluck
John Fluck
John Fluck 1772
John Fluck
John Fluck 1615 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1818 Apperley, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck
John Fluck
John Fluck
John Fluck 1629 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck
John Fluck 1619 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1583 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1808
John Fluck 1674
John Fluck 1660
John Fluck 1782 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1790
John Fluck
John Fluck 1753 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John FLUCK 1717
John Fluck 1736 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1623 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck
John Fluck 1588 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1759 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck 1559 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Fluck
Joseph Fluck
Joseph Fluck 1772
Kate Fluck 1869 Hill Croome, Worcestershire, England
Katherine Fluck 1610 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Fluck
Margaret Fluck 1591 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Fluck
Margaret Fluck 1587 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Fluck 1621 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Fluck 1616 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Margarett Fluck 1608 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1644 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1702
Mary Fluck 1669 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1681
Mary Fluck 1670 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1633 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck
Mary Fluck 1755 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1656
Mary Fluck 1668 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1735 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1637 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary FLUCK 1760 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1623 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1681 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1644 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1719 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Fluck 1763 Westbury On Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Fluck 1846 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Fluck 1811 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nancy Fluck 1733 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Rebecah Fluck 1709 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Fluck 1632 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Fluck
Richard Fluck 1619 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Fluck 1607 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Fluck 1633 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Fluck 1563 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Fluck 1580 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Roger Fluck
Samuel Fluck 1638 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Fluck
Sarah Fluck 1748 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Fluck
Sarah Fluck 1711 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Fluck 1678
Sarah Fluck 1638 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Fluck 1743 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Fluck
Sarah Fluck 1658
Sarah Fluck
Sarah Fluck 1700 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sophia Fluck 1826 Apperley, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Fluck 1649 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Fluck
Susannah Fluck 1709 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Fluck 1756 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Fluck 1751 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Tainer Fluck 1812 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas FLUCK 1633 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1678
Thomas Fluck 1652 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1620 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1594
Thomas Fluck 1628 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1600 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1605 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1692 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1621
Thomas FLUCK
Thomas Fluck
Thomas Fluck 1551 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1813 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1598 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck 1696
Thomas Fluck 1665
Thomas Fluck 1600 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Fluck
Thomas FLUCK
Thomas Fluck 1775 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas FLUCK 1600 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Lutgrove Fluck 1759 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
Tumes Fluck 1812
William Fluck 1661
William Fluck 1755
William Fluck 1549 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1698 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1740 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck
William Fluck 1640 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1623 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1788 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1621 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1626 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1605 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1595 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck
William Fluck
William Fluck
William Fluck
William Fluck 1801 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck
William Fluck 1716 The Leigh, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1668 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Fluck 1813 Bromley, Kent, England
William Fluck 1823 Apperley, Gloucestershire, England
Donna Marie Flurrie 1981 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Husband Flurrie
Charles Albert Flynn
Madeline Flynn 1922 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Jane Elizabeth Fogg
Mildred Foley
Grace FOLIOTT 1394
Arthur Henry Folley 1894 Exeter, Devon, England
Kathleen Mary Folley 1920 21 Dix's Field, Exeter, Devon, England
Richard Folley
Lilian Mary Beatrice Follick 1896
Thomas H Follick
Ian D Forbes 1921 Exeter, Devon, England
Jennifer A Forbes 1951 Exeter, Devon, England
Robert Forbes
Robert Sim Forbes 1879
Rosemary P Forbes 1953 Exeter, Devon, England
Warwick Robert Forbes 1918 St George Hanover Square, London, England
Charles Ford 1812 Shropshire, England
Daisy Pearl Ford
Edmund Darby Ford 1828
Edmund Darby Ford 1792 Madeley, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth Ford 1839 Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England
Ellen Ford Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Emily Ford 1835 Exeter, Devon, England
Florence Ford
Grace Dorothy Ford 1910 London, England
Margaret Ann Ford 1901 Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Henry Ford
Isabella Kincross Forgan 1917 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Mona P Forse
Elizabeth FORSTER
Ann Fort
Annie Foster
Anthony Francis Foster 1936 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
David Frank Foster 1961 Singapore
Dorothy Calvert Foster 1893 USA
Elizabeth Alice Foster Canada
Emma Foster
Eunice Emma Foster
Florence Foster 1878 Heston, Hounslow, London, Middlesex, England
Frank Barker Foster 1909 Yorkshire, England
Gemma Louise Foster 2000 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Goala Mircleen Foster 1900 Sonya, Ontario, Canada
Ian Foster 1964 Ely, Cambridgeshire, England
John Foster 1844 Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England
Katie Anne Foster 2006 Devon, England
Margaret Renee Foster 1960 Bath, Somerset, England
Rebecca E Foster
Robert Anthony John Foster 2007 Devon, England
Sophie Elizabeth Foster 2003 Devon, England
Susanna Foster
William Henry Foster
Husband Foston
Alice Griselda Fountaine 1910 Croydon, Surrey, England
Arthur Clifford Fountaine 1875 Filby, Norfolk, England
Caroline Fountaine 1982
Claire Mary Fountaine 1972 Wells, Somerset, England
Clifford D. Fountaine 1940 Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire, England
Denis James Fountaine 1907 Croydon, Surrey, England
Eadric Clifford Fountaine 1906 Croydon, Surrey, England
Effie Wilson Fountaine 1876 Ellesmere, Shropshire, England
Enid Mary Fountaine 1878 Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England
James Fountaine 1812 Melton, Leicestershire, England
James Fountaine 1845 Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
James Clifford Fountaine 1971 Wells, Somerset, England
Jennifer Margherita Fountaine 1911 Croydon, Surrey, England
Jill Yvette Fountaine 1948 East Molesey, Surrey, England
Mary E. Fountaine 1948 Claygate, Surrey, England
Michael J. Fountaine 1944 Claygate, Surrey, England
Olive Capron Fountaine 1880 Didbrook, Gloucestershire, England
Richard M Fountaine 1942 Esher, Surrey, England
Timothy Michael Fountaine 1979 Guildford, Surrey, England
Tobias Matthew R. Fountaine 1980 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ursula Mary Fountaine 1905 Croydon, Surrey, England
Charles Fouracre
Ellen Elizabeth Fouracre 1865 Taunton, Somerset, England
Marjorie Geraldine Fournier 1927
Debbie Fowler 1965 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Fowler 1829
Aubrey Edwin Fowles 1903 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Edwin James Fowles 1860 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Fowles 1820 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Anthea Fox
Charles Fox
Dorothy Fox
George Fox
Kenneth M J Fox
Lucy Fox 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Ann Frampton 1827 Melbury Osmond, Dorset, England
Mary Francis
Mary Anne Francis 1837
Christopher Francombe
Christopher Francombe 1653 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Francombe 1677 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
James Francombe 1682 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Francombe 1658 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
John Francombe 1680 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
John Francombe
John Francombe
John Francombe Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Jonathan Francombe 1661 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Francombe 1681 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
William Francombe 1655 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
William Francombe 1683 Tirley, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur D Frankland
Daughter Franklin
George Knowling Franklin 1904 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Jeanne Upham Franklin 1897
Marjorie Franklin 1895
Marjorie Franklin
Mona Franklin
Son Franklin
Wilhelmina Mary Franklin 1910 Newfoundland, Canada
William Hodgson Franklin 1871 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Anne Frankpitt 1813 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Frankpitt
Lloyd Franson
Rebecca Franson 1965
Husband Fraser
Margaret Hay Fraser 1905
Mary Fraser
Annabel J Frazer 1965 Kensington, London, England
Henrietta Louise Frazer 1970 Kensington, London, England
Ian W Frazer
Katharine Alexandra Frazer 1966 Kensington, London, England
Victoria Violet Frazer 1892 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Husband Fredrickson
Regan Fredrickson
Ada Freeman 1877 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Alice Cecelia Freeman 1865 Holloway, London, England
Allan Freeman 1883 Balham, London, England
Ann Maria Freeman
Audrey Freeman 1918 Woolwich, London, England
Brenda A Freeman 1940 St Pancras, London, England
Edward Freeman 1848 Camberwell, London, England
Garnet Overall Freeman 1909 Thornton Heath, Croydon, London, England
Horace Freeman 1880 Balham, London, England
Irene Maude Freeman 1917 Wandsworth, London, England
John Poppy Freeman
Leslie Freeman 1890 Balham, London, England
Maria Freeman
Maude Freeman 1875 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Percy Freeman 1878 Balham, London, England
Richard Freeman 1806 London, England
Stanley Douglas C Freeman 1909 Battersea, London, England
Sydney Freeman 1886 Balham, London, England
Thomas Freeman 1659 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Matiss Freimanis 1996
Valdis Freimanis
Ann French
Charles French
Elizabeth Mary French 1842 Chipping, Hertfordshire, England
Jessie Mary French 1881 Marylebone, London, England
Mary Ann French 1833
Thomas French
Violet Gertrude French 1902 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Walter French
Ivan Emmanuel Fretz
Wife Friend
Francis Harry Fripp Spetisbury, Dorset, England
Samuel Joseph G Fripp 1906 Wandsworth, London, England
Ina Frolova
Caroline Frost
Catherine Frost
Catherine M Frost 1953 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Derek Beetham Frost 1921 Brentford, London, England
Eleanor Frost
Eleanor R Frost 1962 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Elma Frost 1846 Whitechapel, London, England
Frederick Donald Frost 1888 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
George Allan Frost 1868 Highbury, London, England
George Bland Frost 1841
Gerald Edward Allan Frost 1897 Dulwich, Surrey, England
Hugh Stephen Frost 1950 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Joan Frost
John Frost 1810 Broadhembury, Devon, England
Margaret N Frost 1925 Epping, Essex, England
Mary Frost 1733
Mary Frost 1855 Kentisbeare, Devon, England
Mary Frost 1790 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Frost
Olivia Frost
Rachel M Frost 1948 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Rebecca Frost 1973 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Roy Frost
Sarah Frost 1786 Molland, Devon, England
Simon Frost 1971 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Stephen Frost 1974 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Ann Fry 1836 South Molton, Devon, England
Emily Ann Fry 1863 Mosterton, Dorset, England
George Fry 1811 Lynton, Devon, England
John Fry
Mary Fry
Mary Ann Fry 1801 Weare Giffard, Devon, England
Mary Jane Fry 1836 Alverdiscott, Devon, England
Mary Tucker Fry 1846 Lynton, Devon, England
Olive Fry 1861 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Samuel Turner Fry
William Fry 1806 South Molton, Devon, England
William Fry
William John Fry 1888 North Tawton, Devon, England
Elizabeth FRYE
Catherine Fryer 1889 St Pancras, London, England
George A Fryer
Henry Halsted Fryer
Sarah Jane Fudge
Lesley P Fuell 1962 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Child Fulford
Henry Fulford 1907 Tiverton, Devon, England
Katie Edith Fulford 1893 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Lilian Fulford 1903 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lionel Fulford 1905 Tiverton, Devon, England
Marwood Enoch Fulford 1866 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Marwood Thomas Fulford 1889 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Nora Fulford 1899 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Rowland Enoch Fulford 1891 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Three Children Fuller
William Fuller
William F Fuller
Mary Margaret Fullerton
Alekandris Funikov
Liliana Funikov 2005 Daugavpils, Latvia
George Henry Furnell 1888
June Amelia Furnell 1928 Stourton Caundle, Dorset, England
Harry Furness
Susan A Furness 1959 Bucklow, Cheshire, England
Christine M Furnice
George Furnice
Charles Henry Furnivall 1842 London, England
Grace Isabella Furnivall 1843 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Nicholas Francis Fyfe 1950 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Gable
Aija S Gabliks 1932
Aivars Gabliks 1933
Aleksis Gabliks 2001
Artis Gabliks 2009
Janis Gabliks 1973 Latvia
Liena Gabliks 1989
Liga Gabliks 1987
Martins Gabliks 1898 Drabesi, Cesis, Latvia
Peteris Gabliks 1864 Drabesi, Cesis, Latvia
Vilnis Gabliks 1963
Gladys Nellie Gadd 1909 England
Achsah Gager 1810 York County, Ontario, Canada
Nathaniel Gager
Agnes Gale 1820 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ann Gale 1874 Washfield, Devon, England
Ann Beedell Gale 1877 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Edna Spencer Gale 1910 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Gale
Ernest Edward Gale 1880 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Frances Marion Gale 1956
Henry Gale 1859 Washfield, Devon, England
Henry Gale 1816 Washfield, Devon, England
Henry Gale 1874 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
John Gale 1781 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Gale 1856 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Gale 1878 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
John Raymond Gale 1916 Hambledon, Surrey, England
Leila Minnie Elsie Gale 1911 'Kemps Cottage', Buckland, Surrey, England
Louise Kathryn Gale 1960
Maeve Gale
Mary Gale 1860 Washfield, Devon, England
Mary Ann Gale 1811
Michael John Gale 1954
Pamela Gale 1947 Horley, Surrey, England
Patricia Gale 1943 Horley, Surrey, England
Renee Ethel Gale 1909 Havant, Hampshire, England
Robert Gale 1960 East Grinstead, Sussex, England
Robert Melvin Gale 1935 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sally Gale 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
Trevor Edward John Gale 1956 Copthorne, Surrey, England
Trevor Scott Gale 1963
Wilfred Ernest Gale 1913 Reigate, Surrey, England
William Gale 1875 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
William Gale 1823 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Gale 1848 Burlescombe, Devon, England
William Henry Gale 1857 Washfield, Devon, England
Maris I Galins 1963
Natalie Louise Gallagher 1991 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Philip John Gallagher 1961 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Ramona Gallifa
Mary Gallon 1821
Rhoda Gamble 1872 Ontario, Canada
William Gamble
Frederick Charles Game 1895 Marylebone, London, England
Frederick Charles E Game 1919 Willesden, London, England
Frederick George Game
Ann Gammon 1790 Kent, England
Anthony Gammons 1687 Uplowman, Devon, England
Elizabeth GAMMONS 1690 Uplowman, Devon, England
Joane Gammons 1694 Uplowman, Devon, England
John Gammons 1686 Uplowman, Devon, England
Mary Gammons 1689 Uplowman, Devon, England
William GAMMONS 1660 Uplowman, Devon, England
William Gammons 1691 Uplowman, Devon, England
Alan Gantret
Edward Charles Gantret
Judy Gantret
Beatriz Emma Mendez Garcia 1972 Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
Odeal Morris Garcia
Samuel Edgar Enrique Morris Garcia 1933 Spain
Wife Garcia
Amy Florence Gardiner
Eliza Gardiner
Ella F Gardiner
Isaac Gardiner
Mary Elizabeth Gardiner 1878 Rondeau Park, Kent County, Ontario, Canada
Richard Hugh Gardiner 1955 Edgware, London, England
Adelaide Gardner 1854 Saint Martin, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Alan Clive Gardner 1907 5 Fulham Park Road, Fulham, London, England
Alan Lewis Gardner 1930
Albert Gardner 1904 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
Albert Edward Gardner 1862 Saint Martin, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Alfred Gardner
Alfred Lewis Gardner 1895 Harper Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Alice GARDNER 1629 Down Hatherley, Gloucestershire, England
Alice Gardner 1897 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Ann Gardner 1760 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Gardner 1799 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Anne Gardner 1656 Damsells, Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Louisa Gardner 1873 Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Gardner 1892 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Catherine Christina Gardner 1914 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Charles Gardner 1890 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Charles GARDNER 1840 Bell Inn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Alforth Gardner 1867 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Charles Arthur Gardner 1859 Queen Street, St Martin, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Charles Henry Gardner 1886
Charles Matthew Alforth Gardner 1877 138 Balsall Heath Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Charlotte Marian Gardner 1860 Adderbury East, Oxfordshire, England
Charlotte Mary Gardner 1865 Chestnut Walk, Claines, Worcestershire, England
Daughter Gardner
Daughter Gardner 1871 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Daughter Gardner
Daughter Gardner
Eliza Gardner 1860 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Eliza Gardner 1879 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Elizabeth Gardner 1846 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Gardner 1727 Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Gardner 1824 Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner 1789 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Gertrude Gardner 1870 68 Bath Row, St Thomas, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth M Gardner 1855 Adderbury East, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Martha Gardner 1855 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Martha Gardner 1809 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Gardner 1844 Bell Inn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Esther Gardner 1806 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Francis Gardner 1841 Bell Inn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Francis Seagrove Gardner 1908 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Frank George Stait GARDNER 1870 Park Road, Aston Manor, Warwickshire, England
Frank Steight Gardner 1908 Church Street, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
George GARDNER 1792 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Gardner 1832 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Gardner 1836 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
George Gardner 1893 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
George Davis Gardner 1807 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Dinely Gardner 1867 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
George Dinely Gardner 1914
George Wyatt Gardner 1862 Adderbury East, Oxfordshire, England
Gilbert Gardner 1893 Wellington, New Zealand
Hannah Maria Gardner 1688 Gloucestershire, England
Harry Gardner 1902 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Harry Gardner 1872 Victoria Road, Aston Manor, Warwickshire, England
Harry Samuel Gardner 1866 Saint Paul Street, St Peters, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Henry Gardner 1833 Bell Inn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ida Gardner 1872 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Isabella M. Gardner 1877 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
James Richard Gardner 1879 Long Iklington, Warwickshire, England
Joanna Gardner
Joanna Gardner 1758 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Gardner 1906 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
John Gardner
John Gardner
John Gardner 1610 Greenhouse, Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
John Gardner 1796 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Gardner 1799 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
John Gardner 1687 Gloucestershire, England
John Gardner
John Gardner 1804 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Gardner 1795 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John GARDNER Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
John Colegrove Gardner 1829 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
John Nelson Gardner 1910 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
John Williams Gardner 1858 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Joyce Gardner 1928 New Zealand
Kenneth George Gardner
Leah Gardner 1895 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Leah Maud Gardner 1884 10 Charles Henry Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lewis Alfred William Gardner 1875 Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Margaret Gardner 1800 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Maria Gardner 1686 Gloucestershire, England
Mary Gardner 1770 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Gardner 1796 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Gardner 1853 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Mary Elizabeth Gardner 1867 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
Mary Jane Gardner 1844
Muriel Ethel Gardner 1897 Revans Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Nicholas Gardner
Nicholas Spicer Gardner 1766 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Noel Fenton Gardner 1894 Adelaide Road, Wellington, New Zealand
Noeline Gardner 1926 Auckland, New Zealand
Pearl Gardner
Richard Gardner 1914 England
Richard Gardner 1695 Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Gardner 1805 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Gardner 1848 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Richard GARDNER 1658 Damsells, Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Richard GARDNER 1612 Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Gardner
Samuel Gardner 1790 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Gardner 1756 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel GARDNER 1728 Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Gardner 1800 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Gardner 1840 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Sarah Gardner 1856 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 1839 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Sister 2 Gardner
Son Gardner
Son Gardner
Son Gardner
Stanley Gardner 1908 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
Stephen Gardner 1857 Saint Martin, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Stephen Gardner 1826 Saint Peter, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Stephen Gardner 1697 Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Gardner 1803 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Gardner 1801 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Gardner 1767 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Gardner 1764 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Gardner 1830 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Gardner 1821 Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
Thomas Gardner 1797 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Gardner 1830 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
Thomas Gardner 1840 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Gardner 1788 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas GARDNER Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Gardner 1855 Saint Martin, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Thomas William Gardner 1856 Adderbury East, Oxfordshire, England
Thomas William Gardner 1806 England
Walter Gardner 1632 Down Hatherley, Gloucestershire, England
William Gardner
William Gardner 1793 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William GARDNER 1762 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William GARDNER 1700 Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
William Gardner 1827 Worcestershire, England
William Gardner 1734 Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire, England
William Gardner 1843 Bodicote, Oxfordshire, England
William Gardner 1829 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Gardner
William Gardner 1786 Oxfordshire, England
William Alfred Gardner 1838 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William George Gardner 1912 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
William George Alexander Gardner 1863 Commandery Street, St Peters, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Lyla M Garland 1927 Keynsham RD, England
Alice Garn
Kathleen W Garner
Roy J Garner
Anne R Garrett 1946 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Claude W Garrett 1905
Colin W F Garrett 1940 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Dennis Garrett
Eliza Garrett 1836 Nether Whitacre, Warwickshire, England
George G Garrett 1881
James A Garrett 1850
Myrtle Ina Garrett 1879
Bob J Gasaway 1927 Oklahoma, USA
Carrie S Gasaway 1957 Los Angeles, California, USA
Hurley B Gasaway
Anthony T Gaskell
Antony Simon Gaskell 1970 Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
Edmund George Gaskell 1902 Canada
Florence Eva Annie Gaskell 1900 Canada
George Gaskell 1869 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Justine Maria Gaskell 1972 Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Gaskell
Albert Victor Jack Gass 1910 Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Beatice Mary ? Gass 1902 Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Catterina Gass 1903 Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Charles Gass 1876 Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Daughter Gass
David Gass 1784
David Gass 1813 London, England
Delphine Jacinta Gass 1950 India
Douglas Mark Gass 1952 India
Elisabeth Jesmin Violet Gass 1908 Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Evelyn Gertrude Gass 1890 Kodaikanal, Madras, India
Frank David Campbell Gass 1849 Strand, London, England
George Gass Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India
Grace Gass Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India
Horace Archibald Campbell Gass 1851 Strand, London, England
James Patrick Gass Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India
Jeremiah Claye Gass 1956 India
Jessie Gass 1856 Marylebone, London, England
Kenneth Bartholomew Gass 1954 India
Lydia Alice Campbell Gass 1854
Marshall Emmanuel Gass 1948 India
Michael Gass 1945
Nav* Sarah Gass 1905 Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India
Nellie Jane Gass 1861 3 Houghton Place, St Pancras, London, England
Neville Archibald Gass 1893 Kodaikanal, Madras, India
Patrick Gass
Ronald Christopher Gass 1947 India
Agness Gater
Katherine GATEWYNE
Louisa Gatfield 1859 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John Gath 1801 Tiverton, Devon, England
Samuel Gath
Amy Gatley 1886 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Daughter Gatley
Daughter Gatley
Edith Gatley 1905 Sale, Cheshire, England
Fanny Gatley 1889 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Francis William Gatley 1864 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Frank Gatley 1891 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Son Gatley
Arthur John Gaudern
Horace Gaudern 1891 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Jeanetta Kirkland Gault
Raimonda Gavarins 1933
Gladys Gay
Harriet Mary Gay 1814 Stepney, London, England
Hannah Elizabeth Gayle
Marie Hylda Margery Gayne 1904 Fareham, Hampshire, England
Frederick Gaywood 1816 Portugal
Isabella Gaywood 1840 Hythe, Kent, England
Linda F Geach
Husband Geddes
Evelyn Dorothy Gee 1897 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
John Frederick Gee
Reginald Gee
Harriet Gefferson
Rebecca Gent 1811 Othery, Somerset, England
William Gent
Adelia Lucy Gentle 2007 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Brian Raymond Gentle 1942
Helen Sarah Gentle 2014 England
James Patrick Gentle 1972 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Robert Henry Gentle 1970 Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England
Toby Daniel Gentle 2011 England
Charlotte B George
Daisy T George
David Sydney George 1935 Devonport, Devon, England
Edward George
Elizabeth Caroline George 1825 Hackney, London, England
Sydney Walter George 1903 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
William George 1874 Kensington, London, England
Ashley Beth Skyla Dawn German 2001 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Brooke Elizabeth Ann Michelle German 1997 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Christopher Beric German 1975 Banff, Alberta, Canada
Emma Jane German 1864 Marysburgh Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Andrew German 1949 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Ryan James German 1978 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
William Robert Arthur John German 2006 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Zachary Michael Andrew James German 2000 MooseJaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wife of Gernot
Elizabeth Geroff
Edward Arthur Gerrard 1908 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Edwin Gerrard
Frederick Hugh Gibbons 1857
Minnie Jane Gibbons 1883 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Charlotte Theresa Gibbs
Emily Caroline Gibbs
Emma Gibbs 1876 Taunton, Somerset, England
Harriette Ann Gibbs 1863 Holloway, London, England
Hilda May Gibbs 1907 Poole, Dorset, England
Isaac Gibbs
Mary Battelle Gibbs 1851 Bath, Somerset, England
Walter Ormsby Gibbs 1828 Bath, Somerset, England
William Gibbs 1840 Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Eileen Maureen Gibney
Adrienne Gibson
Emma Gibson 1923 Petosky, Michigan, USA
Henry Kenneth Gibson 1920 Auckland, New Zealand
Jocelyn Leslie Gibson 1955 Auckland, New Zealand
William Slater Gibson
Yvonne Gibson
Emma Phyllis Giddings 1894 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Soloman Giddings 1866
George Gifford
Lettice Gifford
Elizabeth Ann Gilbert 1840
Sarah Gilbert
Husband Gilchrist
Albert Giles
Anna Maria Giles 2002 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Giles 1809 Wellington, Somerset, England
Lucy Carmen Giles 2002 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Matthew Giles
Roger Giles
Sarah Giles 1837 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Jane Giles 1850 Netherbury, Dorset, England
Shiley G Giles 1924 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Thomas Daniel Giles 1999 Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England
Karen Gilfellan 1964 Darlington, County Durham, England
Ann Gill 1758 Ashprington, Devon, England
Anthony Gill
Athalant GILL 1600
Charity Gill
Elizabeth Gill
Frank Leonard Gill 1922 Fulham, London, England
Ingrid C Gill 1944 Kensington, London, England
John Gill 1760 Ashprington, Devon, England
Leonard Gill 1893
Linda A Gill 1949 Harrow, Middlesex, England
Martin F Gill 1945 Hendon, London, England
Mary Gill 1764 Ashprington, Devon, England
Nicholas Gill
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gill
William Gill
William Gill
William Gill 1763 Ashprington, Devon, England
William GILL
Abraham Gillard 1892 Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Beatrice Gillard 1890 Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Catherine Gillard 1888 Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Elizabeth Mary Emily Bird Gillard 1875 Peterchurch, Herefordshire, England
Florence Gillard 1887 Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Henrietta Charity Gillard 1897 Tedburn St Mary, Devon, England
Hilda Gillard 1900 Chipstead, Surrey, England
John Thomas Gillard 1878 Tiverton, Devon, England
Joseph Gillard 1884 Culmstock, Devon, England
Lily Gillard 1879 Oakfordbridge, Devon, England
William Gillard 1882 Oakford, Devon, England
William Gillard
William Bird Gillard 1852 Oakford, Devon, England
Helen Catherine Gillespie 1855 St Pancras, London, England
Marian Gillespie
William Yates Gillespie 1821 Edinburgh, Scotland
Charles Gillham 1873 'Pitt Farm', Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Edward Gillham 1914 Wanstead, Essex, England
Edward Gillham 1874 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Emily Gillham 1888 Kensington, London, England
Florence Gillham 1882 Kensington, London, England
Florence Edith Gillham 1890 Farnham, Essex, England
George Gillham 1818 Culmstock, Devon, England
George Gillham 1871 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Gertrude A Gillham 1912 Willesden, London, England
Henry Gillham 1851 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Henry Gillham 1872 'Pitt Farm', Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Henry F Gillham 1911 Willesden, London, England
James Gillham
John Gillham 1912 Wanstead, Essex, England
Katherine Isabel Gillham 1881 Harberton, Devon, England
Mabel Gillham 1880 Kensington, London, England
Margaret Isabel Gillham 1905 Wanstead, Essex, England
Margaret Mabel Gillham 1880 Harberton, Devon, England
Martin E Gillham 1952 Essex, England
Mary Gillham 1885
Mary Ann Gillham 1854 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Muriel Gillham 1895 Chelsea, London, England
Robert Gillham 1846 'South Down', Burlescombe, Devon, England
Robert James Gillham 1878 'Pitt Farm', Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Thomas Gillham 1847 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Thomas Gillham 1898 Fulham, London, England
William Gillham 1849 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Mildred L Gilmore 1895 Massachusetts, USA
Annie Gilroy
John Gingell
Eliza Jane Glackin
John S Glackin
Bartholomew Glandfield 1734 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Frances Glandfield 1778 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Mary Glandfield
Henry Glanfield
Henry Northcote Glanfield 1842 Tiverton, Devon, England
Barth Glanvill
Susannah Glasby 1861 Corsham, Wiltshire, England
Amelia Glass 1857 Chard, Somerset, England
Sidney Arthur Henry Glasspool 1914
William P Gledhill
Winifred M Gledhill 1915 Fylde, Lancashire, England
Stephanie Anne Gleed Gosport, Hampshire, England
Elaine Alison Glenn
John Glenn
Sarah Jane Glenn 1863 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Gliddon
Austin Glines
Alfred Frederick Somme Glover
Cicely Olive Glover 1893 Hackney, London, England
Huntley John Glover 1869
Susannah Gloyne 1798 South Molton, Devon, England
Edith Kathleen Glyde 1891 New Cross, London, England
Edward Herbert Robert Glyde
James Goatcher
Florence Katherine Goddard 1880 Brighton, Sussex, England
Mary Goddard
Charles Godfrey
Joyce A Godfrey
Lizzie Ellis Godfrey 1862 Finchley, London, England
Rosetta Godfrey 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England
William R A Godley
Daisy Summer Sophia Godsill 2008
Edmund Godsill
Sarah M. Godsill 1965 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Vernon Godsill 1934 Willesden, London, England
Vernon Alex Godsill 1970 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Daniel Goff 1811 Whitechapel, London, England
George Goff 1849 Stepney, London, England
Nathaniel Goff
Richard Goff 1842 Stepney, London, England
Charles Joseph Goffe
Elizabeth Goffe 1901 England
Sandra Goldsmith
Adelaide Martha Goleby
Elsie Gollings 1901 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Robert Gollings
Liliana Gomez Sainte-Marie 1969 Bogata, Columbia
Oscar Gomez Villa
Graham R Goodchild 1953 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Ian W Goodchild
Lorraine S Goodchild 1951 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Melanie J Goodchild 1958 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Gail Marilyn Goode
Sarah Ann Goode 1846 Melbourne, Derbyshire, England
Henry Goodland 1845 Tiverton, Devon, England
Joseph Goodland
George Alfred Goodlife
Florence Goodliffe 1896 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alice Goodman 1878 Antony, Cornwall, England
Richard Goodman 1829 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Esther Goodrich 1854 Whitechapel, London, England
Edith Coralie Goodwyn 1861 Abbey Wood, Kent, England
Edmund Goodwyn 1833 Framlingham, Suffolk, England
Lilian Goodwyn 1863 Upper Holloway, London, England
Walter Bernard Goodwyn 1871 Upper Holloway, London, England
Alice M Goodyear
Brent Goodyear
Dorothy Elean Goold Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Daughter Gooren
Husband Gooren
Mathilde Lydia Gooren-Beedell 1994 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Gordon 1870 Moyston, Victoria, Australia
Connie L Gordon
Kyrle Earnle Gordon
Lilian Alice Marie Gordon 1891 35 Foord Road, Folkestone, Kent, England
Imogen Janet Adele Gorman 2013 Australia
Lilian Mary Clare Gorman 2011 Campbelltown Hospital, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
Mark Gorman 1981 Camden, NSW, Australia
Ernest A J Gorringe 1908
Eloise Katherine Gosler
Frederick C Goss
Elizabeth Gough 1797 West Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Albert F Gould
Ann Gould
Dorothy Gould
Douglas Wilroy Gould 1944 Long Beach, California, USA
Evelyn Lorraine Gould 1926 Long Beach, California, USA
Florence Maud Gould 1913 Oregon, USA
Frances Gould
Francis Douglas Gould 1903 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Henry Gould
June R E Gould 1926 Lambeth, London, England
Leonard Stanley Gould 1898 Wellington, New Zealand
Royal George Gould 1911 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas Gould
Thomas George Gould 1906 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
William Arthur Gould 1904 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
William Charles Gould 1879 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Frederick A Goulding
Elizabeth Gove 1774 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Gove
Mary Ann Sarah Gover 1851 Hackney, London, England
David G. Gowers 1956 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Emma Jane Gowers 1985 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
John Michael Gowers 1988 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
John Thomas Gowland 1871 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
John William Gowland 1892 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Amelia Webster Gowland 1918 Pontefract, Yorkshire, England
William Gowland 1820 Sykehouse, Yorkshire, England
Alice Grace 1863 Wavertree, Lancashire, England
Sarah Grace 1815
Thomas Grace
Mary North Gradden 1878 Battersea, London, England
James Graddon
Jane Graddon 1822 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
Samuel Graddon 1856 Minehead, Somerset, England
Brian Graf
Stacey Anne Graf 1980 Thanet, Kent, England
Agnes McDonald Graham 1864 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Donna Lee Graham 1945
Heather Graham 1950 Diston Hall, Northumberland, England
John Clarke Graham
Selina Graham 1815 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Thomas Graham
William Graham Northern Ireland
Joyce Granger 1892 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Thomas Colpitts Granger 1853 Marylebone, London, England
Allison Grant
Ann Grant 1855 Brampford Speke, Devon, England
Brooke Grant 1935 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
Elsie May Grant
Emma Grant 1857 Brampford Speke, Devon, England
Emma C Grant
Harold Grant
Hunphrey Grant
Joseph Grant
Joseph Hyrum Grant
Maria Grant 1859 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Robert Grant 1819 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Slylar Grant
Treasure Grant 1942 Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, USA
Van Hatch Grant 1900 Bountiful, Davis County, Utah, USA
Hilda Grace Graver 1907 Dulwich, London, England
Horace Henry Graver
Aivars Gravis 1979
Aivars Gravis 1943
James Alexander Smith Gray
Lydia Gray 1854 Kingston, Surrey, England
Sybil Mary Gray 1912 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Ann Greasley 1816
David Arthur Greatorex 1934 London, England
Harry Michael Greatorex 1995 9 Brooklyn Avenue, South Norwood, London, England
Ian Michael Greatorex 1963 77 Watcombe Road, South Norwood, London, England
James Frederick Greatorex 1911 London, England
Jamie Robert Greatorex 1999 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Lauren Katie Greatorex 2002 144 Chanctonbury Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England
Susan Margaret Greatorex 1960 Dulwich Hospital, Dulwich, London, England
Tara Jayne Greatorex 1994 Mayday University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey, England
Annie Frances Green 1845 Hambleton, Rutlandshire, England
Dorothy Green 1929
Elsie Margaret Green 1886 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Gertrude Mary Green 1874 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Harold Philip Green 1878 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Henry Green
Hilda Marion Green 1883 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Janet Green
John William Green 1847 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Joseph Green 1809 Shillingford, Oxfordshire, England
Josiah Green 1806 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lucille Frances Green 1912 Rainier, Columbia County, Oregon, USA
Marie Green
Mary Green 1868 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Mary Green 1839 Preston Crowmarsh, Oxfordshire, England
Mary Jane Green 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Merron Jane Green 1977 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Reginald Cumberland Green 1884 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Richard N Green
Sidney Joseph Green 1876 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Son Green
Winifred Mabel Green 1881 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Harriet Greenaway 1830 Lingfield, Surrey, England
James Greenaway 1799
Alfred W Greenbank
Frank Greene
Ann Greenfield
Albert H. Greenhill 1876 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Eileen Dewulff Greenhill 1922 London, England
Elaine Greenhill 1937 University College Hospital, London, England
Leah Greenhill 1884 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England
Linda Alison Greenhill 1951 London, England
Margaret J. Greenhill 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Henry Greenhill 1850 Edinburgh, Scotland
Walter Douglas Greenhill 1905 Canterbury, Kent, England
Alfred Greening 1851 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Ellen Greening 1848 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Joane Greening 1625 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Greening 1816 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Julia Greening 1853 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Greening 1629 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Greening
Richard Greening 1618 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Greening
Susan Greening 1594 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Greening 1621 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Greening 1623 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Greening 1578 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Donna Greensides
Norman Wesley Greensides
Charles W Greenslade 1916
David Keith Greenslade 1942 Taunton, Somerset, England
Fred Greenslade 1883 Taunton, Somerset, England
Frederick Greenslade 1905
George Greenslade
Harriett Greenslade 1802 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Hilda May Greenslade 1907
Leslie Donald Greenslade 1919
Percy Edgar Greenslade 1914 Taunton, Somerset, England
Queenie Irene Greenslade 1923 Taunton, Somerset, England
Violet Greenslade 1910 Taunton, Somerset, England
Wendy Ann D Greenslade 1969 Taunton Deane, Somerset, England
Charlie Greenwood
Doris Leonia Nellie Greenwood 1893 Hotham, Victoria, Australia
Eliza Jane Greer 1889 Parramatta, NSW, Australia
William Charles Greer 1861 Sligo Bay, Northern Ireland
Susan Gregory
Alexander Gresham 1894
Alexander Frederick David Greville
Alexander Sydney Greville 1877 Manly, NSW, Australia
Mary Elizabeth Greville 1921 Coraki, NSW, Australia
Edward Grey
Henry Grey
Jane Grey
John Grey
Richard Grey 1460
Thomas Grey
Thomas Grey 1477
William Grey
Elizabeth Gribble 1816 Pilton, Devon, England
Herbert Francis Grieve 1901 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Philip Andrew Grieve
Alfred James Griffen
Edith Alice Fanny Griffin 1862 Highgate, London, England
Esther Griffin
Mary Griffin Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Mary Griffin
Mary Jane Griffin
Donna Lee Griffith 1946
George Griffith
May Pearl Griffith
Robert Elmer Griffith 1920
Samuel Griffith 1883 Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontraio, Canada
Agnes Griffiths 1900 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Amy Griffiths 1903 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anne Griffiths 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Annie Eliza Griffiths 1890 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Beryl Griffiths
Charles Griffiths 1820 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Charles H. Griffiths 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Dorothy Mary Griffiths 1902 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Griffiths 1894 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Elsie Griffiths 1897 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elsie Griffiths 1899 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emily Griffiths 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence Clara Griffiths 1894 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Frances Griffiths 1890 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Francis Griffiths 1817 St Clements, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Francis Henry Griffiths 1836 All Saints, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Francis Henry Griffiths 1860 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Francis William Griffiths 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Frank Griffiths 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George David Griffiths 1882 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George William Griffiths 1908 Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Hannah Maria Griffiths 1843 Back of 15 Little Hill Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Harry Griffiths 1873 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Helen Griffiths 1885 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Henry Griffiths 1807 St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
James Griffiths 1814 St Clements, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
John Thomas Griffiths 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Jonathan David Griffiths 1910 South Africa
Joseph Griffiths 1834 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Joseph Griffiths 1809 St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Joseph Henry Griffiths 1861 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lilly Griffiths 1908 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lily Griffiths 1900 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Lucy Griffiths 1896 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Marjorie Griffiths 1907 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Griffiths 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Louisa Griffiths 1838 All Saints, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Martha Louisa Griffiths 1896 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Mary Griffiths 1802 St Clements, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Mary Ann Griffiths 1845 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Ann Griffiths 1834 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Mary Anne Griffiths 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Emily Griffiths 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Richard Griffiths 1803 St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Richard Griffiths 1781
Rosalind Griffiths 1896 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rose Griffiths 1897 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ruth Griffiths 1902 Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Sarah Griffiths 1811 St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Sarah Griffiths 1840 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Ann Griffiths 1911 Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Thomas Griffiths 1833 St John Bedwardine, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Thomas Griffiths 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Haydn Griffiths 1909 South Africa
Walter Griffiths 1873 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Walter Griffiths 1901 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Griffiths 1870 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Griffiths 1805 St Johns, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
William Griffiths 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Grant Griffus 1920 Michigan, USA
Margaret Louise Griffus 1948 Michigan, USA
Child Griggs
Mary Helen Griggs
Son Griggs
William Griggs
William Griggs
Abel Grills
John Grills 1855 North Hill, Cornwall, England
John Albert Grills
Lillie Maud Grills Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Grills
Norman Wesley Grills 1881 Lot 3 Concession 3, Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
Regina May Grills
Ronald Gordon Grills 1905 York County, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Grills 1790
Husband Grimley
Donald Norman Grimmon 1954 Weston, Ontario, Canada
Donald Ralph Grimmon 1930 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Adolfs Grinfelds
Aldis Grinfelds 1960
Alfreds Grinfelds 'Geidas', Jasmuizas (Aizkalnes) Pagasta, Latvia
Austra Grinfelds 1920 St Petersburg, Russia
Biruta Grinfelds
Biruta Helga Grinfelds 1930 Latvia
Dagmara Nora Grinfelds 1959 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Darta Grinfelds
Eduards Peteris Grinfelds 1901 'Geidas', Jasmuizas (Aizkalnes) Pagasta, Latvia
Erika Grinfelds 'Geidas', Jasmuizas (Aizkalnes) Pagasta, Latvia
Gregors Janis Grinfelds 1956 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gunta Grinfelds 1984 Latvia
Ingrida Grinfelds 1957
Janis Grinfelds 1932 Latvia
Karlis GRINFELDS 1895 Minsk, Belarus
Karlis Nikolajs Grinfelds 1955 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Krista Grinfelds
Liena Grinfelds 1986
Marija Grinfelds Vecauce, Dobele parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Minna Grinfelds 1893 Vecauce, Dobele parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Modris Grinfelds
Olga Grinfelds 'Geidas', Jasmuizas (Aizkalnes) Pagasta, Latvia
Reinis Grinfelds 1989
Roberts Grinfelds 1906 'Geidas', Jasmuizas (Aizkalnes) Pagasta, Latvia
Teodors Grinfelds 1929 Preili, Latgale, Latvia
Tomass Grinfelds 2006
Valdis Grinfelds 1986 Latvia
Velta Grinfelds 1941 Latvia
Zelma Elfrida GRINFELDS 1922 'Jasmuiza', Aizkalne, Latgale, Latvia
Inga Grinpukala 1966
Clara Ann Grisdale
Katherine Grist
Margaret Elizabeth Groat
Effie May Groce 1869 Dickenson, Iowa County, Iowa, USA
Ambose Grose
Ambrose Grose 1572 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Ann GROSE 1682 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Bennett Grose
Catherine Grose 1722 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Edward Grose 1574 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Grose
George GROSE 1608 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Jane Grose
Jane Grose 1688 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Jenifer Grose 1707 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Grose 1693 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Grose 1673 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Joseph Grose
Mary Grose 1705 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Grose
Nicholas Grose 1685 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas Grose
Nicholas GROSE 1576 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas GROSE 1643 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas Grose
Nicholas Grose 1703 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Richard Grose 1578 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Richard Grose 1675 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Richard Grose 1706 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Robert Grose 1570 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Robert Grose 1605 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Robert GROSE 1538
Walter Grose 1680 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Charles W A Gross 1942 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth C Gross 1943 Ashford, Kent, England
Kemlo Abbott Cronin Gross 1905 Marylebone, London, England
Philippa M Gross 1948 Bridge, Kent, England
William Gross 1854
Arthur Edward Grosvenor 1871 Dalston, London, England
Betty Grosvenor 1914 Southgate, London, England
George Grosvenor 1812 London, England
Miles C Grosvenor 1924 Southgate, London, England
William Grosvenor 1841 Hoxton, London, England
William Percy Grosvenor 1869 Dalston, London, England
Philippa Vicki Grove-Stephensen
Mary Jane Grover
Johanna Gruber
Daughter Grundy
George Lesley Ord Grundy 1893 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
George Michael Franklin Grundy
Son Grundy
Maria Mercedes Sola y Guardiola
Catherine A Gubbin 1935 Totnes, Devon, England
Eric Hedley Gubbin 1900 Truro, Cornwall, England
Hedley Gubbin 1869 Cornwall, England
Philip H Gubbin 1931 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Husband of Gudrun
Kenneth Guest
Stephen Robert Guest 1955 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Dolores Lopez Guibara
Bartlett Guildford
David Guildford
Elizabeth Guildford
Margo Guildford
Stephanie Guildford
Richard Guilford
Powell Colchester Guise
Alida Gulbis
Two daughters Gulbis
two daughters Gulbis
Eleanor Gulling
Amy Gummer 1784 Chard, Somerset, England
John Gummer 1781 Chard, Somerset, England
John Gummer 1792 Chard, Somerset, England
Josrph Gummer 1785 Chard, Somerset, England
Samuel Gummer
Sarah Gummer 1795 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Gummer 1783 Chard, Somerset, England
Nellie Gunn
Vivien Julie Gunn 1968 Greenwich, London, England
Elizabeth Tabitha Gunther
Bertram Irvine Gurden 1897 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Sigrid Guski 1945 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bayern, Germany
John Alfred Guthrie
William Guthrie
Agnes Isabelle Guy 1880 Sedbergh, Westmorland, England
Clifford Norman Guy 1910 Wellington, New Zealand
Daisey Matilda Guy 1895
Gertrude L. Guy 1896 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Leonard Arthur Guy 1896 New Zealand
Percy Guy 1893 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Phyllis Bertha Guy 1908 Wellington, New Zealand
Walter Guy 1866 Dorset, England
Walter C. Guy 1890 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Jones Guy 1887 Somerset, England
Annes (ferch John) GWYN 1420
Mary Gye 1775 Bath, Somerset, England
William Gye
Elizabeth Johanna Haan 1927 North Dakota, USA
Robert Phillip Haan
Sarah Emily Habershon
Mary Hack
Lily Haddenham Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Emma Haden
Ada Florence Hadley 1873 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emily Genevieve Hadley 1897
George Hadley
Kenneth Hadley 1930 England
Wife Hadley
Oswald Sinclair Haggie 1885 Haston, Durham, England
Peter Frazer Sinclair Haggie 1913 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Gilburt Hague 1853 Salford, Lancashire, England
Nellie Hahir
Husband Hahn
Trish Hahn
Lydia Mary Ann Hailes 1884
Florence Elizabeth Haines 1879 Gloucestershire, England
Husband Haines
Nadine D Haines 1949 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Stanley A Haines 1911 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James C Haisom 1820 Devon, England
Sophia J W Haisom 1845 Plymouth, Devon, England
James J Haldon
Patricia M M Haldon 1936 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Annabel Elizabeth Hale 1987 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Christopher J. R. Hale 1932 Cringleford, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Enid D Hale 1932 Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Marianne Blagden Hale
Nicholas Mark Hale 1986 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Sidney Arthur Hale 1902
Alfred Edward Hall 1926 Dublin, Ireland
Aucel Ethelbert Hall 1879 Halton County, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Hall
Edwin Hall
Ethel May Hall 1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Fanny Hall 1834 Thornhill, Yorkshire, England
Fanny Louisa Ellen Hall 1873 Battersea, London, England
Frederick Hall
George Hall 1838 Lincolnshire, England
George David Hall
Ivy Rosina Hall 1905 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Matthew William Hall 1968 Croydon, Surrey, England
Melville Ethelbert Hall 1911 Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada
Patrick Fenton Hall 1966 Croydon, Surrey, England
Raymond S W Hall
Reginald Ian Hall 1958 Bromley, Kent, England
Robert Hall
Sarah Hall 1814 Wellington, Somerset, England
Sarah Matilda Audley Hall
Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall
Vera Hall 1910 Hartlepool, Durham, England
Elizabeth Hallam
Edward Francis Halland 1850 Chelsea, London, England
Leila Violet Halland 1885 Kensington, London, England
Amelia M Hallatt 1913 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Clifford Hallatt 1910 New Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Clifford George Hallatt 1887 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Daughter Hallatt
Lewis George Hallatt 1915 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Olive Hallatt 1907 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ada Hallett 1909 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Adeliza Hallett 1900 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Agnes Beedell Hallett 1863 'Newland', Poughill, Devon, England
Albert Hallett 1879 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Alfred J Hallett
Anne Hallett 1904 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Annie Hallett 1903 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Annie Hallett 1881 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Annie Hallett 1938 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Audrey Hallett 1927
Benjamin Hallett 1864 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Benjamin Hallett 1844 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Benjamin Hallett 1899 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Bertie Hallett 1873 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Blanche Hallett 1868 'The Mitre', 125 Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, London, England
Christopher Jeremiah Hallett 1851
Christopher Orlando Hallett 1876 Fivehead, Somerset, England
Deborah J Hallett 1964 Sidcup, London, England
Denise Anne Hallett 1968 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Dorothy Beedell Hallett 1888 Brentford, London, England
Dorothy M Hallett 1924 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Dudley Savigear Hallett 1890 Brentford, London, England
Edgar Hallett 1901 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Edgar Hallett 1877 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Edith Hallett 1885 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Edith M Hallett 1911 Aller, Somerset, England
Eunice Hallett 1932 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Florence Hallett 1893 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Florence Hallett 1866 'The Mitre', 125 Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, London, England
Frances Hallett 1870 'The Mitre', 125 Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, London, England
George Hallett 1836 Chard, Somerset, England
George Hallett 1816 Chard, Somerset, England
George Henry Hallett 1906 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
George Henry Hallett 1869 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Georgina A Hallett 1938 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Gladys Beedell Hallett 1891 Brentford, London, England
Herbert Hallett 1864 'The Mitre', 125 Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, London, England
Horace Hallett 1872 'The Mitre', 125 Chancery Lane, St Dunstans in the West, London, England
Husband Hallett
James Hallett 1825 Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, England
James Beedell Hallett 1858 Marylebone, London, England
Jean D Hallett 1933 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Jeremiah Richard Hallett
John Hallett 1835 Chard, Somerset, England
John Hallett 1783 Dorset, England
John William Hallett 1870 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Joseph Hallett 1846 Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Laura Hallett 1875 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Leonard R Hallett 1912 Langport, Somerset, England
Leslie Alfred Savigear Hallett 1883 Plymouth, Devon, England
Lewis Hallett 1901 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Lewis Hallett 1927 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Lewis George Hallett 1892 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Louisa Hallett 1896 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Marcelle Gwladys Hallett 1917 Holborn, London, England
Margaret Hallett 1905 Tottenham, London, England
Mary Alice Hallett 1895 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary E Hallett 1915 Langport, Somerset, England
Maurice Beedell Hallett 1893 Camberwell, London, England
Minnie Hallett 1883 Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England
Nellie Hallett 1898 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Norman James Hallett 1910 Welwyn, Hertfordshire, England
Paul Steven L Hallett 1969 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Priscilla Margaret Hallett 1875 Marylebone, London, England
Richard Christopher Hallett 1909 Aller, Somerset, England
Samuel Hallett 1842 Marylebone, London, England
Sarah Ann Hallett 1848 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Sophia Hallett 1799 Blackdown, Dorset, England
Steven J Hallett 1946 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Terrance W Hallett 1939 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Hallett 1842 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Hallett 1837 Chard, Somerset, England
Wilfred Hallett 1908 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Yvette Maud Hallett 1919 Lymington, Hampshire, England
Joseph Halliday
Maud Louise Halliday 1897
Adam G Hallsworth
Alice Kendra Hallsworth 1987 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Oliver Miles B Hallsworth 1991 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Claude Victor Vincent Halpin 1891 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
Daughter Halpin
Daughter Halpin
Samuel Thomas Halpin 1911 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Son Halpin
Son Halpin
Son Halpin
Mary Ann Halsey
Mary Halstead
Ann Varcoe Ham 1829 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Clara Mary Ham 1826 St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel John Ham
Gladys Brittania Maud Hambley
Caroline Hamblin 1815 Othery, Somerset, England
Edwardanna Hamilton
Lorna Kathleen Hamilton 1940 Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Margaret Catherine Hamilton 1912
Norma Jean Hamilton
William Hamilton
William E. de Coursey Hamilton 1903
Keith Hubert Hamilton-Smith 1934 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
Mercy Joan Hamley 1918 Auckland, New Zealand
Mary Louisa Hamlyn 1830 Southwark, London, England
Edna May Hammon 1915 Exeter, Devon, England
Annie Sarah Hammond 1882 Witley, Surrey, England
Brian Hammond
Egbert Hammond 1880 Garafraxa Township, Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada
Emily Jane Sarah Hammond 1835 St James, Westminster, London, England
Emily Jane Sarah Hammond 1854 Chelsea, London, England
Emily Rhoda Hammond 1882 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Fanny Hammond 1843 Chelsea, London, England
George Hammond
Hazel Gertrude Hammond 1904 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
John Thomas Hammond
Ivan Hamonic
Edward hampton
Elizabeth Hampton 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Hampton
David W Hancock
Elizabeth Hancock 1819
Frances Sophia Hancock 1847 Twickenham, London, England
John Hancock
Eva Mary Hancox
Chris Hancuff
Dane Hancuff
John Carl Hancuff 1930 Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho, USA
John Carl Hancuff 1949 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Mary Ann Handel 1833 Taunton, Somerset, England
Robert Handel 1819 Taunton, Somerset, England
Edith Ellen Handley
Elaine M Hands 1937 Bromley, Kent, England
Nicola Hands 1967 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Hanham
Anne Hanley
James Hann
Jane Ann Hannaford 1863 Walkhampton, Devon, England
Samuel Hannaford
Sarah Elizabeth Prideaux Hannaford 1863 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Hannah (Beedell) 1845 Tiverton, Devon, England
Frank Milford Hannah
Julia Victoria Hansen
John Hanyes
Margaret Hanyes
Margerie Hanyes 1596 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Hanyes
Harriet Harber 1867 Suckley, Martley, Worcestershire, England
Lillian Harbord
Albert James Harbour 1859 Derbyshire, England
Alfred Harbour 1862 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Alma Harbour 1859 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Alpheus Harbour 1721 Chard, Somerset, England
Amelia Harbour 1832 Chard, Somerset, England
Amelia Harbour 1850 Chard, Somerset, England
Amy Harbour 1863 Chard, Somerset, England
Amy Florence Harbour 1876 Chard, Somerset, England
Amy Nellie Harbour 1900 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England
Angela A Harbour 1938 Surrey, England
Ann Harbour 1757 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann HARBOUR 1797 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Harbour 1846 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Harbour 1825 Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Harbour 1790 Chard, Somerset, England
Anne Harbour 1868 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Annie Augusta Harbour 1892 Battersea, London, England
Annie Clara Harbour 1876 Chard, Somerset, England
Annie Elizabeth Harbour 1870 Chard, Somerset, England
Annie Sophia Harbour 1867 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Arthur Harbour 1861 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Arthur Henry Harbour 1869 Chard, Somerset, England
Arthur Henry Harbour 1900 Kensal Rise, Middlesex, England
Bessie Jane Harbour 1890 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Bessie May Harbour 1887 Illinois, USA
Betty Harbour 1772 Chard, Somerset, England
Betty Harbour 1788 Chard, Somerset, England
Bridget Harbour 1874 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Carey C Harbour 1868 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Caroline Harbour 1824 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Caroline Ellen Harbour 1871 Chard, Somerset, England
Charles Harbour 1870 Bath Street, Chard, Somerset, England
Charles Harbour
Charles Robbins Harbour 1826 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Charlotte Harbour 1834 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Child Harbour
Clara Harbour 1865 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Dianah Harbour 1776 Chard, Somerset, England
Donald Harbour 1908 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Donald William Harbour 1915 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Doris Helen Harbour 1909 West Ealing, Middlesex, England
Dorothy Harbour 1899 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Dorothy Amy Harbour 1896 Taunton, Somerset, England
Douglas Edward Harbour 1899 Reading, Berkshire, England
Edith Elizabeth Harbour 1872 Chard, Somerset, England
Edward Harbour
Edward George Harbour 1870 Chard, Somerset, England
Edward John Harbour 1900 Marylebone, London, England
Eli Harbour 1719
Elizabeth Harbour 1835 Chard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Harbour 1852
Elizabeth Harbour 1855 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Elizabeth Harbour 1852 Chard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Harbour 1865 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Elizabeth Harbour 1882 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Elizabeth Harbour 1894 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Harbour 1835 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Elizabeth M Harbour 1949 Barton, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Mary Harbour 1864 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Ellen Louisa Harbour 1879 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Elsie May Harbour 1895 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Emma Harbour 1850 Chard, Somerset, England
Emma Jane Harbour 1857 Chard, Somerset, England
Ernest Harbour 1900 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Esau Harbour 1723 Chard, Somerset, England
Eva Ethel Harbour 1881 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Florence Sarah Harbour 1882 Taunton, Somerset, England
Frances Gertrude Harbour 1879 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Francis Harbour 1859 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Francis Wayne Harbour 1899 New Windsor, Mercer County, Illinois, USA
Fred Harbour 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
Frederick Harbour 1856
Frederick Charles Harbour 1897 Marylebone, London, England
Gard Richmond Harbour 1856 Yeovil, Somerset, England
George Harbour 1839 Chard, Somerset, England
George Harbour 1841 Bridport, Dorset, England
George Harbour 1829 Chard, Somerset, England
George Harbour 1834 Yeovil, Somerset, England
George William Harbour 1879 Chard, Somerset, England
George William Rowland Harbour 1896 Taunton, Somerset, England
Gerald Harbour 1944 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Harry Harbour 1861 Chard, Somerset, England
Harry Lee Harbour 1892 New Windsor, Mercer County, Illinois, USA
Helen Elizabeth Harbour
Helena Mary Harbour 1895 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Henry Harbour 1856 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Butler Harbour 1852 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Henry Joseph Harbour 1858 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Herbert Harbour 1872 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Herbert William Harbour 1887 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Herbert William Harbour 1844 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jabez Harbour 1725 Chard, Somerset, England
Jacob Harbour 1844 Chard, Somerset, England
James Harbour 1867 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James Harbour 1831 Chard, Somerset, England
James Charles Harbour 1851 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jane Harbour 1848 Chard, Somerset, England
Jane Elizabeth Harbour 1872 Chard, Somerset, England
Jemina Ann Harbour 1852 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Job Harbour 1839 Yeovil, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1670 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1792 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1860 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
John Harbour 1798 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1866 Yeovil, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1692
John Harbour 1817 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1858 Chard, Somerset, England
John HARBOUR 1761 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1695 Chard, Somerset, England
John Harbour 1789 Chard, Somerset, England
John Seward Harbour 1827 Portland, Dorset, England
Joseph Harbour 1699 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1823 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1862 Illinois, USA
Joseph Harbour 1694 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1785 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1821 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1870 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1664 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1756 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1840 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Harbour 1805 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph E. Harbour 1850 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Kate Harbour 1862 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Kate Elizabeth Harbour 1878 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Kate Elizabeth Harbour 1857 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour 1833 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi HARBOUR 1717 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour
Levi Harbour 1823 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour 1793 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour 1850 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour 1841 Chard, Somerset, England
Levi Harbour
Lily May Harbour 1889 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Louis John Harbour 1853 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Luke Harbour 1841 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Mabel Alice Harbour 1889 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Margaret Harbour
Marjorie Harbour 1915 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1862 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1764 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1829 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1786 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1816 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Harbour 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Harbour 1856 Heanor, Derbyshire, England
Mary Elizabeth Harbour 1856 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Jane Harbour 1870 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Mary Jane Harbour 1858 Big Rock, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Maud Mary Harbour 1873 Chard, Somerset, England
Nathaniel HARBOUR 1665
Nathaniel Harbour 1705 Chard, Somerset, England
Nellie Harbour 1891 Portishead, Somerset, England
Nora Lucy Harbour 1872 Torquay, Devon, England
Percival Lionel Harbour 1898 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Reginald Harold Harbour 1903 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Richard Harbour 1853 Big Rock Township, Kane County, Illinois, USA
Richard A E Harbour 1936 Lewisham, London, England
Rosa Harbour 1850 Chard, Somerset, England
Rosa Edith Harbour 1859 Chard, Somerset, England
Samuel Harbour 1772 Chard, Somerset, England
Samuel Harbour 1861 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1837 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1819 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1855 Furnham, Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1807 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1768 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Harbour 1702 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Ann Harbour 1854 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Sarah Jane Harbour 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
Simeon Harbour 1831 Chard, Somerset, England
Simeon Harbour 1827 Chard, Somerset, England
Sophia Harbour 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Harbour 1710 Chard, Somerset, England
Walter Harbour 1876 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Walter Harbour 1856 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Walter Charles Harbour 1878 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Walter Edward Harbour 1848 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Harbour 1876 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Harbour 1715 Chard, Somerset, England
William HARBOUR 1688 Chard, Somerset, England
William harbour
William G. Harbour 1860 Chard, Somerset, England
William George Harbour 1854 Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
William James Harbour 1866 Chard, Somerset, England
William Joseph Harbour 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
Brian Hardie
Ellen Frances Hardie 1890
Henry Hardie
Jane A Hardie 1951 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Mary F Hardie 1955 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Ann Harding 1741 Reigate, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Harding 1729 Dorking, Surrey, England
Frusanna Harding 1738 Reigate, Surrey, England
John Harding
John Harding 1735 Reigate, Surrey, England
Louisa Harding
Margaret Harding 1731 Reigate, Surrey, England
Mary Harding 1733 Reigate, Surrey, England
Mary Harding
Nathaniel Harding
Rebecca Harding 1747 Reigate, Surrey, England
Sarah Harding 1800 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Harding 1744 Reigate, Surrey, England
Timothea HARDING
William Harding
Harriet Hardman 1839 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Thomas Wilkinson Hardstaff
daughter Hardy
son Hardy
Mary Harfield 1849 Shirley, Hampshire, England
Robert Harfield
Charles Henry Hargis 1916 Canning Town, Essex, England
Jacqueline A Hargis 1948 Romford, Essex, England
James L Hargis 1956 Ilford, London, England
Janet L Hargis 1943 Romford, Essex, England
Jeffrey C Hargis 1941 West Ham, Essex, England
Louis George Hargis
Adrian Victor Hargreaves 1943 York, Yorkshire, England
Aoife Helen Hargreaves 1996 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Denise Sharon Hargreaves 1968 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Emily Hannah Hargreaves 1876 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Naimh Mary Hargreaves 1997 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Orla Michelle Hargreaves 2000 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Stephen Adrian Hargreaves 1965 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
William John Hargreaves
David J. Harle 1929 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Mary Jean Harle 1951 Gloucestershire, England
Eric Arthur Harle 1923 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Horace Harle 1896 Canterbury, Kent, England
Isabella Harle 1894
Jonathan Christopher Harle 1957 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England
Katherine Elizabeth Harle 1985 Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland
Mark Jonathan Harle 1983 Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland
Olive Ruth Harle 1925 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Phoebe Harle 1887
Stephen Willis Harle 1864 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England
Susan Harle 1963 Northfleet, Kent, England
Timothy John Harle 1954 Gloucestershire, England
Emma Harley
Henry J Harling 1921 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Roland Frank Harling 1922 Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Roland H J S Harling 1908
Agnes Eva Harlow 1873 Margate, Kent, England
Edward Jesse Harlow 1842 Northdown, Kent, England
Elizabeth Ann Harlow 1877 Margate, Kent, England
Flora Caroline Harlow 1875 Margate, Kent, England
George Harlow 1845 Northdown, Kent, England
George William Harlow 1880 Margate, Kent, England
James Henry Harlow 1848 Northdown, Kent, England
John Thomas Harlow 1840 Margate, Kent, England
Thomas Aloysius Harlow 1872 Washington DC, USA
William Harlow 1837 Margate, Kent, England
William Harlow 1817 Margate, Kent, England
Jonathan Harmer 1673
Nora A Harnett
Don Harper
Glenn Martin Harper 1974 Plymouth, Devon, England
Irene Harper
Joan Harper 1926 Gloucestershire, England
Maddie Harper 2002 Plymouth, Devon, England
Maria Harper 1803 Madeley, Shropshire, England
Rachel A Harper
Walter Henry Harper 1890 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Harper 2005 Plymouth, Devon, England
Cyril George Morley Harries 1895 Uzmaston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Thomas Harries 1857 Uzmaston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
William E Harries
Denis Harrington
George Harriott
Charles Harris
Dorothy Harris
Edward Harris
Eileen Victoria Harris 1900 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Jane Harris 1876 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Elizabeth Harris 1820 Bromyard, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Harris 1788 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Ellen Harris 1912 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Evelyn Harris 1918 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
George Cyril Harris
Hannah Harris
Harriet Harris 1827 Herefordshire, England
Hinton John Harris
Jane Anne Harris 1829
Jennie M V Harris
John Harris
Joseph Harris 1886 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Joseph Bastable Harris 1891 South Molton, Devon, England
Joseph Bastable Harris 1863 Honiton, Devon, England
Joyce Edith Harris
Kenneth Harris
Linda L Harris 1949 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lucy Margaret Harris
Maria Harris
Mary Harris Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Mary Harris
Melville Harris
Mervyn Williams Harris 1887 23 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland
Olive Harris 1914 Mascot, NSW, Australia
Polly Harris 1887 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Rebecca Harris 1832 Warwickshire, England
Rice Alforth Evelyn Harris 1886 18 Haddington Road, Morice Town, Devon, England
Rice Harris Harris 1851 St. Thomas, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rice Williams Harris 1825 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Richard Harris 1844 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Richard Harris
Richard Henry Harris 1878 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Ronald Harris
Sarah Harris 1791 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Thomas Valentine Harris
Victor Harris
William Harris
William Harris 1893 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
William Henry Harris 1874 Quarry Bank, Staffordshire, England
Charlotte Ann Harrison 1841 Blackwood, Monmouthshire, Wales
David Harrison 1852 Shildon, Durham, England
Elizabeth M Harrison 1870 Bishops Aukland, Durham, England
Henry Harrison 1812 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Henry Pratt Harrison 1823 England
Husband Harrison
Jane Harrison 1827 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Joyce Emma Harrison 1909 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Kenneth Robert Harrison 1913 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Maria Harrison 1834 Sherwood, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary Jane Harrison 1826 Newport, Glamorganshire, Wales
Muriel Blanche Harrison 1906 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Robert Jarrold Harrison 1869 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Sarah Elizabeth Harrison 1888 Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Son Harrison
Thomas Harrison
John Courtenay Harry
Margaret Harry 1777 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Richard Harry
Nora A Hart
Alick Hartley 1910 Carlton, Victoria, Australia
Florence V Hartley
Kenneth James Hartley 1955 Paddington, NSW, Australia
Paul William Dale Hartley 1982 Port Kembla, NSW, Australia
Lydia Ellen Hartnell 1997 Taunton, Somerset, England
Peter Hartnell 1957 Devon, England
Finbar T M Hartnett
Daughter Hartwell 1871
Elizabeth Ann Hartwell
Richard P Hartwell 1839 Dalston, London, England
Rose M Hartwell 1870
Daughter Hartwick
Daughter Hartwick
Ken Hartwick
Bridget Tracy Harty 1919 New Zealand
Dorothy Kate Harvey 1904 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Edwin J Harvey
Ella Marion Harvey 1870 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Esther Kathleen Harvey 1873 Chard, Somerset, England
Frances Harvey
Gladys Mary Harvey 1906 Yeovil, Somerset, England
James Henry Harvey Chaffcombe, Somerset, England
Jane Harvey 1869
Joseph Samuel Harvey 1869 Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
Lilian Elizabeth Harvey 1888
Lillian Ivy Isabel Harvey 1913 London, England
Linden Clarke Harvey 1897 Usborne Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Harvey
Percival Herbert James Harvey 1910 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Richard Harvey
Son Harvey
Algie Lydia Hatch
Aimee Margaret Hatfield 2003 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland
Kevin Peter Hatfield 1977 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Rachel Hatfield
Ada B Hatswell 1916 Fulham, London, England
Ada May Hatswell 1874 Paddington, London, England
Albert Edward Hatswell 1863 Marylebone, London, England
Alberta Jean Hatswell 1875 Ealing, London, England
Amelia Kate Hatswell 1883 Kew, London, England
Amelia Sarah Ann Hatswell 1839 London, England
Ann Hatswell 1763 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ann Hatswell 1818 Church Hill, Loxbeare, Devon, England
Anna L Hatswell 1866 Bethnal Green, London, England
Arthur Henry Hatswell 1870 Paddington, London, England
Arthur William Hatswell 1880 Kew, London, England
Bessie Edith Hatswell 1859 Washfield, Devon, England
Bessie Laura Hatswell 1894 Kensington, London, England
Cecilia Agnes Hatswell 1855 Paddington, London, England
Cecilia Dorothy Hatswell 1898 Islington, London, England
Charles Edward Hatswell 1896 Kensington, London, England
child Hatswell
Doris Lilian Hatswell 1907 Richmond, London, England
Edith Lucy Hatswell 1885 Kensington, London, England
Edward Arthur Hatswell 1860 Paddington, London, England
Edward Ernest Hatswell 1858 Washfield, Devon, England
Edwin Ernest Hatswell 1886 Kensington, London, England
Eliza Hatswell 1832 Devon, England
Elizabeth Hatswell 1830 Devon, England
Elizabeth Hatswell 1816
Elizabeth Hatswell 1760 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ellen Hatswell 1860 Battersea, London, England
Ellen Ann Hatswell 1864 Paddington, London, England
Ellen Mary Hatswell 1849 Washfield, Devon, England
Emily Hatswell 1848 Paddington, London, England
Emily Marshall Hatswell 1866 Marylebone, London, England
Ephraim Francis Hatswell 1852 Marylebone, London, England
Ernest William Hatswell 1889 Marylebone, London, England
Evelyn Ethel Hatswell 1895 Kensington, London, England
Florence Edith Hatswell 1866 Paddington, London, England
Francis Hatswell 1828 Devon, England
Francis John Hatswell 1880 Paddington, London, England
Francis William Hatswell 1854 Washfield, Devon, England
Fred Hatswell 1893 Battersea, London, England
Frederick Hatswell 1858 Marylebone, London, England
Frederick William Hatswell 1825
George Hatswell 1825 Washfield, Devon, England
George Edward Hatswell 1869 Marylebone, London, England
George Frederick Hatswell 1858 Paddington, London, England
Gladys May Hatswell 1892 Kensington, London, England
Grace Hatswell 1776 Tiverton, Devon, England
Hannah Hatswell 1771 Tiverton, Devon, England
Harriet Hatswell 1821 'Little Haydon Farm', Washfield, Devon, England
Henry Besley Hatswell 1851
Henry Burchett Hatswell 1883 Marylebone, London, England
Isabel Hatswell 1890 'Bagley Arms', 112 Culvert Road, Battersea, London, England
Isabel Alice Hatswell 1859 Paddington, London, England
James Hatswell 1826 Devon, England
Jane Hatswell 1810 Washfield, Devon, England
Jane Hatswell 1789 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jemina Hatswell 1828 Devon, England
Jenny Hatswell 1759 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hatswell 1739 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hatswell 1794 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hatswell 1765 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hatswell 1845 Paddington, London, England
John William Hatswell 1891 Islington, London, England
Julia Sophia Hatswell 1855 Greenwich, London, England
Kate Elizabeth Hatswell 1860 Marylebone, London, England
Kathleen Ethel Hatswell 1903 Kensington, London, England
Leonard William Hatswell 1889 Kensington, London, England
Lilian Adelaide Hatswell 1878 Ealing, London, England
Lilian Adelaide Hatswell 1894
Lilian May Hatswell 1896 St Georges East, London, England
Mabel Hatswell 1885 Kew, London, England
Mary Hatswell 1757 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Hatswell 1814
Mary Hatswell 1819 Washfield, Devon, England
Mary Ann Hatswell 1823 'Rull Farm', Stoodleigh, Devon, England
May Lilian Hatswell 1910 Wandsworth, London, England
Nellie Beedell Hatswell 1888 Kensington, London, England
Olive M Hatswell 1929 Kensington, London, England
Percy Hatswell 1888 Battersea, London, England
Phyllis M Hatswell 1927 Kensington, London, England
Rhoda Ellen Hatswell 1892 Hammersmith, London, England
Rhoda Emma Hatswell 1853 Washfield, Devon, England
Robert Sidney G Hatswell 1900 Islington, London, England
Sarah Hatswell 1828 Devon, England
Sarah Hatswell 1766 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sarah Ann Hatswell 1850 Paddington, London, England
Selina Hatswell 1857 Lambeth, London, England
Susanna Hatswell 1774 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sydney Beedell Hatswell 1868 Bethnal Green, London, England
Thomas Hatswell
Thomas Hatswell 1794 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Hatswell 1823
Thomas Hatswell 1856 Marylebone, London, England
Thomas Hatswell 1821
Thomas Hatswell 1773 Tiverton, Devon, England
Walter Hatswell 1872 Marylebone, London, England
Walter John Hatswell 1898 Kensington, London, England
William Hatswell
William Hatswell 1690 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Hatswell 1813 Washfield, Devon, England
William Hatswell 1789 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Hatswell 1769 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Augustus Hatswell 1818 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Marshall Hatswell 1854 Marylebone, London, England
Mary Hatton 1738 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Michael Hatton
Rebecca Hatton 1896 Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England
Susannah Hatton 1725 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Hatton
William Hatton 1700 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sheila Hauck
William Francis Hauck 1909
Simeon Havens
Albert Havill 1849 Wonford, Devon, England
Kathleen J Havill 1920 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Stanley Albert Havill 1887 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Haward 1664 Sandhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Haward 1666 Sandhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Haward 1635
Jane Hawker
Nellie May Hawker 1898
George Herbert Hawkes 1888 McLean, Saskatchewan, Canada
Joan Marion Hawkes 1926 Lambeth, London, England
Harry Hawking
Catherine Sarah Hawkins 1825 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England
Colin H Hawkins
Eleanor Hawkins 1764 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Eleanor Jane Hawkins 1835 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Hawkins 1820 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Elizabeth Hawkins 1831 Eastington, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Hawkins 1818
Elizabeth Ann Hawkins 1841 Crediton, Devon, England
Ellen Amy Hawkins 1915 Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England
Florence G Hawkins
Henry Hawkins 1732
Henry Hawkins
Henry Hawkins 1800 Fretherne, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Hawkins 1768 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Horatio Hawkins 1827 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England
Jasper Selwyn Hawkins 1771 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Jasper Selwyn Hawkins 1829 'Gossington Hall', Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Hawkins 1735
John Hawkins 1763
John Hawkins 1970 Honiton, Devon, England
Joseph Hawkins 1831 Gloucestershire, England
Lavinia Hawkins 1862 Torquay, Devon, England
Mary Hawkins
Mary Hawkins
Mary Hawkins 1820
Matthew Henry Hawkins
Michael Hawkins 1965
Morris Hawkins
Rosamund Hawkins 1838 Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Hawkins
Samuel Hawkins 1761 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Hawkins 1821 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Sarah Hawkins 1766 Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Selwyn Hawkins 1826 Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England
Sophia Sophronia Hawkins 1815
Tony P Hawkins
William Hawkins
Caroline P Haws
Evelyn Davidson Hay 1916
Christopher Hayden
William John Haydon 1865 Devon, England
Martha Haye
Arthur C Hayes
Barry J Hayes 1936 Romford, Essex, England
Graham A Hayes 1934 Romford, Essex, England
Jennie Hayes 1887
Lillian Hayes
Rustin Rex Hayes
Susan C Hayes 1938 Romford, Essex, England
William Hayes
Daniel Hayllar 1775 Betchworth, Surrey, England
Richard Hayllar 1736
Thomas Hayllar
Susannah Haylor
Emma Hayman 1840 Kenn, Devon, England
Hannah Hayman 1855 Kilmington, Devon, England
Alice Haynes 1589 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Anne Haynes
Bertha L Haynes 1902 Ontario, Canada
Edward Haynes
Edward Haynes 1858 Braishfield, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Haynes
Frances Mary Haynes 1905 Boscombe, Hampshire, England
John Higgingson Haynes 1829 Everton, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Lucy Haynes 1861 Hursley, Hampshire, England
Mary Haynes 1752 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Mary Haynes 1752 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Mary Haynes Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Millicent Haynes 1905
Richard Haynes
Rosamund Haynes 1663
Susan Charlotte Haynes 1855 Wellington, Somerset, England
William Haynes 1715 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Haynes 1720
Arthur Hayter 1903
Andrew J Hayward 1959 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Cyril L Hayward 1931 Yeovil, Somerset, England
David K Hayward 1954 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Dorothy B Hayward 1928 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Fred Hayward 1887 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Freda M Hayward 1915 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Gladys Lily Hayward 1917 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Gladys O Hayward
Helena Hawkesworth Hayward
Kenneth F H Hayward 1924 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Louise K Hayward 1962 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Margaret R Hayward 1936 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Muriel Alice Hayward 1914 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Olive Bessy Hayward 1920 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Pauline E Hayward 1958 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Vera M Hayward 1927 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William Henry Hayward
Sarah Haywood
Harriet Hazell 1853
Andrew R Hazlie
William Heal
Alfred Heald
Charles Heald
Charles Heald
Florence Susannah Heald
Thomas Dann Heald
William Heald
John Healing 1625
Mary Healing 1701 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Healing
Alice Healy 1899 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
James Angus Healy
Grace Heard 1730 Tiverton, Devon, England
Susannah Hearley
Dorothy May Hearn 1890 Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Ernest William Hearn 1886 Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Hearn 1815 Shebbear, Devon, England
John Hearn 1859 Shebbear, Devon, England
Lucy Mary Hearn 1892 Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Irene Hearn 1888 Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Hearn 1914 Chard, Somerset, England
Violet Hearty 1917 Fort Coulonge, Potiac, Quebec, Canada
Christine S Heasell
Frances Heasman
Charles Heath 1889
Edgar Heath 1885
Edwin Heath 1858 St John's Wood, London, England
Florence Heath 1880 Holborn, London, England
Hannah Heath
Lillian Heath 1882
Martha Jane Heath 1852 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Mary Ellen Heath 1917
Nellie Heath 1887
Ober M Heath
Sandra Heath 1947 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Sarah Elizabeth Heath
William J Heath
James Heathcote
Vivienne Heathcote 1941
Amelia Heather 1837
John Heather
Henrietta Heaven 1862 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Heaven
Ada Heaver 1875 Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire, England
Alan D Heaver 1916 Ratham, Sussex, England
Ann Heaver 1840 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Ann Heaver 1803 Reigate, Surrey, England
Annie Rose Heaver 1881 Bosham, Sussex, England
Benjamin Heaver 1766 Reigate, Surrey, England
Benjamin Heaver 1808 Reigate, Surrey, England
Benjamin Heaver
Benjamin Heaver 1743 Reigate, Surrey, England
Constance Lizzie Heaver 1869 Bosham, Sussex, England
Eliza Heaver 1842 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Elizabeth Heaver 1792
Elizabeth Heaver 1700 Buckland, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Heaver 1770 Reigate, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Heaver 1801 Reigate, Surrey, England
Ellen Manston Heaver 1871 Bosham, Sussex, England
Ellen Maydwell Lockwood Teed Heaver 1880 Marshfield, Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Lucy Lockwood Teed Heaver 1879 Marshfield, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Lizzie Lockwood Teed Heaver 1878 Bleadworth, Hampshire, England
Francis Charles Heaver 1856 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
George Heaver 1812 Reigate, Surrey, England
Grace Heaver 1873 Roydon, Essex, England
Hannah Heaver 1690 Buckland, Surrey, England
Harriett HEAVER 1806 Reigate, Surrey, England
Herbert Heaver 1873 Bosham, Sussex, England
Herbert Reginald Heaver 1909
Jane Heaver 1811 Reigate, Surrey, England
Joan Audrey Heaver 1914 Ratham, Sussex, England
John Heaver
John HEAVER 1697 Buckland, Surrey, England
John Heaver 1797 Buckland, Surrey, England
John Heaver 1772 Reigate, Surrey, England
John HEAVER 1658 Horley, Surrey, England
John Heaver 1762 Reigate, Surrey, England
John Heaver 1842 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
John Heaver 1734 Reigate, Surrey, England
John England Heaver 1853 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
John Painter Heaver 1906 Ratham, Sussex, England
John Wyman Teed Heaver 1866 Bosham, Sussex, England
Joseph Heaver 1814 Reigate, Surrey, England
Katherine Heaver 1695 Buckland, Surrey, England
Katrina E Heaver
Kitty Heaver 1775 Reigate, Surrey, England
Marguerite Heaver 1876 Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire, England
Maria Heaver 1815 Reigate, Surrey, England
Maria Heaver 1809 Reigate, Surrey, England
Maria Heaver 1839 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Mary Heaver 1764 Reigate, Surrey, England
Mary Heaver 1746 Reigate, Surrey, England
Mary Heaver 1801 Reigate, Surrey, England
Mary Heaver 1805 Reigate, Surrey, England
Maude Heaver 1876 Bosham, Sussex, England
Maude Lindsay Heaver 1882 West Ham, Essex, England
Michael Heaver 1799 Reigate, Surrey, England
Michael Heaver 1844 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Nora Bryant Heaver 1884 Forest Gate, Essex, England
Norah Daphne Heaver 1910 Ratham, Sussex, England
Northcote Heaver 1868 Bosham, Sussex, England
Richard Steel Heaver 1850 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Robert D Heaver 1936 Worthing, Sussex, England
Sarah Heaver 1807 Reigate, Surrey, England
Sarah Heaver 1767 Reigate, Surrey, England
Sarah Heaver 1795
Sarah Heaver 1702 Buckland, Surrey, England
Sarah Heaver 1740 Reigate, Surrey, England
Sarah Bowyer Heaver 1847 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Sophia Heaver 1803 Reigate, Surrey, England
Sophia Lindsay Heaver 1837 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Heaver 1811 Reigate, Surrey, England
Thomas Heaver 1802 Betchworth, Surrey, England
Thomas Douglas Heaver 1911 Albury, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Douglas Heaver 1874 Bosham, Sussex, England
Thomas Fordham Heaver 1849 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Teed Heaver 1840 Ware, Hertfordshire, England
Violet Heaver 1879 Forest Gate, Essex, England
Walter Leslie Heaver 1878 Bosham, Sussex, England
William Heaver 1767
William HEAVER 1767 Worth, Sussex, England
William HEAVER 1739 Reigate, Surrey, England
William Heaver 1806 Reigate, Surrey, England
William Lindsay Heaver 1846 Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England
William Sanders Heaver 1798 Reigate, Surrey, England
Frances Louisa Heaysman 1853 Bromley, Kent, England
Henry Hebditch
Mildred Larcombe Hebditch 1899 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Muriel Hebditch 1905 Somerset, England
Margaret HEDLEY
Joseph Anstis Heedem
Carl Victor Hoier Heegaard 1854 Denmark
Elizabeth Henrikke Heegaard 1854 South Australia, Australia
Eva Elisabeth Heegaard 1857 Milang, South Australia, Australia
Marianne Harriet Heegaard 1864 Lake Plains, South Australia, Australia
Marie Heegaard 1855 South Australia, Australia
Mathias Anker Heegaard
Poul Henrik Heegaard 1819
Sanne Sophie Heegaard 1860 Strathalbyn, South Australia, Australia
Steffen Heegaard 1824 Denmark
Joseph Harry Heesem 1912 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Olive Emma Heesem 1904 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
William Robert Heesem 1877
Marian Elma Hege 1878
Albert Rawle Heggie 1893 Douglas, Isle of Man
Alice Mabel Heggie 1894 Douglas, Isle of Man
Gladys Heggie 1890 Douglas, Isle of Man
Harold Heggie 1907 Douglas, Isle of Man
Margaret Ethel Heggie 1896 Douglas, Isle of Man
Robert Heggie 1862 Carnforth, Lancashire, England
Robert Heggie 1828 Scotland
Robert Rawle Heggie 1891 Douglas, Isle of Man
Maija Heidemans 1987
Dorothy Ivy Struck Oil Heiser 1895 Struckoil, Queensland, Australia
Ada Amelia Hellard
Robert Hellard
Elizabeth HELLER 1644 Ewhurst, Surrey, England
John Helliar
Walter Helliar
Walter Helliar 1875 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
William Walter A Helliar 1899 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Absalom Hellier 1816 Othery, Somerset, England
Amy Hellier 1880 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Ann L Hellier 1951 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Annie May Hellier 1892 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Barbara J Hellier 1931 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Hellier 1845 Meare, Somerset, England
Eva Maud Hellier 1882 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Flossie Louisa Harbour Hellier 1888 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Gard Richmond Hellier 1898 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Gordon Jack Hellier 1926 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Ivy B Hellier 1927 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Jack Hellier 1934 Weymouth, Dorset, England
James Henry Hellier 1867 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Hellier 1859 Yeovil, Somerset, England
John Hellier 1834 Dunsford, Devon, England
Kay Susan Hellier 1953 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Lilly Kate Hellier 1890 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Mabel Nellie Hellier 1895 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Rose Hellier 1870 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Two Children Hellier
Dora Hellings
Mary C Hellyar
Siina Helman Estonia
Charles H Helmer
Eunice N Helmer 1938 Woolwich, London, England
Roger F Helmer 1944 Woolwich, London, England
Trevor C Helmer 1935 Woolwich, London, England
William Hem
Hilda Hemingway 1880 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England
Hazel Hemmings 1921
Lancelot Hemmings 1925 Upper Lydbrook (Forest of Dean), Gloucestershire, England
Lancelot Edward Hemmings 1894
Susan Cecily Hemmings 1953 Salisbury, Rhodesia
Ann Henderson
Mabel Martha Henderson
Marjorie Henderson 1910 Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Peter Kenneth Thorwald Henderson 1938 Woolwich, London, England
Son Henderson
Son Henderson
Thorwald Christian Frederick Henderson
Jemina Hendron
Ernest William Hendy 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Hendy 1840 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Heneage 1556 Essex, England
Thomas Heneage
Julian Henly
Acel Hennessy 1907 Orrville, Christie Township, Parry Sound County, Ontario, Canada
Amy Hennessy 1908
Esther Hennessy
Frances Hennessy 1901
Henry Humphrey Hennessy 1874 Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Lillian Hennessy
Margaret Hennessy 1899
Marjorie Helen Hennessy 1929 Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Norah Hennessy 1905
Robert Hennessy
David Gerald Henning
Edward McLean Henning
Gerald Kitchener Henning
Lloyd William Henning
Greg Henry
Joseph W Imrie Henry
Sheila M Henry 1940
Jane Hensen 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
Philip Hensen 1796 Devon, England
Sarah Henson 1831 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sarah Ann Henson
Gary R Heppenstall
Dorothy Elizabeth Hepper 1888 'Whipcot Farm', Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
Douglas Hepper 1896 Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
Frederick Edward Tucker Hepper 1853 'Catkill Farm', Rose Ash, Devon, England
Frederick Mallett Hepper 1894 Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
John Thomas Neville Hepper 1892 Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
Robert Hepper 1806
Winifred Emily Hepper 1889 'Whipcot Farm', Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
Catherine Winifred Herbert
Charles Herbert 1857
Charles Herbert 1832
Charlotte Herbert 1844 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Charlotte Blunt Herbert 1811 Gloucestershire, England
Edward John Herbert
Elizabeth Herbert
Ellen Catherine Nell Herbert
Emily Alison Herbert 1855
Lilian May Herbert
Mary Jane Herbert
William Herbert 1805 Llanviangel, Monmouthshire, Wales
Charlotte Hern 1826 Devon, England
Emma Hern 1831 Devon, England
Jane Hern 1829 Stockland, Devon, England
John Hern 1789 Stockland, Devon, England
John Hern 1827 Devon, England
Mary Hern 1826 Devon, England
Susan Elizabeth Hern 1834 Stockland, Devon, England
Thomas Hern 1835 Devon, England
Elizabeth A Heron 1911 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
JohnThomas Heron
Henrietta Herrick
Gilbert Herring
Herbert Renton Herron
Thomas Herron
Charles Herschell 1859 Islington, London, England
Laura Herschell 1867 Camberley, Surrey, England
Louis Herschell
Mary Helen Herschell 1858 Islington, London, England
Ridley Herschell 1863 Islington, London, England
Margaret Lindsay Heward
Ethel M Hewett
Andrew Hewish 1794 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Mary Ann Hewish 1828 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Sarah Ridge Hewish 1836 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Jane Hewitt 1845 Ireland
Thomas Hewitt
William C Hewitt
Ann Marie Hewlett 1854 London, England
George Herbert Hewson
Helmet Hewson 1919 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Jane Hewson 1954 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Robert C Hewson 1954 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Isabella Edith Hewton 1872 Faraday Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Hewton
Thomas Hewton
Alison M Heywood
Amy Beatrice Heywood 1853 Pennington, Hampshire, England
Ann Heywood 1850 Alwington, Devon, England
Bessie Heywood 1856 Oakford, Devon, England
Charles Heywood
George Heywood
Robert Heywood 1823
Cyril Jack Hibbs
Hilda M Hibbs
Emma Hickman 1860 Dudley, Worcestershire, England
George Haden Hickman
Helen Hickman 1869 West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England
Pamela Maud Hickman 1930
Ada Hicks 1898 Poplar, London, England
Alfred Hicks 1817 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Alfred George Hicks 1885 Hoxton, London, England
Alfred John Hicks 1848 Islington, London, England
Alfred Seymour Hicks 1910 Hoxton, London, England
Alice Mary Hicks 1881 Poplar, London, England
Angela J Hicks 1962 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Ann Hicks
Charlotte Matilda Hicks 1890 Poplar, London, England
Daughter Hicks
Eliza Catherine Hicks 1883 Poplar, London, England
Elizabeth Hicks 1848 Kingskerswell, Devon, England
Francis McGeehan Hicks 1898 Poplar, London, England
George Thomas Hicks 1832
Harriett Louise Hicks 1878 Poplar, London, England
Henry Corbett Hicks 1887 Poplar, London, England
Henry James Hicks 1918 Reading, Berkshire, England
Hugh Hicks 1898
Husband Hicks
James Hicks 1893 Poplar, London, England
Jennifer G Hicks
Mary Hicks 1895 Poplar, London, England
Mary Hicks 1833 South Petherwin, Cornwall, England
Olivia Elizabeth Hicks 1845 10 Brunswick Street, Islington, London, England
Sophia Charlotte Hicks 1844 Holborn, London, England
Thomas Hicks
William Hicks 1855 34 Cable Street, St George East, Tower Hamlets, England
William John Hicks 1885 Poplar, London, England
Edward Hickson 1815 Tickhill, Yorkshire, England
Eliza Cooper Hickson 1844 Tickhill, Yorkshire, England
Francis Mark Hickson 1892 Boyne Downs, Queensland, Australia
George Hickson 1846 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Gertrude Honoria Hickson 1844
William Hiett
Beverley Higgins
James Higgins 1829 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Julia Higgins 1830 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Shirley Higgins
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Higgins
Beatrice Clementina Higgs 1790 Battersea, London, England
Elizabeth Higgs
Hannah Higgs 1776
John Higgs
William Higgs
Anna Jane Highmore 1974 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Christopher R St C Highmore 1943 Romford, Essex, England
George Highmore 1912 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
James Highmore 1862 Plymouth, Devon, England
John Robert George Highmore 1972 Barton, Lancashire, England
Paul Julian Highmore 1947 Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Robert Peter Highmore 1957 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
William Percy Highmore 1885 Marldon, Devon, England
Carrie Elizabeth Hilbers 1885
Aimee Louise Hill 1998 Edinburgh, Scotland
Alice Helena Hill 1869 Ashbrittle, Somerset, England
Ann Tucker Hill 1881 Cressbrook, Queensland, Australia
Annabelle Bernice Hill 1999 Houston, Texas, USA
Anthony Walter Hill 1941 Exeter, Devon, England
Barbara Hill 1938 Exeter, Devon, England
Beatrice Hill
Bertha Helena Hill 1864
Bethany Rose Hill 2000 Exeter, Devon, England
Charles Hill
Charlotte Hill 1827 Tiverton, Devon, England
Christianne Hill 1998 Edinburgh, Scotland
Daniel Richard Buster Hill 2001 Exeter, Devon, England
Daughter Hill USA
Donald Ruelle Ainge Hill 1927 Harrow, Middlesex, England
Dorothy Gertrude Fruin Hill 1909 Tottenham, London, England
Edith Hill 1878 Stogumber, Somerset, England
Edward Hill 1876 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Hill 1836
Elizabeth Hill 1753 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Emily Ann Hill 1871 Wellington, Somerset, England
Francis Hill 1781 Devon, England
Francis Hill 1750 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Frank Severs Hill 1872
Geoffrey Stephen Hill 1958 London, England
George Hill
George Hill 1834 St Minver, Cornwall, England
George W Hill
George William Hill 1858 14 Beresford Street, Camberwell, London, England
Gladys Ellis Hill 1904 Exeter, Devon, England
Graham Michael Hill 1960 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Harriet Mary Hill
Henry Hill 1867 Bradninch, Devon, England
Henry Fruin Hill 1862 Churston Ferrers, Devon, England
Henry Norman Hill 1909 Exeter, Devon, England
Henry Wallace Hill
Herbert Hill 1885 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
James Hill 1777 St Kew, Cornwall, England
James Hill 1871 Exeter, Devon, England
James Hill 1748 St Kew, Cornwall, England
James Hill 1839 Clayhanger, Devon, England
James Hill
Jane Hill 1843
Jane Sarah Hill 1967 Exeter, Devon, England
Jennifer Kirsten Mary Hill 1987 Bangkok, Thailand
John Hill 1745 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John Hill 1937 Exeter, Devon, England
John Hill 1962
John Hill 1833 Hockworthy, Devon, England
John Hill 1780 Egloshayle, Cornwall, England
John Downey Hill 1862 Bradninch, Devon, England
Keith David Hill 1957 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Kenneth Hill USA
Kenneth Reginald Hill 1929 Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland, USA
Laura Hill 1881 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Leslie William Hill 1903 Exeter, Devon, England
Lucy Hill 1878 Stogumber, Somerset, England
Marjorie R Hill
Martha Hill 1825 Somerton, Somerset, England
Martha Hill
Mary Hill
Mary Hill 1755 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Mary Hill 1791 Halberton, Devon, England
Muriel Esther Hill 1886 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Nellie Hill 1889 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
Olive Hill 1902 Exeter, Devon, England
Richard Hill 1881 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
Richard Hill 1968 Exeter, Devon, England
Samuel Smithson Hill
Susan Hill 1943 Exeter, Devon, England
Thomas Hill 1743 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Thomas Hill 1714 Michaelstow, Cornwall, England
Thomas Hill 1869 Exeter, Devon, England
Thomas Hill
Victoria Francis Hill 1988 St Hellier Hospital, Carshalton, London, England
Wallace James Hill 1873 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
William Hill 1760 St Kew, Cornwall, England
William Hill 1864 Bradninch, Devon, England
William Hill
William Charles Hill 1898 London, England
Albert Giles Hillaker
Bertha Hillaker 1892 Michigan, USA
Nellie May Hillaker 1903 Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Charles Hillier 1791 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Charles Hillar Hillier
Hannah Hillier 1830 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
George Henry Hillman 1876
Jocelyn Thora Hillman 1940 Blackheath, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Madge Linda Hillman 1908 Sandford Orcas, Dorset, England
Muriel F Hills 1926 Rochford, Essex, England
Stephen Michael Hills
Sarah Hilton 1813 Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Francis Hinde
Esther Hindle
John Hindle
Lionel Dix Hindle 1890
Sarah Hindle 1860 Ontario, Canada
Wife Hindmarsh
Gustav Alexander Hindrikson Estonia
Helga Hindrikson 1919
Paul Hindrikson Estonia
Elizabeth Hinds 1842 Lenham, Kent, England
Eliza Hinem 1848 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Ada Maria Hines 1863 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Henry Hines
Henry Augustus Hines 1831 Kingston, Jamaica
John Hines 1919 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Leah Mary Moseley Hines 1861 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Robert John Hines 1955 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Emma Hinman 1872 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Jane Hinton 1805 Exeter, Devon, England
Harriett Ann Hipkin 1876 Racton, Sussex, England
Alan G Hipkiss 1950 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Colin David Hipkiss 1953 Selly Oak, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Cyril George Hipkiss 1926 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Damien Hipkiss Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
George E Hipkiss
Natasha Hipkiss Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Susan P Hipkiss 1948 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Bruce Harrison Hirstwood 1950 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Edward Harrison Hirstwood
Janelle Susan Hirstwood 1984 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Mark Harrison Hirstwood 1978 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
George Alfred Hiscock 1878 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jane Hiscock 1802 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Anthony G Hiscoke 1938 Camberwell, London, England
Deborah Clare Hiscoke 1973 Maidstone, Kent, England
Julie Anne Hiscoke 1969 Maidstone, Kent, England
Sarah Jane Hiscoke 1971 Maidstone, Kent, England
Charles Wilfred Beedell Hiscox 1883 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England
Clementina Hiscox 1859 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Douglas Hiscox
James Hiscox 1856 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Herbert Hiscox 1881 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England
Mabel Gwendeline Hiscox 1886 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Wallace Bennett Hiscox 1888 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Mary Hitchcock 1786 Devon, England
Rose Hitchcock
Anna Hjortshoj
Joan HOARE 1361
Annie Lucy Rosetta Hobbs 1900 Regent's Park, Pancras, London, England
Arthur Edwin Hobbs
Elizabeth Hobbs
Frederick Charles Hobbs
James Hobbs
Jane Caroline Hobbs 1838 Richmond Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada
Muriel Collett Hobbs 1913 Truro, Cornwall, England
Neil J Hobbs
Ruth Hobbs
Bridget Hoblyn 1695 Helland, Cornwall, England
Edward Hoblyn
Anthony Hart Hobson
Leila Margarita Hobson 1857 Barbados
Henry Albert Hockey 1894 Montacute, Somerset, England
William Hockey
Harriet Hocking
Jane Hocking 1763 Bideford, Devon, England
Roger Hocking
Alfred Hodge 1846 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Allan M Hodge 1948 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Douglas Frank Hodge 1921 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward Hodge 1841 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Loretta Hodge 1854
Elizabeth Hodge 1754 Egloshayle, Cornwall, England
Erwin Hodge 1844
Frank Hodge 1856
Frank Albert Hodge 1888 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Frederick Hodge 1842
Grace Hodge 1792 Ashford, Devon, England
Henry Hodge 1818
Henry Tom Hodge 1850
John Hodge 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Hodge
Laura Courtland Hodge 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Leslie Danfield Hodge 1915
Mary Jane Hodge 1856 Bampton, Devon, England
Rowland Hodge 1852
Sarah Jane Hodge 1850 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Hodge
William Henry Hodge 1845
Stephen Hodgekinson 1955 Dorset, England
David Hodges
Lutheria Hodges 1838 Wisconsin, USA
Sarah Hodges 1791 Yeovil, Somerset, England
John Pringle Hodgins Cloughjordan, Tipperary, Ireland
Maria Charlotte Hodgins 1895 Herberton, Queensland, Australia
Sarah Hodgins
William Hodgins
Margaret Hodgkinson
Harry David Hodgson 1876 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Joe Hodgson 1848 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Minnie Hodgson 1872
Wife Hodgson
Mary Magdalene Hoehn
Norbert Hofer
Pauli Hofer
Frederick George Hogben 1866 Elham, Kent, England
Laura Hogben 1895 Elham, Kent, England
Emma Elizabeth Hogbin 1873 Minster, Kent, England
Jen Hogg 1907 Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa
Susanne Hogg
Mary Holborough 1720 Uley, Gloucestershire, England
William Holborough
Elizabeth Holborrow 1719 Uley, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Holborrow 1717 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Caroilne Mary Holbrook 1885 Maddington, Wiltshire, England
Charles George Holbrook 1859 Ston Easton, Somerset, England
Emily Holbrook 1859 Ilminster, Somerset, England
George Holbrook 1834
Robert Holbrook 1810 Ilminster, Somerset, England
John Badgery Holden 1885 Exeter, Devon, England
John H Holden 1935 Crediton, Devon, England
Patrick B Holden 1937 Devon, England
Percy E Holden 1908
Reginald J. Holden 1913 St Thomas, Devon, England
Diana Regina Holderbaum 1981 Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Barry Clive Holdstock 1943 Epsom, Surrey, England
Leonard Victor Holdstock 1905 Islington, London, England
William Holdstock 1861 Ridge, Hertfordshire, England
Alice Hole 1848 Clyst Hydon, Devon, England
William Hole 1806 Clyst Hydon, Devon, England
Hannah Holland 1865 Ontario, Canada
James Holliday 1819
Gordon Hollingsworth
Mavis Iolanthie Hollingsworth 1936 Auckland, New Zealand
William Frank Hollingsworth
Eliza Hollingworth 1846 Belton, Liecestershire, England
Maria Hollins 1853 Middlewich, Cheshire, England
Florence Emily Hollis 1905 Poplar, London, England
James Hollis
Alexander Holloway 1776
Blanche Margaret Holloway 1846 Brixton, London, England
Clara Holloway 1841 Brixton, London, England
Elizabeth Vickery Holloway 1809
Ellen Holloway 1806
Emily Holloway 1818 Holborn, London, England
Emma Holloway 1815 Holborn, London, England
Frances Holloway 1836 London, England
Frederick Holloway 1839 Brixton, London, England
George William E Holloway 1902 Camberwell, London, England
Georgianna Holloway 1838 Brixton, London, England
Jane Holloway 1809
John Hooper Holloway 1804
Mary HOLLOWAY 1807 Greenwich, London, England
Mary Holloway 1844 Brixton, London, England
Mary Holloway 1807
Sidney Collin Holloway 1848 Brixton, London, England
Sophia Morson Holloway 1850 Brixton, London, England
Ada Fishley Holman 1889 Bideford, Devon, England
Annie Squire Holman 1883 Bideford, Devon, England
George Harold Holman 1894 Bideford, Devon, England
John Bertram Holman 1880 Bideford, Devon, England
John Sheperd Fishley Holman 1856 Bideford, Devon, England
Thomas Holman 1831
Thomas Henry Victor Holman 1887 Bideford, Devon, England
William Stanley Holman 1891 Bideford, Devon, England
Arthur J Holmes
Ellen Maria Holmes 1829
Elsie Elizabeth Holmes
George Holmes
George Bax Holmes 1831
George Bax Holmes 1803
Gulielma Mary Holmes 1828
Joseph Holmes 1835
Joseph Holmes
Joseph Holmes 1761
Maria Holmes 1806 Horsham, Sussex, England
Mariamne Holmes 1836 Horsham, Sussex, England
Mary Holmes 1832
Thomas Holmes 1804 Horsham, Sussex, England
Loyal Laurence Holst
Caroline Mary Holt 1884 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Clara Ann Holtham
William Henry Holtham
Abel Holway 1791 Uffculme, Devon, England
John Holway
Phoebe Holway 1814 Burlescombe, Devon, England
Arthur Richard Homan 1860 Witney, Oxfordshire, England
Constance Annie Homan 1891 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Elsie May Homan 1888 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Gertrude Homan 1896 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Emily Homan 1889 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
George Homer
Timothy Homer 1952 Wimbledon, London, England
Lesley Suzanne Hone 1966 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Michael Vernon Hone
Albert Russell Hood 1886 Scugog Township, Ontario, Canada
Audrey Hood 1916 Ontario, Canada
Charles Hood
Daughter Hood
Glen Hood 1915 Ontario, Canada
Husband Hood
Jean Hood 1920 Ontario, Canada
Joy Hood 1921 Ontario, Canada
Peter Hood 1856 Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
Son Hood
Keith Anthony Hooke 1983 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Laura Elizabeth Hooke 1981 Reading, Berkshire, England
Robert William Hooke 1955 Buckrose, Yorkshire, England
George Edward Hooker 1851 Brixton, London, England
Louisa Marion Hooker 1883 Kings Cross, London, England
Husband Hool
Albert Frederick Hooper 1879
Alfred Frederick Hooper
Ann Hooper
Arthur Reginald Hooper 1879
Christian Hooper 1562 Wilton, Somerset, England
Christopher Hooper 1565 Wilton, Somerset, England
Claire G Hooper 1925 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Gertrude Brown Catford Hooper 1877 Islington, London, England
Jane Wilkie Hooper
Jean Hooper 1941 Honiton, Devon, England
John Hooper 1939 Honiton, Devon, England
Martha Hooper 1836 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sylvia J Hooper
Theodora Hooper 1854 Mere, Wiltshire, England
Wilfred Earnest Hooper 1909 Devon, England
William Hooper 1563 Wilton, Somerset, England
Harriet Hope 1861 Mayfield, Sussex, England
Isabel Karina Hope 2008 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Lucia Yasmin Balaguer Hope 2004 Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain
Robert Adrian Hope 1967 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Annie Maria Hopewell 1839
Blanche HOPKINS 1580 Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire, England
Daughter Hopkins
Debbie M Hopkins 1962
Francis Hopkins
Husband Hopkins
John Hopkins 1930
Julie A Hopkins 1959
Marion Louise Hopkins 1916 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Michael Hopkins
Richard Eustace Hopkins 1883
Robert G Hopkins
Robert R Hopkins 1965
Son Hopkins
Suasan Hopkins 1951
Christopher Herbert Hopson 1831 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Hopson 1811 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Hopson 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
George Hopson 1838 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Debbie Hoptross 1962 Godalming, Surrey, England
Ian McLashlan Horbury
Ann Hore
Elias Hore
Alexander Horne
Edna Jean Horne 1907 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Husband Horne
Julian R G Horne 1962 Northampton RD, England
Marcus S G Horne 1961 Northampton RD, England
Matthew R G Horne 1964 Northampton RD, England
Thomas G Horne
Henrikke Baggine Hornemann
Henry Horniman
Mary Hannah Horniman
Angela Hornsby 1954 Northumberland, England
Bernard Hornsby
Jane Hornsby 1822 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Michael E Hornsby 1950 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Philip G Hornsby 1959 Northumberland, England
Ann Horrill 1791 Killhampton, Cornwall, England
Eliza Horton 1835 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
John Horton 1800 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lloyd W Horton 1856 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
William J Horton
Violet Hosegood
Sarah Hosier
Ann Hoskins
James Hoskins
Thomas Hoskins
William Redwood Hoskins
Henry Hossack 1917 Benalla, Victoria, Australia
Henry Riley Hossack
Joyce Hossack
Son Hossack
Son Hossack
Cheryl A Houghton
Dorothy M Hounsell 1916 Sherborne, Dorset, England
Elsie Maud Hounsell 1898 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Hounsell
Sidney Hounsell 1874 Somerset, England
Gertrude Ethel B House 1876 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Henry House 1849 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Daughter Hovell
Mark Hovell
Son Hovell
Ashleigh Hover
Brian Hover
Bryan Hover
Donald Lewis Hover 1935 Caro, Tuscola County, Michigan, USA
Jutta Henriette Elenora Hover
Richard Hover
Edith Emma How 1853 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Thomas William How 1821 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Ann Howard 1750
Carline Howard 1869 Nottinghamshire, England
Catherine Howard
Charles Howard 1834 Walberswick, Suffolk, England
Charles J Howard 1947 Oldham, Lancashire, England
Daughter Howard
Elizabeth Mary Howard 1946 WCH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Eric Howard 1916 Hollins Road, Oldham, Lancashire, England
Husband Howard
James William Howard
John R Howard 1951 Oldham, Lancashire, England
Laura Francesca Howard 1977 England
Laura May Howard 1880 Darwen, Lancashire, England
Leon DeWitt Howard
Loya Elaine Howard 1904 Bliunt, Hughes County, South Dakota, USA
Michael Andrew Howard 1987 England
Peter W Howard 1957 Flyde, Lancashire, England
Richard Alexander Howard 1981 England
Samuel Charles Howard 1984 Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England
Son Howard
Son Howard
Son Howard
Son Howard
Son Howard
Son Howard
Wife Howard
Caroline Howarth
Daughter Howden
Daughter Howden
Daughter Howden
Daughter Howden
Son Howden
Son Howden
Son Howden
Son Howden
William Howden
Emily Howe 1875
Isabel Caroline Howe 1866 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Laura Howell
Joan C Howlett
Daughter Howling
Harold Lawson Howling 1923 Salford, Lancashire, England
John Lawson Howling
Son Howling
William A Hoy
Emma Hsieh
Cyril Archer Huband 1896 New Zealand
Thomas Archer Huband
Andrew Hubbard 1953
Dianne J Hubert 1964 Dartford, Kent, England
Gemma Louise Hubert 1997 Gravesend, Kent, England
Peter J Hubert
Philip A Hubert 1960 Greenwich, London, England
Richard J Hubert 1962 Dartford, Kent, England
Madeline Lela Huck
Caroline Hucker
Elizabeth HUDDERSFIELD 1481
Katherine Huddersfield
James Huddy 1870 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Charles Hancock Huess
Fern Huessner
James Huggins 1832 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Jane Huggins 1840 Lydford, Devon, England
Richard Huggins 1872 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Annie Hughes 1869 Warsash, Hampshire, England
Anthony John Hughes 1958 Erith, Kent, England
Carly Susan Hughes 1983 Gravesend, Kent, England
Christopher Arthur Hughes 1919 Lewisham, London, England
Christopher Roy John Hughes 1982 Woolwich, London, England
Douglas Kenneth Hughes 1957 Erith, Kent, England
Emma Hughes 1912
Georgina Stewart Hughes 1886 Edinburgh, Scotland
Hayley Eileen Ann Hughes 1985 Bexley, London, England
Jane Hughes 1835 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Jane Hughes Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John Hughes 1887 Greenwich, London, England
Joseph Corti Hughes
Kathleen Elizabeth Hughes 1947 Erith, Kent, England
Kenneth John Hughes 1911 Greenwich, London, England
Lilian Violet Hughes 1911
Martha Hughes 1850 Fenton, Staffordshire, England
Mary E Hughes 1902
Norman Reginald Hughes 1913 Lewisham, London, England
Patricia Florence Hughes 1938 Crayford, Kent, England
Roy Kenneth Hughes 1933 Lewisham, London, England
Sarah Hughes 1871
Susan Catherine Hughes 1841 Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
William Patrick Hughes 1816 Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Angela Christine Huish 1959 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Arthur Huish 1888 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Arthur Huish 1920 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Carol Huish 1947 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles Arthur Huish 1910 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles Hancock Huish 1850 Chard, Somerset, England
Clara Elizabeth Huish 1876 Green Hill, Chard, Somerset, England
Eunice May Huish 1897 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Florrie Amelia Huish 1912 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Harriett Huish 1906 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Harriett Amelia Huish 1907 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Imlah Huish 1853 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
James Huish 1818 Chard, Somerset, England
Lillie Huish 1873 Chard, Somerset, England
Rosa Jane Huish 1872 Chard, Somerset, England
William George Huish 1878 Chard, Somerset, England
William Richard Huish 1914 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charlotte Earl Hulbert
Sheila Hulme
Carla Jane Humphrey 1985
Carol Anne Humphrey 1982
Keith Humphrey
Lee Humphrey 1990
Donald William Humphries 1911 London, England
Patricia A Humphries
Ion Haddon Rothon Hunnable 1895
Stanley Hunnable 1921 Belvedere, Kent, England
Dale Parley Hunsaker 1915 Collinston, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Gwen Hunsaker 1913 Collinston, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Hyrum Hunsaker
Justin Hunsaker
Michelle Valerie Hunsaker
Norman Seal Hunsaker 1918 Collinston, Box Elder County, Utah, USA
Parley Lorenzo Hunsaker
Rochelle Hunsaker 1947 Brigham City, BoxElder County, Utah, USA
six children Hunsaker
Wayne Seal Hunsaker 1923 Honeyville, Box Elder Conunty, Utah, USA
Alfred Hunt 1868 High Ham, Somerset, England
Edwin Hunt 1852 High Ham, Somerset, England
Frances Hunt
Francis Tucker Hunt 1850 High Ham, Somerset, England
Frederick Thomas Hunt 1848 High Ham, Somerset, England
George Hunt 1859 High Ham, Somerset, England
Henry Benjamin Hunt 1850 High Ham, Somerset, England
Jesse Hunt 1871 Long Sutton, Somerset, England
John Hunt 1857 High Ham, Somerset, England
John William Hunt 1903 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Mary Ann Hunt 1844 Avon Dassett, Warwickshire, England
SheilaM Hunt
Stanley Hunt 1902
Thomas Hunt
Thomas Hunt 1820 West Pennard, Somerset
Thomas Hunt 1854 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Burnham Hunt
William Jonathon Hunt 1846 High Ham, Somerset, England
Jane Catherine Hunter
John Hunter 1837 Edinburgh, Scotland
Margaret Ann Hunter 1872 Chatham, Kent, England
Mary Hunter
Susannah Hunter-Shorthouse 1832 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Huntley
Mary Huntri Ireland
Blanche Huntriss 1887 Liscard, Cheshire, England
Kate Huntriss 1845 Neston, Cheshire, England
Robert Amroyd Huntriss 1890 Liscard, Cheshire, England
Robert Wilkinson Huntriss 1847 Neston, Cheshire, England
Edward Hurcombe 1928 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Edward Hurcombe 1900 Scotland
Muriel Hurcombe 1932 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Stuart Hurcombe 1930 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Betty Hurd 1746 Somerton, Somerset, England
Esther Hurd 1729 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Hurd 1731 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Hurd 1733 Chard, Somerset, England
MARY HURD 1748 Somerton, Somerset, England
Robert Hurd 1694 Somerton, Somerset, England
Sarah Hurd 1750 Somerton, Somerset, England
Susan Hurd 1902
Thomas HURD 1703 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Hurd 1735 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas HURD
William Hurd 1740 Chard, Somerset, England
James Hurford 1809 Luppitt, Devon, England
Mary Hurford 1793 Upottery, Devon, England
Erneburgh HUSSEY 1325 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Jane Hussey 1849 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Reginald HUSSEY 1290
Sarah Huston 1823 Canton, Stark, Ohio, USA
Christopher Rupert Hutber 1969 Westminster, London, England
Diana Hutber 1918 Southam, Warwickshire, England
George A Hutber 1921 Brentford, London, England
Hubert Anderson Macintosh Hutber
Judith Hutber 1961 Islington, London, England
Margaret Hutber 1962 Westminster, London, England
Margaret Hutber 1923 Brentford, London, England
Patrick Hutber 1928 Brentford, London, England
Seraphina Hutber 1965 Westminster, London, England
Alfred George Hutchings 1910 Fulham, London, England
Annie Hutchings 1859 Chard, Somerset, England
Arthur H Hutchings 1918 Lambeth, London, England
Arthur Henry Hutchings 1895 Brixton, London, England
Arthur Robert Hutchings 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
Cyril Hutchings 1895 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
David Hutchings 1948 Romford, Essex, England
Elizabeth Hutchings 1831 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Elsie Eileen Hutchings 1900 15 Kinnoul Road, Fulham, London, England
Esther Hutchings 1836 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Esther M Hutchings 1919 Wandsworth, London, England
Evelina Eugenia Hutchings 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
George Hutchings 1887 Brixton, London, England
George Herbert Hutchings 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
Gilbert Hutchings 1926
Gladys Hutchings 1904 Clapham, London, England
Herbert David John Hutchings 1927 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Herbert James Hutchings 1881 Chard, Somerset, England
Herbert Loyde Hutchings 1886 Brixton, London, England
Herbert Walter John Hutchings 1894 15 Kinnoul Road, Fulham, London, England
Ida Sophie Hutchings 1893 Chard, Somerset, England
Irene Hutchings 1906 Clapham, London, England
Irene E M Hutchings 1916 Lambeth, London, England
James Hutchings 1803 Chard, Somerset, England
Jane Hutchings 1832 Lopen, Somerset, England
John Trask Hutchings 1857 Chard, Somerset, England
June Hutchings 1921 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Kate Hutchings 1866 Chard, Somerset, England
Lee Hutchings 1978 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Leonard George Hutchings 1903 Fulham, London, England
Leonard Walter Hutchings 1919
Loyde James Hutchings 1862 Chard, Somerset, England
Loyde Trask Hutchings 1886 Taranaki, New Zealand
Marjorie Olga Hutchings 1908 Fulham, London, England
Mary Ann Hutchings 1855 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Bidgood Hutchings 1832 Chard, Somerset, England
Matthew David Hutchings 1998 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Minnie S Hutchings 1889 Australia
Miriam Hutchings 1829 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Peggy Hutchings 1921
Reginald George Hutchings 1906 Fulham, London, England
Rosemary Hutchings 1950 Romford, Essex, England
Sydney Hutchings 1891 Brixton, London, England
Thomas Hutchings 1928 Lambeth, London, England
Thomas Hutchings 1830 Chard, Somerset, England
Vera Hutchings 1923
Walter Eli Hutchings 1834 Chard, Somerset, England
Walter George Hutchings 1857 Chard, Somerset, England
Walter John Hutchings 1893 Brixton, London, England
William Hutchings 1908 Brixton, London, England
Winifred Mary Hutchings 1896 Fulham, London, England
Elizabeth Hutchins
Elizabeth Hutchins
Rose Hutchins
Catherine Hutchinson
Andrew Huxtable 1938 London, England
Ann Huxtable 1757 South Molton, Devon, England
Ann Huxtable 1750 South Molton, Devon, England
Ann Huxtable
Ann Huxtable 1840 George Nympton, Devon, England
Ann Cockings Huxtable 1834 South Molton, Devon, England
Ann Owen Huxtable 1819 King Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
Anne Huxtable 1835 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
Annie Owen Huxtable 1862 19 Richmond Terrace, Clapham Road, Lambeth, London, England
Anthea Leigh Huxtable 1945 Hendon, London, England
Beatrice Beedle Huxtable 1818 St George, Bloomsbury, London, England
Beatrice Clementina Huxtable 1856 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Beatrice Elizabeth Huxtable 1858 Lambeth, London, England
Bessie Ann Huxtable 1856 Bideford, Devon, England
Bessie Josette Claire Huxtable 1910 4 St Michael's Terrace, South Grove, Highgate, London, England
Betsy Huxtable 1829
Boon Huxtable
Charles Huxtable 1860 South Molton, Devon, England
Charles Huxtable 1818 South Molton, Devon, England
Charles William Huxtable 1907 New Zealand
Charlotte Huxtable
Clara Huxtable 1857 Bideford, Devon, England
Cody Huxtable 1988
Daughter Huxtable
Dorothy Huxtable 1891 Tiverton, Devon, England
Dorothy Graddon Huxtable 1893 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Edmund Huxtable
Edmund V Huxtable
Edwin Huxtable 1863 South Molton, Devon, England
Edwin Beedle HUXTABLE 1819 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1799 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1860 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1789 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1755 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1823 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Huxtable 1836 George Nympton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Huxtable 1940 Hendon, London, England
Elizabeth Ann Fry Huxtable 1852 Causeway, South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Lukey Huxtable 1816 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Mary Huxtable 1826 King Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
Elizabeth Rubina Huxtable 1887 Clapham, London, England
Ellen Ann Huxtable 1848 Beulah Hill, Norwood, Croydon, Surrey, England
Ellen Ann Huxtable 1823 South Molton, Devon, England
Ellen Jane Huxtable 1824 South Molton, Devon, England
Emma Huxtable 1855 South Molton, Devon, England
Emma Huxtable 1839 South Molton, Devon, England
Emma Huxtable 1860 South Molton, Devon, England
Emma Beatrice Huxtable 1893 30 Bismark Road, Islington, London, England
Emma Mills Huxtable 1838 South Molton, Devon, England
Evangeline Lukey Huxtable 1852 Bideford, Devon, England
Frances E.C. Huxtable 1879 Braunton, Devon, England
Francis Huxtable 1832 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
Francis Edwin Huxtable 1857 Tiverton, Devon, England
Francis Pring Huxtable 1891 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
George Huxtable 1792 South Molton, Devon, England
George Huxtable 1823 King Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
George Gould Huxtable 1791 South Molton, Devon, England
George Henry Huxtable 1847 George Nympton, Devon, England
George Thorne Huxtable 1822 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
Grace Huxtable 1833 South Molton, Devon, England
Herbert Owen Huxtable 1906 South Molton, Devon, England
James Huxtable 1826 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
James Huxtable 1801 South Molton, Devon, England
James Huxtable 1794 South Molton, Devon, England
James Huxtable 1864 'Saunton Court', Braunton, Devon, England
James Huxtable 1857 South Molton, Devon, England
James Allen Richard Passmore Huxtable 1857 South Molton, Devon, England
James Arnold Huxtable 1932 Auckland, New Zealand
James Mills Huxtable 1864 Braunton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1830 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable
John Huxtable 1854 Bideford, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1915 South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1752 South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1801 South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable
John Huxtable 1784 South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable
John Huxtable 1822 Bloomsbury, London, England
John Huxtable 1882 'Narracott', George Nympton, Devon, England
John Huxtable
John Huxtable 1842 George Nympton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1785 South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1826 South Molton, Devon, England
John HUXTABLE 1760 South Street, South Molton, Devon, England
John Huxtable 1829 St Luke's London, England
John Huxtable 1860 Lambeth, London, England
John Arnold Magrath Huxtable 1881 9 Navarino Grove, Hackney, London, England
John Charles F.L. Huxtable 1882 South Molton, Devon, England
John Cockings Huxtable 1838 South Molton, Devon, England
John Cockings Philip Davey Huxtable 1851 South Street, South Molton, Devon, England
John Cockings Philip Davy Huxtable 1843 South Molton, Devon, England
John Edwin Beedle Huxtable 1912 4 St Michael's Terrace, South Grove, Highgate, London, England
John Francis Huxtable 1916 'Sheen', Marine Drive West, Herne Bay, Kent, England
John James Arnold Huxtable 1905 Auckland, New Zealand
John Mills Huxtable 1870 Swimbridge, Devon, England
John Roland Huxtable 1890 22 Bismark Road, Highgate, London, England
Kathleen Mary Huxtable 1911 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Laura Doreen Huxtable 1908 New Zealand
Louisa A. Huxtable 1834 Clerkenwell, London, England
Lucy Huxtable 1889 'Narracott', George Nympton, Devon, England
Lucy Elizabeth Crocker Huxtable 1845 George Nympton, Devon, England
Lucy Irene Huxtable 1913 South Molton, Devon, England
Margaret Huxtable
Mark Huxtable
Martha Huxtable 1764 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Huxtable 1802 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Huxtable 1860 5 The Square, South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Huxtable 1825 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Huxtable 1827
Mary Ann Huxtable 1850 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Anne Huxtable 1885 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Elizabeth Jane Huxtable 1862 Braunton, Devon, England
Mary Jane Huxtable 1838 George Nympton, Devon, England
May Marion HUXTABLE 1908 4 St Michael's Terrace, South Grove, Highgate, London, England
Robert Huxtable 1831 South Molton, Devon, England
Robert HUXTABLE 1787 South Molton, Devon, England
Robert HUXTABLE 1862 The Square, South Molton, Devon, England
Robert Leigh Verney Huxtable 1907 Highgate, London, England
Sarah Huxtable 1837
Sarah Ann Passmore Huxtable 1845 South Molton, Devon, England
Sarah Ann Passmore Huxtable 1881 South Molton, Devon, England
Sarah Gloyne Huxtable 1841 South Molton, Devon, England
Shayne Belinda Huxtable 1957
Sidney Edwin Huxtable 1905 South Molton, Devon, England
Summer Huxtable
Susanna Huxtable 1849 South Molton, Devon, England
Susannah Huxtable 1826
Thomas Huxtable 1757 South Molton, Devon, England
Thomas Huxtable 1824 King Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
Thomas Huxtable 1849 George Nympton, Devon, England
Thomas Huxtable
Thomas Huxtable 1796 South Molton, Devon, England
Thomas Huxtable 1831 South Molton, Devon, England
Thomas Huxtable 1854 South Molton, Devon, England
Thomas Huxtable 1852 South Molton, Devon, England
Violet J Huxtable 1925 Herne Bay, Kent, England
William Huxtable
William Huxtable 1823 North Molton, Devon, England
William Huxtable 1820 King Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
William Huxtable 1790 South Molton, Devon, England
William Huxtable 1828 'Kingsland Barton', South Molton, Devon, England
William Huxtable 1850 South Molton, Devon, England
William Huxtable 1800 North Molton, Devon, England
William Huxtable 1861 19 Richmond Terrace, Clapham Road, Lambeth, London, England
William Huxtable
William Huxtable 1769 North Molton, Devon, England
William H. Huxtable 1889 South Molton, Devon, England
William John Huxtable 1889 22 Bismark Road, Highgate, London, England
William John Huxtable 1861 London, England
William R Huxtable 1828 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
Wilmot Huxtable
Jeffrey E Hyatt
Louise Jane Hyatt 1979 Plymouth, Devon, England
Sarah Kate Hyatt 1981 Plymouth, Devon, England
Arthur N Hyde
Ellen Garlick Hyde 1897
Louisa Mary Hyde 1862
Ursula Paula Charlotte Hyde 1928 Chester, Cheshire, England
Harold Clifford Hynam 1906 New Zealand
William Maynard Hynam 1863 Burrington, Devon, England
William Hynman
Christine I'Ons
Karen A Ibbotson 1955 Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Roy Ibbotson
Helena Dorothy Iley 1914 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Herbert Stanley Iley 1912 England
John Iley 1936 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
John Cecil B Iley 1907 Northumberland, England
John Curry Iley 1845 North Shields, Northumberland, England
John Thomas Iley 1878 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Margaret Iley 1944 Northumberland, England
Mildred Iley 1910 Whitley Bay, Northumberland, England
Robert Iley 1942 Northumberland, England
Son Iley
Agnes Sarah Ilott
Adrian Ind 1962 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Alfreda Frances Ind 1911 Gloucestershire, England
Aubrey C. Ind 1927 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Brian Ind 1954 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Christobel Florence Ind 1933 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
David Ind 1962 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Emma Jane Ind 1995 Wiltshire, England
Francis Ind 1837 Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Francis William James Ind 1923 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Frank Ind 1896 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Frederick Arthur Ind 1935 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Geoffrey Ind 1947 Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England
Gloria Dawn Ind 1955 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Gwendoline Ind 1893 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
James Ind 1863 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Elizabeth Ind 1964 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
John Ind 1958 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Ind 1898 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Josephine Ann Ind 1938 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England
Lester David Ind 1951 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Lionel Joseph Ind 1924 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Marjorie Ind 1906 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
May Ind 1894 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Michael Trevor Ind 1940 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Patricia Mary J Ind 1931 Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Pauline L. Ind 1961 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Peter Ind 1941 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Phoebe Alice Ind 1998 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Ind 1958 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Rosemary Anne Ind 1937 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England
Sandra Ind 1953 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Shirley Anne Ind 1946 Todmorden, Yorkshire, England
Simon Ind 1967 Didmarton, Gloucestershire, England
Stuart Ind 1959 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Frederick Ind 1996 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Tina N. Ind 1963 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Tracey Ind 2001 Wiltshire, England
John Ingleby
Susannah Inglehart
Arthur Percival Ingram 1887 Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Edgar Grenville Ingram 1903 Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Chesterfield Nicholas Ingram 1893 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Hester Ann Ingram 1859 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
James Ingram 1835 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
James Ingram Fermanagh, Ireland
John Albert Ingram 1862 Verulum, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Laura Annie Isabella Ingram 1902 Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Lillian Estella Ingram 1889 Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Melville Lloyd Ingram 1898 Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Nicholas Ingram 1864 Verulum, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Norman King Ingram
Robert Raymond Ingram 1922 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Two daughters Ingram
Two sons Ingram
William Charles Ingram 1891 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Edward Inight
Rose Inight 1916 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Estella Eugenia Innes 1876 Auckland, New Zealand
Elizabeth Mary Inns 1843 Long Ashton, Somerset, England
Joseph Inns
Alicia Maritsa Ioannou 1978 Ashford, Kent, England
Christakis P Ioannou
Eliza Ireland 1864
Elizabeth Ireland
Robert Ireland 1803 Ilchester, Somerset, England
Katja Bjergby Irene
Juan Bauptista Irrisarri
Juan Martin Irrisarri 1849 Manila, Philippines
Victorina Juliana Irrisarri-Errasquin Manila, Philippines
Anthony J Irvin 1934 St Pancras, London, England
Robert J Irvin 1965 Harrow, Middlesex, England
Sidney L Irvin
Edna Annie Irving Bosworth, Ontario, Canada
Ernest William Irving 1878 Torpenhow, Cumberland, England
Margaret Bell Irving 1912 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Margaret Irwin Ireland
Emma Isaac
Catherine Isard
Margerie ISARD
Cruz Iterrera Mazatlan, Mexico
James Ivey 1866 Truro, Cornwall, England
John Ivey 1885 St Austell, Cornwall, England
Joseph Ivey
William Ivey
Amos Alden Ivie
Daughter Ivie
Joseph Hyrum Ivie 1917 Utah, USA
Ivrovskis Latvia
two children Ivrovskis Latvia
Elizabeth Ivy
Margaret IWARDBY
John Jackman
Sarah Jane Jackman 1871 Silverton, Devon, England
William Arthur JacksdonGurden
Ann Isabel Jackson 1872 Clerkenwell, London, England
Beatrice Marguerite Jackson 1879 Hackney, London, England
Charles Jackson
Clarence William Jackson
David Jackson 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
David Jackson
David John Jackson 1877 Hackney, London, England
Denise Mary Jackson
Guy Percy Jackson 1881 Clerkenwell, London, England
Henry William Jackson 1831 Walworth, London, England
Isabella M. Jackson 1829 Ireland
Jayne Jackson 1971 Wiltshire, England
Jayne Melba Jackson 1958
Jessie Jackson 1880
Jill Jackson
Kathleen Muriel Jackson 1910 Islington, London, England
Leah Jackson 1864
Mabel Caroline Jackson 1882 Clerkenwell, London, England
Malcolm Wayne Jackson
Margaret Ann Jackson 1875 Seacombe, Cheshire, England
Marilyn G Jackson
Mary Hannah Jackson 1866 Scugog Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Louisa Jackson 1856 Southwark, London, England
Rosie Kate Jackson 1976 Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
William Frazer Jackson 1841 Tuam, County Galway, Ireland
William Frederick Jackson 1876 Hackney, London, England
Dorothy Ethel Jacobs 1913 Woolwich, London, England
Rhoda P Jacobs 1921 Woolwich, London, England
William Frederick Jacobs 1918 Woolwich, London, England
William Kenneth Jacobs 1890
Winifred Kathleen Jacobs 1914 Woolwich, London, England
Gitte Jacobsen 1959
Preben Jacobson
Alexandra Jadrijevich 1993 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Georgina Jadrijevich 1996 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
James Joseph Jadrijevich 2008 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Petar Jadrijevich 1961 South Africa
Elsie Jagger 1887 Wortley, Yorkshire, England
George Lewis Jagger 1860 Wortley, Yorkshire, England
Edith Annie May Jagot 1891 Kensington, London, England
Judith Ellen Jaimet 1942
Ada Mary James 1872 Boddington, Gloucestershire, England
Alfred James
Elizabeth James 1677
Emily Frances James 1885
Evan Gwilym James 1897 New Quay, Cardiganshire, Wales
Harriet Helen James
Jill P James
Lauren Diana Clare James
Michael Richard James
Patience James 1848 Chaffecombe, Somerset, England
Philip T James
Philip Thomas James 1919 60 Spencer Street, Everton SE, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Roger Stuart James
Simon Oliver James
Stuart Ivan James
William Allen James 1849 Tredington, Gloucestershire, England
Leonie Sophie Brooke Jamieson 1878
Olive Lucy Janes 1915
Roberrta Marion Janes
Janis Jankovskis 1987
Kristine Jankovskis 1973
Linda Jankovskis 1997
Raimonds Jankovskis 1965
Vitalijs Jankovskis
Caroline Wilhelmina Janneck 1856
Ernest Janschewsky 1895 Liepaja, Kurzeme, Latvia
Philps Leopolds Janschewsky 1920 Maywood, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Sandra Nansija Jansevska 1951 USA
Husband Jaques
Jane Ann Jaques 1801 Cambridgeshire, England
Mark Jaques
Son Jaques
Sheila F Jardine
Joan Jarman 1759 Tiverton, Devon, England
Richard Jarman
Vitold Jarszak 1953 Jaszczów, Lubelskie, Poland
Dale A Jarvis
Alice Jasper
Arthur Jasper 1867 Chatham, Kent, England
Derek Jay 1941 Cleethorpes RD, Lincolnshire, England
James Harold Jay 1912
Rosalie Jay 1947 Cleethorpes RD, Lincolnshire, England
Eliza Jeaffreson
George Jeans 1825 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Maureen Jeffers
Edith Harriet Jeffery 1882 Bermondsey, London, England
Frederick Thomas Jeffery 1881 Bermondsey, London, England
Frederick Thomas Jeffery 1842 Newington, London, England
Gertrude Jeffery 1888 Bermondsey, London, England
Henry Jeffery 1812 Newington, London, England
Alice Jeffrey 1869 Harpford, Devon, England
Caroline Jeffrey 1835 Rotherhithe, London, England
Charles Jeffrey 1838 Newington, London, England
Clara Jeffrey 1846 Newington, London, England
Edwin Jeffrey 1845 Newington, London, England
Elizabeth Jeffrey 1840 Newington, London, England
Frederick Jeffrey
Henry Jeffrey 1836 Newington, London, England
John Jeffrey
Nicola Jane Jeffrey 1961
Ruth Elaine Jeffrey
Walter Jeffrey 1854 Newington, London, England
William Jeffrey 1844 Ottery St Mary, Devon, England
Karline Jekabsons 1864 Drabesi, Cesis, Latvia
John Jelly
Elsie Marian Jemmett 1897 Dalston, London, England
Robert Henry Jemmett
Adelaide Jane Jenkin 1896 Lambeth, London, England
Alexandra Jenkin 1968 Chatham, Kent, England
Bernard A Jenkin 1930 Deptford, London, England
Charlotte Jenkin 1971 Chatham, Kent, England
Clara Sophia Jenkin 1904 St Olave Bermondsey, London, England
Daughter Jenkin
David E Jenkin 1919 Eton, Buckinghamshire, England
Dora A Jenkin 1916 Greenwich, London, England
Edna May Jenkin 1933 Bromley, Kent, England
Emma Jennet Jenkin 1835 Horsemonger Lane, Holborn, London, England
Emma Jennet JENKIN 1841 8 Newington Grove, St. Mary's, Newington, London, England
Eric Frederick Llewellen Jenkin 1939 Chislehurst, Bromley, Kent, England
Ernest Llewlyn Jenkin 1906 Deptford, London, England
Ernest T Jenkin 1931 Deptford, London, England
Frederick Taliesin Jenkin 1902 St Olave Southwark, London, England
Harold Andrew Jenkin 1898 St Olave Southwark, London, England
Iris J Jenkin 1936 Bromley, Kent, England
Jacob Rees Jenkin 1839 8 Newington Grove, St. Mary's, Newington, London, England
Jacob Rees Jenkin 1870 26 Wootton Street, Lambeth, London, England
Janet Jenkin 1864 Newington, London, England
Jenkin Thomas JENKIN 1802 Glamorgan, Wales
Leonard Robert Jenkin 1921 Greenwich, London, England
Margaret R A Jenkin 1933 Deptford, London, England
Marian R Jenkin 1946 Dartford, Kent, England
Pamela Jenkin 1934 Sidcup, London, England
Rees Alfred Jenkin 1892 Walworth, London, England
Rees John Jenkin 1920 44 Isis Street, Wandsworth, London, England
Rees Rupert Jenkin 1942 Dartford, Kent, England
Rees William Jenkin 1867 237 Walworth Road, Newington, London, England
Reginald Sydney Jenkin 1922 Greenwich, London, England
Richard Jenkin 1836 Horsemonger Lane, Holborn, London, England
Son Jenkin
Thomas Jenkin 1866 18 1/2 Crosby Row, St Peter, Walworth, London, England
Thomas Sidney Jenkin 1891 Lambeth, London, England
Thomas Taliesin Jenkin 1833 Weymouth Street, St Mary, Newington Butts, London, England
Walter Charles Jenkin 1896 Lambeth, London, England
Albert Victor Jubilee Jenkins
Alice Maud Jenkins 1870 London, England
Daniel Jenkins
Ethel Jenkins 1894 Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, Wales
James Jenkins 1868
Joseph Jenkins Poplar, London, England
Marlene Jenkins
Phyllis May Jenkins 1909 Seven Kings,Essex, England
Sarah Jenkins
Winifred Annie Jenkins Epsom, Surrey, England
Damien Jenkinson 1983 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Glenn Jenkinson 1955 London, England
Lily K Jenner
John Jennings
Julia Lavida Jensen 1896 Elsinore, Sevier, Utah, USA
Niels Hansen Jensen
Susanne Jensen 1968
Alexander Faulconer Jerred 1883 Exeter, Devon, England
Cecil Bertram Jerred 1881 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Claudia Cecily M Jerred 1912 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Eardley George Lewis Jerred 1906 16 Beaumont Road, Bournville, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edgar Lewis Jerred 1884 Exeter, Devon, England
Edward Henley Jerred 1880 Exeter, Devon, England
Eileen F Jerred 1920 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Jerred Thorverton, Devon, England
Lewis Rigsby Jerred 1853 St Thomas, Devon, England
Lionel Robin Jerred 1885 Crediton, Devon, England
Lionel Thomas L Jerred 1917 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Margery Cissie Maud Jerred 1915 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Moira Patricia Jerred 1921 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Molly Patricia Jerred 1935 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
Pauline E Jerred 1932 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
Sheilah Joan Dorothy Jerred 1919 113 Ivor Road, Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
William Jessep 1763 Water Stratford, Buckinghamshire, England
Ann Jesson
Eleanor Rosa Nugent Jessop 1869 Newbury, Berkshire, England
Elizabeth Jessop 1832 England
Mary Jewel
Edward Jex
Hawley Jex
Elizabeth Joanes
Charles Henry Jobbins 1906 Craig, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frederick Charles Jobbins
Gerald W Johansen 1925 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Gregus Benjamin Johansen 1892
Ann John 1754 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Nellie John 1919 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Clara Gladys John 1895 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
David Morgan Owen John
Joyce John 1750 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Joyce John 1748 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Mary John 1748 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Oliver John 1924 Milford Haven, Pembrokershire, Wales
Thomas John 1757 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas John
William John
William Robert John 1893 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Eliza Johns 1864 Bampton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Johns
Emily Kate Johns 1868 Exeter, Devon, England
John Johns 1833 Bradworthy, Devon, England
Thomas Johns 1820 Bampton, Devon, England
Alice Johnson
Bruce Kendall Johnson 1960 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Catherine Johnson
Catherine Johnson 1880 Devon, England
Cynthia Ann Johnson 1958 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Darren Mark Theodore Johnson 1955 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Daughter Johnson
Daughter Johnson
Donna Johnson 1923
Doris Johnson 1920
Duane George Johnson 1937
Edith H Johnson
Edward Johnson 1855
Elisabeth Ann Johnson
Elizabeth JOHNSON 1755 Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England
Eppaminondas Johnson
Frances Helen Johnson 1817
Gordon Johnson
Gordon Johnson 1918
Harvey Chester Thedore Johnson 1926 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Helen Johnson 1915
Helen Jane Johnson 1876 Hackney, London, England
Husband Johnson
Husband Johnson
John Johnson
Julia Anna Johnson 1891 Bagley, Guthrie County, Iowa, USA
Martin H Johnson
Mary Ann Johnson 1862
Robert Johnson 1942
Robert Johnson
Roger Arthur Johnson 1892
Ruth Johnson 1922
Snowden Johnson
Wife Johnson
Wife Johnson
William Wallace Johnson
Wilson Johnson
Annie Margaret Johnston 1894 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Charles Edmund Johnston 1898 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Edith Jaunita Johnston 1922 Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Husband Johnston
Irene Ariell Johnston 1918 British Columbia, Canada
James Johnston
John Johnston
Joseph H Johnston 1863 Little River Saint Charles, Quebec, Canada
Mary Ann Johnston 1870 Little River Saint Charles, Quebec, Canada
Robert Ariell Cole Johnston 1892 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Robert John Johnston
Robert Shaw Johnston 1920 Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Son Johnston
Theodore John K Johnston 1900 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Esther Janet Johnstone 1925 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
James Franklin Johnstone 1882
Mark Johnstone 1912 New York, New York, USA
Robert Johnstone
Inara Joksts 1967 Daugavpils, Latvia
Juris Joksts 1944 Latvia
Vitalijs Joksts 1977 Estonia
Karen June Jolls
Albert Jones
Albert S Jones 1895 Lambeth, London, England
Alexander Faulconer Jones 1918 Exeter, Devon, England
Ann Jones
Annie Jones
Annie Maria Jones
Bryan A A Jones
Charles Jones 1735 Newnham, Gloucestershire, England
Daughter Jones
Doris Sylvia Jones
Edith Maria Jones 1896 Lambeth, London, England
Emma Jones
Hubert Cecil Jones 1922 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Husband Jones
Isabella Mary Jones
James Jones 1824 Woolaston, Gloucestershire, England
James Jones 1860 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
James Jones
Jane Jones 1894
Jane Jones 1873
Jennifer R Jones
John Davis Jones
Joseph Jones
Kenneth Faulconer Jones 1950 Exeter, Devon, England
Lynne Annette Jones 1958 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mabel Christiana Jones 1901
Mabel Maud Jones
Maria Jones 1787
Mary Jones
Nora P Jones
Pamela Ann Jones 1948 Exeter, Devon, England
Peter Albert Jones 1935 Old Know Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Roynon Jones
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 1795
Sarah Josephine Jones 1923
Son Jones
Sophia Martha Jones 1818 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas R Jones
Trippett Jones 1726 Newnham, Gloucestershire, England
Two Sons Jones
Violet Katherine Jones 1927 Longreach, Queensland, Australia
William Jones
William Jones
William Henry Jones 1902 Lincolnshire, England
William Richard Jones 1888 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Bernard Stephen Jordan 1906 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Cyril John Jordan 1894 Hackney, London, England
Daughter Jordan
Francis Edward Jordan 1830 Ireland
Francis Edward Jordan 1891 7 Victoria Park Road, Hackney, London, England
Gloria Jordan
Hilda Mary T Jordan 1908 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Husband Jordan
Jane Jordan 1752
John Huntley Jordan 1924 Hackney, London, England
John Michael Jordan 1854 Bishop Auckland, Durham, England
Leonora Mary Jordan 1892 Hackney, London, England
Mary Jordan 1740 Devon, England
Maurice Ignatius Jordan 1900 Westminster, London, England
Patricia Bernice Jordan 1925 Cologne, Germany
Ralph John Jordan 1897 Bethnal Green, London, England
Son Jordan
Son Jordan
Son Jordan
Ursula Mary Jordan 1902 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Catherine Ellen Jordison 1860 Thurlow Township, Hasting County, Ontario, Candad
Christopher Appleby Jordison 1819
Isabella Marianne Jordison 1864 Rawdon Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Joslin 1797 Mariansleigh, Devon, England
Heidi Josling 1985 Devon, England
Jason Josling 1978 Devon, England
Mervyn Josling 1962 Devon, England
Francis Joy
Mary Joy 1815 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
Harry Joyce
Phyllis Louisa V Joyce 1910 Taunton, Somerset, England
Knowles Thomas Joyes 1813
Alice Joyns 1800 Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
Husband Judd
Wubke Margarete Juilfs
Cyril Alfred John Julyan 1920 Devon, England
Daniel Edward Julyan 1987 Torbay, Devon, England
Matthew Phillip Julyan 1981 Torbay, Devon, England
Phillip I Julyan 1953 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Aleksandrs Junusov 1987 Daugavpils, Latvia
Igors Junusov 1952
Anna Jurovskis
daughter Jurovskis
daughter Jurovskis
Marija JUROVSKIS 1862
son Jurovskis
James Juster
Mariam E Jutsum 1892
Emery Jutton 1794 Sussex, England
Mary Jutton 1825 Washington, Sussex, England
Valentina Kadik 1902
George Edward Kadwill 1890 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Richard W Kadwill
Husband Kallas
Lauren Jean Kallio 1950
Andris Kalnins 1967
Anna Milda KALNINS 1890 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Anne Kalnins Latvia
Austra Kalnins 1929
Daughter Kalnins
Evalds Kalnins 1992 Daugavpils, Latvia
Ieva Kalnins 1974 Riga, Latvia
Ieva Kalnins 1920 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Ieva Marija Kalnins 1896 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Janis Kalnins 1888 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Janis KALNINS 1819 Latvia
Juris Kalnins 1962 Daugavpils, Latvia
Juris Kalnins 1929 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Karlis Kalnins
Klementine Elza Kalnins
Krisjanis-Valcs Kalnins 1887 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Krisjanis KALNINS 1857 Suseja, Zalve parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Krisjanis Kalnins
Kristine Kalnins 1944 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Linda Kalnins 1991 Daugavpils, Latvia
Ludmila Kalnins 1955 Daugavpils, Latvia
Margarita Kalnins 1962 Daugavpils, Latvia
Martins Kalnins
Peteris Kalnins 1922 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Peteris Kalnins 1865 Latvia
Peteris Kalnins 1892 'Lilienfelde', Ilukste, Zemgale, Latvia
Son Kalnins
Vilis Kalnins
George Karabanovs 1955 Australia
Kira Lynn Karabanovs 1974 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Natasha Karabanovs 1978 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Nikolai Karabanovs
Tanya Elaine Karabanovs 1972 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Maria Karm Estonia
Ann Keake 1753 Hartpury, Gloucestershire, England
John Keake
Lucy Stella Kearney 1873 Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia
Timothy Joseph Kearney
Mary Keating
Grace KEATS 1733 Chard, Somerset, England
John Keats 1731 Chard, Somerset, England
Daughter Keay
Daughter Keay
Daughter Keay
David Keay
Son Keay
Son Keay
Diana Keech
William Ewart Keedwell 1879
Edward A Keen
Charles Keeping 1842 Hordle, Hampshire, England
Edward William Keeping 1898 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Florence Faulconer Keeping 1886 Exeter, Devon, England
Francis Henry Keeping 1923 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Frank Keeping 1890 Exeter, Devon, England
Gwendoline Mabel Keeping 1911 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Henry Charles Keeping 1884 Exeter, Devon, England
Mabel Adeline Keeping 1887 Exeter, Devon, England
Marjorie M Keeping 1915 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Nellie Attwater Keeping 1883 Exeter, Devon, England
Pauline Yvonne Keeping 1922 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Stephen Keeping
Thomas Henley Keeping 1889 Exeter, Devon, England
Alexsander Keily 1912
Jeannine Patricia Keiser 1939
Leslie K Keiser
James George Kelland 1862 Exeter, Devon, England
John Kelland 1824 Lapford, Devon, England
John Kelland 1779
Ann KELLOW 1701 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
Charles Kellow 1707 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
Elizabeth KELLOW
James Kellow 1697 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
Samuel Kellow 1700 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
William Kellow 1695 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
William KELLOW
William Kellow 1705 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
Annie Rankine Kelly 1855 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Bessie Thorne Kelly 1881 Sandford, Devon, England
Catherine Ellen Kelly
Eileen Marie Kelly 1967 Keighley, Yorkshire, England
Isobel Kelly
Margaret Kelly
Patrick F Kelly
Doris Evelyn Mary Kelsey 1901 Hackney, London, England
Mary Kelsey
Walter Richmond Kelsey 1865 Camberwell, London, England
Mary Ann Kelso
Ann Kemp
Dorcas Kemp
Susan Mary Kemp Penryn, Cornwall, England
Mary Kempe
Fredricka Mariah Kempert
Alice Edwards Kendal 1859 Margate, Kent, England
Ada Mary Kendall
James Kendall
Jane Kendall 1740 St Tudy, Cornwall, England
May Kendall
Moses Kendall
Sarah Kendrick 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Hugh Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy 1909 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Kenopic
Eleanor Kent 1853 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Harriett Kent 1905
Silas Kent 1826 Reading, Berkshire, England
Annie Keogh
Julia Eleanor Van Straubenzer Kerly 1860 Islington, London, England
Richard Thomas Swinnerton Kerly 1831 Bath, Somerset, England
Bessie Kerman
Archibald Kernighan Ireland
Eliza Kernighan 1850 Brougham, Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Kernighan 1853 Ontario, Canada
Andrew Kerr
William Henry Kerr
Maretta Kershaw
Annie Kerslake 1893 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Kerslake 1797 Reigate, Surrey, England
May Kerslake 1896 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Samuel Kerslake
Susannah Kerslake
William Kerslake 1865 Halberton, Devon, England
William John Kerslake 1898 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
George W Ketley
Mary Elizabeth Keyte 1877 Astwood Bank, Worcestershire, England
Thomas Keyte
Neville Sydney Kiddell-Monroe 1906 Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England
Rachel M Kiddell-Monroe 1965 Hammersmith, London, England
Richard S Kiddell-Monroe 1941 Surrey, England
Sarah D Kiddell-Monroe 1944 Surrey, England
William Kiddell-Monroe
Clara Elizabeth Kidman 1841 Biscott, Bedfordshire, England
James Kidman
Charles Kidson
Edward Kidson
Joseph Kilbourne 1903 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Maria Killen 1825 Farrington Guerney, Somerset, England
Albert Edwin Killick
Maria Hawes Killick 1801 St Mary, Send, Surrey, England
Marjorie L Killick 1911 Richmand, Surrey, England
Susannah Sarah Jenkins Killick 1790 St Mary, Send, Surrey, England
William Killick
Alfred Kimberley 1920
Allan Kimberley
Arthur Seeley Kimberley 1915
Barry Kimberley
Brian Kimberley
David Nelson Kimberley 1927 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Elijah Kimberley 1873 Brayside, Ontario, Canada
Elisha Kimberley
John Kimberley
Katherine Kimberley
Linda Marie Kimberley 1951 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Michael Kimberley
Ronald Kimberley
Rosemary Kimberley
Helen Winifred Kime 1892 Elsie, Gratiot County, Michigan, USA
Kimball E Kime 1861 USA
Ann King 1777
Arthur Henry King 1839 Bardwell, Suffolk, England
Bessie Skinner King 1856 Silverton, Devon, England
Charles Albert King 1848 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Clara E King 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Donald Stephen King 1926 London, England
Dorothea W King 1937 Willesden, London, England
Edith E King Westminster, London, England
Edith May King
Elizabeth King 1794 Earls Colne, Essex, England
Elizabeth King 1867
Elizabeth King 1814 Silverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Emeline King
Ellen Maria King 1841 Bardwell, Suffolk, England
Emma King 1836 Silverton, Devon, England
Frederic Edward King 1843 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
George Edwin King
Gwendoline Emily King 1885 Battersea, London, England
Herbert King
Howard James King 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Hubert Edmund King 1914 London, England
J. King
James King
James King 1816 Silverton, Devon, England
James King 1842 Silverton, Devon, England
Jennifer King 1950
Joan King
John King
John King 1839 Silverton, Devon, England
Leonard W W King 1929 Nechells, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lillian King Westminster, London, England
Llewellyn King 1877 St George Hanover Square, London, England
Lucy Ann King 1847 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Margaret King
Mary King 1802 Earls Colne, Essex, England
Mary Ann King
Mary Jane King 1850 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Percy G King 1871 Westminster, London, England
Robert King 1767 Somerset, England
Robert King 1806 Earls Colne, Essex, England
Susan King 1845 Silverton, Devon, England
Thomas King 1804 Earls Colne, Essex, England
Thomas King 1849 Silverton, Devon, England
Tony King
Walter George King 1852 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Wendy Ann King 1958 Seaton, Devon, England
William King 1795 Earls Colne, Essex, England
William King 1770 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, England
William King 1851 Silverton, Devon, England
William H Kingdon
Jane Kinggett
Mary H Kingham
Richard Kings 1675
Richard Kings 1699 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Kings 1700 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Kings 1702 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sidney Kingzett 1886 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Stanley James Kingzett 1916 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Kelsey Kirk
Marie Kirk Canada
Rosetta Olive Kirk
Bernard Frank D Kirke 1923 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Claude Alfred Kirke 1891 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Frank Alfred Kirke 1869 Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Frank Gordon Kirke 1898 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
John Thomas Kirke
Hannah Kirkland 1875
John Kirkland
Susanne Elma Kirsten 1913
George Ralph Kirtley
Larry Kirtley 1948 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Charles Kitch 1842
Child Kitchens 2016
Chris Kitchens
Doris V V Kitney
Igors Kitovs
Kintija Kitovs 2001
Julius Adolph Kittel 1865
Marshall Kixmoeller
Robert Kixmoeller
Darcy Kleinknecht
Emmitt Leonard Kleinknecht
Jekabs Kleperis 1846
Adolfs Heinrichs Emils Kleppers 1887 Cesis, Cesis region, Latvia
Arvids Klisans 1934 Daugavpils, Latvia
Father Klisans
Janis Klisans
Janis Klisans 1933 Daugavpils, Latvia
Martins Klisans 1967 Riga, Latvia
Valdis Klisans
Hilary F Knapp 1939 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Valerie P Knapp 1938 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
William James Knapp 1899
Ann Selby Knee 1839 King Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Knee 1857 Bath Place, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Bertha Anne Maud Knee 1892 Osney, Oxfordshire, England
Constance Elizabeth Knee 1903 Cowley, Oxfordshire, England
Darrell Knee 1912 Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Derek J Knee 1922 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Walter Knee 1865 Kingsholm, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Caroline Jane Knee 1863 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Elsie Gwendoline Knee 1884 Portsea Island, Hampshire, England
Frederick C Knee 1917 Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Frederick Howard Knee 1890 Hackney, London, England
Gladys M Knee 1914 Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Gwendoline Freda Knee 1901 Cowley, Oxfordshire, England
Henry Frederick Knee 1855 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Ida Nellie Knee 1897 Grandpont, Oxfordshire, England
Irene Louisa Hilda Knee 1891 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
John Henry Knee 1831 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Lilian Sophie Knee 1886 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Lionel Arnold Rievley Knee 1881 Newport, Glamorganshire, Wales
Margaret Knee 1925 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Edward Ewert Knee 1894 Hinksey, Oxfordshire, England
William Herbert Knee 1889 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Kent Knee 1807 Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England
William Thomas Knee 1859 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Amelia Anne Knevitt 1839 Queens Square St George the Martyr, Camden, London, England
Ellen Knibb 1911 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Alice A M Knight 1862 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Amelia Annie Maria Knight 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anna Maria Knight 1836 Chard, Somerset, England
Audrey Ruth Knight 1955 Chelsfield, Kent, England
Barry Knight 1956 Chelsfield, Kent, England
Elizabeth Knight
Ellen Knight 1853 Chard, Somerset, England
George Knight 1928
Georgiana Knight 1841 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Hubert William Knight 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Julie Jane Knight 1953 Chelsfield, Kent, England
Robert Knight
Ruth Knight 1849 Ashill, Somerset, England
Samuel Knight
Sandra A Knight
Sarah Knight 1810 West Buckland, Somerset, England
Terrance Roy Knight 1962 Chelsfield, Kent, England
Thomas Knight
Thomas Knight 1831 Farnham, Surrey, England
William Knight
Elizabeth Matilda Knowles 1861 Windsor, Berkshire, England
George Knowles
Mary Ann Spain Knowles 1826 Deal, Kent, England
Edward A Knowles-Johnson 1920 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Florence Agnes Knowles-Johnson 1899 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Annie Hutchings Knowling 1867 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Charles Alexander Knowling 1884
Elizabeth S Knowling 1864
Fannie Knowling 1869 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
George Knowling
George Knowling
George Knowling 1888
George Knowling 1841 Exeter, Devon, England
John Urquhart Knowling 1916
Margaret Knowling
Margaret E Knowling 1882 Queen's Road, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Philip Knowling
Philip Hutchings Knowling 1873 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Sarah Knowling 1872
Thomas Arthur Knowling 1912
Thomas Lampard Green Knowling 1879 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
William Anderson Knowling 1911
William Urquhart Knowling 1878 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Christine Cathrine Knudson
Clara L Kokesh 1888
Michael Kolesa
Anastasija Kolodinis 1997 Daugavpils, Latvia
Boris Kolodinis 1987 Daugavpils, Latvia
Igors Kolodinis 1962 Daugavpils, Latvia
Marija Kolodinis 1988 Daugavpils, Latvia
Juri Kornilov 1948
Michaels Kornilov 1973 Daugavpils, Latvia
Jackie Kozak 1938
Margaret Kramer
Rasma Krievins 1912 Latvia
Susanna Maria Kruger 1904
Krumins Latvia
Zane Krumins 1987 Sigulda, Riga, Latvia
Catherine Kumpf
Bronislava Kupcins 1900
Gunta Kusins
Alfred La Guidara 1869 Greece
Mary Lou La Prairie
Carolina Labrana
daughter Labrana
son Labrana
Ilze Labsvards
Arthur Lacey 1874 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Catherine Lacey 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edward Lacey 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edward Lacey 1838 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ernest Lacey 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joseph Lacey 1872 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Lacey 1879 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Walter Lacey 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Cynthia Margaret Lachlan 1909 Kent, England
George Louis Lachlan 1859
Joyce Katharine Lachlan 1910 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Mabel Emmeline Ladbrook 1898 Tendring, Essex, England
Minnie Ladds 1872 Dunton Green, Kent, England
Sarah J Laidlaw
John Head Laidman 1891 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Florence May Laity 1887 Helston, Cornwall, England
Ann Lake
Bertha Lake 1883 Puddington, Devon, England
Betty Lake 1746 South Molton, Devon, England
Charles William Lake 1894 Crediton, Devon, England
Dora Mary Lake 1889 Puddington, Devon, England
Dorothy Gladys Lake 1891
Edgar John Lake 1892 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Lake 1799
Emily Lake 1860 East Worlington, Devon, England
Ernest James Lake 1913 Hendon, London, England
George Lake 1844 Exeter, Devon, England
George Capron Lake 1776 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
George Hinton Lake 1878 Exeter, Devon, England
Gordon Lake 1885 Puddington, Devon, England
Helen Lake 1871 Exeter, Devon, England
Henry Lake 1807 Cheriton Bishop, Devon, England
Henry Lake 1772 Devon, England
Henry James Lake 1878 Canterbury, Kent, England
Henry James Lake 1838
Isabelle Lake 1837 Exeter, Devon, England
Jane Lake 1852 East Worlington, Devon, England
Jane Ellett Lake 1847 Exeter, Devon, England
Jane Louisa Lake 1873 Exeter, Devon, England
Jessie Lake 1858 East Worlington, Devon, England
John Lake 1801
John Lake 1778 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
John Cooke Lake 1853 East Worlington, Devon, England
John Hinton Lake 1845 Exeter, Devon, England
John William Lake 1871 Exeter, Devon, England
Lucy Edith Lake 1876 Exeter, Devon, England
Margaret Elizabeth Lake 1909 Hendon, London, England
Mary Lake 1780 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Mary Lake 1850 East Worlington, Devon, England
Mary Lake 1839 Cullompton, Devon, England
Mary Lake 1772
Mary Ellen Lake 1870 Exeter, Devon, England
Olive Doreen Lake 1895 Tiverton, Devon, England
Oliver Thomas William Lake 1882 Puddington, Devon, England
Richard Lake 1799 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Richard Lake 1864 East Worlington, Devon, England
Richard Cooke Lake 1825 East Worlington, Devon, England
Robert Charles Lake 1907 Hendon, London, England
Roxie R Lake
Susan Lake 1843 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Susanna Lake 1774 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Susanna Lake 1856 East Worlington, Devon, England
Thomas Lake 1848 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Lake
Thomas Lake
William Lake
William Lake
William Capron Lake 1809 Exeter, Devon, England
William Henry Lake 1906 Wood Green, London, England
William John Lake 1879 West Worlington, Devon, England
Isabella Lamb Scotland
Ryan Lamb 1980 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Aubrey Lambert
Brian J Lambert 1925 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Daisy Lambert 1890 Teston, Kent, England
Frances Gertrude Lambert
Ian J Lambert 1952 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lucretia Ruth Lambert 1833 Red Hill, Surrey, England
Neil Lambert 1953 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Stuart G Lambert
Graeme David Lukey Lamkin 1966 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England
Isabelle Rose Lamkin 2003 Wincester, Hampshire, England
Jacqueline A Lamkin 1958 Ealing, London, England
Paul S Lamkin 1954 Hammersmith, London, England
Reginald Noel Lamkin 1925 Hammersmith, London, England
Flossie Mae Lamm
August Pierre Lammens Belgium
Glyn Lammens 1951 Belgium
Miriam Lammens 1952 Belgium
Pierre Lammens 1946 Belgium
Sonja Lammens 1949 Belgium
Vivianne Lammens 1954 Belgium
Alexander Marcus LaMonaca 1987 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Cluade LaMonaca 1948 Rome, Italy
Francesca Sara LaMonaca 1984 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Justin Aristotal LaMonaca 1990 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Raffaele LaMonaca
Ria Lamot Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Margrieta A. Lamsters 1918
Anne Land 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
Ellen Land 1888 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ellen E Land 1855 Tiverton, Devon, England
Francis Land 1849 Tiverton, Devon, England
Harry Land 1858 Tiverton, Devon, England
Harry Land 1892 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Land 1808 Tiverton, Devon, England
Irene Emily Land 1910 Tiverton, Devon, England
Isaac Land 1837 Tiverton, Devon, England
Jane Land 1835 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lilly Land 1894 Tiverton, Devon, England
Louisa Land 1890 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sidney Land 1870 Chard, Somerset, England
Victoria Land 1839 Tiverton, Devon, England
Walter Land 1853 Tiverton, Devon, England
Walter Land 1866 Chard, Somerset, England
William Land 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
William Land 1861 Tiverton, Devon, England
William H Land 1845 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Henry Land 1887 Tiverton, Devon, England
Kaja Lande
Maren Lande
Ola Lande
Per Ivar Lande
Tora Margrethe Lande
Heather Lander 1931 1 Monument Road, Helston, Cornwall, England
Frederick Walter Landymore 1912 Croydon, Surrey, England
Amelia Charlotte Lane 1876 Woolwich, London, England
Ann Lane 1801 Marylebone, London, England
Betsy Lane 1822 Shobrooke?, Devon, England
Elizabeth Lane 1886
Mary Lane 1872 Newport, Hampshire, England
Sarah Lane 1707
Gladys Louise Lang 1883 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
James Frederick Lang
William Lang
Jane Langdon 1841
Thomas Langdon 1832 Luxborough, Somerset, England
Anne A Langford 1942 Dartford, Kent, England
Elizabeth Langford
Reginald H Langford
Roger H Langford 1947 Dartford, Kent, England
Stephen L Langford 1948 Dartford, Kent, England
Samantha Langley 1997
Sarah Langley 2000
Terrance Langley
Anne LANGMAID 1664 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Henry Langmaid 1660 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Henry Langmaid
Joan Langmaid 1660 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
John Langmaid Lansallos, Cornwall, England
John LANGMAID Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall, England
John LANGMAID 1626 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Joseph Langmaid 1662 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Margaret Langmaid
Philip Langmaid
Samuel Langmaid 1667 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
Thomas Langmaid
Timothy Langmaid 1658 Lansallos, Cornwall, England
John Langridge
Sarah Langton 1753
Beatrice Maria Langtree 1888 Shoreditch, London, England
Henry Edward Langtree 1852
Dimitry Language
Barbara Jennette Langworthy
Laimonis Lans 1948
Samuel Lapham
Igor Lappo 1910 Stirnienes Muiza, Latvia
Igor Aldis Lappo 1947 Germany
Ilona Aija Lappo 1943 Riga, Latvia
Inga Lappo 1945 Flensburg, Germany
Irene Lappo 1928 Riga, Latvia
Kira Lappo 1903 Vitebks, Russia
Olaf Lappo 1951 Busselton, Western Australia, Australia
Oleg Lappo 1911 Stirnienes Muiza, Latvia
Yuri Lappo 1905 Stirnienes Muiza, Latvia
Evgeny Nicholai Vladimir Lappo-Starzinecky 1877 Vitebks, Russia
Karl Lappo-Starzinecky
Doreen Millie Laramy 1923 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Edgar Laramy
Aaron Larcombe 1804 Compton Dundon, Somerset, England
Dianne Larcombe
Emanuel Larcombe 1827 Pitney, Somerset, England
Henry Emanuel Larcombe 1889 Broken Hill, NSW, Australia
James Joseph Larcombe 1888 Kadina, South Australia, Australia
Joseph Aaron Larcombe 1861 Skillogalee Creek, South Australia, Australia
May Larcombe
Braden Larkin
Brett R Larkin
Cayden Larkin
Dell Jensen Larkin 1926 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Emma Agnes Larkin 1861 Chislet, Kent, England
Julie Ann Larkin 1968 Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, USA
Kinley Larkin
Rodney B Larkin
Scott D Larkin
Ted R Larkin
William Larkin 1837
Albert James Larkins 1875 Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah, USA
Arlene Larkins 1922
Arthur Clarence Larkins 1880 Grantsville, Tooele County, Utah, USA
Blaine Larkins 1933 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Carol Larkins 1928 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Chloe Elizabeth Larkins 1887 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Clifton James Larkins
Edith Elizabeth Larkins 1878 Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah, USA
Edward Charles Larkins 1878 Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah, USA
Elizabeth Larkins 1883 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Frank James Larkins 1882 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Frederick Seal Larkins 1895 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Gayle Odd Larkins 1929 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Gwen Lois Larkins 1931 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Howard Fred Larkins 1918 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Howard J Larkins
Howard James Larkins 1890 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
James Howard Larkins
James Howard Larkins 1842 Beeston, Bedfordshire, England
James Rowdy Larkins
Lane L Larkins
Larry Frank Larkins 1921 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Lavina Ann Larkins 1873 Deep Creek, Tooele County, Utah, USA
Leone Larkins
Lloyd Seal Larkins 1920 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Lyle Howard Larkins 1926 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Misty Dawn Larkins
Rex Thomas Larkins 1923 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Riley I Larkins
Shirley L Larkins
Sylvia Cooke Larkins
Tacy Larkins 1961
Tamra Larkins 1958 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Tanzee Larkins 1969
Terry Lee Larkins 1959 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Tina M Larkins
Tory Jo Larkins 1973
Tristan Larkins 1965
Doug Larmer
Suzanne LaRoche
Kathleen Ethel Larry 1921
Effie Lilian Larsen 1881 Mink Creek, Franklin, Idaho, USA
Gorm Egdal Larsen Nykřbing, Denmark
Ole B Larsen 1954 Mřn, Denmark
Mary Ann Laslett 1838
Stephen Laslett
Jane Emma Last 1858 Lawshall, Suffolk, England
Martha Latham 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William Latham
Archibald Lauder
Maggie Love Lauder 1874 83 Renfield Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Mary Ellen Laughton 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Charlotte Esther Laundry 1885 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Laundry
Elizabeth Laurie 1810 Edinburgh, Scotland
Ursula Laurus
Daniel Laver 1859 Taunton, Somerset, England
Jane Laver 1864 Taunton, Somerset, England
John Laver 1868 Taunton, Somerset, England
Phoebe Laver 1866 Taunton, Somerset, England
Sarah Laver 1857 Taunton, Somerset, England
Thomas Laver 1837 Taunton, Somerset, England
Thomas Lavery
Thomas A Lavery 1862 Ireland
Albert Roland Lavis
Albert Vernard Lavis 1904 Cockett, Glamorganshire, Wales
Charles Philip Lavis 1901 Street, Somerset, England
Daughter Lavis
Frederick Lavis 1839 High Ham, Somerset, England
Jean Olivia Lavis 1898 High Ham, Somerset, England
Mary Virginia Lavis
Nora Marilyn Lavis 1930 Verdun, Quebec, Canada
Philip James Lavis 1874 High Ham, Somerset, England
Victoria Elizabeth Lavis 1929 Canada
Wallis Frederick Lavis 1897 High Ham, Somerset, England
Christopher John Duncan Law 1921 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Georgina M Duncan Law 1916 Burley-in-Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
James Duncan Law 1882 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Mary Duncan Law 1911 Menston, Yorkshire, England
Penelope T Duncan Law 1913 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Reginald James Duncan Law 1919 Menston, Yorkshire, England
Stephen Henry Duncan Law 1923 Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England
Susanna C Law 1957 Kensington, London, England
Susannah Marion Duncan Law 1909 Menston, Yorkshire, England
Kim Lawrance 1959 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Deborah Joanne Lawrence 1969 Carshalton, Surrey, England
Ella Lawrence
Francis Lawrence
George Lawrence 1829
Julie Lawrence 1960 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Marshall Ralph Lawrence Queensland, Australia
Mary Lawrence 1781 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Norman Horace Lawrence
Peter Norman Lawrence 1930 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Richard Henry Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence
Sarah Elizabeth Lawrence 1962 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Fanny Lawrence 1869 4 West Street, Lewisham, London, England
Timothy Peter Lawrence 1959 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Winifred Lawrence 1916 Penrhiwceiber, Wales
Alfred H Lawson
Annie Elizabeth Lawson
Myrtle Elizabeth Lay 1905 Yarram, Victoria, Australia
Victor Lay 1879 Ballan, Victoria, Australia
Jeannine Layer 1929 Iowa
Florence Gertrude Le Gros 1884 Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Richard Leach 1901 Crediton, Devon, England
Richard Lee Leach
William Leach 1859 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
John Leadbeater
Mary Ann Leadbeater 1832 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Bertie Leah 1893 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Edith Leah 1886 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Eliza Leah 1884 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Leah 1882 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Florence Leah 1891 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
George Leah
George Leah 1876 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Gertrude Gladys Leah 1897 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Ivy Leah 1911
James Leah 1846 Bilstone, Staffordshire, England
James Leah 1879 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
John William Leah 1896 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Kathleen Leah 1907
Richard Leah 1875 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Robert Leah 1873 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Sarah Ann Leah 1884 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Susan J Leah 1944 County Durham, England
Thomas Leah 1888 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Thomas Hatton Leah 1918 Middlesborough, Yorkshire, England
Thomas Leaman
Jane Sedgwick Lean 1802 Plymouth, Devon, England
Byron Leonardo Lean-Cole 1936 Durazno, Uruguay
Elizabeth Lean-Cole 1967 Uruguay
Enrique Leonardo Lean-Cole 1901 Paysandu, Uruguay
Helen Lean-Cole 1961 Montevideo, Uruguay
Herbert Lean-Cole 1862 Springfield, Millbrook, Hampshire, England
Herbert Enrique Lean-Cole 1933 Montevideo, Uruguay
Herbert Michael Lean-Cole 1962 Montevideo, Uruguay
Kathleen Lean-Cole 1934 Durazno, Uruguay
Margaret Lean-Cole 1964 Uruguay
Mary Lean-Cole 1936 Durazno, Uruguay
Elizabeth Leaper 1791 St Giles, London, England
Elizabeth Lear 1803 Shillingford Street, Exeter, Devon, England
Husband Learmonth
Cyril E Leat
Jeanne A Leaver
Cathy LeBlanc
Antoine Leck Germany
Elizabeth Leckie
Sarah Ledbetter 1807 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Federico Jorge Ledesma 1996 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gonzalo Facundo Ledesma 1993 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jorge Ledesma 1962 Ramos Mejia, Argentina
Ann Lee 1853 West Worlington, Devon, England
Ann Lee
Charles August Lee 1864 Norway
Eleanor Brown Lee 1800 Portsea, Hampshire, England
Elsie Edith Lee 1909 Upminster, Essex, England
Eva I Lee 1910
George Rupert Lee
Kevin S Lee
Mary Lee
Robert W Lee 1889 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Russell Percival Lee 1955 Lothingland, Norfolk, England
Vincent Lee
Lillian Victoria Leek
Blosson Alice Victoria Lefever 1918 Farnham, Surrey, England
Charles William Lefever
Leslie Charles Lefever 1928 Bethnal Green, London, England
veidAlfred Edgar Lefielliatre
daughter Leitietis
son Leitietis
Karlis Leitrants 1951 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Olga Leitrants 1913 Vidzeme, Latvia
Alfredo Cuello Leiva 1908 Spain
Antonia Leiva Fuengirola, Malaga, Andalucia, Spain
Ernesto Cuello Leiva San Roque, Almeria, Andalucia, Spain
Hector Cuello Leiva Spain
Matias Cuello Leiva 1907 Casares, Spain
Biruta Lejins 1921 Zasa, Zasa parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Pauls Lejins Vidzeme, Latvia
Raoul Jean Lucien Lemair
Wife Lemaire
Mother Lench
Ruth M Leng
Colin Lengyel
Corey Lengyel
Robert Lengyel
Mary Lennard 1882 Salford, Lancashire, England
Edmund Fitzmaurice Magell Lenon 1863
Edmund Henry Lenon
Marjorie Nancy F Lenon 1903 St Giles, London, England
Betty Leonard 1775 Gloucestershire, England
Rosemary A Leonard
Wellington William Leonard
Asse Leonhardsen
Daniel M Lepard
Frederick Wright Lepard 1873 East Gwillimbury, York County, Ontario, Canada
Jack Lepard 1914 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lorraine Lepard 1916 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phyllis Leah Lepard 1913 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sophia Helena Capel Leppoc 1850 Clerkenwell, London, England
Wife Leslie
John Lesoine Germany
John A Lesoine 1888 New York, New York, USA
Robert Lesoine
Jerry Lessard
Husband Lester
Joan Lestrange
John IX Lestrange
Annette LeSueur
Brig LeSueur
Carolyn Diane LeSueur 1930 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
John Taylor LeSueur
Larkin Blood LeSueur 1948 Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, USA
Lohr LeSueur
Suzanne LeSueur
Walter Blood LeSueur 1926 Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA
Walter Bryant LeSueur 1898 Saint Johns, Apache County, Arizona, USA
Husband Letcher
Andrew Moreland Lethandry 1966 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Mary Levett 1870 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Lewes 1626 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Husband Lewes 1616
Abraham Lewin
Emma Lewin
Rachel Lewin 1818 Essex, England
William Lewin
Ann N Lewis 1946 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Annie Eliza Lewis 1845 Rotherhithe, London, England
Benjamin James Lewis 2004 Chichester, Sussex, England
Charity Lewis
Charles G Lewis 1940 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Charles Harold George Lewis 1875 Frant, Kent, England
Daniel Lewis 1837 Goytre, Monmouthshire, Wales
Eliza Harriet Lewis 1860 Ynysmaerdy, Glamorgan, Wales
Fred Evarard Lewis 1870 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Harriet Lewis 1942 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Imogen Amelia Lewis 2002 Chichester, Sussex, England
James Lewis
Jessica Sophie Lewis 1998 Chichester, Sussex, England
Keith Sherwin Lewis 1906 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Linda M Lewis 1944 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Mary LEWIS 1802 Herefordshire, England
Philip Gething Lewis 1915 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Simon Wilford Lewis 1966 Southwark, London, England
Thomas Hanson Lewis 1841 Hackney, London, England
William M G Lewis 1948 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Arvids Leze
Gunta Arija Leze 1944
David F Lickess 1937 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Judith R A Lickess 1940 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Thomas William Lickess
Thomas William Lickess 1905 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Isabelle Bevan Liddon 1879 Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England
Matthew Liddon 1843 Colyton, Devon, England
Arturs Liepins 1905
daughter Liepins
Janis Liepins
Ojars Liepins 1931
Blanch Lightfoot 1696 Egloshayle, Cornwall, England
William Lightfoot
Ada Lilly 1925 Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
John Francis Lindberg
Ann Lindsay Marylebone, London, England
Bruce A Lindsay 1945 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Janet Christina Lindsay 1902 Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada
Robert Lindsay
Arthur James Line
Nancy Mary Line 1916 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Lintern 1775 Somerton, Somerset, England
Ann Linterne 1824 England
Catherine Gregory Linton 1838 Pollington, Yorkshire, England
John Linton
Alison Dawn Lister 1966 Exeter, Devon, England
Ann Lister 1760
Reginald Maurice Lister 1927 Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
Douglas Little 1950 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Emmitt Little 2016
Harvey Hector Little 1923
Heather Little 1952 Beamsville, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada
Scott Little
Bertha Lilian Lizard 1874 Ipplepen, Devon, England
John Llewellyn
Margaret Llewelyn
Agnes Mary Lloyd 1874 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Edward Lloyd
Fanny Elizabeth Lloyd 1903 New Zealand
Gilbert Stanley Lloyd 1878 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Lloyd 1805 Bermondsey, London, England
Mary E Lloyd
Robert Lloyd
Thomas J Lloyd
Winifred Edith May Lloyd 1900 Bath, Somerset, England
Ann Lobb
James Lochhead
Nancy Hope Lochhead 1921 Edinburgh, Scotland
Charles E Lock
Elizabeth Lock
George Lock
Rassie Lock
Elizabeth Locke 1721 North Molton, Devon, England
John Locke
Philip J Locke
Phyllis Stewart Lockie 1906 St John's Wood, London, England
William Stewart Lockie 1870 Akyab, Burma
Mary Elizabeth Locks 1846 Shoreditch, London, England
John Lockwood
Mary Amelia Lockwood 1884 Prestwich, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Lodge 1851 Sale, Cheshire, England
Josephine Kate Lodge 1919 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
William Charles Lodge 1885 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Harry Dicker London 1898 Reading, Berkshire, England
Harry William London 1864 Kentish Town, London, England
Henry London 1838 Hendon, London, England
Joan H London 1932 Islington, London, England
Lizzie Annie London 1896 St Pancras, London, England
Walter Percy London 1900 Caversham, Oxfordshire, England
Debra Long
Elizabeth Ruth Long 1882 Chard, Somerset, England
John Long
Josephine Frances Mary Long 1933
Mildred Lottie Long 1898 Ongar, Essex, England
Walter Ross Long
William H Long
Rosa Mary Longhurst 1897
Adra E Longley 1882 Illinois, USA
Della M Longley 1892 Illinois, USA
Elmer John Longley 1884 Viola, Mercer County, Illinois, USA
Glenn Floyd Longley 1888 Mercer County, Illinois, USA
LaJune Longley 1913
Verlea Longley 1920
William Alonzo Longley 1851
William Harvey Longley 1916 Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois, USA
William LONGSWORD 905 Bayeux, France
Jessie Lonnon
John Look
Margaret Look 1900
Mary Look 1772 Butleigh, Somerset, England
George Loosemore
John Loosemore Devon, England
Jaime Ignacio Lopez
Maria de la Soledad Lopez Nieto 1951 Madrid, Spain
Alexander Lorain
Elizabeth Loring
Rosalie Lorner 1830 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Kelly M R Lote
Edith May Loud
Edgar Aubrey Lougher 1885 Llanrhidian, Glamorgan, Wales
John Lougher 1855 Pyle, Glamorgan, Wales
James W Lovegrove 1912
Ryan Lovejoy
Doreen Lovell
Jean M Lovell
Elizabeth Lovering
Douglas E Lovett
Jane Low
Maude Harriet Low
Anne Lowdey 1747 High Bickington, Devon, England
Charles Lowdey
Arthur Lowe 1882 Washington DC, USA
Arthur Pitman Lowe 1863
Arthur Robert William Lowe 1888 Alverstoke, Hampshire, England
Caroline Lowe 1885 Washington DC, USA
Charles Lowe
Charles Alexander Lowe 1879 Washington DC, USA
George William Lowe 1842 London, England
Helen Esther Lowe 1877 Washington DC, USA
Jenette M Lowe 1959 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
John A Lowe
Lulu May Lowe 1889 Washington DC, USA
Robert Lowe
Robert Arthur Lowe 1926 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Ann Lowes
India Elizabeth Lowrie 2004 Basildon, Essex, England
Mark Lowrie 1956 London, England
Dennis Derek Lowry 1914 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Francis Lowry 1905 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Francis Lowry 1835 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Frank Lowry 1873 Arbour Hill, Dublin, Ireland
Irene Minnie Lowry 1908 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Jennifer I Lowry 1942 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Minnie Lowry 1877 St Helena
Rowland John Lowry 1910 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Thomas Lowry
Thomas Napton Lowry 1877 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Ephraim Lowton
George Lowton 1775 Rewe, Devon, England
George Lowton 1746 Stoke Canon, Devon, England
Isaac Lowton 1811 Heavitree, Devon, England
Florence Sally Lucas 1914 Wales
Lillian Esther Lucas 1916 Rugby, Warwickshire, England
Lydia Elizabeth Lucas 1916 London, England
Richard Lucas
William Lucas
Margaret Campbell Lucey 1888 Ontario, Canada
Floyd Ludwick
Laurie Ludwick 1961 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Anna Uphoff Lukensmie
Ada Lukey 1883 'Prospect Academy', Dover, Kent, England
Alfred Vaughan Lukey
Alfred Vaughan Lukey 1861 Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Alice Lukey
Alice Lukey
Alice Lukey 1708
Alice Lukey 1693 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Ann LUKEY 1786 Cornwall, England
Ann Lukey 1768 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Ann Lukey 1728 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Ann Lukey 1812
Anne Lukey 1814 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Arthur Lukey 1858 Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Barbara Lukey 1776 Poughill, Cornwall, England
Beryl May Lukey 1911 Folkestone, Kent, England
Catherine Lukey 1773 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Charles Lukey 1880 Dover, Kent, England
Charles Nicholas Lukey 1845 Dulwich, London, England
Charlotte Lukey
Conrad Frederick Lukey
Constance Alice M Lukey 1891 East Dulwich, Surrey, England
David John Lukey 1957 Folkestone, Kent, England
Davis Charles Lukey
Doris Grace Lukey 1897 Folkestone, Kent, England
Edith Lukey 1872
Edith Florence Lukey 1905 West Ham, Essex, England
Edward Lukey 1849
Edward Herbert Lukey 1889
Elaine Lukey
Elizabeth Lukey 1765 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Lukey 1772 Saint Teath, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Lukey
Elizabeth Lukey
Elizabeth Lukey 1814
Elizabeth Mary Lukey
Ellen Lukey
Ernest Lukey 1853 Bromley, Kent, England
Ernest Montague Lukey 1903 Bow, London, England
Ethel F Lukey 1882 Dover, Kent, England
Fanny Lukey 1877
Francis William Clarke Lukey 1841 Camberwell, London, England
Frank Lukey 1874 Folkestone, Kent, England
Frank William Lukey 1892 New Zealand
Frederick Lukey 1870
Frederick Clarke Lukey
Frederick Robert Lukey 1906 Greenwich, London, England
Gladys Fairthorne Lukey
Gladys Irene Lukey 1908 West Ham, Essex, England
Grace Lukey 1881
Harold Lukey 1878
Harriet Alice Lukey 1883
Harriet E Lukey
Helen Mary Lukey 1886
Henry Lukey 1739 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Henry Lukey 1704 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Henry Clarke Lukey 1819 Braunton, Devon, England
Henry James Lukey 1852 Bromley, Kent, England
Henry John Lukey 1856 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Herbert Lukey 1866 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent, England
Hugh Lukey
Hugh Vaughan Lukey 1900 Folkestone, Kent, England
Ivy Patricia Lukey 1910 West Ham, Essex, England
Jane Lukey 1770 Saint Teath, Cornwall, England
Jane Lukey 1733 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Jane Lukey
Jane Laura Lukey 1878
Jean C Lukey 1930 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Jennifer Lukey 1771 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Joan P Lukey 1886 Dover, Kent, England
John LUKEY 1699 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Lukey 1809 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
John Lukey 1731 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Lukey 1754 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Lukey
John Lukey 1849 Dover, Kent, England
John Lukey 1781 Poughill, Cornwall, England
John Lukey 1778 Saint Teath, Cornwall, England
John Lukey 1694 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John LUKEY 1665 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Anthony Lukey 1920 Alberta, Canada
John Edward Lukey 1869
John Herbert Lukey
John Richard Lukey 1943 Hendon, London, England
Joseph Lukey 1810 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Joseph Lukey 1784 Poughill, Cornwall, England
Joseph Lukey 1702 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Joseph Lukey 1726 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Joseph Lukey 1844
Joseph Richmond Lukey 1863 Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Lilian May Lukey 1900 Hackney, London, England
Louisa Jane Lukey 1874 Amberley, Canterbury, New Zealand
Mabel Lukey 1878 Norwood, London, England
Mabel Florence Lukey 1891 New Zealand
Marian Lukey 1875 Dover, Kent, England
Mary Lukey 1775 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Mary Elizabeth Lukey 1846 London, England
Mary Jane Lukey 1807 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Mary Mudie Lukey 1859 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Maud Alberta Lukey 1876 Lambeth, London, England
Michael John Lukey 1959 Folkestone, Kent, England
Montegue Ernest Lukey 1880 Norwood, London, England
Nicholas Lukey 1774 Poughill, Cornwall, England
Nicholas LUKEY 1741 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Nicholas Lukey 1817
Nicholas Lukey
Nicholas Lukey 1776 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Percy Douglas Lukey 1903 Folkestone, Kent, England
Percy John Lukey 1879 Lilydale, Victoria, Australia
Peter John Lukey
Peter John Lukey 1955 Folkestone, Kent, England
Petherick Lukey 1690 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Petherick Lukey 1745 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Petherick LUKEY 1638
Phyllis Cunningham Lukey
Phyllis Myrtle Lukey 1895
Radnor Harold Lukey
Rita Vaughan Lukey
Robert John Lukey
Rose Lukey 1880
Rose Clarke Lukey Dulwich, London, England
Rupert William Lukey 1910
Sarah Ann Lukey 1842 Sydenham, Kent, England
Susan Ann Lukey 1944 Canada
Susanna Lukey 1840
Thomas Lukey 1697 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey 1776 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey 1768 Saint Teath, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey 1735 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey
Thomas Lukey
Thomas Lukey 1663 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey 1770 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Henry Veale Lukey 1805 Bideford, Devon, England
Victoria May Lukey 1901 Bow, London, England
Vincent Vaughan Lukey 1859 Bromley, Kent, England
Violet Joan Lukey 1913 Folkestone, Kent, England
Violet Maud Lukey 1899 Bow, London, England
Walter Lukey 1876
Walter Mason Lukey 1882
Walter W Lukey 1878 Lambeth, London, England
Walter William Lukey 1856
William Lukey 1815
William Lukey
William Henry Lukey 1838 Camberwell, London, England
Zena P Lukey 1929 Dartford, Kent, England
Herbert William Lukins 1884 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Lily Kate Lukins 1886 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Phyllis Vera Lukins 1906 Poole, Dorset, England
Robert Lukins
Robert Lukins 1856 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Robert Gard Harbour Lukins 1880 Brecon, Powys, Wales
Robert Harbour Lukins 1882 Brecon, Powys, Wales
Robert Lionel Lukins 1903 Poole, Dorset, England
Annie Lum 1849
Benjamin Lum
Lydia Lunt 1812 Rotherhithe, London, England
Charles E Luxton 1865
Elizabeth Luxton 1798 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Luxton 1822
Anne Lyddon 1811 South Molton, Devon, England
Dorothy Lyddon 1765 South Molton, Devon, England
George Gould Lyddon 1807 South Molton, Devon, England
Harriett Lyddon 1814 South Molton, Devon, England
John Lyddon 1804 South Molton, Devon, England
Joshua Lyddon
Sophia Isabella Lyddon 1877 Ebbw, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Lyddon 1778 South Molton, Devon, England
George G Lyles
Elizabeth Lynch
Elizabeth M Lynch
Andrew D Lyndon 1951 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Christopher J Lyndon 1952 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Christopher Matthew Lyndon
Frank Reginald Lyndon 1921 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Frederick Lyndon
John Charles Lyndon 1954 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Joshua David Lyndon
Philip Mark Lyndon
Rebecca Mary Lyndon
Robyn Beverley Lyndon
Sarah Joan Lyndon
William Mayne Lynton 1885 Bowness, Cumberland, England
Christine Lyon
David Lyon
Gregory Lyon
Judith Lyon
Kelsey Lyon
Michael Lyon
Theodore Caulkins Lyon 1919 Jordanville, New York, USA
Timothy Lyon
Waldo Lyon
Bruce Lyons
Carolyn Ann Lyons
Catherine Lyons
Dalton Bartlett Lyons 1926
David Garnet Lyons
Doris F Lyons 1927 West Ham, Essex, England
Dorothy Margaret Lyons 1923
George E Lyons 1923 Hackney, London, England
Henry Lyons 1888
Kenneth Lyons
Lois Eileen Lyons
Lynda Jean Lyons
Morris F Lyons 1925 West Ham, Essex, England
Philip Joshua Lyons
Robert Lyons
Samuel Lyons Ontario, Canada
Sheila Marie Lyons
William Frederick Lyons 1896 Shoreditch, London, England
William P Lyons 1922 Hackney, London, England
Anne Macdonald
Daughter MacDonald
Daughter MacDonald
Florence Jenetta MacDonald
Harry Dallas MacDonald 1892
Harry Stuart MacDonald
Mary MacDonald
Peter Stuart MacDonald
Son MacDonald
Son MacDonald
Olive Edith MacDuff 1925 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Anthony MacGarry
Jessie Eunice MacGregor 1902 Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
Moray Murray MacGregor 1875 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Rosario Machado
Balthasar Machler
Johan Benedikt Machler
Rudolfs Machts 2000 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Gillien A MacIndoe 1951 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Gordon T MacIndoe
John MacIndoe 1961 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Cuthbert Hugh Maclean
Gillian Maclean 1924 Norfolk, England
John MacLellan
Ivy MacLennan 1893 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mary Lilian MacLennan 1889 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert MacLennan 1898 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Roderick MacLennan 1827 Scotland
Roderick John Lockett MacLennan 1886 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Roderick Robert MacLennan 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Katherine MacLeod
May MacLeod 1890
Elizabeth MacMillan
James Colville MacMillan 1839 Wincanton, Somerset, England
Amanda Macquire South Africa
Daughter Macquire South Africa
Daughter Macquire South Africa
Son Macquire
Stephen John Macquire 1909
Dorothy Bertha Mary Maddocks 1891 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Maddocks
Anne-Marie Maddy 1965 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Carole Maddy 1967 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
David Gwyn Maddy 1970 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Gwyn Peter Maddy 1943 London, England
Luke Thomas Oliver Maddy 2007 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Reece Joseph William Maddy 2003 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Husband Madget
Margaret Smeltzer Madget 1877
John Magee 1846
Thomas Magee 1875 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Edward Magrath 1769 St Olave Southwark, London, England
Edward Magrath 1790 Saint Lawrence Jewry And Saint Mary Magdalene Milk Street, London, England
Edward Jesson Magrath 1841 Bread Street, All Hallows, London, England
Elizabeth Magrath 1838 Bread Street, All Hallows, London, England
William Magrath 1836 Bread Street, All Hallows, London, England
William Magrath 1792 Saint Lawrence Jewry And Saint Mary Magdalene Milk Street, London, England
Ellen Maher Ireland
Daisy Johanna Ellen Mahoney
Agnese Mahts 1975 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Dace Mahts 1971 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Eduards Mahts 2008 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Erlens Mahts 1982 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Henrijs Mahts 2019 Sigulda, Riga, Latvia
Krisjanis Mahts 2009
Maris Mahts 1950 Lejasrunki, Kurzema, Latvia
Martins Mahts 1978 Riga, Latvia
Nora Mahts 2014 Riga, Latvia
Peteris Mahts 1974 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Rolands Mahts 2003
Edward Benjamin Maidment
Rosa Gertrude Maidment 1872 Battinsborough, Somerset, England
Catherine Mains
Barbara Malcon 1929 Auckland, New Zealand
Unknown Male
Aivars Malers
Dzidra Malers 1928 Riga, Latvia
Fricis Malers 1893 Riga, Latvia
Haralds Malers
Harijs Malers
Harijs Voldemars Malers 1922 Riga, Latvia
Karlis Malers 1920 St Petersburg, Russia
Millija Malers 1924 Riga, Latvia
One Malers
Raimonds Malers
Two Malers
Ann Malin
Nellie Malkinson 1887
Jane Lucy Mallet 1846
Anthony J Mallett 1937 Wells, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Mallett 1810 Washfield, Devon, England
Emily Clapp Mallett 1854 Tiverton, Devon, England
Henry Mallett 1774 Woolfardisworthy, Devon, England
Henry Charles Mallett 1901 Wells, Somerset, England
Isabel R Mallett 1940 Wells, Somerset, England
Jane Lucy Mallett 1960 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
John Clapp Mallett 1858 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Clifford Mallett 1904 Wells, Somerset, England
Lucy Lawrence Mallett 1858 Tiverton, Devon, England
Maxwell Thomas Mallett 1899 Street, Somerset, England
Richard R Mallett 1963 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Rita May Mallett 1897 Wells, Somerset, England
Rosa Ann Mallett 1852 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Mallett 1850 Upton,Somerset, England
Thomas Tucker Mallett 1821 Templeton, Devon, England
Elza Wilhelmina Maneks 1912 Riga, Latvia
Karlis Eduards Maneks
Agnes Mangan 1885 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Alexander Mangels
Franzan Mangels 1923 Manila, Philippines
Henry Ahrens Mangels 1919 Manila, Philippines
Hinrich Ahrends Borcherts Mangels
Johann Herman Friedrich Mangels 1879 Willen, Wittmund District, Germany
John Frederick Mangels 1918 Manila, Philippines
Margarete Hermine Mangels 1922 Manila, Philippines
Nieves Mangels 1916 Manila, Philippines
Son Mangels
Albert John Manley 1886 Withypool, Somerset, England
Alexander Manley
Alice Manley 1903 Devonport, Devon, England
Ann Manley 1838 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Ann Manley 1806 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Arthur Frederick Manley 1898 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Bertha Manley 1855 Exeter, Devon, England
Blanche Edith Manley 1887 Withypool, Somerset, England
Charles Manley
Clifford Manley 1853 Exeter, Devon, England
Dennis Manley 1857 Exeter, Devon, England
Elizabeth Manley 1791 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Elizabeth Manley 1826 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Elsie Mary Ann Manley 1896 Rackenford, Devon, England
Francis Henry Manley 1908 Gibraltar
Frederick Manley 1828 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Frederick W Manley 1889 Simonsbath, Somerset, England
Harry Manley 1877 'Royal Oak Inn', Loxbeare, Devon, England
Helen Elizabeth Manley 1986 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jennifer Ann Manley 1989 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jessie Manley 1868 Loxbeare, Devon, England
John Manley 1865 Rackenford, Devon, England
John Manley 1822 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Manley 1794 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Manley
John Manley 1794 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Manley
John P Manley 1961 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Johnson Manley 1852 Exeter, Devon, England
Julia M Manley 1962 Gravesend, Kent, England
June Manley 1963 Plymouth, Devon, England
Maria Manley 1834 Calverleigh, Devon, England
Mary Manley 1788 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Mary Manley 1800 Huntsham, Devon, England
Mary Ann Manley 1826 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Manley 1851 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Jane Manley 1867 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Maureen Manley 1964 Plymouth, Devon, England
Melia Manley 1870 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Michael J M Manley 1934 Devonport, Devon, England
Peter Manley 1931
Reginald Henry Manley 1897 Rackenford, Devon, England
Richard Manley 1734 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Richard Manley 1785 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Robert Manley 1822 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Robert Manley 1759 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Robert Manley 1796 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Rodney Manley 1859 Exeter, Devon, England
Rose Manley 1873 Loxbeare, Devon, England
Sarah Manley 1798 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Sarah Manley 1850 Exeter, Devon, England
Sarah Manley 1831 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Son Manley
Thomas Beedell Manley 1803 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Thomas Beedle Manley 1824 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Wallace George Manley 1891 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Walter Manley 1861 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Manley 1767 Devon, England
William Manley 1829 Calverleigh, Devon, England
William Manley 1863 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Manley 1801 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William John Manley 1905 Devonport, Devon, England
William Preston Manley 1986 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ann Mann 1592 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Anna Mann
Anthony Mann
Bryan L Mann 1925 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Clint Mann
Daughter Mann
Daughter Mann
Eleanor Mann
Frederick Philip Mann 1913 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Leonard G Mann
Robert Mann
Sonia Mary Mann 1939 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Benjamin Manning 1812 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Henry Manning
Dana A Manning Devon, England
Elizabeth Manning
James Manning
John Gribble Manning 1835 Pilton, Devon, England
Lydia Manning 1834
Walter Manning 1855 Brixton, London, England
Charles Manser 1830
Thomas Manser
Emma Mansfield 1846 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Elizabeth Mansfield
Henry John Mansfield 1885 Enmore, Somerset, England
Kathleen M Mansfield 1913 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
William H Mansfield 1911 Cannington, Somerset, England
Daniel Mantello
Mary Mantello
Mike Mantello Italy
David J Manton
Mary Mapowder
Gesina Marais
Francisca Ignacia MARAVER
James March
Ruby March 1918
Emma Maria Fisher 1832 England
Catherine Maries 1842 Wellsbourne, Warwickshire, England
Jane Sarah Maries 1855 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Ana Marin 1994 Madrid, Spain
Ignacio Marin 1992 Madrid, Spain
Ignacio Mazo Marin 1963 Irún, Guipuzcoa, Pais Vasco, Spain
Javier Marin 1998 Getxo, Bilbao, Spain
Paula Marin 2003 Getxo, Bilbao, Spain
Hubert Maringgele
Ada Beatrice Mark 1874 Oakwood, Ontario, Canada
Adeline Mark 1870
Adeline Mark 1834
Albert Edgar Mark 1880 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Albert Roy Mark 1891
Alexander L Mark
Alice Mark 1879 Culross Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Alice Alberta Mark 1861 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Alma Gertrude Mark 1909 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Amos John Mark 1873 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Mark
Angeline Mark 1844
Ann Mark 1795 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Annie Mark 1878 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Aquilla Mark 1855 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Mark 1887 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Axey Mark 1877 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Blanche Mark
Brande Mark
Caleb Mark 1853 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Callum Mark
Caroline Mark 1850 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Caroline Andrew Mark 1835 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Caroline Cornelius Mark 1832 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Catherine Mark 1830 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Charles Mark 1862 Ontario, Canada
Charles Mark
Clifford George Mark 1902 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Darrell Vance Kimball Mark 1929 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Mark 1884 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Deiren E Mark
Dorothy Ann Mark 1864 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Drucilla Mark 1868 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Edith Grace Mark 1897 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Edward Mark 1841 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Edward Mark 1863
Edward Mark
Edwin Mark 1860 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Elijah Mark 1837 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Elijah Mark 1879 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Elisha Mark 1841 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Eliza Ann Mark 1881 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Mark 1852
Elizabeth Mark 1828 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Mark 1821 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Ann Mark 1839 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Mae Mark 1862 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Ellen Achsah Mark 1872 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Ellen Achsah Mark 1832
Elverene Marjorie Mark 1912 Armour Township, Parry Sound County, Ontario, Canada
Emblyn Mark 1832 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Emma Hazel Mark 1900
Emma May Mark 1888 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Esther Mark 1851 Ontario, Canada
Esther Ann Mark 1874
Ethel Margaret Mark 1908 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Ethel May Mark 1883 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Ethel Victoria Mark 1885 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Edward Mark 1876 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Freeman Mark
George Alfred Mark 1868 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
George Caleb Mark 1889 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Gideon Mark 1873 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Gideon Philip Mark 1847 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Mark
Gordon Munro Mark 1903 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Helen Marlene Mark 1933 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Henrietta Mark 1874 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Henry Mark 1801 Cornwall, England
Henry J Mark 1833 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Henry R Mark 1861 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Howard Mark
Howard Bache Mark 1904 Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Hugh Mark 1883 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Jackie Mark
James Albert Edward Mark 1885 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
John Mark 1832 Innisfil Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
John Mark 1828 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Mark 1798 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Mark 1855 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
John Mark 1766 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Albert Mark 1882 Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
John C Mark
John Cornelius Mark 1825 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Nicholas Mark 1871 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Nicholas Mark 1838 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Joseph Philip Mark 1866 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Josephine Mark 1904 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Kate Mark Ontario, Canada
Keith Campbell Mark 1909 Russel Street, Brighton, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
Laura Gertrude Mark 1898
Leonard Everett Mark 1925 Sedley, Saskatchewan, Canada
Lillian Esther Mary Mark 1872 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Lily Mark 1876
Lina Jeannette Rosamond Mark 1926 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Lottie Rose Etta Mark 1884 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Lovdy Mark
Lovdy Emily Mark 1826 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Lucas Mark
Lucey Mark
Mabel Mark 1880
Mabel Irene Mark 1892 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Malcolm Arthur Mark 1914 Brighton, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
Mardi U Mark
Margaret Mark 1869
Margaret Lovedy Mark
Maria Mark 1839 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Martha Mark 1837 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Martha Ann Mark
Mary-Ann Mark 1826 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Mark 1790 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Mark 1824 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Ann Mark 1844 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Elizabeth Mark 1877 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Lucinda Mark 1877 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Melissa Jane Mark 1849
Mellissa Jane Mark 1879 Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Minnie Mark 1880 Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Nellie Maud Mark 1879 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Nicholas Mark 1839 Cornwall, England
Nicholas Mark 1804 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Nicholas Wellington Russell Mark 1893 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Nora Elizabeth Mark 1870 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Nora Villella Mark 1886
Paul Mark 1885 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Pearl Mark 1885 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Philip Mark 1831 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Philip Mark 1848 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Philip Mark 1730 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Philip Howard Mark 1876 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Philip Lukey Mark 1804 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Phillip L Mark 1871
Rachel Roberts Mark 1828 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Rebecca Mark 1834 Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Reta Louisa Mark 1909 Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Richard Charles Mark 1836 Brisland, Cornwall, England
Richard Cornelius Mark 1837 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Robert Mark
Robert Mark
Rosa Pearl Mark 1903 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Rose Mark 1928 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Ruth Smith Mark 1911 Russel Street, Brighton, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Charles Mark 1855 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Wesley Mark 1875
Sarah Melissa Mark 1873
Silas Mark
Spencer Howard Mark 1906 Huntsville, Muskoka & Parry Sound Township, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Mark 1867
Thomas Mark 1829 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Thomas Lukey Mark 1791 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Unieta Gwendoline Mark 1902 Rainy River, Ontario, Canada
Walter Gordon Mark 1867 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Wesley Charles Mark 1862 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
William Mark 1885 Somerville Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
William Arthur Mark
William Earl Mark 1909 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Edgar Mark 1877 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
William Edward Mark 1845 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Henry Mark 1866 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Henry Mark 1843
William Henry Mark
William McIntyre Mark 1920
Wilton Philip Mark 1889 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Yvonne Edna Mark
Christopher Robert Marley 1976 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Keith Andrej Marley 2008 MSH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert William Marley 1944 Brooklyn, New York, USA
Elizabeth Mary Marr
Peter Cheston Marriott 1949 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Sidney Grahame Marriott 1921 Brighton, Sussex, England
Amelia Charlotte Marsburg 1898 Woolwich, London, England
John Marsburg 1863 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
William Marsch
William Edward Marsch 1852 Marylebone, London, England
Charles Marsh 1806
Eliza Marsh 1841 Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Annie M Marsh 1869 Elham, Kent, England
Jane Marsh 1798 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Marsh 1790 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Dann Marsh 1924
Thomas Dann Marsh 1928
Wendy M Marsh
William Marsh 1876
William Marsh
William Alfred Marsh
William Arthur Marsh 1926
Ada Emma Marshall
Caroline Elizabeth Marshall 1984 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Eleanor Frances G Marshall 1994 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Elizabeth Marshall 1732
Harriet Jennifer Marshall 1986 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Harriett Marshall 1829 Cullompton, Devon, England
Harriett I Marshall
Ida B Marshall 1877 Canada
John Marshall
Percy Harold Marshall
Robert Marshall
Robert W F Marshall
Ruby Lucille Marshall 1911 Toole, Utah, USA
Thomas Gould Marshall 1791
Thomas Joseph Marshall 1988 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
William Marshall
William Marshall
Frances Mart
Albert Martin 1893 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Alfred Martin 1870 West Derby, Lancashire, England
AnnaDurelle Isabelle Martin 1923 Sonya, Ontario, Canada
Annie Martin 1873 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Annie Louisa Martin 1898 Stockport, Lancashire, England
Charles Martin 1903
Charles William Wall Martin 1838
Edward Frank Martin
Edward Parsons Martin 1901 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Elizabeth Ann Martin 1853 Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Emily Martin 1858 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Doris Martin 1882 Sutton, Surrey, England
Fanny Martin 1862 Stoneycroft, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
George Martin 1875 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Gertrude Louisa Martin 1867 Trichinopoly, Madras, India
James Martin 1865 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Janet Ann Martin 1955 Exeter, Devon, England
Joseph William Martin
Kevin I Martin
Lesley Paulina Martin
Lily Martin
Louisa Martin 1860 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Lydia Martin 1858 Notting Hill, London, England
Marilyn Martin
Mary Martin
Mary Emily Martin 1892 Stockport, Lancashire, England
Oliver Richard Martin 1917 Sonya, Ontario, Canada
Ray Martin 1914 New York, New York, USA
Richard Martin
Sarah Ellen Martin 1859 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Vicente Balaguer i Martin 1904 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Violet Martin
William Martin 1867 West Derby, Lancashire, England
William Martin
William Martin 1827 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
William John Martin
Juan Martin-Riagues
Cecilia Ellen Martindale 1831 Marylebone, London, England
John William Martindale
Martins 1988
Allen John Martyn 1920 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Bertha Grace Martyn 1913 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Gertrude Maude Martyn 1910 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
James Martyn
Joanne Martyn
Millie Martyn
Vera Alberta Martyn 1909 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Denny Martyn
William Earl Martyn 1916 Prince Albert, Ontario, Canada
William John Martyn 1872 Manilla, Ontario, Canada
William Philip Martyn 1907 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Benjamin Marwood 1716 Poughill, Devon, England
Edward Marwood 1703 Poughill, Devon, England
Elizabeth MARWOOD
Elizabeth Marwood 1707 Poughill, Devon, England
Elizabeth Marwood 1740 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Marwood 1734 Poughill, Devon, England
Joan Marwood 1738 Calverleigh, Devon, England
John Marwood
John Marwood 1739 Calverleigh, Devon, England
John Marwood 1701 Poughill, Devon, England
Joseph Marwood 1713 Poughill, Devon, England
Mary Marwood 1735
Mellone Marwood 1710 Poughill, Devon, England
Sarah Marwood
Mary 1862 South Molton, Devon, England
Connie Constance Mary
Minna Masiska
Charlotte Elizabeth Maskell 1870 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
John Maskell
Mary Elizabeth Maskell 1857 Bromley, London, England
Alfred Mason
Anna Gertrude Mason 1871 Cornworthy, Devon, England
Annie Caroline Mason 1866 Exeter, Devon, England
Caroline Griffith Mason 1868 Cornworthy, Devon, England
Christine M Mason 1963 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Edith Anastasia Mason 1867 Exeter, Devon, England
Eileen H Mason 1907
Elizabeth Mason
Elizabeth Mason 1851 Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Wood Mason 1853
Frances Kate Browne Mason 1876 Exeter, Devon, England
Frank C Mason 1959 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frederick Mason 1865 Cornworthy, Devon, England
George Edward Mason
Hubert Mason 1810 Exeter, Devon, England
Hubert Browne Mason 1844 Exeter, Devon, England
Hubert Oliver Browne Mason 1873 Exeter, Devon, England
John Mason 1937 Manchester, Lancashire, England
John Browne Mason 1825 Exeter, Devon, England
John H Mason 1912 Croydon, Surrey, England
John Henry Mason 1860 Modbury, Devon, England
John Thomas Browne Mason 1839 Exeter, Devon, England
Joseph Mason Ash Priors, Somerset, England
Laura Browne Mason 1858 Modbury, Devon, England
Linda E Mason 1964 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Marcus John Mason 1979 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Marion Mason 1863 Cornworthy, Devon, England
Marjorie Mae Mason 1908 Moore Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Browne Mason 1849 Totnes, Devon, England
Mary Browne Mason 1872 Halberton, Devon, England
Mary Ella Browne Mason 1875 Exeter, Devon, England
Pauline A Mason 1926 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Robert P Mason 1914 Croydon, Surrey, England
Ronald Frederick B Mason 1908 Purley, Surrey, England
Sharon J Mason 1960 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Stanley Eric Mason
Thomas James Mason 1784 Totnes, Devon, England
Joseph Massarella
Mabel Louisa Massarella 1888 Melcombe Regis, Dorset, England
Emma Lance Masssey
Gertrude Massy 1850 Prendercast, Pembrokeshire, Wales
James Masters
Olive Masters 1891 Mitchell Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada
William S Masters
Henry Mather
Rachel Mather 1864 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Edward Mathew Dodbrooke, Devon, England
James Mathews
Mable Claire Mathews 1881 Spearfish, Lawrence County, South Dakota,USA
Margaret Mathews 1814 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Henry Mathews 1856 Eagle Corners, Wisconsin, USA
Hubert Mathieu
Jan Matousek Michigan, USA
Zack Matousek Matousek 2000 Owosso, Shiawassee County, Michigan, USA
Kathleen I Matravers
Amy Rosa Matta 1878 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Charlie Richard Matta 1873 Lullington, Somerset, England
Child Matta
Christine Stella Slade Matta 1894 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Florence Helena Matta 1875 Lullington, Somerset, England
Hilda Beedell Matta 1886 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Hilda Maude Matta 1904 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Ivy Seymour Matta 1899 Portsea Island, Hampshire, England
Mabel Harriet Matta 1877 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Mildred Jane Matta 1884 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Richard Matta 1851 Mevagissey, Cornwall, England
Richard Matta 1820 St Ewe, Cornwall, England
Violet May Matta 1880 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Russell Munroe Matteson 1886 Emporium. Pennsylvania, USA
Alfred Charles Walter Matthams 1884 Maldon, Essex, England
Anna Louise Matthams 1983 Winchester, Hampshire, England
John Edward Matthams 1950 189 Easter Esplanade, Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England
Katherine Hayley Matthams 1980 John Radcliff Hospital, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Lesley George Matthams 1916 Burnham on Couch, Essex, England
Patricia Ann Matthams 1942 Rochford, Essex, England
Stella Audrey Matthams 1946 Rochford, Essex, England
Ann Matthew 1705 St Tudy, Cornwall, England
Ada Harriet Jane Matthews 1902 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Albert Matthews
Alfred Matthews 1905 Lewisham, London, England
Alfred Joseph Matthews
Amelia Matthews 1887 Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England
Barbara Matthews 1899 Stafford, Staffordshire, England
Benjamin John Matthews 1889
Charles Albert Matthews 1889 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Clara H Matthews 1906 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Cyril Matthews 1927 Praze-an-Bebble, Cornwall, England
Edward Weale Matthews 1912 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Jane Matthews 1879 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elsa W Matthews 1938 Totnes, Devon, England
Elsie May Matthews 1907 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Emily Matthews 1901 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Enoch Harry Matthews 1846 Topsham, Devon, England
Frederick E Matthews
Frederick John Matthews 1884 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Edward Matthews 1881 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Gladwise Hellier Matthews
Grace Mary Matthews 1885 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harry Matthews 1886 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Henry Matthews 1877 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Jayne L Matthews
Joan Matthews 1806 Somerton, Somerset, England
John Fulk Weale Matthews 1943 Totnes, Devon, England
Mary Isabel Matthews 1902 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Rodney David Matthews 1964 Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Ruth Eileen Matthews 1897 Leamington, Warwickshire, England
Samuel Matthews
Sidney Adolphus Matthews 1871 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England
Sidney Fulk Weale Matthews 1898 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Stephen Matthews 1810 Topsham, Devon, England
Thomas Weale Matthews 1972 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Vera B Matthews
Virginie Matthews 1816 France
Walter Charles Matthews 1876 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Matthews 1833 Broadhembury, Devon, England
William Albert Matthews
Mary Ann Mattravis 1863 Buckland St Mary, Somerset, England
Dore MATUZELS 1854 'Striki', Bauska Region, Zemgale, Latvia
son Matuzels
Agnes Maunder 1779
Alice Harriet Maunder 1851
Arthur Francis Maunder 1855
Betty Maunder 1765
Caroline Maunder 1829
Edmund Robert Maunder 1850 Marylebone, London, England
Edmund Robert Maunder 1883 Dalston, London, England
George Maunder 1765
George Maunder 1730
George Maunder 1697
Grace Maunder 1811 Devon, England
Henry Maunder 1773
Henry Hatswell Maunder 1848 Marylebone, London, England
Jane Maunder 1783 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Jane Maunder 1814 Devon, England
John Maunder 1770
John Maunder 1775
John Maunder 1776
John Maunder
Louisa Mary Maunder 1846 Marylebone, London, England
Mary Maunder 1809
Mary Maunder 1750 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Maunder 1777
Rebecca Maunder 1785
Robert Maunder 1815 Marylebone, London, England
Roger Maunder 1750 Devon, England
Sarah Maunder 1789
Sophia Louise Maunder 1880 Dalston, London, England
Thomas Maunder 1768 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Thomas Maunder 1738
Susannah Mawby 1814 Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England
Brenda May 1948 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Eliza May 1838 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Elizabeth May 1826 St Giles, Camberwell, London, England
John May 1796 Magaretting, Essex, England
Patience Nancy May 1893 Lifton, Devon, England
Jane Maybury 1824 Wolverley, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Mary Ann Lockwood Maydwell 1844 Bengeo, Hertfordshire, England
Richard John Lockwood Maydwell Curate
Ann Gwenyth Maye 1933 Bombay, India
Dorothy Maye 1939
Emily Joan Maye 1908 Charleton, Devon, England
Gwenyth Florence Maye 1909 Charleton, Devon, England
John Maye
John Wintle Maye 1904 Charleton, Devon, England
Mary Katherine Maye 1905 Charleton, Devon, England
Thomas Maye 1865 'Croft Farm', West Charleton, Devon, England
Thomas Maye 1932
James Mayfield
James A Mayfield 1935 Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky, USA
Kathryn Mayfield 1935
Mary Elizabeth Waldron Mayne
Cicely Mayo 1834 Newbury, Berkshire, England
William Thomas Mayo 1791
Mary Mcaugh
James Angus McBean 1894 Lambton Township, Ontario, Canada
James Arthur McBean 1840 Daviot and Dunlitchty, Inverness, Scotland
Janet Jennie McBean 1900 Aberarder, Ontario, Canada
Mary Elizabeth McBean 1891 Lambton Township, Ontario, Canada
Six Children McBean
William McBean
William Arthur McBean 1896
Alice May McCabe 1881 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Annie Elizabeth McCabe 1863 Kapunda, South Australia, Australia
Emily Kate McCabe 1909
James Bernard McCabe 1837 Cavan, Ireland
Anna Aileen Mccain Stapleton, Nebraska, USA
William A Mccain
John Arthur McCall 1906 Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Andrew John McCarthy 1989 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Bernard E McCarthy
Catherine Mary Angela McCarthy 1959 Beckenham Hill, London, England
Ellen McCarthy
Eugene Daniel Mccarthy
Ian James McCarthy 1991 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Frances McCarthy 1963 Beckenham, Kent, England
Joanna McCarthy
Nicholas John McCarthy 1962 Beckenham, Kent, England
Philip Gerard Francis McCarthy 1958 Beckenham, Kent, England
William McCarthy
Grace Therese McCarthy-Steed 2000 Lambeth, London, England
Maitland McCarthy-Steed 2005 England
Gilbert Thomas McClintock
Alexander Robert McClure 1892 Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Ceallach McClure 1999 Scotland
Elizabeth Jean McClure 1925 Wiltshire, England
Emma McClure 1999
Fhinn McClure 2001 Scotland
Ian Ronald McClure 1959 Northampton RD, England
Nigel Alexander McClure 1956 Northampton RD, England
Richard Alexander McClure 1861 Church Stretton, Shropshire, England
Robert Felix McClure 1968 Chester, Cheshire, England
Ronald Henry McClure 1927 Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Sarah J McClure 1958 Northampton RD, England
Sarah Anne McClutchie
William McClutchie
David McComb
Ida Beatrice McComb 1874
Mary Mcconnachie
Sarah Ann McConnel Ontario, Canada
Henry McConnell
Charlotte McCormach
Frances McCormack
Mary B McCormack
Margaret McCoy 1948 Blind River, Ontario, Canada
Archibald Redvers French McCulloch 1901 Natal, South Africa
Blanche Stella McCully
Gillian Clare Jean McDermid 1972 Buckinghamshire, England
Adam McDermott 1971 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anya Lily Withey McDermott 2003 London, England
Caitlin Joyce McDermott 2005 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ernest Cameron McDermott 1942 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Grace Lily McDermott 2005
Lily Rose McDermott 2008
Peter Withey McDermott 2008
Stewart McDermott 1968 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anna McDonald Scotland
Heather Mary Florence McDonald 1921 Kilarney, Queensland, Australia
Alice Mary McDonnell
Alexander McDougall
Elizabeth Margaret McDougall 1865 Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
Jessie McDowell 1880 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia
Clayton L McFall
Colleen McFall
Dianne McFall
Julie McFall
Nancy Belle McFall 1948 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
William S McFall
Hugh McGarry
Paul A McGarry
Caroline McGee 1862 Ontario, Canada
Robert Patrick McGee 1879
Ada M McGeehan 1919 Poplar, London, England
Alice May McGeehan 1912 Poltimore, Devon, England
Francis McGeehan
Harriett McGeehan 1904
Henry McGeehan 1905 Poplar, London, England
Irene C McGeehan 1916 Poplar, London, England
James McGeehan 1910 Poplar, London, England
John Thomas McGeehan 1907
William James McGeehan 1905 Poplar, London, England
Beatrice McGhee 1885
Edward Melville McGregor
Norma Katherine McGregor
Ada McHale 1895 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ellen McHale 1887 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Florence Martha McHale 1888 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James McHale 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lilian McHale 1892 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Two Children McHale
Elizabeth McHoull 1860 Pickering Township, Ontario, Canada
Hugh McHoull
William John McIldoon 1903 Ireland
Ali McInnis
Sarah Emma McInroy
Cookie McIntyre
Hugh McIntyre 1848
Ian McIntyre
Mary McIntyre
Viola Pearl McIntyre 1894
Annabella B McIsaac
Adam Mckay 1934 Dumfries, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Adam William Joseph Mckay 1960 Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Andres Mckay
Angus Gordon Rogerson Mckay 1965 Madrid, Spain
Bruno Mckay
Derek Alan Campbell Mckay 1964 Madrid, Spain
Heather Maria Alicia Fernanda Mckay 1994 Chichester, Sussex, England
Isabella Lorena Maria Mckay 2009 Worthing, Sussex, England
John Anthony Forbes Mckay 1962 Ripon, Yorkshire, England
Juan Mckay
Richard Andrew Collin Mckay 1970 Madrid, Spain
Robert Andrew Gordon Mckay 2000 Chichester, Sussex, England
William Mckay 1896 Maxwelltown, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Cristobal Marcos Mckay Gomez 2013 Madrid, Spain
Thillis Catherine Jane McKean 1907 Blackall, Queensland, Australia
Edna B McKee
Mary McKee
Elza Jane McKelvey 1864 Belfast, Norther Ireland
Mckenzie 1900 Queensland, Australia
Elizabeth McKerrow 1882 New Zealand
William McKerrow
Stephen McKibbon
Arthur Melville McKim Manitoba, Canada
Donna Adrienne McKim 1940
Joseph Arthur McKim 1911 Unity, Saskatchewan, Canada
Euphemia Effie McKinnon 1860 Somerville Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Jane McKinnon
Shaun Cameron McKinnon 1978 Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Maggie MCKnight
Grace McLaren 1914 Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
William James McLaren
Beatice Rebecca McLean 1922
Christine R Mclean
Daniel Lewis McLean 1903 Boulter, Carlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Donald McLean
Donald McLean 1929
Donna Jean McLean 1936
Doris Marion McLean 1929
Edward Lyle McLean 1893
Elva Marion McLean 1924 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Irven Laughlin McLean 1896 Ontario, Canada
John Alexander McLean
M Reta McLean 1919
Robert McLean
Robert McLean Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Susan McLean
Ura McLean 1909 Norwood, Ontario, Canada
William Lewis McLean 1932
Audrey M McLellan 1922 Fulham, London, England
Geoffrey Wallace McLellan 1921 Fulham, London, England
Jeanette McLellan 1956 Westminster, London, England
Joan K McLellan 1919 Fulham, London, England
Maria McLellan 1950 Westminster, London, England
Richard McLellan 1856 Scotland
Wallace Albert McLellan 1895 Hammersmith, London, England
Angus McLeod
Caitlin McLeod
Marion McLeod 1898 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mark McLeod
Mary Mcleod
Nicole McLeod
Robert McLeod 1900 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William McLeod 1874
Sheila McLintock
Sarah McManus
Sarah Elizabeth Blair McMaster
Jennifer McMichael 1942 London, England
Alma Raymond McMillan 1923 Rains, Carbon County, Utah, USA
Dale McMillan
Jane McMillan
Judy McMillan
Thomas Bell McMillan
Charles Patrick McMonagle
Wife McMonagle
Daniel McMullin
Edward McMullin
Katherine Anne McMunn 1815 Ireland
Jane McNabb Fermanagh, Ireland
Mary Agnes McNally 1866 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Greenway McNaught 1860 England
Elizabeth McNeil
Hector McNeil Scotland
Margaret Knowling McNeil 1901 St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Son McNeil
Husband McNeilly
Elaine McNomora
Alexander J McPherson 1858 Scotland
Margaret Edina M McRoberts
Doris Stella Constance McVittie 1917 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Betty McWilliam 1924
Ian C McWilliam
Oliver James McWilliam 2004 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Robin Searle McWilliam
Theo Charles R McWilliam 2006 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Jean McWilliams 1921
Elizabeth Mead
Honor Uttermare Mead
Olive Uttermare Mead 1891 Drayton, Somerset, England
Thomas Humphrey Mead 1856 Drayton, Somerset, England
Isabel MEADE
Wife Meador
Elizabeth Meakins 1827 Cropthorne, Worcestershire, England
John Smith Meakins
Ann Mears
Eda W Mears
James Mears
John Mears
Robin Mears
Elvira Jane Mecham
Mary Ann Medland 1803 Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
Richard Medland
Aaron Medway 1872 Exmouth, Devon, England
Cecil John Medway 1898 Exeter, Devon, England
Florence Emily Ellen Medway 1902 Plymouth, Devon, England
Laura Edith Medway 1907 Plymouth, Devon, England
Lilian Lavinia Medway 1899 Plymouth, Devon, England
Samuel Aaron Medway 1908 Plymouth, Devon, England
Martha Mee
Patricia Ann Meek
Elizabeth M Meeker
George Mees 1895 29 Zees Hill Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Lily Mees 1907 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
William Arthur Mees 1871 29 Zees Hill Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Son Mein
Henny Meinertz
Lyda Meitz
Charles Melbourne 1887 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Melbourne 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Walter Melbourne 1886 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Alfred Warren Melhuish 1859 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Amelia Melhuish 1857 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Annie Melhuish 1856 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Arthur Melhuish 1854 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Daniel Melhuish 1824 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Dionisa Dorothea Melhuish
Dorothy Melhuish 1719 Tiverton, Devon, England
Mary Melhuish
Mary Melhuish
Mary Melhuish
Richard Melhuish 1799 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Richard Luxton Melhuish 1839 East Worlington, Devon, England
Sarah Manley Melhuish 1852 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Inessa Melicina 1973
Charlie Mellors 1986 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Kimberley Jessica Mellors 1991 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Roy Mellors
Timothy John Mellors 1988 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Helen Allyssonne Melville 1949 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Barry John Menzies 1966 Surrey, England
Raymond Menzies 1944 Surrey, England
Ada Mercer 1883 Hoxton, London, England
Emily Mercer 1871 Cranleigh, Surrey, England
Stephen Mercer 1958 Exeter, Devon, England
Thomas Mercer 1853 London, England
Husband Merchant
Cyril Ernest Mercier 1897 St Pancras, London, England
Donald Ernest Mercier 1926 Maldon, Essex, England
Ernest Mercier
Ernest Albert Mercier 1872 Welwyn, Hertfordshire, England
Freya Eden Mercier 1997 Osnabruch, Germany
Georgia Ellie Mercier 1992 Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Simon Mercier 1965 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England
Violet May Mercier 1895 St John's Wood, London, England
George A Merricks
Reginald Charles Merricks 1912 Dover, Kent, England
Adelaide Lucy Merriman 1928 Lansing, Michigan, USA
David Edgar Merriman 1929
David James Merriman 1951 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Edythe Josephine Merriman 1942 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Kathleen Rose Merriman 1931 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Kevin Ralph Merriman 1960 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Melanie Joan Merriman 1967 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Nora Elizabeth Merriman 1926 Lansing, Michigan, USA
Robert Allen Merriman 1956 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Stephen Mark Merriman 1954 Brockville, Ontario, Canada
William James Merriman 1927 Detroit, Michigan, USA
William John Merriman
William Leo Merriman 1891 Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Merritt 1847 Bethnal Green, London, England
Margaret Merryman 1849 Staverton, Gloucestershire, England
Maria Margit Meszaros 1912
Caroline Mew 1814 Newport, Hampshire, England
Joseph Mew 1827 Lancaster, Lancashire, England
William Mew
James T Meyrick
Andrejs Mezaraups 1999
Daiga Edite Mezaraups 1963 USA
Gunars Valdis Mezaraups 1926
Imants Ainars Mezaraups 1954 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Imants Janis Voldemars Mezaraups 1924
Janis Ilmars Mezaraups 1951 USA
Janis Roberts Mezaraups 1882
John Mezaraups 1980
Liga Zaiga Mezaraups 1965 USA
Luke Mezaraups 2011
Nate Mezaraups 2009
Teresa Mezaraups 1983
Edith Mary Michelle 1912
Marian Amy Michelmore 1921 Exeter, Devon, England
Adrian Maurice Middleton 1968 Plymouth, Devon, England
Allan John Middleton 1941 Truro, Cornwall, England
Andrew Peter Middleton 1971 Plymouth, Devon, England
Anthony F M Middleton 1949 Glamorgan, Wales
Anthony Lee Middleton 1971 Glamorgan, Wales
Arthur Middleton 1947 England
Arthur Skinner Middleton 1913 Chard, Somerset, England
Bala Middleton 1963 Paddington, London, England
Betty Doreen Middleton 1931 Truro, Cornwall, England
Beverley G Middleton 1961 Glamorgan, Wales
Chantel Marie Middleton 1976 Truro, Cornwall, England
Clara Middleton
Cyril James Middleton 1912 Chard, Somerset, England
Debra Louise Middleton 1963 Plymouth, Devon, England
Elinor Middleton 1727 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth Middleton 1854 Blackfriars, London, England
Elizabeth Middleton 1748 Rewe, Devon, England
Elizabeth Rene Middleton 1976 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Frank Pedrick Middleton 1902 Teignmouth, Devon, England
George Middleton
George Capron Middleton 1824 Thorverton, Devon, England
George Capron Middleton 1863 Silverton, Devon, England
George John Capron Middleton 1864 Silverton, Devon, England
Gloria E Middleton 1952 Redruth, Cornwall, England
Harold Wallace Middleton 1904 Exeter, Devon, England
Hilary M Middleton 1938 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Hilary M P Middleton 1911 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Ian Christopher Middleton 1937 Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England
Jack Morris Middleton 1916 Truro, Cornwall, England
James Middleton 1858 Silverton, Devon, England
James Middleton 1751 Rewe, Devon, England
James Capron Middleton 1816 Thorverton, Devon, England
James John Middleton 1879 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Jean Mary Middleton 1933 Truro, Cornwall, England
Joanna Clare Middleton 1966 Plymouth, Devon, England
John Middleton 1703 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
John Middleton 1678 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
John Almeric Middleton
John Capron Middleton 1821 Thorverton, Devon, England
Kenneth Albert Middleton 1906 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Lily Bessie Middleton 1889 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Maria Middleton 1814 Thorverton, Devon, England
Mary Middleton 1737 Broad Clyst, Devon, England
Mary Capron Middleton 1850 Whitechapel, London, England
Moses Middleton 1711 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Natalie Claire Middleton 1977 Truro, Cornwall, England
Raymond Francis Terrence Middleton 1938 Truro, Cornwall, England
Roger Middleton 1936 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Rosemary Middleton 1953 Glamorgan, Wales
Roxanne Deborah Middleton 1972 Plymouth, Devon, England
Samuel Middleton 1785 Thorverton, Devon, England
Samuel Middleton 1753 Rewe, Devon, England
Sian Louise Middleton 1976 Glamorgan, Wales
Susanna Middleton 1756 Rewe, Devon, England
Valerie A Middleton 1936 Truro, Cornwall, England
William George Middleton 1908 4 Garrard Street, St Giles, Reading, England
William Morris Middleton 1943 Truro, Cornwall, England
William Skinner Middleton 1882 Brook Street,Teignmouth, Devon, England
Monica Turnbull Milburn 1929 Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England
Eva Mary Mildon
Harriet Mildon 1817 'Woodscombe', Puddington, Devon, England
Joan Mildon
Adam Daniel Miles 1991 Trafford, Cheshire, England
Albert William Miles
Antony Jerred Miles 1961 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
David Jerred Miles 1944 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Erest Walter J Miles
Jesse Albert Watkin Miles 1914 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joseph Mark Miles 1972 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lily Kate Miles 1904 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Matthew David Miles 1969 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Peter Jerred Miles 1940 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rachel Elizabeth Miles 1965 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Louise Miles 1970 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Laila Anna Milevski 1989
Lukas Matiss Milevski 1987
Robert Joseph Milevski 1948 Kensington, Maryland, USA
Charlotte Milford 1824 Thorverton, Devon, England
Mary Anne Milford
Thomas Milford 1798 Thorverton, Devon, England
Barry David Milks 1948 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Milks
Garry Milks 1957 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Reginald Vincent Milks 1927 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Victor David William Milks
Elizabeth MILL
Elizabeth Mill
John Mill 1830 Northam, Devon, England
Mary Jane Fry Mill 1878 Newton St. Petrock, Devon, England
Adele Melanie Mille 1887
Ann Marie Miller
Frank William Miller 1933 Membury, Devon, England
Frederick Miller 1903 Membury, Devon, England
George Miller
George Miller 1910
Heather Mary Miller 1960 Honiton, Devon, England
Jane Ellen Miller
John Alfred Tennant Miller 1887
Patricia Miller
Rosina Maud Miller 1901 London, England
Shirley Miller
Estelle Deloris Milles 1914 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Esther Rose Millett 1817 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Isaac Millett
Mary Ann Millett 1833 Fulham, London, England
Edna Grace Milligan
Charles Millin
Dennis H Millin 1925 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
Douglas Millin 1918 Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Janet M Millin 1949 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Leisa Jayne Millin 1969 Malvern, Worcestershire, England
Margaret O Millin 1921 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Maureen J Millin 1944 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Elizabeth Millin 1971 Malvern, Worcestershire, England
William Job Millin 1889 Birtsmorton
Phoebe Millington
Bessie Millman 1862 Milton Damerel, Devon, England
Blanch Millman 1892 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Clarence Ernest Millman 1894 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Eveline Millman 1899 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Frederick Wilson Millman 1863 Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Hilda Mary Millman 1901 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Theresa Millman 1890 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
William Alfred Millman 1896 Arras, France
Ann Mills 1804 Cullompton, Devon, England
Bessie Mills
Daughter Mills
Daughter Mills
Edith Helen Barford Mills 1914
Edith Kate Mills 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Mills 1795 Satterleigh, Devon, England
Evan D Mills 1901 Ontario, Canada
Harriet Mills 1832
Herbert C Mills 1887
Husband Mills
Katherine A Mills
Son Mills
Son Mills
Son Mills
Unknown Mills
William Mills 1801 Satterleigh, Devon, England
William Mills
Mary Milne 1888
William Milne
Albert Edward Milner 1870 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Alice Mildred Milner 1899 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Clarence Melville Milner 1904
Danby Milner 1829 England
Elizabeth Jane Milner 1867 Labourer
Emma Demarcis Milner 1873 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Gladys Lillian Milner 1896 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Ewert Milner 1895
Ida May Milner 1876 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
John Milner 1791
John F Milner 1861 Verulam, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Lottie Wilhelmine Milner 1899
Maria Milner 1858 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Milner 1855 Verulam, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Myrtle Marie Milner 1902 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Olive Pearl Milner 1895
Ralph Milner
Silas Nicholas Milner 1879 Scugog Township, Ontario, Canada
Verna Lorine Milner
William Henry Milner 1865 Verulum, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Reginald George Minett 1907 Islington, London, England
Mary Mino
Emma Jane Minson 1866 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Alice Mary Maud Mintern 1911 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Walter George Mintern
Albert Francis Mintrum 1886 Otterbourne, Hampshire, England
Alfred Robert Mintrum 1854 Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire, England
Beatrice Jessie Mintrum 1911 New York, New York, USA
Eleanor Catherine Mintrum 1920 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Vera Josephine Mintrum 1915 New York, New York, USA
Marcia Ines Mirra 1954
Ilga Miska 1966
Maria Mitchel
Mitchell 1915 Seaton, Devon, England
Ada Maud Mitchell 1891 Somerville Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Geoffrey Mitchell 1976 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Andrew J Mitchell 1952 Ely, Cambridgeshire, England
Barbara M Mitchell 1924 Exeter, Devon, England
Carole Mitchell 1947 Totnes, Devon, England
Caroline Rebecca Mitchell 1880 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Charles R Mitchell
Douglas William Andrew Mitchell 1973 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Edna Mitchell
Edward Blake Mitchell 1884 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Floral Jane Mitchell 1878 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Frances Bernetta Mitchell 1893 Somerville Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Gordon Henry Mitchell 2009 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Ivy L Mitchell 1898 Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
James Mitchell
James Allen Mitchell
John Mitchell
John Albert Mitchell 1896 Ashburnham, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Maggie Mariah Mitchell 1876 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Mitchell
Reyney Mitchell
Richard Gordon Mitchell 1946 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Ross Mitchell 1949 Weston, Dorset, England
Sarah Mitchell Somerton, Somerset, England
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Howard Mitchell 1896 Ashburnham, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Thomas John Mitchell 1852 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Verney R Mitchell 1887 Exeter, Devon, England
Viola May Mitchell 1889 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
William Edward Mitchell 1882 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
William J Mitchell
Sarah Mittens
Mary Mitton 1664
Steven Mitton 1662
Steven Mitton
Alfred Mizen
Elsie May Mizen 1901
Caroline Mobbs
Margaret R Moffatt
Mary Mogford 1803 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Marianne Mogg 1808 Street, Somerset, England
Mary Mogridge 1763 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Thomas Mogridge 1726 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Melba Isolina Osorio Molina
Arnoldo Atilio Jose Molinari
Arnoldo Marcelo Molinari 1962 Montevideo, Uruguay
Cecilia Amelia Molinari 1958 Montevideo, Uruguay
Gabriella Lucia Molinari 1959 Montevideo, Uruguay
Santiago Ignacio Lopez Molinari 1988 Montevideo, Uruguay
Teresa Pilar Lopez Molinari 1986 Montevideo, Uruguay
Ivy Molony
Wife Monette
David Money Canada
Geoffrey Money 1940 Canada
Henry Thomas Money 1871 Hampstead, London, England
John Money Canada
Katherine Money Canada
Lawrence Charles Money 1904 Hampstead, London, England
Margaret Money Canada
Peter Lawrence Money 1935 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Edward Samuel Monington 1857
Mary Ann Monkley 1822 Halberton, Devon, England
Frances Margaret Monroe
Husband Monson
Linda Monson
Roger Monson
Leon Montero
Antonia Montero y Labrana 1875 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
John Montgomery
Nancy Lucy Montgomery 1840 Tower Hamlets, London, England
Adrian Dale Moody 1960 Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Ann Moody
Miles Lawrence Dale Moody 1993 Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
Sarah Jame Moody
Arthur Harold Moon 1922 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Arthur Harold Moon 1890 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Edna Alberta Moon 1882 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Ann Moon 1850 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
George Moon
George Albert Moon 1893 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
George David Moon 1927 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Helen Margaret Moon 1915 Ontario, Canada
James Moon 1861 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
James Moon 1819 England
James Moon 1784 Frome, Somerset, England
James Harrison Moon 1917 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
John William Harrison Moon 1919 Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Louisa Jane Moon 1852 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Martha Ann Moon 1868 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Minnie Elizabeth Moon 1887 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Minnie Maria Moon 1872 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Nellie Gertrude Moon 1897 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Robert Moon
Sarah Catherine Moon 1876 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Son Moon
Walter James Moon 1884 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William Moon 1950
William Moon 1899 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
William John Moon 1952 Cobourg, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
William Nicholas Moon 1858 Canada
Cora Mooney
Joan P Mooney
John Mooney 1883 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Moor 1844 Dumfries, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Elizabeth A Moor
George Alfred Moor
Alex Edward Moore 1989 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Alexander Daniel Moore 1977 Dormans Land, Surrey, England
Ann Moore
Ann Moore 1827 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Anne Moore 1801
Anthony Moore 1942
Arthur Moore 2010
Bruce Moore
Caleb Moore 1876 Ontario, Canada
Carol Lilly Moore 1917 Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Charlotte Loise Moore
Daughter Moore
Elizabeth Moore 1841 Reigate, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Moore 1832 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Elizabeth MOORE
Florence May Moore 1887 Ontario, Canada
Frank Moore 1883 Ontario, Canada
George Moore 1880 Ontario, Canada
George Moore
Husband Moore
Husband Moore
Ivy Anne Moore 2012
James Moore 1837 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
James Moore 1800 Butterleigh, Devon, England
James Moore 1844 Ontario, Canada
James Moore Ireland
John Moore
Mariella Moore 2010
Mary Moore 1878 Ontario, Canada
Mary Jane Moore
Nancy Moore 1880 New Hampshire, USA
Rachel Eleanor Moore 1972 Crawley, Sussex, England
Sarah Ann Moore 1864
Sarah J Moore
Sybella Jane Moore 1839 London, England
Thomas Wilkinson Moore 1923 Hexham, Northumberland, England
Tristram Leigh Moore 1974 Crawley, Sussex, England
William Moore
Mary Jane Moorey 1861 Darlington, Ontario, Canada
John Moorish
Mary Moorish 1800 Poughill, Cornwall, England
Charlotte Lucy Moran 1990 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Luke K Moran
Neil S Moran
Margaret Morden
Ann Mordy
Anne Morgan 1835 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England
Dorothy Rosamund Morgan 1896 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Edward Elias Morgan
Frederick Stanley Morgan 1874 Canterbury, Kent, England
Jane Morgan 1863 Hemyock, Devon, England
Jason Matthew Morgan 1971 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
John L W Morgan
Margaret E Morgan
Marjorie May Morgan 1917 Old Tredegar, Wales
Mark Stephen Morgan 1968 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Mary Emily Morgan
Peter David Morgan 1941 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Karl MorganTuckfield 1971 Greenwich, London, England
Alicia Mori Ovies
Mary Morison 1821 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Alison Jane Morrice 1985 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Freddie John A Morrice 2006 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
John Gerald Morrice 1954
Martin John S Morrice 1987 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Adela Cora Maria Dorotea Morris 1877 Manila, Philippines
Albert Ernest Morris 1881 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Albert V Morris 1912 West Ham, Essex, England
Alfred John Morris 1845 44 Bedford Street, Stepney, London, England
Alice Maud Morris 1879 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Amelia Hester Morris
Anita Morris Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Ann Morris 1856 Gravesend, Kent, England
Ann I Morris 1933 Willesden, London, England
Anthony Steven Morris 1963
Antonia Morris 1918 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Archibald Campbell Morris 1849 13 Rowlands Row, Tower Hamlets, Mile End Old Town, London, England
Arthur B Morris
Ashley Ernesto Morris 1980 Valencia, Pais Valenciano, Spain
Audrey Beatrice Morris 1876 Chedington, Dorset, England
Augustus Joseph Morris 1871 Manila, Philippines
Beatrice Annie Jane Morris 1876 31 Norfolk Street, Bethnal Green, London, England
Benjamin Daniel Morris 1976 Hammersmith, London, England
Blanche Janet Morris 1879 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Brian G Morris 1929 Marylebone, London, England
Charlotte Louisa Morris
Daughter Morris
Daughter Morris
Daughter Morris Manila, Philippines
Daughter Morris Manila, Philippines
David Morris
David N Morris 1928 Willesden, London, England
Debbie Morris 1977 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Denton George French Morris 1902 Corringham, Essex, England
Dianne Elayne Morris 1962 Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Donald P J Morris
Dudley Lester Morris 1904 Kynochtown, Essex, England
Edgar Morris Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Edgar Hector Armando Morris 1942 Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, England
Edith Elizabeth Morris 1899 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Eleanor Morris
Eleanor Jane Morris 1876
Elena Antonia M. Morris 1889 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Elizabeth Annie Morris 1876 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Emma Morris 1910 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Emma Morris 1950 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Esther Angeles Elena Morris 1939 Bow, London, England
Etherial Isabel Morris 1888 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Fanny Morris 1852 49 Brunswick Road, Milton, Kent, England
Farrau Morris 1979
Florence Louisa Morris 1874 Colchester, Essex, England
Francis Albert Roman Morris 1875 Manila, Philippines
Frederick Morris Manila, Philippines
Geoffrey Morris 1963 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Morris 1863 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
George Morris 1853 Crantock, Cornwall, England
George Malcolm Morris 1816 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England
George William Malcolm Morris 1872 Colchester, Essex, England
George Worcester Morris 1851 Gravesend, Kent, England
Gertrude M Morris
Heather Grace Campbell Morris 1906 49 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh, Scotland
Hector Samuel Alfred Morris 1943 Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Henry Joseph Matias Morris 1936 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Henry Ramon James Morris 1874 Manila, Philippines
Irene Leah Morris 1910 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Irene May Morris 1908 Kensington, London, England
Isabella Harriet Morris 1851 13 Rowlands Row, Tower Hamlets, Mile End Old Town, London, England
James Hope Campbell Morris 1904 5 Pretoria Terrace, Brownhill Road, Catford, Lewisham, London, England
Janet M Morris 1932 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England
Jennifer Lauren Morris 1987 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Joan Morris
Jose Morris 1954 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Joseph Morris 1811 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England
Joseph Alfred Morris 1877 Bethnal Green, London, England
Joseph Chiswell Morris 1853 4 Barnes Place, Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London, England
Juan Morris 1922 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Keith Morris
Leonard Charles Worcester Morris 1898 Forest Gate, Essex, England
Lilian Florence Morris 1901 'Bee Hive Public House', 126 Great Church Lane, Hammersmith, London, England
Lita Anne Morris 1954
Louisa Ann Morris 1880 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Louisa Victoria Morris
Martha Morris 1982
Martin Morris 1976 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Annie Isobel Morris 1886 Truro, Cornwall, England
Mary Carmen MORRIS 1873 Quiapo, Manila, Philippines
Mary Elizabeth Morris 1848 2 Clarence Place, Stepney, London, England
Mary Randon Morris 1865 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Matthew Henry Morris 1998
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 1980
Miguel Samuel Morris 1880 Manila, Philippines
Norman Frank Morris 1906 Kensington, London, England
Peter Joe Morris 1968 Plymouth, Devon, England
Robert Morris 1964 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Elliot Morris
Robert Michael Morris 1942 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel MORRIS 1813 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England
Samuel MORRIS 1780
Samuel Alfred de Olea Morris 1870 Manila, Philippines
Samuel Douglas Morris 2001
Samuel James MORRIS 1842 3 New North Street, Holborn Union, London, England
Samuel John Morris 1883 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Sarah Ann Morris 1849 Gravesend, Kent, England
Sophia Morris 1857 Milton, Kent, England
Sophia Weale Morris 1819 St Dunstan's, Stepney, London, England
Stella V Morris 1957 Woolwich, London, England
Steven Morris 1986 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Steven Matthew Morris 1970 Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Suzanna Louise Morris 1982 Devon, England
Three Sons Morris
Timothy Luke Morris 1967 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Val M Morris 1933 Stamford RD, Lincolnshire, England
Victorina Morris 1879 Manila, Philippines
Walter Randon Morris 1878 Lambeth, London, England
Worcester Thomas Morris 1876 Norwood, London, England
Henry Reginald Morris y Montero 1902 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Samuel Ernest R. Morris y Montero 1900 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Alan I Morrison
Catherine Morrison 1843 Scotland
Euphemia Morrison Scotland
Husband Morrison
John Alan Morrison 1934 Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Kenneth I Morrison 1936 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Wife Morrison
Charlotte M Morse
Claire Louise Morse 1975 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Eleanor Morse 1699
Richard P W Morse 1949 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Bartholomew de Mortimer
Hannah Mortimer 1735 Kingsteignton, Devon, England
Joan Mortimer
John Mortimer
Deke Anthony David Morton 1986 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
George Albert Morton 1933 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Joe Morton 1988 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Tony Morton 1960
Truda Moser
Dorothy Eleanor Moses 1893 Portaferry, County Down, Ireland
Eileen M Moses 1943 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Elsie Ellen Moses 1898 Portaferry, County Down, Ireland
Ethel Kate Moses 1895 Portaferry, County Down, Ireland
Eunice May Moses 1892 Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Frank Moses 1864 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Frank Victor Moses 1900 Moville, County Donegal, Ireland
Iris C Moses 1925 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Pamela A Moses 1930 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Dora Florence Moss 1888 Stratford East, Essex, England
Henry Moss 1881 Swanscombe, Kent, England
Ivy Jessie Kathleen Moss 1909 Romford, Essex, England
John Moss
Mary Elliott Moss 1826 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Mossop 1842 Ulverstone, Lancashire, England
William Mossop
William Joseph Mossop 1864 Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Adrian John Mothersdill 1963 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Adrian Michael Mothersdill 1987 Oslo, Norway
Alexander Norman Mothersdill 1935 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Brian Leslie Mothersdill 1958 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Daniel Norman Mothersdill 1982 Oslo, Norway
David Michael Mothersdill 1965 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Leslie Norman Mothersdill 1906 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Paul Norman Mothersdill 1956 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Mothersdill 1864 4 Melbourne Street, Hull, Yorkshire, England
Hazel May Motley 1896 Canborough Township, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada
J Motley
Arda Mott 1934 Torrey, Wayne County, Utah, USA
Loren Leroy Mott
Leslie Whitfield Mould 1922 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Percival Whitfield Mould 1894 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Robert Derek Mould 1926 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William Morris Mould 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Craig Douglas Moulding 1989 Exeter, Devon, England
Douglas William Moulding 1940 Axminster, Devon, England
Martin James Moulding 1992 Exeter, Devon, England
William John Moulding
Laurel Ayls Moulsdale 1995 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Richard Graham Moulsdale 1976 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Eleanor Mountford
Bruce Mountjoy 1882 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Carol May Mountjoy
Enid Mary Mountjoy 1885 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Florence Mary Mountjoy 1868 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frank Mountjoy 1874 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
George Herbert Mountjoy 1878 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
George Huxtable Mountjoy 1849 South Molton, Devon, England
Gladys Charlotte Mountjoy 1880 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
James Mountjoy 1782
John Mountjoy 1852 South Molton, Devon, England
John Lionel Mountjoy 1876 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mary Marsh Mountjoy 1850 South Molton, Devon, England
Muriel Alice Mountjoy 1908 Blackwood, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Mountjoy 1818 South Molton, Devon, England
William Ernest Mountjoy 1871 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
William James Mountjoy 1847 South Molton, Devon, England
Claudius Mourier
Marguerite Mourier
Flora McDonald Morrison Mowat 1854 Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland
James Mowat Maidstone, Kent, England
Mari Carmen Schneider Moya 1972 Mataro, Spain
Daughter Moye
Dorothy Kathleen Mabel Moye 1898 West Ham, Essex, England
Jack Arthur Moye
Robert Moye
Samuel Arthur Moye
Mary Moysey
Albert Mudge 1878 Devon, England
Alfred G A Mudge 1915 Brentford, London, England
Anthony Mudge 1948 Middlesex, England
Daughter Mudge
James Wilson Mudie 1804 Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Thomas Mudie
Jane Muggeridge
Kathleen Isobel Muggeridge 1909 Lewes, Sussex, England
Susanna Muggeridge
Mary Mukts 1930 Ireland
James Mules 1793 High Bickington, Devon, England
Mary Ann Mules 1826 George Nympton, Devon, England
Georgina Muller 1910
Elizabeth Mullis
Sarah Mullis
Harriet Matilda Mumby 1860 Ontario, Canada
James Mumby
Mona May Munday
Elizabeth Mundy 1836 Taunton, Somerset, England
Emily Mundy 1861 Tilshead, Wiltshire, England
Heidi Jane Mundy 1972
Gemma Vilanova Munich 1972
Edward Albert Munro
George McRimmon Munro 1899 Edinburgh, Scotland
Marie McRimmon Munro 1926 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Mary Ann Munro 1872 Ontario, Canada
Grace Rose Munson
Jose Munto
Jane Munton 1812 Bethnal Green, London, England
Amy Caroline Murch 1886 Hoxton, London, England
Ann Murch
Flora Eliza Murchie 1903
John Murcott
Alexander W Murcutt 1922 Lambeth, London, England
Alfred Murcutt 1861 Brixton, London, England
Alfred George Murcutt 1886 Brixton, London, England
Constance Lilian Murcutt 1921 Lambeth, London, England
Edith Kate Murcutt 1888 Norwood, London, England
Gertrude Murcutt 1890 Norwood, London, England
Herbert Edward Murcutt 1902 Brixton, London, England
Leonard Victor Murcutt 1898 Brixton, London, England
Reginald Murcutt 1894 Brixton, London, England
Robert Murcutt 1900 Brixton, London, England
William John Murcutt 1891 Norwood, London, England
Bessie M. Murley 1859 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Eliza M. M. Murley 1857 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Mary Ellen Morgan Murley 1855 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Walter Murley 1832 Martock, Somerset, England
William Morgan Murley 1856 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Catherine Murphy 1867 Gort, Galway, Ireland
Athol Hollins Murray 1922 Timperley, Cheshire, England
Charles H H Murray 1962 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Charles Ian Murray 1911 Timperley, Cheshire, England
Charles John Murray 1854 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Colin C Murray 1925 Timperley, Cheshire, England
Elizabeth A Murray 1965 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Ella Jayne Murray 2008
Gordon Howard Murray 1914 Timperley, Cheshire, England
James Richard Murray 1975 Manchester, Lancashire, England
John S Murray 1942 Bucklow, Cheshire, England
John W Murray 1959 County Durham, England
Kathleen E Murray 1948 Carlisle, Cumberland, England
Mabel Kate Murray 1886 Sheerness, Kent, England
Mary Isabel Murray
Mary Isabella Murray 1920
Nell Murray 2009
Richard G Murray 1945 Bucklow, Cheshire, England
Richard Hollins Murray 1882 Levenshulme, Lancashire, England
Sheila Murray 1915 Timperley, Cheshire, England
Victoria Jane Murray 1978 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Carol Ann Mussett 1969 Sutton, Surrey, England
John Mussett
Keith J Mussett 1963 Surrey, England
Ellen Musson
Alexander Mutch
Helen Jane Mutch
Dorothy Muttlebury
Husband Mutton
Sybil Mutton
Verna May Mutton
Geoffrey Mycock 1944 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
Margaret Mycock 1951 Upton on Severn, Worcestershire, England
Reginald Mycock
Sheila Mycock 1946 Barton, Lancashire, England
Karlis Naburgs Latvia
Susannah Nadauld 1830 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Ed Najgebauer
Elizabeth Nanfan
Lily Nash 1902 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Rebekah Nash 1864 Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England
Florence Clara Nason 1880 Ingatestone, Essex, England
Audrey Nation
Charles G Naylor
Brian Robert Neale 1935 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Drew Daniel Neale 2005 Markham, Ontario, Canada
Eleanor Neale 1844 London, England
Holly Jacqueline Neale 2003 Markham, Ontario, Canada
Martin Robert Neale 1962 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Paul Edward Neale 1964 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert Neale 1916 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Ellen Neck 1847 9Paris Street, Exeter, Devon, England
William Pinhey Neck
William Needes 1763 Devon, England
David Neil
Herbert Neil
Luella Elizabeth Margaret Neil 1889
Steven Neil
Maria Neill 1840
Berta Neimanis 1891 Latvia
Fritz Neimanis Latvia
Gunars Neimanis 1933
Guntis Neimanis 1975
Hermine Neimanis Latvia
Janis Neimanis Latvia
Krisjanis Neimanis Latvia
Megija Neimanis 1998
Milda Neimanis Latvia
Milda Neimanis Latvia
Sandis Neimanis 1973
William Nelme
William Nelme
Frances Nelmes
Nestor Nelmes 1630 Chaceley, Worcestershire, England
Sarah Nelmes 1654 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Suzanne Nelmes
Andrew Hugh Nelson 1911 Limehouse, London, England
Arthur Charles Nelson 1909 Limehouse, London, England
Arthur George Nelson 1883 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Dortha Rosetta Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson 1962
Ethel L Nelson 1913
Fern Nelson
George E Nelson 1914 Limehouse, London, England
Gladys E Nelson 1919
Grace Dora Nelson 1904 Limehouse, London, England
Harry Arthur Nelson 1910 Limehouse, London, England
Harry R Nelson
Hugh Nelson 1856 New Kent Street, London, England
Hugh Alfred Nelson 1886 Mile End Old Town, London, England
John David Nelson
Lydia Lilian Nelson 1917 Stepney, London, England
Michael Nelson 1960 Lulsgate, Somerset, England
Richard Nelson 1958
Robert Nelson 1956
William Stanley Nelson 1928 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Janet Nesbett
Claire L. Nessbert Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Gladys May Nest 1890
Wilhelmina Frederica Neurath
David Roy Neves 1980 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Erica Rose Neves 1986 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Jose Neves 1931
Moises Neves 1956 Sao Sebastian, Terceira, Azores, Portugal
Cecily Neville 1415
Margaret Jean New 1945 Poole, Dorset, England
Ronald V New
Amy Newberry 1818 Fordwater, Somerset, England
John Henry Newborough
Joane NEWCOURT 1517 Pickwell, Devon, England
John Newcourt
Phillip Newcourt Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Newcourt
Arthur P Newell
Peter Frederick Newell 1941 Cornwall, England
Anne E Newham 1905
Margaret Newhouse
Angela E Newill 1958 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Harry Strick Newill 1892 Wellington, Staffordshire, England
Heather A Newill 1956 Islington, London, England
Lucy Elizabeth Newill 1919
Robert Augustus Newill 1862 Wrockwardine, Shropshire, England
Robert Daniel Newill 1889 Wellington, Shropshire, England
Robert Daniel Newill
Robert George Douglass Newill 1921 Newport, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth Newland 1806 Southwark, London, England
Ellen Newman
Frances D Newman
George Newman 1839
George Newman 1851 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Granville George Guido Newman 1900 Guildford, Surrey, England
Isa Kathleen Elaine Newman 1896 Guildford, Surrey, England
John Ernest Newman 1879 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
John George Newman 1866 Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
John H Newman 1918 Pershore, Worcestershire, England
Elizabeth NEWSOM
Arthur Alfred Newson
Chloe Louise Newton 1994 Hertfordshire, England
Daniel James Newton 1991 Hertfordshire, England
Howard J Newton
Charles Nibblett
Fanny Nibblett 1820 Guildford, Surrey, England
Geoffrey Nice
Abigail Nichals
Tonina May Nichol
Albert William Nicholas 1903 Bow, London, England
Albert William Nicholas 1873 Bow, London, England
Alyson Nicholas 1953 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Anthony E Nicholas 1929 Romford, Essex, England
Betty Mary Nicholas 1921 Clapton, London, England
Cecil Henry Nicholas 1909 Hackney, London, England
Child Nicholas
Cissie Nicholas 1904 Marylebone, London, England
Clive I Nicholas 1947 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Daisy Edith Nicholas 1917 Clapton, London, England
David Nicholas 1860 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
David Albert Nicholas 1925 Chingford, Essex, England
Edgar Robert Nicholas 1906 Hackney, London, England
Elizabeth Ann Nicholas 1864 Bow, London, England
Ethel Maud Nicholas 1895 Bow, London, England
Florence Nicholas 1881 Bow, London, England
Frederick Nicholas 1871 34 Eleanor Street, Bromley, London, England
Frederick Nicholas 1900 Hackney, London, England
Frederick Henry Nicholas 1912 Tottenham, London, England
Gillian Dell Nicholas 1942 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Gladys Ada Frances A. Nicholas 1900 Bow, London, England
Henry Nicholas 1816 Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Joseph Nicholas 1836 Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Joseph Nicholas 1859 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Hilary Nicholas 1951 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Ian David Nicholas 1948 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
James Nicholas 1868 Bow, London, England
James Samuel Nicholas 1870 Bow, London, England
Jillian Mayo Nicholas
Mary Nicholas 1956 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Mary Jane Nicholas 1862 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Miriam Nicholas 1987 Southend on Sea, Essex, England
Murray Owen Nicholas 1928
Robert Nicholas
Rona Mayo Nicholas 1931
Ronald Victor Nicholas 1934 Camberwell, London, England
Rose Lilian Nicholas 1897 Hackney, London, England
Samuel Nicholas 1866 Bow, London, England
Shirley A Nicholas 1935 Romford, Essex, England
Sidney Nicholas 1878 Bow, London, England
Sidney James Nicholas 1932 Camberwell, London, England
Sidney William Nicholas 1908 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Sonia M Nicholas 1935 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Stanley Owen Nicholas 1896
Thomas Nicholas 1875 Bow, London, England
Thomas James Nicholas 1898 Hackney, London, England
Victoria Abigail Nicholas 1972 Rochford, Essex, England
William Nicholes
Andrew Nicholls
Benjamin Robert Nicholls 1940 27/4/1992
Daughter Nicholls
Daughter Nicholls
Daughter Nicholls
Douglas Charles Nicholls 1910 Great Dunmow, Essex, England
Francis H Nicholls 1940 Penrith, Cumberland, England
Francis Joseph Nicholls 1871 Writtle, Essex, England
George Edward Nicholls 1950 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Henry Francis Nicholls 1908 Great Dunmow, Essex, England
Husband Nicholls
Isabelle Nicholls 2005 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
James Nicholls
John Edward Nicholls 1915 Great Dunmow, Essex, England
John M Nicholls 1943 Braintree, Essex, England
John Robert Nicholls 1980 Colchester, Essex, England
Joseph Nicholls
Margaret A Nicholls 1949 Braintree, Essex, England
Matthew Francis G Nicholls 1968 Colchester, Essex, England
Robert Joseph Nicholls 1913 Great Dunmow, Essex, England
Sheila Nicholls
Son Nicholls
Son Nicholls
Stephen Nicholls 1945
Susan V Nicholls 1953 Maldon, Essex, England
Susannah Nicholls 1797 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
Tom David Nicholls 1971 Colchester, Essex, England
Victoria Mary Nicholls 1983 Colchester, Essex, England
William Nicholls
Ada Pearl Nichols 1887 Ontario, Canada
Belva R Nichols 1915 Decker, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Beva B Nichols 1915 Decker, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Charles Nichols 1868 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cleo Rita Nichols 1920 Michigan, USA
Cora B Nichols 1901 Shabbona, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Daniel Nichols 1866 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Nichols
Dellas H Nichols 1920
Elizabeth Nichols 1736 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Nichols 1853 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Emma M Nichols 1898 Michigan, USA
Flora Ann Nichols 1878 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Fred Nichols 1889
Frederick B Nichols 1918 Decker, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
H Garfield Nichols 1887 London, Ontario, Canada
Harley Rexford Nichols 1935 Michigan, USA
Harmond J Nichols 1917
Henry Nichols 1927 Michigan, USA
John Nichols 1855 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
John Franklin Nichols 1873 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Nichols 1860 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Kathleen Nichols 1938 Michigan, USA
Kathryn Nichols 1938 Michigan, USA
Leland Vernon Nichols 1895 Evergreen Township, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Mark Nichols 1823 Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England
Mary Nichols
Mary Violet Nichols 1888 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Olive Norma Nichols 1921 Decker, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Phillip Nichols 1864 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Rexford Nichols 1891 Shabbona, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Sarah Jane Nichols 1890 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Son Nichols
Son Nichols
Sylvia Olive Nichols 1885 Stephen Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
Vida Mae Nichols 1882
Walter Nichols 1877 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Wanda D Nichols 1919 Michigan, USA
Wife Nichols
William Henry Nichols 1845 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Withrow Nichols 1890 London, Ontario, Canada
Alfred Holland Nickles 1905 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Arnest Nickles 1907
Charles Wilson Nickles 1904 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Debra A Nickles
Frank Ernest Nickles 1899 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Frederick Earnest Nickles 1907
Laura Veta Nickles 1902
Lena Magdalene Nickles 1896 Parkhill, McGillivray Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Lura Nickles 1907
Maxwell Kenneth Nickles 1938 London, Ontario, Canada
Millie May Nickles 1897
Nellie Kathleen Nickles 1909 London, Ontario, Canada
William Charles Nickles 1871 McGillivray Township, Ontario, Canada
Max LaBar Nield
Nannette Nield 1964 Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho, USA
Betty Augusta Edith Nielsen 1907
Gerd Nielsen 1914 Drammen, Buskerud, Norway
Elizabeth Nightingale 1952 Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Hugh Cecil Nightingale 1891
Ronald Thomas Nightingale
Son Nightingale
George Ninis
Richard Betts Ninis 1931
Edward Innes Nisbett 1899 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Norman Clayton Hadlow Nisbett 1860 Gravesend, Kent, England
Norman John Hadlow Nisbett 1899 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Robert James Nisbett
Ben Nissan
Ann Nix 1801 Silverton, Devon, England
George Nix 1770 Devon, England
Jenny Nix
William Nixon Ireland
Edmund Noah 1861 London, England
Alexander Leslie Noble 1918 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Emily Noble 1862 Tipperary, Ireland
James Noble 1830 Southwark, London, England
Jean E Noble
Percy Frederick Noble 1889 Ospringe, Kent, England
Jim Nokes
Ellen Nordland
Maria Elisabeth Norgaard
Louisa Norledge 1862 Westminster, London, England
James Norman
Joseph Norman
Mary Norman 1821 High Bickington, Devon, England
Susan B Norman
Alfred Norris
Charles Henry William Norris 1903 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Norris
Gordon C Norris 1934 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Grace Emily May Norris 1905 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Frederick Norris 1907 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Jean E Norris 1930 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Norris
Caroline North 1857 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Christopher E North
David North
Pearl Mae North 1913
Rosetta Northam Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret E Northeast
Andrew Norton
Anthony Norton
Emily Norton 1858 England
James Norton 1946
John Norton
Joshua Norton 1989 Crewe
Lucy Alvina Norton
Richard Norton
Thomas Norton
Clyde Churchill Noseworhty
Elizabeth Mary Jane Noseworthy 1940 Nova Scotia, Canada
Mary Nosworthy
Elias Nott
Joan Nott 1763 South Molton, Devon, England
Michael Nott
Wife Nott
Aleksanders Novickis
Alexanders Mirra Novickis 1979
Georgs Novickis 1908
Ieva Elza Novickis 1909 Kiev, Ukraine
Irma Novickis 1881 Riga, Latvia
Kamilla Kristine Mirra Novickis 1988
Karlis Mirra Novickis 1981
Regina Katherina Novickis Latvia
Simanis Novickis 1906 Irsu Pagasts, Aizkraukles, Latvia
Simanis Novickis
Simanis Imants Novickis Latvia
Sokrats Novickis 1940 Latvia
Sokrats Friedrich Ernst Novickis
Valentina Novickis 2018 Brazil
Sarah Noyes 1787 Frome, Somerset, England
Darlene Susan Nugent 1951 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
David George Nugent
Deborah Ann Nugent 1953 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
George Vernon Nugent 1920 Ontario, Canada
Janice Lee Nugent 1952 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Wilfred S Nugent
Mary Ann Nutt
Richard Nuttall
Sara O'Brien
Mary O'Byrne
Michelle O'Byrne
Ellen O'Connor 1857 County Limerick, Ireland
Gertrude May O'Connor 1923
Mary O'Conor 1877 Deptford, London, England
Mark P W O'Dea
Mary Theresa O'Donnell
Bernard Arthur O'Hara 1941 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Clementine Lettice O'Hara 1983 Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
Tiffany May O'Hara 1977 Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
John Patrick O'Mahoney
Ernest Ignatius O'Mahony 1897
James O'Neil Ireland
Sarah Alice O'Neil 1897 Ireland
Catherine O'Neill
Linda Ruth O'Neill 1971 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Michael O'Rouke 1998
Joseph Terence Christopher O'Rouke 1955 London, England
Wife Oakley
William Arthur Oakley 1911
Stella M Oates 1920
Walter William Oates 1870
Michael F Ochoa 1894
Charles Odd 1854
Christopher George Patrick Odd 1967 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
George William Earl Odd 1943 Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Lois Alice Odd 1905 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Robert Alexander Odd 1971 London, Ontario, Canada
Ryan Patrick Odd 1997 SCH, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Shaun George Odd 2003 SCH, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Stephanie Anne Odd 1969 London, Ontario, Canada
Timothy John Odd 1995 SCH, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Cherry Catherine Oldham 1996 Plymouth, Devon, England
Fanny Oldham
James Paul Oldham 1998 Plymouth, Devon, England
Paul M Oldham
Regina Olea 1890
Manuel Joaquin de OLEA AUSTER
Augusto de Olea y Maraver
Maria del Socorro de OLEA Y MARAVER 1852 Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Nieves de Olea y Maraver
Jack Olinger
Matthew Olinger
Charles R Oliver
Arthur Joel Olsen
Caricris Olsen 1962 Orange County, California, USA
Clarence R Olsen 1901 Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Edward James Olsen 1911 Minnesota, USA
James J Olsen 1964 Orange County, California, USA
Jens C Olsen
John David Olsen
Joseph E Olsen 1961 Orange County, California, USA
Minnie Ovida Olsen 1887 Haywood, Wisconsin, USA
William Torval Olsen 1942 San Francisco, California, USA
Daughter one 1996
Albert Grant Onion 1871 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Albert Henry Onion 1893 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alexander Newton Onion 1835 Calais, France
Alexander Newton Washington Onion 1865 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alexander Owen Onion 1888 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alice May Onion 1921 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Bertie Argur Onion 1896 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Drusilla Onion 1857 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Emma May Onion 1895 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Emma Newton Onion 1856
Laura Onion 1868 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Leonard Albert Onion 1891 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Lois Onion 1859 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Lois Constance Onion 1907 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Nora Alice Onion 1904 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Norman Onion 1898 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Thomas Onion 1809 Shepshed, Leicestershire, England
Henrietta Onions 1852 Dudley, Staffordshire, England
Eliza Hannah Cook Opie 1847 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
Nicholas Opie
Nicholas Opy Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Albert Orchard 1849 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Albert Grant Orchard 1912 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Albert Louis Orchard 1873 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Daughter Orchard
Dorothy Elizabeth Orchard 1899 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Hannah Loraine Orchard 1901 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Jacob Orchard 1827 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Son Orchard
Son Orchard
Son Orchard
Martha Lowe Orme
Dorothy L Ormsby
Lucy Osborne
Mary Osborne 1863 Moretonhampstead, Devon, England
Sarah Osborne
Andres Osite
Anna Osite
daughter Ositis
son Ositis
son 1 Ositis
son 2 Ositis
Elizabeth Osmond
George Osmond
James Henry Osmond 1899 Sydney. Nova Scotia, Canada
Kerry Osterfield 1970 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Lynne Osterfield 1968 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Neil Osterfield 1973 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Tracy Osterfield 1967 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
William Albert Osterfield 1940 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Eva Ottaway 1887 Chobham, England
Edward Overall 1852 Bermondsey, London, England
Sarah Lavinia Overall 1880 Deptford, London, England
Guy Overbury
Mary Overbury 1790 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Amy M Owen
Aryle Owen 1885
Garry John Owen 1982 Plymouth, Devon, England
James Owen 1856
John Henry Owen 1956 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Kate Owen
Mark Owen 1985 Exeter, Devon, England
Stephen G Owen
Albert Oxenham
Alice Daisy Oxenham 1898 Islington, London, England
Jane Oxenham
Made OZOLINS 1860 Dzirkalini, Kuki parish, Latgale, Latvia
Peteris Ozolins
Ralfs Ozolins
Reinis Ozolins 2015
Uldis Ozolins
Catherine PABENHAM 1372
Henry Pace 1820 County Durham, England
Rosetta Matilda Georgina Pace 1847 St Bride, Fleet Street, London, England
Martha Pack
Daniel Packer
Henry Martin Packer 1866 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Mary Packer 1761
Samuel W Packer
Sarah Packer
Dorothea PACKETT 1609 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Clara Henrietta Packham 1878 Yorkshire, England
Bernard John Padfield 1908 Street, Somerset, England
Constance Padfield 1794 Leigh on Mendip, Somerset, England
Ada Louisa Pagden 1908 Canning Town, Essex, England
Agnes Pagden 1840 Brixton, London, England
Alan Edward Pagden 1941 Lewisham, London, England
Alfred Pagden 1906 Canning Town, Essex, England
Alfred J Pagden 1935 West Ham, Essex, England
Anne Pagden 1850 Dulwich, London, England
Anthony Pagden 1952 Wood Green, London, England
Arthur Charles Pagden 1898 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
Arthur William Edward Pagden 1904 Canning Town, Essex, England
Brian Pagden 1936 Islington, London, England
Caroline Harriet Stevenie Pagden 1837 Clapham, London, England
Child Pagden
Child Pagden
Edward Benjamin Pagden 1914 West Ham, Essex, England
Edward George Pagden 1820 Stockwell Fields, Clapham, London, England
Edward Henry Pagden 1852 Margate, Kent, England
Edward John Pagden 1874 Margate, Kent, England
Edwin Pagden 1888 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
Eliza Pagden 1839 Brixton, London, England
Eliza Mary Pagden 1843 Camberwell, London, England
Elizabeth Ann Pagden 1827 Brixton, London, England
Elizabeth Maud Pagden 1890 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
Ellen Louise Pagden 1876 Marylebone, London, England
Elsie Maud Pagden 1890 Margate, Kent, England
Evelyn Doris Pagden 1932 Islington, London, England
Frederick George Pagden 1892 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
George W Pagden 1926 Hackney, London, England
Harriet Pagden 1802 St Pancras, London, England
Harriet Pagden 1826 Brixton, London, England
Irene Sylvia Pagden 1926 Hackney, London, England
Ivy Pagden 1912 Poplar, London, England
Jean Y Pagden 1945 West Ham, Essex, England
Joan Pamela Pagden 1946 Lewisham, London, England
John Pagden 1774 Stockwell, London, England
John Daniel Walles Pagden 1822 Lambeth, London, England
Joyce Pagden 1925 Islington, London, England
Lesley C Pagden 1958 Hertfordshire, England
Lilian Agnes Pagden 1886 Margate, Kent, England
Louisa Pagden 1857 Margate, Kent, England
Macharinah Pagden 1807 St Mary, Lewisham, Kent, England
Macharinah Jane Pagden 1834 Clapham, London, England
MacKarinah Ethel Pagden 1893 Thanet, Kent, England
MacKarinah Harriet Pagden 1846 Margate, Kent, England
Margaret Pagden 1930 West Ham, Essex, England
Margaret Pagden 1862 Margate, Kent, England
Marguerite Agnes Pagden 1884 Poplar, London, England
Mary Ann Pagden 1832 Brixton, London, England
Mary Ann Georgina Stevens Pagden 1850 Margate, Kent, England
Ronald A Pagden 1922 Islington, London, England
Sharna Eileen Pagden 1990 Pembury, Kent, England
Steven Pagden 1965
Susan J Pagden 1949 Lewisham, London, England
Susannah Ann Pagden 1855 Margate, Kent, England
Susie Eliza Pagden 1879 Marylebone, London, England
Sylvester Pagden 1842 Bermondsey, London, England
Sylvester Albert Pagden 1886 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
Sylvester Hill Pagden 1812 St Mary, Lewisham, Kent, England
Sylvia D Pagden 1941 Hatfield RD
Terence P Pagden 1946 West Ham, Essex, England
Thomas Edward Pagden 1911 West Ham, Essex, England
Tracy Pagden 1970 Edenbridge, Kent, England
Trevor B Pagden 1964 Willesden, London, England
Valerie J Pagden 1949 Wood Green, London, England
Walter Edward Pagden 1896 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
William Pagden 1885 28 Trinity Street, Islington, London, England
William Pagden 1843 Walworth, London, England
William Pagden 1859 Margate, Kent, England
William Pagden 1803 St Mary, Lewisham, Kent, England
Alice Page 1878 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Alice Mariam Page 1897 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Amy Page 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Amy Page 1901 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Ann Page 1860 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Page 1904 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Arthur Page 1872 Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Arthur Page 1876 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Brenda Page 1951
Charles Page 1804 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Arthur Page 1909 Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Charles Horace Page 1842 1 Howick Place, Belgrave, London, England
Charlotte Margaret Wyatt Page 1894 Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
Christopher Page Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
David Page
Doris Page 1907 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Edith Elkington Page 1900 Clapton, Gloucestershire, England
Edith Flora Page 1871 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Edith May Page 1910 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Elsie Page 1903 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Emily Page 1868 London, England
Ethel Page 1911 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Eveline Mercy Page 1900 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Florence Page 1916
Florence Agnes Page 1881 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Florence Dorothy Page 1898 Hulme, Lancashire, England
Frances Elizabeth Page 1879 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Frank Page 1899 Hulme, Lancashire, England
Frederick George Page 1877 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Harry Page
Henry Page 1787
Henry James Page 1838 Chertsey, Surrey, England
Henry William Page 1872 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Henry William Page 1815
Horace Page 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Irene Page
James Page 1876 Manchester, Lancashire, England
James Page 1843 St James, London, England
James Page 1874 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Marian G Page 1896 Clapton, Gloucestershire, England
John Page
John Elkington Page 1855 Thorpe Mandeville, Northamptonshire, England
Katherine Ann Page 1946
Lilian Page 1898 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Margaret Page 1921
Mary Ann Page 1829 Newington, London, England
Mary Ann Page 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Matthew Page Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Mirriam Page 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Phyllis Page Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Ralph Page
Raymond Page 1949
Ronald Page 1945
Ronald Page 1924
Son Page
Trevor Page
Walter Page 1870 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Walter Sydney Page 1913 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Winifred Page 1912
Elizabeth Paidge
Agnes Pain 1709
Andrew W Pain 1959 Totnes, Devon, England
Catherine Elizabeth Pain 1919 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Francis H Pain 1927 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Henry Hugh Pain 1890 Dodbrooke, Devon, England
Ida M Pain 1921 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Jennifer F Pain 1952 Plymouth, Devon, England
Jonathon Hugh Pain 1969 Totnes, Devon, England
Margaret Pain 1926 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Michael H Pain 1954 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Roslyn J Pain 1957 Wincanton, Somerset, England
William Henry Pain 1854
William Henry Pain 1924 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
Ethel Amelia Paine
Phoebe Paine 1876 8 Beatrice Road, Bermondsey, London, England
Kenneth Painter 1937
Hannah Catherine Paleee
Edith Gundry Palk
Arturs Palkavniks Latvia
Husband Palkavniks Latvia
Maiga Palkavniks Latvia
Martins Palkavniks Latvia
Alfred David Palmer
Bessie Palmer 1877
Elizabeth Palmer 1787
Ethel Ellen Palmer 1877 Sandford, Devon, England
Fanny Palmer 1879 Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada
Helen Palmer 1907
Hubert Palmer
Hubert Palmer
Irene Violet Palmer
James Richard Palmer
John Palmer
John Palmer 1810 Kenn, Devon, England
John Lane Palmer 1848 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Joseph Palmer 1773 Devon, England
Lucille Ellen Palmer 1904 Fox, Yuma County, Colorado, USA
Margaret Palmer
Sarah Palmer 1822 Canterbury, Kent, England
William Palmer
Wife Palos
Fanny Maria Pannell 1862 Hedingham, Essex, England
John Papananos
Penelope Papananou 1924
Muriel Mary Eliza Pappin
Ernest Walter Parcell 1890
Lily May Helena Parcell 1918 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
Matias Cuello Pardinilla Alquezar, Spain
Prudence Pardoe 1880
Arthur Charles Parish 1905 Poole, Dorset, England
Bill Parish
Dora Emily Lake Parish 1911 Poole, Dorset, England
Edwin Parish 1875 West Worlington, Devon, England
Elaine Margaret Parish 1944 Poole, Dorset, England
Eleanor May Parish 2001 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Joshua Charles Parish 1997 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Leslie Edwin Parish 1907 Poole, Dorset, England
Linda Jean Parish 1946 Poole, Dorset, England
Lisa Jane Parish 1969 Poole, Dorset, England
Raymond Charles Parish 1936 Poole, Dorset, England
Richard Vernon Parish 1935 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Sarah Parish 1968 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Stanley Ernest Parish 1915 Poole, Dorset, England
Stephen Charles William Parish 1966 Poole, Dorset, England
Walter John Parish 1904 Poole, Dorset, England
John Reginald Park 1946 Islington, London, England
Agnes Parker North Molton, Devon, England
Amelia Parker
Derek Albert Parker 1931
Harriet Ann Parker 1871 Hanley, Staffordshire, England
Helen Carolyn Parker 1968 Kent, England
Jane Parker 1795
Jean A Parker 1912
John Parker
John Parker North Molton, Devon, England
John William Parker
John William Parker
Kim Parker
Lilian Sarah Parker 1905 Kensington, London, England
Marie PARKER North Molton, Devon, England
Marjorie Parker 1909 Newbury, Berkshire, England
Mary Parker
Sidney Albert Parker 1860
Terrance Parker 1954 Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England
Thomas PARKER North Molton, Devon, England
Walter Griffith Parker 1872
William Parker North Molton, Devon, England
Louise Parkin
Alta Ruth Parkinson
Arthur Leslie Parkinson
Eileen Joy Parkinson 1910 Southampton, Hampshire, England
James Parkinson 1915 Ogden, Utah, USA
Hannah Catherine Parlee
Alfred Sydney Parlett 1960 Stepney, London, England
David Colin Parlett 1961 Stepney, London, England
Dawn Elizabeth Parlett 1957 Stepney, London, England
Helen Marie Parlett 1990 Westminster, London, England
Kim Marguerite Parlett 1958 Stepney, London, England
Michael James Parlett 2012
Robin Dean Parlett 1977 Lewisham, London, England
Sidney Thomas Parlett 1928
George Parliament
Georgina Josephine Parliament 1873
Mark Parolin
Ron Parolin
Alfred Parr Upton Hellions, Devon, England
Alfred Henry Coleman Parr 1908 Crediton, Devon, England
Catherine Parr
Dorothy M Parr 1915 Crediton, Devon, England
Francis Kenneth Parr 1912 Crediton, Devon, England
Nancy Parris
Alan Parry
Laura Parry
Ronald Parry 1936
Daughter Parslow Minnesota, USA
Hester Cowley Parslow 1852 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
Nina Ruth Parslow 1910 Minnesota, USA
Septimus Parslow 1816 Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England
William Lawrence Parslow
William S Parslow 1859 Minnesota, USA
Amy Parsons
Charles Edward Spencer Parsons 1912 Brixton, London, England
Daughter Parsons
George Parsons
George Herbert Stewart Parsons
Gerald Stewart Parsons 1918 Horley, Surrey, England
Ivy J H Parsons 1905
Jan Stewart Parsons 1945 Tiverton, Devon, England
June Ann Parsons 1936 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Mary Ann Parsons
Mary Eliza Florence Parsons 1881 Plymouth, Devon, England
Nancy Mary Parsons 1923
Robert Charles Parsons 1884 Norwood, London, England
Sarah Leanora Parsons 1848 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England
Son Parsons
Son Parsons
Son Parsons
Sylvia M Parsons 1932 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Michaela V Partheniu
Unknown Partner
Unknown Partner
Daniel Partridge
Eliza Pascoe 1817 Cornwall, England
Annie Pasfield
James Pashley 1980 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Joseph Pashley 2004
Susanna Frith Pashley 1835
Charles Manning Pasmore 1858 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Ethel Mary Pasmore 1888 West Hanney, Berkshire, England
William Pasmore 1890 West Hanney, Berkshire, England
William Pasmore 1833
Sarah Passmore 1823 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Ethel May Patch 1891 Offwell, Devon, England
Thomas Patch
Mary Ann Patchin 1826 Falmer, Sussex, England
Albert Ronald Patenaude 1932 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Daughter Patenaude
Daughter Patenaude
Son Patenaude
Son Patenaude
Son Patenaude
Son Patenaude
Son Patenaude
Robert Paton
Eliza Patrey 1821 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Frederick George Reginald Patten 1908 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jennifer G Patten 1943 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Patricia L Patten 1950 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Agnes Patton 1868
Alan Paul
Barry Paul
Christopher Paul
Daughter Paul
Gordon Paul 1917
Heather Paul
Husband Paul
Joanne Gayle Paul 1954 Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Olive Paul
Percy Paul
Robin Paul
George Craig Saunders Pauling
Jane Josephine Pauling
Antony James Barry Paull 1911 Ilminster, Somerset, England
James Ratley Paull 1863
John Paull
Sarah Bullen Paull 1833 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Keitija Paupe 2010 Latvia
Kris Kristers Paupe 2005 Latvia
Raivis Paupe 1987
Rendijs Paupe 2013 Riga, Latvia
Peteris Pavars
Andrew Pavey 1953 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Edwin Pavey 1922 Canada
George Pavey
Helen Pavey 1956 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John F W Pavey 1904 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mabel Lily Pavey 1902 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Sarah Harriet Pavey 1882 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Thomas Pavey 1873 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Edward G Pavey 1899 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Sophia Pavitt 1877 Shoreditch, London, England
Alice Pawmer
Brenda Anne Pawson 1953 Bromley, Kent, England
Elizabeth Joan Pawson 1956 Farnborough, Kent, England
Kenneth Harding Pawson 1923 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Lilian Payn
Alice M Payne 1893 London, England
Caroline Sarah Payne 1833 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
David John Payne 1949 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Doris Ada Payne 1897
Edgar Walter Payne 1888 Battersea, London, England
Eliza Frances Payne 1815 Hackney, London, England
Elizabeth Payne 1804 Templeton, Devon, England
Ethel Clara Payne 1883 Marylebone, London, England
Ethel Maude Payne 1889 Paddington, London, England
Fanny Payne 1849 Rockbeare, Devon, England
Frederick Payne
George Payne 1853 Marylebone, London, England
George Payne
Harold George Payne 1881 Marylebone, London, England
Harry Sydney Abbott Payne 1922 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Hilary A Payne
Ian Alexander Payne 1983 Chessington, London, England
James Edgar Abbott Payne 1922 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Jane Payne 1840
John Payne 1893
John L Payne
Kimberley Elizabeth Payne 1981 Chessington, London, England
Malcolm Payne 1952 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Philip Andrew Payne 1952 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Robert Payne 1819
Sydney Arthur Payne 1884 85 Lisson Grove, Marylebone, London, England
Thomas Payne 1772 Rose Ash, Devon, England
Toby Harrison Payne 2010
Constance Mary Peacock
Edwin Peacock 1834 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Louisa Leonard Peacock 1861 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Marion Peall
Alice Pearce 1880 Chievley, Hampshire, England
Antony John Pearce 1966 Kent, England
Anya Lily Pearce 1996 Farnborough, Kent, England
Caroline Ethel Pearce 1880 Hampstead, London, England
Christopher James Pearce 1978 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Francis James Pearce
Lilian May Pearce 1920 Taunton, Somerset, England
Luke Samuel Pearce 1998 Bromley, Kent, England
Margaret Rowe Pearce
Maria Pearce
Ruby M Pearce
Vernon Pearce
Alice Russell Peardon 1899 Torquay, Devon, England
Edward Peardon 1864 Stratton, Cornwall, England
Arthur Edward Pearkes 1865 St John's Wood, London, England
Joan K Pearkes 1929 Paddington, London, England
Leslie Vincent Pearkes 1895 Ilford, London, England
Ellen Pearman
Courtnay Robert Pearse
Janet Mary Pearse 1945 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Brian J Pearson
Eliza Pearson 1847 Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Hannah M Pearson
Jez Pearson 1965 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
John Pearson
Leonard C Pearson
Louis Henry Athelstan Pearson 2000 Frome, Somerset, England
Poppy Calypso Dulcie Gemia Helena Pearson 2003 Frome, Somerset, England
Thomas Pearson
Frances Peart
Mary Peat
Thomas Peck
Thomas Eaton Peck 1887 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Dorothy Peckham
Edward Peckham
Absalom Peddle 1817 Somerton, Somerset, England
Ann Peddle 1784 Somerton, Somerset, England
Joseph Peddle 1827 Somerton, Somerset, England
Ann Pedlingham 1890
Anne Pedlingham 1797 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Anthony Noel John Pedlingham 1928 Eltham, London, England
Bertha Pedlingham
Catherine Pedlingham 1883
Catherine Ann Pedlingham 1849 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Catherine Maria Pedlingham 1820 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Charles Pedlingham
Charles Pedlingham 1875 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Charles Pedlingham 1825
Charlotte Jay Pedlingham 1843 Preston, Gloucestershire, England
David Clive Pedlingham
David William Pedlingham 1842 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Dianne Christine Pedlingham 1944 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edith Fanny Pedlingham 1880 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Edward Pedlingham 1847 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Pedlingham 1790 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Pedlingham 1843 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Pedlingham 1844 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Elizabeth Pedlingham 1882
Ethel Irene Pedlingham 1936 Rubery, England
Fanny Pedlingham
Francis Pedlingham 1858 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Harry Pedlingham
Henry Pedlingham 1876
Henry Pedlingham 1853 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Henry Pedlingham
Henry John Pedlingham 1845 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Isabel Jessie Pedlingham 1897
James Percy Pedlingham 1859 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
James Victor Pedlingham 1902 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
John Pedlingham 1822 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
John Pedlingham
John Pedlingham 1793 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
John Pedlingham
John Francis Pedlingham 1856 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
John J Pedlingham 1960 Sidcup, London, England
John Thomas Pedlingham 1903 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joseph Augustus Pedlingham 1903 Wellington Heath, Herefordshire, England
Joyce E M Pedlingham 1921 Greenwich, London, England
Kathlene Alice Pedlingham 1933 Rubery, England
Martha Pedlingham 1800 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Pedlingham 1850 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Michael Pedlingham
Michael C Pedlingham 1925
Neil D Pedlingham 1947 Dartford, Kent, England
Norman Jack David Pedlingham 1923 Lewisham, London, England
Paul I Pedlingham 1952 Dartford, Kent, England
Phoebe Pedlingham 1888
Polly Pedlingham 1887
Robert Victor Pedlingham 1943 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ronald S T Pedlingham 1921 Greenwich, London, England
Samuel Pedlingham 1796 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Pedlingham 1819
Samuel Thomas Pedlingham 1893 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Son Pedlingham
Susannah Pedlingham 1799 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Oliver Pedlingham 1861 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Trevor Pedlingham
William Pedlingham 1733 Newent, Gloucestershire, England
William Pedlingham 1816
William Pedlingham
William Pedlingham 1762 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
William Pedlingham 1877
William Pedlingham 1791 Twyning, Gloucestershire, England
William Charles Pedlingham
William Gardner Pedlingham 1851 'Callow Hills Farm', Munsley, Herefordshire, England
Maude Winifred Blake Pedrick 1879 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Frederick Peel
Perry Claude Peel 1917
Robert peel
Ida Emma Peeler 1883 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Winifred Laura Peet 1906 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Racel Peever
Edmund Goodwyn Peirson
Friend William Pellett 1866 Melanchton, Ontario, Canada
Catherine Pellow 1857 Newlyn, Cornwall, England
Eric Penfold
Hugh William Penfold 1876
Jessica Penfold 1838 St Clements Dane, London, England
Marchant Eric Harvey Penfold 1899 Sheerness, Kent, England
Marchant Hubert Penfold 1873 Exeter, Devon, England
Marchant Hugh Penfold 1840 London, England
Maureen Ivy Penfold 1942 London, England
Oliver Penfold 1817 Hackney, London, England
Shane Adam Penfold 1972
Thomas Penfold 1872
Thomas Alan Penfold 1934 Belle Fourche, Butte County, South Dakota, USA
Violet Venie Penfold 1914 Truro, Cornwall, England
Yvonne Lynette Penfold 1953 Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Albert Pengelly 1858 Uffculme, Devon, England
Jane Penkevell
Jeannette Pennington
Barbara Ann Pennock
Effey Penny
Henry Penny 1657 Saint Breward, Cornwall, England
John L Penny 1953 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Leonard Ewart Penny
Martin E Penny 1956 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Maria Ann Percy 1851 Heavitree, Devon, England
Eunice Otilia Perez 1935 San Ignacio, Paraguay
Felicity Amelia Perfect 2012
Terry Perfect
John Carl Perkin
Ruth Marie Perkin 1928
Dorothy Perkins 1922 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Ellen Sarah Perkins 1889 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Emily Louisa Perkins 1885 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Florence Jane Perkins 1880 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Perkins
Henry Perkins 1891 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Henry Perkins 1853 Carhampton, Somerset, England
Irene May Orchard Perkins 1890 East Ham, Essex, England
James Robert Perkins 1883 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Lillian Perkins 1916 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Maria Perkins
Mary Ann Perkins 1888 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Rowland Perkins
Sarah Perkins 1821 Old Cleeve, Somerset, England
Stephen Perkins
Thomas Henry Perkins 1882 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Amanda Perrett 1962 Wiltshire, England
Peter Perrin
William Perring
Betty Perrott
Margaret Perrow 1768
Adelaide Elizabeth Perry 1861 Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England
Amy Jane Perry 1867 Brixton, London, England
Doris Lilian Perry 1898 Clapham, London, England
Dorothy Amy Perry 1896 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Edith Lillian Perry 1890 Medford, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth Lilian Perry 1859 Kennington, London, England
Ernest William Perry
Frank Fortescue Perry 1863 Brixton, London, England
Gladys Phoebe Perry 1912 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Hannah Perry 1831 Billericay, Essex, England
Harold Athur Dickens Perry 1911 Shanghai, China
Harry Perry 1883 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
James Perry
Joanna Perry 1679
John Perry
John Perry
Julia Morris Jarrett Perry 1864 Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England
Kathleen Lorna Perry 1915 Shanghai, China
Marion Amy Perry 1892 Peckham, London, England
Robert Perry
Stephen Edward Perry 1866 Herne Hill, London, England
Thomas Perry
William Arthur Perry 1885 Woodford, Essex, England
William Eric Perry 1910 Shanghai, China
William Fortescue Perry 1827 Rotherhithe, London, England
William Fortescue Collings Perry 1782
William Pagden Perry 1861 Kennington, London, England
Daughter Perryman
Dorothy Joy Perryman
Guy Perryman 1965 Scotland
Henry William Perryman
June D Perryman 1928 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Mary Snell Perryman 1832
Percy William Perryman
Richard Perryman 1903 Brixton, London, England
Richard John Percy Withycombe Beedle Perryman 1929 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, England
Susan Josephine Perryman 1958 Plympton, Devon, England
Carol R Pesoa 1906
Walter Pesoa 1880
Ann Pester
Sarah Petch 1865 Summerville, Fenelon Township, Ontario, Canada
Susan Petch 1868
Vrickerman Petch
Annie Dora Frances Peter 1874 Collingwood, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Charles James Ariell Peter 1822
Edith Joanna Worcester Peter 1871 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Edmund Wallace Ariell Peter 1876 Collingwood, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Evangeline Mary Louise Peter 1882 Collingwood, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Herbert L Peter 1919 British Columbia, Canada
Lawrence J Peter 1919 British Columbia, Canada
Lillian Gwendoline Peter
Margaret Sarah Evangeline Peter 1891 Glencairn, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Newton C Peter 1920 British Columbia, Canada
Raymond George Ariell Peter 1893 Craigvale, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Robert Joseph Johnston Peter 1897 Craigvale, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
Sophia Sarah Peter 1868 Gravesend, Kent, England
Thelma V Peter 1920 British Columbia, Canada
Victor Charles Newton Peter 1896 Craigvale, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
William Ariell Peter 1848 Stepney, London, England
William Charles George Peter 1867 Gravesend, Kent, England
William Robert Peter
Amelia Peters
Amy Colleen Peters
David Peters
Ellen Peters
George Peters
Gracey Alycia Peters
Mabel Peters 1881 Horsham, Sussex, England
Rosetta Maria Peters 1896
Bob Brown Petersen 1937 Denmark
Frederik Petersen
Joan Brown Petersen 1935 Tunoevej 18, Nakskov, Denmark
Jonas Brown Petersen Holbćk, Denmark
Kenneth Brown Petersen 1966
Vilhelm Hjortshřj Petersen 1910 Ullerslev Aunede sogn, Denmark
Clyde Peterson
Diana Peterson
James Alford Peterson
Elizabeth Ann Pethebridge 1830 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Ann Peto
Anna Pettigew
Richard Pettle 1814 Exeter, Devon, England
Thomas Pettle 1850
John Hammond Pettman
Lilian Elsie Pettman 1916 Brentford, London, England
Mary Lois Ruth Pettman 1925 Rainham, Kent, England
Theodora Pettman 1920 Rainham, Kent, England
Hugh J Petts 1957 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Oliver James Petts 1985 Bury, Lancashire, England
Raymond Frederick Petts
Thomas William Petts 1989 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Joan Edith Monica Petty 1929 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Edwin James Petvin
Alex Balaguer Pfeiffer 1969 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Magrit Pfeiffer 1939 Mbya, Tanganyika
Sergio Balaguer Pfeiffer 1968 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
James Phelps 1767
Marrianne Phelps 1816 Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, Engalnd
Sarah Phelps
Fern M Phetteplace
Courtney Ann Phillips 2005 Reading, Berkshire, England
Darren John Phillips 1976 Reading, Berkshire, England
David John Phillips 1945 Edgware, London, England
Dorothy Marion Phillips 1890 Wapping, London, England
Edmund Phillips
Elsie Irene Phillips 1893 Wapping, London, England
Harry Phillips
Henry Phillips
Jennet Phillips 1860 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Joanne Phillips 1981 Morriston, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
John Phillips
John Phillips
John William Phillips 1857
Leonard Phillips
Lisa Phillips Phillips 1973 Morriston, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Lyn Phillips 1942 Morriston, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Margaret Phillips 1827 Dunsford, Devon, England
Mary Ann Phillips 1830 Dunsford, Devon, England
Megan Ann Phillips 2007 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Miriam Phillips 1837 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Paul Robert Phillips 1974 Reading, Berkshire, England
Robert Phillips
Ryan David Phillips 2007 Reading, Berkshire, England
Samuel Phillips
Sunnie Phillips 1957
Thomas Michael Phillips 2004 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Ellen M Philo
Frederick H Philpott
Valarie A Philpott
Alison J Phipps 1954 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Phipps
David W Phipps 1948 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Charles Phipps 1925 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Marion Kim Irene Pickett 1967 Sussex, England
Steven Charles Pickett
William A S Pickford
James Pidgeon
William James Pidgeon
Ada Pierce 1885 Rosedale, Victoria, Australia
Karen Pieri 1967 Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Pike 1779 Dunsford, Devon, England
Florence Agnes Pike 1910 Westminster, London, England
Gladys P Pike
Henry Pike
Olive B Pike
Annie Wyatt Pile 1873 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Bonnie Lee Pile
Edwin Alexander Pile 1843
George James Pile
George William Pile
Joyce Pile
Lizzie Wyatt Pile 1871 Casino, New South Wales, Australia
Mary Audrey Pile 1908 Brendon, Devon, England
Alice Ethel Pilling 1858
Marie-Rose E Pimbert
Ann Pinch 1752 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Ann Pinch 1703 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Aves Pinch 1713 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Barbara PINCH 1708 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Dorothy Pinch 1670 Egloshayle, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Pinch 1706 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Pinch 1677 St Kew, Cornwall, England
James Pinch 1690 St Kew, Cornwall, England
James Pinch 1704 St Kew, Cornwall, England
James Pinch 1655 Egloshayle, Cornwall, England
Jennifer Pinch 1763 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John PINCH 1647 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John Pinch 1747 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John Pinch 1720 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John Pinch 1716 St Kew, Cornwall, England
John PINCH 1682 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Joseph Pinch 1718 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Martha Pinch 1711 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Mary Pinch
Mary Pinch 1718 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Mary Pinch 1755 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Richard Pinch
Richard Pinch 1749 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Soloman Pinch 1689 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Susanna Pinch
Thomas Pinch 1685 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Thomas Pinch 1679 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Thomas Pinch 1636 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Thomas PINCH
William Pinch 1680 St Kew, Cornwall, England
William Pinch 1656 St Kew, Cornwall, England
Alfred Pincombe
Hilda M Pincombe 1923 South Molton, Devon, England
Richard James Pincombe 1900 Torrington, Devon, England
Doreen M Pinnegar 1931 Camberwell, London, England
Elsie Pinner 1905 Battersea, London, England
James Pinner 1848 Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England
Ralph Pinner 1874 Enfield, London, England
Dorothy Beatrice Piper 1897 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Harry Frank Piper
Eugenija Pipins 1921 Latvia
Jane Pitcher
Sarah Pitcher
Dorothy Joan Pitchforth
Catherine Calloway Pitman
Eva Espie Pitt 1871 Southampton, Hampshire, England
John Pittard
David J Pitts 1957 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John E Pitts
George Pixley
Harriet Jane Elizabeth Plane 1863 Ontario, Canada
Martha Plane
Joseph Plant
Anne Plantagenet 1475
Bridget Plantagenet 1480
Catherine Plantagenet 1479
Cecily Plantagenet 1469
Edward IV Plantagenet 1442 Rouen, France
Edward V Plantagenet 1470 Westminster, London, England
Elizabeth Plantagenet 1466
George Plantagenet 1477
Margaret Plantagenet 1472
Mary Plantagenet 1467
Richard Plantagenet 1411
Richard Plantagenet 1473
Richard III Plantagenet 1452
Amy Alberta Lucille Platt 1905 Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa
Robert Platten 1915
Elizabete Plavins 2005 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Jekabs Plavins 2000
Martins Janis Plavins 1998
Oskars Plavins 1975
Daisy Louisa Player 1884 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Julia Playle 1849 Hornchurch, Essex, England
Jane Pleace 1804 Tiverton, Devon, England
Constance Mary Pledger
Jane Plowman 1794
Annie Pocock 1868 St Pancras, London, England
Edith Pocock 1874 St Pancras, London, England
Edward Pocock 1835 St George in the East, London, England
Edward E Pocock 1872 St Pancras, London, England
Edward Richard Pocock
Emily I Pocock 1860 St Pancras, London, England
Florence Pocock 1876 St Pancras, London, England
George Pocock 1878 Peckham, London, England
Jane Pocock 1870 St Pancras, London, England
Kate Pocock 1866 St Pancras, London, England
Ada Edith Rose Poffley 1897
Thomas Redding Pointon 1849 Plymouth, Devon, England
Thomas Robert Pointon 1888 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Pointon
William Snow Pointon 1890 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ann Pointz
Simon M Poizat
Wife Poland
Maria Politov 1885 Odessa, Russia
Michail Politov
Bessie H Pollard 1895
George William Pollard
Stanley Edward Pollard 1907
Thomas Cole James Pollard 1865 Greenwich, London, England
William Athur Pollard 1891
Julia Henrietta Pollock 1870
Guillaume PONCIUS
Semeon Vladiminovitch Ponomarev
Ulia Semenovna Ponomarev 1904 Russia
George Ponsford 1839 Tiverton, Devon, England
Thomas Ponsford 1791 Tiverton, Devon, England
Anne Pontags
children Pontags
Emilija Pontags
Ernests Pontags
Irene Pontags
Janis Pontags
Kriss Pontags
Lize Pontags
Otilija Pontags
Peteris Pontags
Roberts Pontags
Roberts Pontags
Vilnis Pontags
Aaron Pook 1825 Washfield, Devon, England
Andrew W Pook 1947 Chelsea, London, England
Ann C Pook 1945 Pancras, London, England
Anne Maria Pook 1854 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Annie Maria Pook 1892 Middleton, Lancashire, England
Bessy Pook 1859 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Charles Pook 1867 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Charles Pook 1876 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Charles Henry Pook 1896 Camberwell, London, England
Edgar James Pook 1898 Lewisham, London, England
Eliza Doris Pook 1899 Camberwell, London, England
Ellen Pook 1862 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Elsie May Pook 1889 25 Boones Road, Lee, Kent, England
Emily Daisy Pook 1894 25 Boones Road, Lee, Kent, England
Eric A Pook 1913 Paddington, London, England
Evelyn M Pook 1922 Woolwich, London, England
Florence Eleanor Pook 1879 Bampton, Devon, England
Henry Beedell Pook 1849 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Herbert Pook 1895 Middleton, Lancashire, England
Horace Andrew Pook 1896 25 Boones Road, Lee, Kent, England
Ian Michael Pook 1929 Greenwich, London, England
Jacqueline Pook 1952 Chelsea, London, England
James Pook 1792
James Pook 1857 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
James Pook 1851 Washfield, Devon, England
James Pook 1898 Middleton, Lancashire, England
Kathleen D E Pook 1917 Canterbury, Kent, England
Kenneth Oliver Pook 1903 18 Collins Street, Blackheath, London, England
Leonard Archibald Pook 1892 25 Boones Road, Lee, Kent, England
Lewis William Pook 1890 25 Boones Road, Lee, Kent, England
Patricia J Pook 1923 Greenwich, London, England
Ronald Wallace Pook 1916 St George, Hanover Square, London, England
Sidney Lawrence Pook 1901 18 Collins Street, Blackheath, London, England
Walter Pook 1901 Ashford, Derbyshire, England
Wilfred John Pook 1912 Hampstead, London, England
Wilfred Wallace Pook 1889 Morebath, Devon, England
William Lewis Pook 1863 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Algie Pool
Colin Pool 1949
Francis Pool
Husband Pool
Michael Pool
Riley Nicole Pool 2006
Sherrie Anne Pool 2012
Amy Dorothy Poole 1892 London, England
Evelyn Norah Poole
Charles Pope 1870 'Clapworthy Mill', Chittlehampton, Devon, England
Charles George Richardson Pope 1985 Plymouth, Devon, England
Charles John Pope 1911 South Molton, Devon, England
Clive Neville Pope 1947
Elizabeth Pope 1697 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Pope 1863 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ethel Mary Pope 1915 South Molton, Devon, England
Francis Rowland Pope 1877 Gravesend, Kent, England
George Pope 1834 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
George Henry Pope 1914
Gladys Mary Pope 1913 South Molton, Devon, England
Henry Pope
Henry Pope
Hilda May Pope 1907 Reigate, Surrey, England
James Stuart Pope 1972 Belper, Derbyshire, England
Jane Pope 1740 West Anstey, Devon, England
Joffrie Pope
John Pope 1824 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
John Guscott Pope 1854 Crediton, Devon, England
Joseph Pope
Lucy Pope 1917
Mary Pope 1706 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Pope 1855 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Richard Jonathan Pope 1970 Belper, Derbyshire, England
Samuel Pope 1668
Stuart John Pope 1944 Derbyshire, England
William Pope
Joseph Leslie Aime Porta 1907 Lambeth, London, England
Faustina Portela
Clarette Ann Porter 1839 New York, USA
Husband Porter
Louis Porter
Nicola Ellen Porter 1995 Plymouth, Devon, England
Zoe Louise Porter 1993 Plymouth, Devon, England
Charlotte Caroline Portlock 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Russell Denny Postlethwaite
Anne Turner Potter 1838 Thorverton, Devon, England
Eliza Potter 1845 Upminster, Essex, England
Elizabeth Potter 1802 Thorverton, Devon, England
Florence Beatrice Eleanor Potter 1900 Brinkworth, Wiltshire, England
Helen Frances Potter 1949 Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England
Stanley Frederick Potter 1920 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Tracy A Potter
William Richard Hathaway Potter 1867 Brinkworth, Wiltshire, England
Jane Maria Pottle 1847 Lambeth, London, England
Alice May Pound 1894
Wayne Pousom
Amy May Povey 1913 Bow, London, England
Anna Maria Powe 1795 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Powe 1754 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Susannah Powe 1793 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Susan Powel
Angella J Powell 1962 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Beatrice F Powell 1905
Brinley Richard Powell 1891 Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, Wales
Colin W Powell 1935 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Gertrude Lillian Powell
Lewis Powell
Lorna Julie Powell 1965 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England
Neal D Powell 1960 Wood Green, London, England
Norman Lewis Powell 1931 Hopkinstown, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Son Powell
Steven William Powell 1961 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Albert Ed Powers 1869 Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada
John Powers
Caroline Powis 1791 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Thomas Powis 1784 London, England
Elizabeth L Powson 1867 Ontario, Canada
Anne Poyntz 1485
Anthony POYNTZ 1480
Edward Poyntz 1575
Elizabeth Poyntz 1488
Ferdinando Poyntz
Francis Poyntz 1490
Giles Poyntz
Hugh Poyntz 1579
John Poyntz 1485
John Poyntz 1560
Margaret Poyntz
Margaret Poyntz 1483
Mary POYNTZ 1558 Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Poyntz
Nicholas POYNTZ
Nicholas POYNTZ 1510
Nicholas POYNTZ 1535 Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England
Nicholas Poyntz 1494
Robert Poyntz 1581
Robert Poyntz
Robert POYNTZ 1450 Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Poyntz
Ursula Poyntz
Regina Poza y Fernanddez de Lunas 1828 Manila, Philippines
John Praetor
Samuel Praetor
Simon Praetor 1722 Okehampton, Devon, England
Simon Praetor
Simon Praetor
David Grant Prather 1967 Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
Grant Russell Prather
Jake Middleton Prather 1994 Naval Hospital, Camp Lester, Okinawa, Japan
Kate Middleton Prather 1998 Naval Hospital, Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, USA
Ada Mary Pratt
Annie Elizabeth Pratt 1873 Plaistow, Essex, England
Ena Audrey Pratt 1930 Beeston Nottingham. Nottinghamshire, England
John Pratt 1838 Cambridgeshire, England
Kate Pratt 1852
Parley Parker Pratt 1807 Burlington, Otsego, New York, USA
Rebecca Pratt 1859 Hickling, Norfolk, England
Zelma Precinieks 1894
Elizabeth Presbury 1745 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Joanna Presbury 1738 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Perry Presbury 1732 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Presbury 1735 Churcham, Gloucestershire, England
William Presbury 1699
William Presbury 1742 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Betty Prescott 1744 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Arabella Prescott 1864
John Prescott 1720 Tiverton, Devon, England
Enid Theresa Prestidge 1893 New Zealand
Joel Prestidge
Beryl Preston
Sidney Preston
Ilene Emily Prestwich 1919 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Marilyn Agnes Prey 1930 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA
Ann Price 1805 Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales
Annie Price 1857 Pimlico, London, England
Cedric Rhys Price 1905
Elizabeth Price 1848 Herefordshire, England
Gareth Price 1954 Goresinon, Glamorganshire, Wales
George Price
Irfon Price 1915 Pontarddulais, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
John Price 1870 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
John Price 1842 Shoreditch, London, England
Leonard Dean Cuthbert Price 1901 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Leonard William Price 1867 Brean, Somerset, England
Linda Price 1948 Goresinon, Glamorganshire, Wales
Louisa Price 1806
Marie A Price
Marrianne Price 1952 Pontarddulais, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Mary Price
Mary Anne Price 1850 Herefordshire, England
Nathaniel Price
Rhys Howell Price
Sheila Price 1946 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
William Steight Price 1804 St Owen, Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Ann Maria Prickett 1786 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Charlotte Prickett 1781 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Edward Prickett 1754
Harriet Prickett 1784 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Lydia Elizabeth Prickett 1791 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Phillipa Macharinah Prickett 1785
William Ward Prickett 1788 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Frances Helen Prideaux 1856 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Francis Grevile Prideaux
Francis Grevile Prideaux
Mary Valletta Prideaux 1857 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Cecil Coles Pridham 1885 Munro, Pertth County, Ontario, Canada
Maria Pridham
Maria Josephine Dorothy Pridham 1849 Exeter, Devon, England
Luize Priede
James Priestman 1958
Jane Priestman 1955
John Priestman 1956
John James Priestman
Maria Teresa Prieto 1967 Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentinia
Sarah Amm Prigg
Berton Prince
Charles Prince
Douglas Prince
Emily Amelia Prince 1902 West Ham, Essex, England
Maitland Prince
Margo Prince
Victor W J Prince
Llewelyn Prince of Wales
Catherine Edith Pring 1855 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Francis Irina Pring 1869 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Harris Baucombe Pring 1864 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Maria Whyte Pring 1865 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Richard Pring 1840 Cullompton, Devon, England
William Pring 1864 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
William Pring 1819 Taunton, Somerset, England
Alison Marion St Clair Pringle 1925 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Ian Gordon St Clair Pringle 1919 India
Ivan Terrance St Clair Pringle 1887 India
Jean Isabel St Clair Pringle 1921 Saidpore, West Bengal, India
John Walter Pringle 1856 Berhampur, India
Keith Horace St Clair Pringle 1922 Saidpore, West Bengal, India
Lorna Helen Pringle 1923 Kanchrapara, Bengal, India
Violet May St Clair Pringle 1926 Exeter, Devon, England
Eliza Pritchard
Betty Pritty 1745 Chard, Somerset, England
John Pritty 1731 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Pritty
Mary Pritty 1736 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Pritty 1734 Chard, Somerset, England
Mary Pritty 1759 Chard, Somerset, England
Mercy Pritty 1761 Chard, Somerset, England
Mercy Pritty 1736 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Pritty 1738 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Pritty 1732 Chard, Somerset, England
William Pritty
Fanny Eliza Proctor 1865 London, England
Vera A Protheroe 1947
Arthur Prouse
Olive J Prouse 1922 Honiton, Devon, England
Robert V B Prouse 1926 Honiton, Devon, England
Joice Prout
James Prowse 1806 Buckland Brewer, Devon, England
Lydia Pryor 1875 Jersey, Channel Islands
Jone Puckey
Elizabeth Puddington 1701 Devon, England
Jane Puddle 1800
Barry Pugh 1944
Helen Joy Pugh 1980 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Paul James Pugh 1972 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
William George Pulleyblank 1913 Hampshire, England
Mary Ann Pullman
Margaret Alice Pumfrey
Cyril Punt 1897 Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England
Dorothy May Punt 1894 Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England
Harold Punt 1893 Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England
Jennifer S Punt 1931 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Robert Punt
Robert James Punt 1854 161 High Street, Hoxton, London, England
Robert William Frederick Punt 1889 Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, England
Donald A Purkis 1910 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Sheila Ruth Purkis 1935 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Anne Purnell
Annie Purnell 1886 Clapham, London, England
Beatrice Elizabeth Purnell 1883 Clapham, London, England
Charles Dando Purnell 1823 Paulton, Somerset, England
Charles William Purnell 1878 Paulton, Somerset, England
Dorothy Purnell 1892 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Dorothy Hilda Purnell 1914 Wellington, Somerset, England
Edith Alice Purnell 1895 Wellington, New Zealand
Emily Anne Purnell 1854 Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Ethel Helen Purnell 1891 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Frances Mary Purnell 1817
George Henry Purnell 1848 Paulton, Somerset, England
Helen Purnell 1824
John Bransby Purnell 1819
John Owen Purnell 1881 Clapham, London, England
Maisie Purnell
Maria Louise Purnell 1887 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Mary Ellen Purnell 1897 Wellington, New Zealand
Olive Evelyn Purnell 1901 Wellington, New Zealand
Rowena Rosa Purnell 1888 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Thomas Huxtable Purnell 1882 Clapham, London, England
William Paston Purnell 1822
Indis Putnins Valmiera, Vidzeme, Latvia
Janis Putnins
Jean G. Pye
Donald Pyers
Beatrice L Pyke
Eveline Rosetta Pyne 1881 Bedminster, Somerset, England
William Pyne Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Emily Victoria Quaife 1881
Spencer Quaife
Frederick Quaintance
Reginald Fred Quaintance Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Emeline Amelia Quick
James H Quinn
Robert Rabbatts 1828 Warminster, Wiltshire, England
Robert Rabbatts
Igors Racens 2004
Inga Racens 1990
Nellija Racens 2001
Santa Racens 1979
Uldis Racens
Hannah Rackham
Arthur Ernest Radford
Catherine Radford
Doreen E Radford 1939 Devon, England
Edward Arthur Radford 1902 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Hugh R Radford
Jean Radford 1932 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Radford
John George Curtis Radford
Molly Elsie Radford 1934 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William M Radford 1916
James L Rainbow
Ashley Rainsford
Blai Balaguer Ral 1990 Sant Vicenc de Montalt, Spain
Ingrid Balaguer Ral 1994 Sant Vicenc de Montalt, Spain
Jane Agnes Ralph
Mildred May Ralston 1894 South River, Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada
William Ralston
Margaret Ram
Alexander Redvers Ramsden
Fanny Elizabeth Ramsey 1873 Plumstead, London, England
Lesley A Ramsey
Margaret A Ramsey 1835 Ireland
Susanna Ramsey 1724 Rewe, Devon, England
John Rand
Ernest Randall
Pascow Randall
Lucia A Randolph
Ann Randon 1788
Leola Crystal Rankin
Bethsheba Rattenbury 1845 England
Charles Edward Rattenbury 1873 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Charles Leroy Rattenbury 1905 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Daughter Rattenbury
Earl Rattenbury 1913 Illinois, USA
Harold L Rattenbury 1915 Illinois, USA
Mary Ann Rattenbury 1837
Stanley M Rattenbury 1911 Illinois, USA
William Rattenbury 1837 Milton Damerel, Devon, England
William Fishleigh Rattenbury 1795
Georgs Rauchingers
Albert Henry W Rawle 1869 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Albert Robert Rawle 1898 Poplar, London, England
Alexander Conrad Rawle 1911 Bethnal Green, London, England
Alfred Rawle 1870 Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, England
Alfred Edwards Rawle 1909 Bethnal Green, London, England
Alice Maria Rawle 1864 Newport, Hampshire, England
Ann Rawle 1825 Rackenford, Devon, England
Annie Rawle 1862 Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales
Arthur Thomas Rawle 1909 Auckland, New Zealand
Barbara Elizabeth Rawle 1916 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Bertie Rawle 1886 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Child Rawle
David Rawle 1793 Lynton, Devon, England
David Rawle 1844 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Dorothy Rawle 1903 New Zealand
Dorothy Phyllis Rawle 1910 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Dorothy Prudence Rawle 1911 New Zealand
Edith Irene Rawle 1875 Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Edith Maude Rawle 1907 New Zealand
Eliza Rawle 1840 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Elizabeth Rawle 1828 Rackenford, Devon, England
Ellen Rawle 1872 Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Ernest Rawle 1887 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Fanny Rawle 1859 Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Florence Rawle 1879 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Florence Rawle 1904 West Ham, London, England
Frank Rawle 1857 Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frank Rawle 1866 Alverstoke, Hampshire, England
Frank B Rawle 1888 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Frank Charles Rawle 1905 New Zealand
Frederick James Rawle 1901 Worcestershire, England
Gertrude Rawle 1889 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Hannah Rawle 1865 Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales
Harriet Rawle 1830 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Harriett Maude Rawle 1873 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Rawle 1898 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry James Rawle 1895 Poplar, London, England
James Rawle 1871 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
James Adam Rawle 1846 Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jane Rawle 1838 Shobrooke, Devon, England
John Rawle 1821 Devon, England
John Rawle
John Arthur Rawle 1906 West Ham, London, England
Joseph Rawle 1848 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Joseph Rawle 1880 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Lilian M Rawle 1904 Bethnal Green, London, England
Mary Rawle 1882 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mary Rawle 1842 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Michael Rawle 1837 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Norman Rawle 1893 Heaton Norris, Cheshire, England
Rebecca Rawle 1834 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Robert Blackmore Rawle 1832 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Sidney John Rawle 1870 Bassaleg, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Rawle 1884 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Arthur Rawle 1861 Princetown, Devon, England
Thomas Beedell Rawle 1836 Shobrooke, Devon, England
Vivian Edward Rawle 1912
Walter Ernest Rawle 1900 Poplar, London, England
William Rawle 1877 'Whitefield Farm', Stoodleigh, Devon, England
William John Rawle 1895 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Doris M Rawles
Alice Emma J Rawlings 1852 Nova Scotia, Canada
Frances Kathleen Raxworthy 1870 Longford, Wiltshire, England
Coralitta S Ray 1930 Pernambuco, Brazil
Frederick Pedder Ray 1873 Southsea, Hampshire, England
Guy Neeves Ray 1900 Southampton, Hampshire, England
James Robert Michael Ray 1933
Alice Mary Raymond 1863 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Amelia Raymond 1900 East Murton, County Durham, England
Charles H Raymond 1897 East Murton, County Durham, England
Edith Raymond 1892 East Murton, County Durham, England
Eliza Raymond 1897 East Murton, County Durham, England
James Waller Raymond 1868 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John Raymond 1861 Thelbridge, Devon, England
John G Raymond 1900 Murton, County Durham, England
Mary Elizabeth Raymond 1889 Houghton, County Durham, England
Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond 1832 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England
Richard Raymond 1885 Easington Lane, Durham, County Durham, England
Richard William Raymond 1870 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Thomas Raymond 1883 Easington Lane, Durham, County Durham, England
William H Raymond 1903 Murton, County Durham, England
William Henry Raymond 1859 Thelbridge, Devon, England
Albert Raymont
Daisy Raymont 1909 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Jane Raymont 1850 Chumleigh, Devon, England
Harriett Rayner 1877 Hackney, London, England
Thomas Rayner 1845 Hackney, London, England
Nellie Rayward
Cordelia Angelica Read 1801 St Pancras, London, England
John Read
Alice Reader 1865 New Zealand
William Reader
Delbert James Reagh 1918
Eleanor Jane Reany 1858 Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Peter C Reavenall
Lavinia Redding 1811 Plymouth, Devon, England
Arthur G Redfearn 1921 Hammersmith, London, England
Charles Richard Redfearn
Frank Victor Redfearn
James F Redfearn 1922 Hammersmith, London, England
Ronald R Redfearn 1919 Hammersmith, London, England
Stephen H Redfearn 1925 Hammersmith, London, England
Victor G F Redfearn 1916 Hammersmith, London, England
Ada Redmond
Charles Huntley Redwood
Wife Redwood
Sheila Irene Redyard
Dorethea Muriel Reece
Ann Eliza Reed 1837 Tiverton, Devon, England
Annie Florence Reed
Charity Reed
Edward Reed 1840
Elizabeth Reed 1773 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Mary Reed 1835 Tiverton, Devon, England
Emanuel Reed 1850 Oakford, Devon, England
Francis Reed 1849 Whitechapel, London, England
Harriet Ann Reed 1832 Lambeth, London, England
James Reed 1812 Tiverton, Devon, England
James Reed 1804
James Reed 1835
John Reed 1806 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
John Reed 1791 St Peter's, Tiverton, Devon, England
Maria Reed 1836 St Georges East, London, England
Mary Reed
Mary Reed 1840 St Georges East, London, England
Mary Reed 1798 Tiverton, Devon, England
Nicholas Reed 1769 Tiverton, Devon, England
Sarah Reed 1846 Whitechapel, London, England
Sarah Reed 1815 Warley, Essex, England
Thomas Reed 1763 Tiverton, Devon, England
Walter Reed 1829 Tiverton, Devon, England
Alice J Reeder
Lilian M Rees 1929
Sarah Reeve 1682 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Reeve 1639
Kathleen E M Reeves
Anthony Forrester Reffell 1925 Leytonstone, Essex, England
Edward Forrester Reffell
Edward Henry Reffell 1869 Hudson, New Jersey, USA
Edward Pomeroy Reffell 1893 St Pancras, London, England
Peter Roy Reffell 1954 Essex, England
John Rehome 1873
George Donald Ayre Reid
Husband Reid
Jacquelene Jane Reid 1951 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mercia Jean Reid
Daughter Reinecke
Daughter Reinecke
Daughter Reinecke
Emerald Henry Reinecke 1904 Beulah, Crook County, Wyoming, USA
Herman Hinrich Reinecke
Hinrich Reinecke 1875 Meinershausen, Germany
Howard Emerald Reinecke 1928 Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota, USA
Leon Henry Reinecke 1931 Ox Yoke, Crook County, Wyoming, USA
Myrtle Irene Reinecke 1901 Beulah, Crook County, Wyoming, USA
Randall Leon Reinecke 1953 Belle Fourche, Butte County, South Dakota, USA
Son Reinecke
Vera Marion Reinecke 1902 Beulah, Crook County, Wyoming, USA
Herberts Remikis
Lonija Remikis
Thomas Rendell 1867 Bradford, Somerset, England
Carole A Rendle
Sarah Rendle
John Rennie 1960 Chiswick, London, England
Joseph Columba Rennie 1999 Lambeth, London, England
William Xavier Rennie 2001 Lambeth, London, England
Husband Resnis
Mary Ann Restall
Hazel Violet Reykdal 1919 Manitoba, Canada
Alice Hampson Reynolds 1882 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Constance A Reynolds 1940 Reading, Berkshire, England
Elizabeth Reynolds
Eva Reynolds 1868 Ontario, Canada
Frederick P Reynolds
Graham H Reynolds
James Reynolds 1883
John Reynolds
Kenneth Reynolds 1920 Wheatlands, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mabel Reynolds 1876 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Eileen Reynolds 1903
Myra Reynolds 1896 Rosemarket, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Percy Henry Reynolds 1913 Saskatchewan, Canada
Richard Reynolds
Richard Reynolds
Winnifred Reynolds 1915 Saskatchewan, Canada
Rebecca Rheobald
Elizabeth Rhodes
Jean Ricaly
Jean Ricaly Eauze, Armagnac, France
Jean Ricaly 1704 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Onita Ricard 1928 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Walter Daniel Ricard
Elsie Louise Rich 1902 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Angela Richards
Eldora Clotilda Richards 1861 Story, Indiana, USA
Esther Richards 1732 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England
George Zebedee Richards High Ham, Somerset, England
Heather Richards 1940 Devon, England
Jane Richards
John Richards
Lilly Mary Richards 1873 Lambeth, London, England
Rebecca Richards 1863 Seaham Harbour, Durham, England
Samuel Richards 1800
Sophia Richards
Thomas Richards 1915 Devon, England
Thomas Richards 1842 Killarney, Kerry, Ireland
Walter John Richards
Winifred Richards
Amelia Richardson 1833 Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England
Anne Elizabeth Richardson
Arthur Richardson 1896
Carolyn Jean Richardson
Eliza Fennel Richardson
Eula Zane Richardson 1876 Decatur, Wise County, Texas, USA
Evelyn Mary Richardson 1862 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
George John Richardson
James Richardson 1821 Ceylon
John Richardson
John Richardson 1804 Whitechapel, London, England
John Richardson 1800 Stepney, London, England
John Winn Richardson 1829 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Kenneth Herbert Richardson 1930 Dover, Kent, England
Martha Richardson 1798 Minories, London, England
Mary Richardson 1802 Stepney, London, England
Myrtle Joyce Richardson 1926 Strood, Kent, England
Priscilla Richardson 1863 Lambeth, London, England
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson
Sally Jane Richardson
Samuel Tully Richardson 1799 Minories, London, England
Sarah Jane Richardson 1881 Ponthir, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Richardson 1796 Minories, London, England
Wife Richardson
Robert Richie
Daughter Rickard
Daughter Rickard
George Richard Rickard 1895 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
John Arthur Rickard
Maxwell Neil Rickard 1925 Bernie, Tasmania, Australia
Son Rickard
Son Rickard
Son Rickard
Son Rickard
Yvonne Margaret Rickard 1930
Sarah M Ricker
Thomas Dennis Ridd 1824 Bratton Fleming, Devon, England
Sarah Rideal 1808
Titus Rideal 1780
Charlotte Mae Rideout
James Rider
Margaret RIDER
Ada Florence Ridge
Richard Ridge
Sarah Collier Ridge 1793 St George in the East, London, England
Ildelfonso Casanas Riera 1914 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Harry Earl Rieseberg 1892 Washington DC, USA
Pauline Barbara Rietman
Margaret Rigg
Rebecca Rigsby 1819 Monkleigh, Devon, England
Allan Riley
Cauline Riley
Daniel Riley 1976 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Doris Riley
Dylan James Riley 1973 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Eilene Riley
Elizabeth Riley
Eunice Riley 1899 Ontario, Canada
Frederick Riley
Frederick Riley
George Henry Riley
Hester Riley
John Herbert Riley 1883 Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Kenneth Riley
Lydia Florence Riley 1959 Dartford, Kent, England
Margaret Riley
Marjorie Riley
Pansy Riley
Peter R Riley
Richard Riley
Ruth Riley 1901 Ontario, Canada
Suzanne Christina Riley 1962 Farnborough, Kent, England
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley
William Riley
William Riley
Annie Mary Eliza Ring 1864 Lambeth, London, England
George Arthur Ring
George Arthur Ring 1870 Wandsworth, London, England
Harry Nettleton Ring 1875 Wandsworth, London, England
John Ring
Kate Ring 1865 Lambeth, London, England
Mabel Ring 1868 Lambeth, London, England
Mary Ring 1877 Wandsworth, London, England
Elizabeth Ringland
Charlotte Ringrose
Robert S Ritchie 1875 Canada
Evangelina Rivera 1931 Campo Madero
Caleb A Roach 1862 Brock Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Catherine Roach
James Roach
Mary Roach 1762 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Reuban Walter Roach 1833 England
Reuben Walter Roach 1832
Samuel Wesley Roach 1859 Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Roadent 1809 Broughton, Lincolnshire, England
Alan Edwin Roake 1887 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
Alfred James Roake
Richard William Roake
Robet Adam Roake 1895 Saidpore, West Bengal, India
Winifred Maron Roake 1884 Calcutta, West Bengal, India
William Robberts
Josephine M Robbie
Marguerite I Roberton 1954 Brighton, Sussex, England
Andrew John Roberts 1965 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Annette Margaret Roberts 1907 New York, New York, USA
Barbara Roberts 1921 Exeter, Devon, England
Charlie Ian Roberts 1998 Truro, Cornwall, England
Christopher Wyn Roberts 1974 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Clara Minnie Roberts 1874 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
David Anthony Roberts 1971 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Edwin Roberts
Emily Roberts
Ernest Roberts
George Roberts 1802 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Roberts 1780 Tiverton, Devon, England
George Ashley Roberts 1998 Truro, Cornwall, England
Helen Mary Lutwyche Roberts
Henry Roberts 1838 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Henry G Roberts 1910 Martock, Somerset, England
Ian Roberts 1962
Joan M Roberts 1930
Joe Evan Roberts 2001 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
John Roberts
John Roberts 1800 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Wyn Roberts 1933 Caernarvon, Gwenedd, Wales
Liam Oliver Roberts 1994 Truro, Cornwall, England
Mark Idris Roberts 1961 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Ann Roberts
Sam John Roberts 1993 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Walter Roberts
Walter George Roberts 1880 Stockleigh English, Devon, England
Janet Robertson
Margaret Robertson
Thomas Robertson 1825 Glenisla, Angus, Scotland
Elizabeth Robins 1803 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Joseph Robins
Charlotte Robinson 1877 Whitechapel, London, England
Christina Robinson
David Robinson
Eleanor Robinson Peckham, London, England
Esther Robinson 1854
George Robinson
George Henry Robinson
Isabella Robinson 1753
Peter Stephen Robinson
Richard Knolwton Robinson 1929 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Sarah Robinson 1869 Malton, Yorkshire, England
Susannah Robinson
William Robinson
Ethel Robson
Marguerita Robson 1917 Hetton, Durham, England
William Robson
Alexander Edward Robson-Burrell 1909 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Ben Robson-Burrell 1993 Torbay, Devon, England
Brian John Robson-Burrell 1971 Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England
Charlie Robson-Burrell 2005 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Edward Swinny Robson-Burrell 1879
Esther Robson-Burrell 2006 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Jacqueline A Robson-Burrell 1938 Finham, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Jennifer Lesley Robson-Burrell 1944 Finham, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Liane Robson-Burrell 1994 Torbay, Devon, England
Peter Robson-Burrell 1942 Finham, Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Tony James Robson-Burrell 1965 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Wendy Ann Robson-Burrell 1966 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Cyril Joseph Roche 1901 Queensland, Australia
Mavis Ivy Roche 1923 Queensland, Australia
Thomas Roche 1862 Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Bradley Phillip Roda 1965
David Wayne Roda 1964
Edward Rodriguez Roda 1937 Colon, Panama
Gavriel Ferrer Roda 1997 Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Gregory Webb Roda 1960
Jose Rodriguez Roda 1901 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Mervyn Nevill Rodber 1918 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Edward George Rodd
Gwendolen E Rodd 1917 Croydon, Surrey, England
Jennifer A Rodd 1961 Hampstead, London, England
William Henry Rodd 1879
Alice Rodgers 1872 Market Drayton, Shropshire, England
Eunice Rodgers 1818
John Rodgers
John Rodmell
Alberto Rodriguez 2002 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Jose Luis Rodriguez 1998 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Jose Luis Gonzalez Rodriguez 1964
Pablo Rodriguez 1994 Seville, Andalusia, Spain
Harriett Roebuck 1865 Wortley, Yorkshire, England
Audrey M Roff 1949 Lewisham, London, England
George William Roff 1916 Southwark, London, England
John Thomas Roff
Robert Roff
Susan Roff 1947 Lewisham, London, England
Alfred Roffey 1858 Croydon, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Sarah Roffey 1884 Silvertown, Kent, England
James Roffey 1827 Bletchingley, Surrey, England
William Roffey
Judith Rogan 1962 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Alfred Ernest Rogers 1880 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Antony Mark Rogers 1972 Rochford, Essex, England
Arthur William Rogers 1860 Secunderabad, Madras, India
Brigid Mary Rogers 1932 16 Grimston Gardens, Folkestone, Kent, England
daughter Rogers
David Henry Rogers
Florence Rogers 1872 Sussex, England
Frederick William Rogers
George Rogers
Gordon Arthur Rogers
Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
Henry J Rogers
Henry Thomas Rogers
Henry Wade Rogers 1862 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Isaiah Rogers
Kate Amelia Rogers 1871 Chatham, Kent, England
Leslie Frederick S Rogers 1910 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
May Teresa Rogers 1886 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Son Rogers
son Rogers
Stuart Rogers 1974 Rochford, Essex, England
Trevor Rogers
Violet Rogers 1909
William Rogers
William Beetham Leo Rogers 1893 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
Winifred Rogers 1904 Wales
Margaret Rogerson 1897
Tone Lise Rogstad 1949 Oslo, Norway
Vicenta Roig
Vicente Balaguer i Roig Valencia, Pais Valenciano, Spain
Nicolene Rolfsen Norway
Alice M Rolls 1900
Allen Spencer Rolls 1940 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Ernest Rolls 1911
John Rolls 1943 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Stephen D Romney 1945 Lordsburg, Hidalgo, New Mexico, USA
Gunars Ronbergs 1942
Ieva Ronbergs 2005 Tukums, Kurzemi, Latvia
Krista Ronbergs 2004 Tukums, Kurzemi, Latvia
Marta-Laura Ronbergs 1995 Riga, Latvia
Richards Ronbergs 1968 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Louisa Mary Rood 1880 Barrington, Somerset, England
William Salisbury Rood 1859 Barrington, Somerset, England
Gertrude Amanda Roodhouse 1907
Harry Wilkinson Roodhouse 1867
Mary Josephine Roodhouse 1908 Poole, Dorset, England
Alice Emily Rook 1862 Shoreditch, London, England
James Arthur Rook 1918
John Mickell Rook 1838 Islington, London, England
William Rook
William James Rook 1885 Exeter, Devon, England
Charles Ernest Roots
Eva Marie Roots 1895 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sarah RoperHolland
Heloise Selina Rorke
Almira La Rose
Beth Rose 1921 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Catherine Rose 1894 Renous, Newfoundland, Canada
Harold Rose
Herbert Gold Rose 1888 Carshalton, Surrey, England
Leila May Rose 1915 Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada
Peter M Rose
Son Rose
Stanley M Rose 1907
Edith Christina Rosen 1919 Ioco, British Columbia, Canada
Jenepher Rosevear
Joan Ross 1812 Scotland
Lillian Mary Ross 1884
Catiana Rossello 1968
Jaime Ruiz de la Torre Rossello 2005 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Laura Ruiz de la Torre Rossello 2002 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Berry Dillon Rossetto 1905 India
Daughter Rossetto
Dominic Rossetto
Frederick Alfred Rossetto 1866 Cawnpore, West Bengal, India
Frederick Duckham Rossetto 1898 Saidpore, West Bengal, India
Kathleen Gertrude Rossetto 1894 Damukden, West Bengal, India
Marion Rossetto 1896 Saidpore, West Bengal, India
Muriel Mary Rossetto 1900 India
Caroline Beedell Rossiter 1892 Paignton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Rossiter 1896 Paignton, Devon, England
Frank Rossiter
Ida Ellen Rossiter 1867 Paignton, Devon, England
William Rossiter
William Rossiter
William Rossiter 1894 Paignton, Devon, England
William Charles Rossiter 1863 Paignton, Devon, England
Allison Rouble
John Charles Rouble 1908 Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Robert Charles Rouble 1940 Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Rouble
Alberta Roughton
Richard Rouncivall
Andrew Gordon Rouse Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Catharine Lois Rouse 1971 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Elvira Roveznieks
Sarah Row 1743 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Kelly Rowan 1965 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mary Rowden Devon, England
Ann Rowe
Dulce C Rowe
Ellen Rowe
Mary Mercedes Adele Isabel Rowe 1914 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Rachael Sarah Rowe 1849 Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Sarah Rowe 1824 Burrington, Devon, England
Susan Rowe 1811 Dunkeswell, Devon, England
Lily Rowell 1912
Amy Rowland 1872 Exeter, Devon, England
Robert Rowland
Jesse Noah Thomas Rowley
Frederick J Rowsell 1892
John W Rowsell 1957 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Michael E Rowsell 1930 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Peter F Rowsell 1960 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Peter F J Rowsell 1925 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Peter J Rowsell 1928 Yeovil, Somerset, England
William James Rowsell 1966 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Arthur Jopson Rowson
Margaret Hayward Rowson 1878 Sydenham, Kent, England
Mary Roy 1844 Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland
John Thomas Roylance
Male Roylance
Robert Alexander Roylance
Hermanis Roze Latvia
Vineta Rozits
Yvonne P Ruane
Aivars Rubenins 1981 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Aivars Rubenins 1958 Latvia
Anita Rubenins 1984 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Evalds-Martins Rubenins 1994 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Ilze Rubenins 1991 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Liga Rubenins 1992 Jekabpils, Latgale, Latvia
Kelsey Alys Rubery 2001 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Paul Michael Rubery 1968 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Zachariah Saul Rubery 1999 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Lilian May Rudd
Maureen E. Ruddle
Mary Rudge 1660 Devon, England
Abel Rudhall 1714 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Abraham Rudhall
Abraham Rudhall 1742 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Abraham Rudhall 1791 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Rudhall 1746
Eleanor Rudhall 1795 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Catherine Rudhall 1789 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
John Rudhall 1760
John Rudhall 1797 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
John Rudhall 1788 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Rudhall 1792 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Rudhall 1745 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Rudhall 1744 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Child Ruell
Husband Ruell
Harry Ruff 1863 Brentford, London, England
Rose Hannah Ruff 1904 Kensington, London, England
Bertram L Ruggles 1920
Daughter Ruggles
Orville Lee Leroy Ruggles
Imants Rugins 1933 Latvia
Karlis Rugins 1974 Jelgava, Latvia
Pauls Rugins 2005 Riga, Latvia
Sanita Rugins 1969 Riga, Latvia
Zane Rugins 1981 Riga, Latvia
Ethel Rumble 1893 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Janis Rupenhaits
Kris Rupenhaits 1852 Elksni parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Anne O Rusbridger
Arthur How Russell 1884 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Edith Russell 1883 Stanford Hill, London, England
Edith Doris Russell 1913 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Eliza Russell 1828 George Nympton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Russell 1816 George Nympton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Russell 1783 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Russell
Elsie Dora Russell 1897 Lambeth, London, England
Ernest William Russell 1861 Bath, Somerset, England
Fern Russell
George Russell 1853 Kentish Town, London, England
Harold C Russell
Harriet Russell 1831 George Nympton, Devon, England
Henrietta Russell 1834 George Nympton, Devon, England
Herbert John Russell 1895 Lambeth, London, England
Jessie Mary Russell 1876 Norwood, London, England
John Russell 1788 George Nympton, Devon, England
John Edward Russell 1922 Steyning, Sussex, England
John Vincent Russell 1890 Bath, Somerset, England
John William Russell 1899 Kennington, London, England
John William Russell 1865 Caversham, Oxfordshire, England
Kathleen Mary Squire Russell 1899 Bath, Somerset, England
Louisa Elizabeth Lee Russell 1848 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Margaret Russell 1880
Maria Russell 1826 George Nympton, Devon, England
Marian Judith Russell 1945 Edgware, London, England
Mary Russell 1826 George Nympton, Devon, England
Reginald Arthur Russell 1917 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Robert Russell
Sophia Russell 1829 George Nympton, Devon, England
Thomas Russell 1789 George Nympton, Devon, England
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell 1818 George Nympton, Devon, England
William Russell 1826 George Nympton, Devon, England
Karen M Rust
Susanna Catherine Ruthman
Karolina Rutkis
George M Rutledge
Jane Rutledge 1880 Ontario, Canada
Catherine Jane Ryan 1893
Lori Ryan Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Patrick Ryan 1945 Canada
Edwin Sidney Ryder 1878 Ugborough, Devon, England
John Patrick Ryder 1918 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lily Georgina Rye 1904
Alec James Sach 2000 Maidstone, Kent, England
Dennis Arthur Sach 1933
Eleanor Kate Sach 1993 Reading, Berkshire, England
Gemma Melissa Sach 1990 Farnborough, Kent, England
Ian Robin Sach 1962 Plumstead, London, England
Lee Gary Sach 1965 Dartford, Kent, England
Madelaine Georgia Sach 1999 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Millie Rebecca Sach 2004 Connecticut, USA
Terry Rees Sach 1961 Plumstead, London, England
Thomas Harvey Sach 1997 Maidstone, Kent, England
William James Michael Sach 1997 Roehampton, London, England
Olga Sadowskis 1888 Latvia
John Saer 1790 Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
William Edgeworth Prichett Saer 1839 Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Lionel H Sage
Ann-Britt Sahlin 1929 Sparrerholm, Sweden
Rosita Sainte-Marie Lizana
Anders Zimmer Sajbel
Derek Linnaeus Sajbel
J Richard Sajbel 1945 Pueblo County, USA
Ann Salcombe
Edwin D Sale 1928 Brentford, London, England
Wilfred A Sale 1925 Brentford, London, England
Wilfred George Sale 1896 Kensington, London, England
Tomas Augusto Salgado Aragon, Spain
Maria del Pilar Josefa Ramona Natalia Salgado y Santa Coloma 1877 Manila, Philippines
Anna Salins 1846
Husband Salisbury
Jane Salisbury 1824 West Chinnook, Somerset, England
Louisa Salisbury
Monika Salisbury 2014 London, England
Margaret Salkeld 1859 Crosby Ravensworth, Westmoreland, England
Albert John Salmon 1871 High Ham, Somerset, England
Charles Henry Salmon 1916 Sandford Orcas, Dorset, England
Clara Jane Salmon 1873 High Ham, Somerset, England
David Salmon
David Charles Salmon 1936 Somerset, England
David Charles Salmon 1838 Stoke Lane, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Maud Salmon 1875 High Ham, Somerset, England
Ernest Charles Salmon 1872 High Ham, Somerset, England
Frances Salmon 1944 Somerset, England
Frances Wallis May Salmon 1881 Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, England
Francis Henry Salmon 1868 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Frederick Albert Salmon 1896 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Frederick Wallis P Salmon 1883 Langport, Somerset, England
Herbert James Salmon 1870 South Petherton, Somerset, England
Janet Louise Salmon 1940
Julie Elizabeth Salmon 1950 Somerset, England
Kate Eliza Salmon 1879 Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, England
Leonard Stanley Salmon 1895 West Camel, Somerset, England
Lily Maud Salmon 1899 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Mable Annie Salmon 1878 Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, England
Marian Salmon 1939 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Matthew Salmon
Minnie Ada Mary Salmon 1876 Middle Lambrook, Somerset, England
Rose Amelia Salmon
Son Salmon
Son Salmon
William Frederick Salmon 1867 Limington, Somerset, England
Winifred Pansy Salmon 1894 West Camel, Somerset, England
Emily Evans Salter 1909
Joan Salter 1935 Suffolk, England
John Salter 1801 Clayhidon, Devon, England
Robert Salter 1720 Devon, England
Sarah Salter 1775 Devon, England
Alexander John Salzmann 1974 Devonport, Devon, England
Andrea Louise Salzmann 1971 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Jack Joseph Salzmann 2003 Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
John Alouis Salzmann 1937 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England
Christopher Granville Samwell 1971 Sutton, Surrey, England
Cyril G Samwell
Deborah Marie Samwell 1973 Sutton, Surrey, England
Lionel G Samwell 1945 Surrey, England
Marion J Samwell 1942 Surrey, England
Michael Guy Samwell 1981 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Haldis Sand 1970
Terje Sand
Henry George Sandell
Martha L S Sandell 1911
Mary Isabella Sandell 1905 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Ernest Barclay Sandeman 1870 Kensington, London, England
Mary Burns Sandeman 1862
Robert Turnbull Sandeman
William Barclay Sandeman India
William Barclay Holmes Sandeman
John Sanders
Mary Sanders 1777 Horley, Surrey, England
Richard Sanders 1775 Horley, Surrey, England
Richard Sanders 1736
Ada Elizabeth Sanderson 1879 Poplar, London, England
Daughter Sanderson
Francis John Sanderson 1849 St Georges East, London, England
Husband Sanderson
Son Sanderson
Olive Sandham
Alfred Edmond Sanger 1863 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Annie Connet Sanger 1884 Exeter, Devon, England
Arthur Sanger 1836 Tiverton, Devon, England
Arthur William Sanger 1873 Exeter, Devon, England
Arthur William Sanger 1860 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Charity Beedle Sanger 1831 Tiverton, Devon, England
Edith Mary Sanger 1883 Exeter, Devon, England
Edith May Sanger 1907 Taunton, Somerset, England
Edward John Sanger 1875 Exeter, Devon, England
Elizabeth Beedle Sanger 1828 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Lavinia Sanger 1877 Exeter, Devon, England
Florence Mabel Sanger 1909 Taunton, Somerset, England
Henry Abraham Sanger 1866 Bedminster, Somerset, England
John Sanger 1792 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Sanger 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
Laura Helen Sanger 1880 Exeter, Devon, England
Lavinia Sanger 1825 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lavinia Ann Sanger 1861 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Lilian Rowlands Sanger 1888 Exeter, Devon, England
Lillian Rose Sanger 1910 Taunton, Somerset, England
Samuel Sanger 1834 Tiverton, Devon, England
Samuel James Sanger 1878 Exeter, Devon, England
Sarah Sanger 1755
Sarah Ann Sanger 1833 Tiverton, Devon, England
Susanna Sanger 1823 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Sanger 1830 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Henry Sanger 1864 Bedminster, Somerset, England
May Sankey
Sarah 1815 West Buckland, Somerset, England
Sanita Sarahora 1970
William Sargeant
Angela Sarjeant
Christopher Sarjeant
Gordon Paul Sarjeant 1922 Devon, England
Michael Sarjeant
Anita Sarmons 1964
Daniel Roy Spencer Satch 1995 Surrey, England
Harriet Grant Spencer Poppy Satch 1997 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
John Henry Spencer Satch 1915 Lewisham, London, England
John Spencer Satch
Jordan Lily Spencer Satch 1999 Chiltern, Buckinghamshire, England
Spencer J Satch 1955 Biddenden, Kent, England
Mathilda Saucier
Audrey Saunder 1921 Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, England
Charles Saunder 1879 Landkey, Devon, England
Dora Jane Saunder 1871 South Molton, Devon, England
Ethel Saunder 1881 Landkey, Devon, England
George Saunder 1792 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
George Saunder 1834 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
George Huxtable Saunder 1869 East Anstey, Devon, England
Henry Crocker Saunder 1877 Landkey, Devon, England
James Ernest Saunder 1874 Landkey, Devon, England
Jean M Saunder 1922 Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire, England
John Herbert Saunder 1873 Landkey, Devon, England
Leonard Saunder 1876 Landkey, Devon, England
Loveday Elizabeth Saunder 1825 Chittlehampton, Devon, England
Ralph Edward Saunder 1883 Lighthorne, Warwickshire, England
Anne V Saunders
Eleanor Ruth Saunders 1969 Wales
Harold James Saunders
Husband Saunders
Ivy Louisa Woolnough Saunders 1899 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
James Andrew Saunders 1918 Eriksdale, Manitoba, Canada
Mary Violet Redwood Saunders 1922 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Myrna Lynda Saunders 1941 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Rita Saunders
Sarah Jane Saunders
William Frank Saunders 1873
John Richard James Edward Saunt 1985 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Joseph Alfred Saunt
Joseph Edward John Hardy Saunt 1942 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Katherine Elizabeth Saunt 1983 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mary Ann Savage
Alfred Savigear 1838 Hay, Brecknockshire, Wales
Laura Ann Savigear 1862 Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Audrey Julie Saville 1933 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Harry Saville 1878 Ireland
Henry Saville
Pricylla Savors
Alexander Stuart Sawers 1884 Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Thomas Sawers 1853 Barrhead, Renfrewshire, Scotland
daughter Sawyer
daughter Sawyer
daughter Sawyer
Dulcie M Sawyer 1922 Totnes, Devon, England
Ellen Sawyer 1843 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Hollie Huxtable Sawyer 1983 Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah, USA
McKenna Kathleen Sawyer
Randall Edwin Sawyer
son Sawyer
son Sawyer
son Sawyer
son Sawyer
Arthur J H Sayer 1943 Hammersmith, London, England
Bruce W Sayer 1948 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Carol K I Sayer 1945 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Eliza Jane Sayer 1849 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Ellen Alma Maude Sayer 1896 Tottenham, London, England
Emma Beedell Sayer 1855 Washfield, Devon, England
Harriett Beedell Sayer 1846 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Herbert Lewis Sayer 1916 68 New Street, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, Wales
James Sayer 1811 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
James Beedell Sayer 1851 Templeton, Devon, England
Margaret Sayer 1940 Willesden, London, England
Mary Edith Sayer
Patricia Sayer 1941 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Roger L Sayer 1950 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Susan V Sayer 1946 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Sydney John Sayer 1878 95 King Street, Woolwich, Kent, England
Thomas Sayer 1822
Thomas Sayer
Thomas Sayer
Thomas Bailey Sayer 1843
Thomas Beedell Sayer 1844 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Trixie E Sayer 1953 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
William Henry Sayer 1858 Sydenham, Kent, England
Ann Sayers 1812 Horley, Surrey, England
Ann SAYERS 1772 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Edward Sayers 1820 Horley, Surrey, England
Edward Sayers 1770 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Sayers 1801 Nutfield, Surrey, England
Emma Sayers 1822 Horley, Surrey, England
George Sayers 1818 Horley, Surrey, England
Henry Sayers 1760
Isaac Sayers 1776 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Isaac Sayers 1757
James Sayers 1769 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Jane Sayers 1814 Horley, Surrey, England
Lucy Sayers 1816 Horley, Surrey, England
Maria Sayers 1824 Horley, Surrey, England
Mary Sayers 1759 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Mary Sayers 1808 Horley, Surrey, England
Rhoda Esther Sayers 1846 Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Richard Sayers 1767 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Robert Sayers 1806 Horley, Surrey, England
Sarah Sayers 1770 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, England
Sarah Sayers 1787 Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, England
Sarah Sayers 1774 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Thomas SAYERS 1722 Horne, Surrey, England
Thomas Sayers
Thomas Sayers 1753 Balcombe, Sussex, England
William Sayers 1810 Horley, Surrey, England
William Sayers
William Sayers 1763 Balcombe, Sussex, England
Catherine Mary Scanlan
John Abel Scarr
James Edwin Scarrott 1890
Eliza Scarsbrook 1865 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
George Scarsbrook
George Adam Schafer
Marie Schafer
Harriet Scharf
Alan Quiggen Schbert
Kathleen Schellenberg
Annie Schleinitz
Carl Gottleib Henrich Schmidt 1850
Jeannette Gazina Schmidt
Johann Emil Georg Schmidt
Minnie Augusta Schmidt 1892 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Paul David Schmidt 1945 USA
Aina Balaguer Schneider 1999 Sant Vicenc de Montalt, Spain
Arnau Balaguer Schneider 2001 Sant Vicenc de Montalt, Spain
Elliott Frederick Schoedinger 1895 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
C Schoenthaler USA
Husband Schoenthaler
Raymond Frederick Schoenthaler
Hans Schroeder
Daughter Schubert
Daughter Schubert
Son Schubert
Son Schubert
Thomas John Schubert 1932 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Margarethe Christina Schultz 1863
Keith Schulz
Leah Schulz
Lily Margaret Schulz 1920 Canada
Dorothy E Schupp 1926 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Elizabeth Sciven 1770 Somerton, Somerset, England
Ann Sclater
Edward Sclater
Mary Frances Sclater 1838 Dover, Kent, England
Mary Millar Scobbie
Abigail Clare Scott 1968
Alexander George Scott
Ann R Scott 1941 Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Bernard Wardlaw Habershon Scott 1888 Enfield, London, England
Beulah Irene Scott 1898 Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada
Charles Daniell Eldon Scott 1970 Kensington, London, England
David Wardlaw Scott
Douglas Gillbee Scott 1886 Enfield, London, England
Eileen Stephanie Scott 1898 Enfield, London, England
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott 1833 Thorverton, Devon, England
Eric Surtees Scott
Eva Isabel Scott 1885 Enfield, London, England
Henry Scott
Henry Scott
Hugo Jeremy Scott 1966
James Scott
Julian Alister Scott 1964
Louisa Claire Scott 1971
Margaret Annie Scott 1880 New Zealand
Michael Ian Eldon Scott 1941
Peter Scott
Rebecca Scott 1800 Sheerness, Kent, England
Rebecca Scott 1842 Thorverton, Devon, England
Stephen Anthony Scott 1941 Blackpool, Lancashire, England
Stephen James Scott
Terrence J Scott
William Gillbee Scott 1857 Bethnal Green, London, England
Edith E Scutt
Sheila Seabourne 1931 Devon, England
Septimus Hewson Seabrook 1885 Wimbledon, London, England
William Septimus Seabrook
William Septimus Seabrook 1908 Battersea, London, England
Catherine Elizabeth Seagrove 1876 New Zealand
Arthur Seal 1844 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Arthur Seal 1849 Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, England
Arthur Seal 1878 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Daughter Seal Utah, USA
Edward Seal 1886 New York, USA
Edward Cecil Seal 1904 Mink Creek, Franklin, Idaho, USA
Elizabeth Seal 1853 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Emma Seal 1869 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Emma Seal 1842 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ester Seal 1872 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Everett Seal 1854 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Everett Seal 1847 Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, England
Frederick Seal 1881 New York, USA
Frederick Joseph Henry Seal 1862 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Jack Seal
Jane Seal 1874 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
John Seal
Joseph Seal 1818 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Joseph Seal 1864 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Kate Elizabeth Seal 1891 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Larry Seal
Laura Seal 1890 Utah, USA
Lima Louise Seal 1889 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Lizzie Seal 1875 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Lorimer Joseph Seal 1905 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Mary Ann Seal 1840 Nottinghamshire, England
Norma Seal 1908 Farmington, Davis County, Utah, USA
Ray Edward Seal 1927 Preston, Idaho, USA
Rebecca Seal 1859 Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Stanley Seal
Thelma Seal 1895
George Owen Searle
Harriet Searle 1785 South Molton, Devon, England
Maude Searle 1894 Exeter, Devon, England
Reginald Mark Searle
Mary Searles 1769 Poughill, Devon, England
Thomas Searles 1732 Collyland and Venn Farms ,Poughill, Devon, England
Rita A Sears
Eileen Seawert 1920 South Shields, Durham, England
Samuel Seawert
Mary Sebrowski 1884 Poland
Elizabeth Seddon 1740
A Marion Sedgwick 1929
Madeleine Joyce Sedgwick 1915
Jana Sedivy
Louise Seeley
Angela J Sefton
John Thomas Sefton 1886
Andrew C Seglins 1964
Liana Marisa Seglins 1997
Maria Cecilia-Ritschi Sekora
John Seldon 1829 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Mary Elizabeth Seldon 1854 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Isaac Self
Joan Self
Frederick Sellman
Charles E. Sellon 1837 Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Charles Edward Sellon 1862 118 Bremen Street, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
George Sydney Sellon 1867 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA
Samuel Henry Sellon 1801 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Vera Elizabeth Selly
Ernest Samuel J Selwood 1896 Bow, London, England
Kathleen M Selwood 1920 Romford, Essex, England
Leonard Arthur Selwood 1902 Bow, London, England
Lilian Maude Selwood 1907 Ilford, London, England
Samuel Selwood
Walter Ernest Selwood 1872 Bow, London, England
Catherine Selwyn 1765
Eleanor Selwyn 1733 Cam, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Selwyn 1739
Jasper Selwyn 1702 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Jasper Selwyn 1661
Jasper Selwyn 1725
Jasper Selwyn 1626
Jasper Selwyn 1698 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Joan Selwyn 1736
John Selwyn
John Selwyn 1744
Richard Selwyn 1695 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Rosamund Selwyn 1692
Sarah Selwyn 1708 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Selwyn 1731
Sarah Selwyn 1730
William Selwyn 1726
William Selwyn
William Selwyn 1727
William Selwyn 1728
Helen Service 1927 Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland
Doris Evelyn Setchell 1909 Effingham, Surrey, England
Edith Annie Setchell 1907 Effingham, Surrey, England
Mabel F Setchell 1915 Guildford, Surrey, England
Thomas Setchell 1862 Bookham, Surrey, England
Sarah Jane Setford
Marie Seven
Edward Sevill
Elizabeth Sevill
Hannah Sevill 1671
Jane Sevill 1673
John Sevill
Sarah Sevill 1664
William Sevill 1639
Elizabeth Seward 1806 Chardstock, Dorset, England
Francis Seward 1822 Dunsford, Devon, England
John Seward 1788
Mary Seward 1860 Dunsford, Devon, England
Matilda Anna Maria Cox Seward 1857 Somerset, England
Nathaniel Seward
Maude SEYMOR 1194
Maude SEYMOR 1246
Annie Maude Seymour 1870 Sherborne, Dorset, England
Charles Seymour
Constance Annie F Seymour 1896 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Daughter Seymour
Frances Seymour
Harry Oscar Seymour 1892 Beckenham, Kent, England
Henry James Seymour Hampton, Surrey, England
Husband Seymour
Jane Seymour
Nellie Winifred Seymour 1900 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Son Seymour
William Seymour 1835
Amy Virginia Shackell 1868 Marylebone, London, England
Arthur William Shackell 1897 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Bertha Jessie U Shackell 1878 Pancras, London, England
Dora Lucy Shackell 1900 Walthamstow, Essex, England
Edith Mary Shackell 1876 Hampstead, London, England
Edward Shackell 1826 Devon, England
Henry Shackell 1870 Knightsbridge, London, England
James Shackell 1842 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Richard Shackell
Richard Shackell 1837 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Richard Shackell 1811 Holcombe Rogus, Devon, England
Richard Shackell 1869 Knightsbridge, London, England
Richard Stanislas Shackell 1895 Barking, Essex, England
Rosa M Shackell 1866 Marylebone, London, England
Sarah Corner Shackell 1836 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Thomas Shackell 1839 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
Brenda L Shakeshaft 1938 Ketton, Rutland, England
Lorna Shakespeare 1845 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Jack Shakleton 1942
Husband Shallcross
Clive Shambrook 1935 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Eugene G Shambrook 1929 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Gladys Grace Shambrook 1903 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Keith R Shambrook 1931 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel Shambrook 1841 Devon, England
William Crudeworth Shambrook 1870 Portishead, Somerset, England
William Henry Shambrook 1901 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Husband Shaner
Son Shaner
Eleanor Shapcott 1629
George Shapcott
Joan Shapcott 1709 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Robert Shapcott 1628
Thomas Shapcott 1627 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Shapcott 1600
Henry Shapter 1825
Jessie Louisa Shapter 1880 Peter Tavy, Devon, England
George Sharland 1776 Devon, England
Georgina Augusta Sharland 1835 Poughill, Devon, England
Joan Sharland
Sophia Sharman 1818 Stoke St Gregory, Somerset, England
Elsie Sharp 1907
Emily Adelaide Sharp 1878 Kensington, London, England
Emmeline Jane Sharp
Henry Kay Sharp
James Sharp
Mary Ethel Townsend Sharp 1871 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England
Muriel Sharp 1924 Goole, Yorkshire, England
Carolyn Sharpe
Douglas Marshall Sharpe 1929
Richard Barton Sharpe
Susan Sharpe
Timothy Sharpe
Beatrice May Sharvill 1891 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Harry Sharvill 1861 Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Ellen Maria Shaw 1869 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Esther Shaw 1822 Hatton, Cheshire, England
George Shaw
Hazel Juanita Shaw 1895 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Husband Shaw
Mabel Augusta Shaw 1860 Bayswater, London, England
Dorcas Shean 1843 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Jerry Shearer 1932 Petoskey, Emmet County, Michigan, USA
Cornelius John Sheehan 1891 Renous, Newfoundland, Canada
Diane Sheehan 1955
Jason Sheehan
Kevin Sheehan 1948 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Lisa Sheehan 1958 Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Patrick David Sheehan 1946 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Patrick Francis Sheehan 1921 Renous, Newfoundland, Canada
Paul Sheehan 1953 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Sheehy 1838 Limerick Ireland
John Wallace Shelby
Wife Shelby
Ann Jane Sheldon 1835 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England
Florence Mary Shell
Allen Peter Shellard 1985 Bath, Somerset, England
Clive Shellard 1953 Bath, Somerset, England
Helen Elizabeth Shellard 1981 Bath, Somerset, England
Christopher Shelley 1960 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Rose Pauline Shelock
Edith Lillian Shepard 1899 York County, Ontario, Canada
George Roy Shepard 1897 York County, Ontario, Canada
Lewis Orville Shepard 1906 York County, Ontario, Canada
Alfred James Franklin Shephard 1872
Frederick Shepherd
Queenie Cherritt Shepherd 1890 Meernt, India
Anne Sheppard 1639
Five Children Sheppard
Francis Sheppard
George Sheppard 1794 East Grinstead, Sussex, England
Isabell Sheppard 1635 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England
John Sheppard 1618
John Sheppard 1618
Mary SHEPPARD 1620 Winkfield, Berkshire, England
Philip Sheppard 1631 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England
Rebecca Sheppard 1604
Richard Sheppard
Samuel Sheppard
Samuel Sheppard 1602 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Sheppard
William SHEPPARD 1540
William SHEPPARD 1595 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Shere 1867
John Shere 1824
John Shere 1856
Thomas Shere 1860
William Henry Shere 1857
Augusta Belle Sherman
Edith Annie Roberts Shermer 1895 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Edith Mary Sherwin 1878 Hanley, Staffordshire, England
James Philip Sherwin 1977 Margate, Kent, England
Nikki Louise Sherwin 1980 Margate, Kent, England
Philip Sydney Sherwin 1946 Kampala, Uganda
Diane Shields
Joan Margarete Shields Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Joseph William Shier 1942 Glamorgan, Wales
Dorothy Amy Shingler 1916 Bucklow, Cheshire, England
Sidney Arthur Shingler 1885 Altrincham, Cheshire, England
Thomas Shingler
Ada Margaret Shipman 1925 Ely, Cambridgeshire, England
Angela M Shipman 1946 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Ann Shipman 1815
Arthur Bell Shipman 1903 Brampton, Cumberland, England
Arthur Cecil Shipman 1877 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Audrey Patricia Stewart Shipman 1936 Pancras, London, England
David G R Shipman 1942 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Dorothy Muriel Shipman 1902 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Emma Shipman 1842 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Emma Gertrude Shipman 1869 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Eustace Shipman 1906 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Florence Mary Shipman 1874 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Gervase Armstrong Shipman 1873 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
John Shipman
John Shipman 1820 Hinckley, Leicestershire, England
John Bell Shipman 1901 Brampton, Cumberland, England
John Edward Shipman 1871 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
John Thomas Shipman 1845 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Julie A Shipman 1949 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Kenneth R Shipman 1914 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Maurice W Shipman 1914 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Olivia L Shipman 1947 Eton, Buckinghamshire, England
Richard Trafford Shipman 1939 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
Robert Shipman
Robert Wilson Shipman 1904 Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Rose Ann Shipman 1873 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Son Shipman
William Shipman 1827 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, England
Winifred Eliza Shipman 1887 Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Winifred J M Shipman 1927 Brampton, Cumberland, England
David Shivas Canada
James Shivas Cuba
John Shivas
William Shivas Canada
Charlotte Shoolbred 1836 Highgate, London, England
James Shoolbred
Edward C Shopland
Ann Elizabeth Shore 1852 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Arthur Shore 1902 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
David Shore 1890 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Edith Shore 1869
Elizabeth A Shore 1941 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Ernest Shore 1893 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Florence Shore 1872 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Frances E Shore 1932 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Gary Herbert Shore 1885 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
George W Shore 1926 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
George William Shore 1860 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Jane Shore 1854 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
John Shore 1928 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
John Robert Shore 1861 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
May Shore 1905 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Robert Shore
Robert Shore 1829 South Normanton, Derbyshire, England
Robert William Shore 1887 Stanton Hill, Nottinghamshire, England
Susannah Shore 1858 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Thomas Shore 1866 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Victor Shore 1899 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Janet Short
Mary Short
William Frank Short 1905 Deptford, London, England
Effie Shortridge 1882 Darlington, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Shortridge
James Lott Shott
James S Shott
Joan E Shott
Margaret R Shott
Nancy J Shott
Edith Shotton 1898 Stretford, Lancashire, England
Grace Emily Shotton 1909 Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Harold Shotton 1899 Stretford, Lancashire, England
William Boden Shotton 1868 Hulme, Lancashire, England
John Edward Shrubb 1793 Kent, England
William Robert Shrubb 1817 Gillingham, Kent, England
Elizabeth SHUTTER 1774 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Hester Shutter 1747 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Jenny Shutter 1775 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Mary Shutter 1777 Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
Sarah Shutter 1779 Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
Stephen Shutter
Stephen Shutter 1812 Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
William SHUTTER 1734 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
William Shutter 1771 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Emily Alice Sibley 1879 Chard, Somerset, England
Emily Elizabeth Sibley 1885 Mayfair, London, England
Fanny Sibley 1855 Chard, Somerset, England
Frederick Charles Sibley 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
Jesse Sibley 1854 Chard, Somerset, England
Jessie Beatrice Caroline Sibley 1887 Mayfair, London, England
John Sibley
John Henry George Sibley 1880 Chard, Somerset, England
Brett Steven Denis Sicard 1995 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Gilles Sicard
Reed Michael Edgar Sicard 1998 Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Ann Sidenham
Elizabeth Sidenham
John Sidenham 1591
John Sidenham
Ursula Sidenham
Husband of Siegrun
Trine Silinas
Gundars Silins
Helen Grace Siller 1889 New York, New York, USA
Richard Siller
Alec C Sillitoe 1935 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Claude S Sillitoe
Karen L Sillitoe 1961 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Teresa J Sillitoe 1961 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Diana Silmics 1989 Latvia
Elizabeth Carne Simeons 1808 Topsham, Devon, England
James Simkins 1753
Frederick Simmelholt 1990 Slagelse, Vestsjalland, Denmark
Michael Simmelholt 1954
Ulrick Simmelholt 1993 Slagelse, Vestsjalland, Denmark
Christopher D Simmonds
Melissa Alice Simmonds 1981 Hounslow, London, England
Tabitha Jane Simmonds 1978 Hammersmith, London, England
Ayshea Jane Simmons 1973 Dartford, Kent, England
Derek J Simmons 1944 Dartford, Kent, England
Edward H Simmons 1909
Henry Simmons
Katya Yvonne Simmons 1971 Dartford, Kent, England
Rowland Harris Simmons 1868 Warwickshire, England
Marie-Therese Simons
Anthony Simpkins 1786 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
Catherine Simpkins 1790 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
James Simpkins 1792 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
Joanna Simpkins 1788 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
Mary Simpkins 1784 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
Thomas Simpkins 1785 Cove, County Cork, Ireland
Alice Simpson 1857 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Benjamin Simpson 1904 Hollinwood, Lancashire, England
Benjamin Disraeli Simpson 1873 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Charles Simpson
Evelyn Gertrude Simpson 1908 Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
Frances Simpson
Godfrey Charles Ross Simpson 1897 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
James Simpson
James Simpson
James Simpson
Jamieson Simpson
Jeffrey Simpson
Jerrilyn Simpson
John Simpson
Judith Simpson
Judson Simpson
Marie Alicia Simpson 1901 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Annie Maud Sims 1899 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Arthur Sims
Fanny Alice Sims Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Selina Susan Sims 1895 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Annie Sinclair
James Sinclair
Martha Singer
Mary Singleton
Margo Ida Siqveland 1914 Crystal lake, USA
Trygve Siqveland
Bounmy Sirisisavath Laos
Leo Jai Sirisisavath 2008 Wahroonga, NSW, Australia
Catharina Sitter
Editha Elizabeth Louisa Skates 1887 Camberwell, London, England
Mortimer D Skates 1856
Evelyn Edna Skeen
Annie Skelton
Beatrice Eliza Skinner 1886 Broadclyst, Devon, England
Elizabeth Skinner 1790 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Graham Andrew Skinner 1969 Exeter, Devon, England
John Skinner
Joseph George Skinner 1991 Exeter, Devon, England
Mary Skinner 1730 Devon, England
Sophie Margaret Ellen Skinner 1993 Exeter, Devon, England
William Skinner
William Taylor Skinner
Dace Skrastina
Janis Skroms
Janis Skroms 1870 Latvia
Janis Andrejs Skroms 1948 Germany
Janis Vilis Skroms 1912 Latvia
Linda Skroms Latvia
Peteris Skroms
Valdis Skroms 1905 Dignajas pagasts, Jekabpils, Latvia
Andrejs Skuskis 1849
Anna Marija Skuskis 1892 Latvia
Anne Skuskis Latvia
Arturs Skuskis 1929
Austris Skuskis Latvia
Evalds Skuskis 1929
Ieva Skuskis 1899
Janis Skuskis 1889
Krisjanis Skuskis 1858 'Resni', Suseja, Zalve parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Krisjanis Voldermars Skuskis 1898 Latvia
Kriss Skuskis 1857
Linards Skuskis Latvia
Marta Hermine Skuskis 1903 DSuseja, Aizkraukle, Latvia
Milda Skuskis Latvia
Milda Emilija Skuskis 1890 Latvia
Oskars Adolfs Skuskis 1909 Latvia
Peteris Skuskis 1894 Latvia
Peteris Skuskis 1861 Latvia
two children Skuskis Latvia
George Slack 1803 Holborn, London, England
Alfred Slade 1873 Chard, Somerset, England
Andrew Slade 1866 High Ham, Somerset, England
Arthur James C Slade 1901 Isle Brewers, Somerset, England
Edith Maud Slade 1868 High Ham, Somerset, England
Edith Maud Slade 1897 Chard, Somerset, England
Edward George Eugene Slade 1899 Chard, Somerset, England
Edwin Slade 1823 Beer Crocombe, Somerset, England
Elsie May Slade 1901 Chard, Somerset, England
Frances Mary Slade 1865 Henley, Somerset, England
Gladys M Slade
Gladys Mary Slade 1910 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Charles Slade 1909 Chard, Somerset, England
James Frederick Slade 1861 High Ham, Somerset, England
John William Slade 1935 Chard, Somerset, England
Lucy Clara Slade 1862 Henley, Somerset, England
Maria Jane Slade 1962 Taunton, Somerset, England
Reggie William Slade 1906 Langport, Somerset, England
Sybil Mary Slade 1914 Newbury, Wiltshire, England
Tom Crabb Slade 1849 'Capland Farm', Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset, England
Victor Stanley George Slade 1906 Chard, Somerset, England
William Alfred Slade 1903 Chard, Somerset, England
Balfour or Slater
Alma Elizabeth Sleep 1896
Carman James Sleep 1888 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Cecil Victor Sleep 1893 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Charles Milford Sleep 1913 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Charles Richard Sleep 1940
Daughter Sleep
Daughter Sleep
David Howard Sleep 1942 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Eva Viona Sleep 1890
Florence Edith Sleep 1887 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Four children Sleep
Horace Grant Sleep 1895
Howard Cephus Sleep 1922 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Irene Sleep 1901 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Joan Sleep
Kenneth Sleep 1889
Kim Sleep
Leslie Sleep
Lloyd Sleep 1903 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Melville Arnold Sleep 1899 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
Oliver Sleep 1861 Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Reta Mildred Sleep 1905
Robert Arnold Ray Sleep 1927 Seagrave, Reach Township, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Sleep
Son Sleep
Son Sleep
Son Sleep
Verna Emmaline Sleep 1915 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Victor Isaac Sleep 1924 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Mary Ann Slocombe 1853 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Alonzo Slocum
Sylvia Ann Slocum 1839 USA
Ann Sloggett
Frank Sloper
Frank C C Sloper 1945 Taunton, Somerset, England
Frank John Sloper 1968 Taunton, Somerset, England
Julie Jane Sloper 1970 Taunton, Somerset, England
Ellen Slough
Ann Smale 1830 Oakford, Devon, England
Dorothy Maud Smale 1895 Hornsey, London, England
Emily Rebecca Smale 1869 Clerkenwell, London, England
Frederick Smale 1894 Holborn, London, England
Frederick Stephen Smale 1867 Clerkenwell, London, England
Henry Besley Smale 1862 Clerkenwell, London, England
Mary Besley Smale 1861 Islington, London, England
Stephen Smale 1826 Witheridge, Devon, England
William Smale 1795 Witheridge, Devon, England
Mary Ann Smales
Brian Small
Constance Audry Small 1906 Taunton, Somerset, England
Edwin James Small 1875 Taunton, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Small
George Small
Howard Edwin Small 1900 Taunton, Somerset, England
Hylda Mary Small 1902 Taunton, Somerset, England
Margaret Joan Small 1924
Michelle Small
Robert Small
Solomon Small 1824 Stockton, Wiltshire, England
Theodora Olive Small 1906 Taunton, Somerset, England
Ann Smallpiece
Carole Smart 1953
Charles Smart
Esther Ann Hudd Smart 1868 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England
John Smart
Joseph Smart 1883
Louisa Jane Smart 1892 Bethnal Green, London, England
Molly J Smart 1916 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Samuel Smart
Isabella Smeltzer
Joseph Smeltzer
Karoline Doroteja Luiza SMIDBERG 1810
William Smih
Martins Smilskalns
Gundega Smite 1977
Abel Smith 1804 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Alexander Smith
Alexander Melville Smith
Alistair Hamilton Smith
Ann Smith 1770 Poughill, Devon, England
Annie Smith 1876 West Walton, Norfolk, England
Annie Smith
Audrey Eileen Smith
Beverley Smith 1955
Carol Anne Smith 1947 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Catherine Smith 1858 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Catherine Smith
Charles Smith
Charles C Smith
Charles Cuthbert Smith
Charles William Smith
Christine Smith 1958 Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Cynthia Elizabeth Smith 1954 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Dana Lynn Smith 1946
Daughter Smith
Daughter Smith
Daughter Smith
Dennis Sutcliffe Smith 1917 18 Pembury Road, Southern-on-Sea, Essex, England
Doris Adelaide Smith 1898
Edith Jane Smith 1872 Yeovil Marsh, Somerset, England
Eileen Smith
Eliza Elizabeth Trant Smith 1845 South Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Smith 1780 Poughill, Devon, England
Elizabeth SMITH
Elizabeth J Smith 1878 St John's Wood, London, England
Elizabeth Teasdale Smith 1854
Elizabeth Violet Aubrey Smith 1874 Ireland
Emma Smith 1844 England
Ethel Blount Smith 1876 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Evelyn Smith
Fay Smith 1975 Wanstead, Essex, England
Floyd Smith 1927 Farmington, Michigan, USA
Floyd H Smith
Frederick Smith 1883 Marylebone, London, England
Frederick Smith
Frederick Aubrey Smith 1843 Manchester, Lancashire, England
George Franklin Smith 1893 Stephen Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
Gertrude Smith 1887 Kensington, London, England
Gregory Paul Smith 1971 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 1773 Poughill, Devon, England
Helen Marjorie Smith 1906
Hugh Smith 1776 Poughill, Devon, England
Hugh Smith 1738 Devon, England
Hugh Smith
James Auld Smith
James Ernest Sutcliffe Smith 1877 Bacup, Lancashire, England
James Lewis Smith
James Sutcliffe Smith
Jane Smith
Jesse Smith
Jessie Macharinha Smith 1858 Margate, Kent, England
John Smith 1803 South Molton, Devon, England
John Smith 1784 Poughill, Cornwall, England
John Smith
John Smith 1844 Shilgate, Somerset, England
John Smith
John Alwyne George Lawson Smith 1911 Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
John David Sutcliffe Smith 1944 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
John S Smith 1876 Norwood, London, England
John S Smith 1803 Chard, Somerset, England
Joseph Smith
Julia Elizabeth Smith 1859
Kate Smith
Keith Smith
Kenneth Robson Smith Canada
Laura Smith 1978 Leytonstone, Essex, England
Lillian Mary Smith 1867 Kennington, London, England
Margaret Smith 1947 USA
Margaret Smith
Margaret Maria Ault Smith 1847 Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
Margery Smith 1523
Marion May Smith 1885
Marjorie Iolanthie Smith
Mary Smith 1898
Mary Ann Smith 1841 Bath, Somerset, England
Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mary Louisa Smith 1841 Lambeth, London, England
Minnie Caroline Emile Smith 1852 Rothemuhle, Pommern, Prussia
Myron James Smith 1956 Rochester, Monroe County, New York, USA
Patience Ellen Aubrey Smith 1888 Pimlico, London, England
Percy Smith
Peter Smith
Peter Edward Smith 1948 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Phyllis Gladys Smith 1912 Bromley, Kent, England
Robert Francis Smith
Robert Sutcliffe Smith 1951 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
Rosa A Smith 1873 Bucklebury, Berkshire, England
Rose Smith 1890 Kensington, London, England
Ruby Smith
Sarah Smith 1777 High Ham, Somerset, England
Sarah Ann Smith 1840 Winsham, Somerset, England
Son Smith
Sophia Smith
Stanford Smith
Thomas Abel Smith 1834 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas George Smith
Victor Charles Smith 1926 Battersea, London, England
Walter Arthur Smith
Wife Smith
William Smith 1767 Poughill, Cornwall, England
William Smith
William Smith
William Smith
William Henry Smith 1862
Elizabeth Agnes Barry Smyth 1878
Anne B Smythe Manitoba, Canada
Bertram B Smythe
Elaine S Smythe 1954 Dartford, Kent, England
Frances Smythe 1861 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Gordon B Smythe 1957 Dartford, Kent, England
Alice Katherine Snelgrove 1979 Devon, England
Anna Victoria Snelgrove 1985 Devon, England
Emily Rose Snelgrove 1980 Devon, England
Mark John Snelgrove 1953
Michael George Snelgrove 1989
Thomas William Snelgrove 1977 Devon, England
Annie Louisa Snell 1870 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Snell 1781
Grace Snell 1699 Templeton, Devon, England
John Snell
Mary Snell 1701 Templeton, Devon, England
Susan Mary Snell 1883 Ontario, Canada
William Snell 1829 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
William Snell
Arthur James Snellgrove
Arthur John Henry Snellgrove 1895
Ivy Lynda Snellgrove 1904
William Frank Snellgrove 1901
Diana Snook
A Snow
Alan Snow
Alfred Ernest Snow
Alice Maud Snow 1858 Plymouth, Devon, England
Amelia Snow 1850 Plymouth, Devon, England
Charles Haisom Snow 1876 Plymouth, Devon, England
Edith Snow 1873 Plymouth, Devon, England
Eliza Jane Snow 1846 Plymouth, Devon, England
Fanny Snow
Gertrude Lilian Snow 1886 Plymouth, Devon, England
Henrietta Snow 1856 Plymouth, Devon, England
Laurie Edith Snow 1901 Plymouth, Devon, England
Marquerite Annie Snow 1902 Plymouth, Devon, England
Mary Snow 1854 Plymouth, Devon, England
Robert Henry Snow 1861 Plymouth, Devon, England
Robert Hooper Snow 1817 Plymouth, Devon, England
Robert James Snow 1877 Plymouth, Devon, England
Rosa Snow 1853 Plymouth, Devon, England
Rosa Haisom Snow 1881 Plymouth, Devon, England
Selina Snow 1849 Plymouth, Devon, England
Sophie Wilhelmina Rose Snow 1883 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Snow 1847 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Haisom Snow 1874 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ann Snu 1799 Canterbury, Kent, England
Caroline Snyder 1838 Boone, Indiana, USA
Simon Snyder
Doris Lilian Eden Sobey 1908 St Austell, Cornwall, England
Edward Sobey 1881
Florence Rose Sobey 1887 Ilfracombe, Devon, England
Elizabeth Soby
William Leslie Solely 1907
John Soley 1952 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Francis Sologubs
Tatjana Sologubs 1907 Finland
Anastasija Soloviev 1901
Anna Soloviev 1899
Children Soloviev
Grigors SOLOVIEV Latvia
Karpa Grigorovich SOLOVIEV Russia
Lidija SOLOVIEV 1898 Krustpils, Latvia
Marija Soloviev 1896
Nadjezda Soloviev 1900
Nikolai Soloviev 1903
Perhaps four brothers Soloviev
Peteris Soloviev 1890
Beatrice Somes
Vincente Somes
Bernd Sondors
Daina Sondors
Daina Andra Sondors Germany
Talis Arnis Sondors 1987 Aberdeen, Scotland
Viesturs Maris Sondors 1984 Aberdeen, Scotland
Husband Soppett-Moss
Katy Lynne Soppett-Moss 2006 Hertfordshire, England
Thomas Francis Soppett-Moss 2004 Hertfordshire, England
Philomena South 1935 Madras, India
Freda Southall
Henry John Southall
Maria Southcott
Bessie Southeard 1860 Plymouth, Devon, England
William Southeard 1835
Joseph Sova 1956 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Kathryn Sova 1957 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
Lester Sova
Aidan David Sparkes 2005 Exeter, Devon, England
Albert Edward Sparkes 1882 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Alyn Edward Sparkes 1978 Bromley, Kent, England
David John Sparkes 1951
Dorothy Patricia Sparkes 1955 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Frederick Sparkes 1910 Manchester, Lancashire, England
John Sparkes 1914 Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Kerenza Sparkes 2007
Marjorie Sparkes 1939
Michael Rodney Sparkes 1947 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Peter Eric Sparkes 1943 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Pippa Joanne Sparkes 1980 Canterbury, Kent, England
Robert henry Sparkes
Valerie Sparkes 1944
Bertram John Sparks
Daughter Sparks
Edward Bertram Sparks 1909 Uffculme, Devon, England
Eric Rupert Sparks 1893
Arthur Sparrow
William Sparrow
Monica Anne Speaight
Richard Langford Speaight
Benjamin Spear 1819 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Jane Spear 1868 Wellington Street, Yeovil, Somerset, England
Dorothy May Spedding
Carol F Speed 1951 Taunton, Somerset, England
David Speed 1956 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Denise Speed 1970 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Dennis Speed
Susan M Speed 1952 Taunton, Somerset, England
Jessie Winnifred Speirs 1879 Haltwhistle, Northumberland, England
William Robert Speirs
Annie Spence 1886 Baffle Creek Station, Queensland, Australia
Chester Glenarvin Spence 1918 Dunnville, Ontario, Canada
Harmon Leslie Spence
John Spence 1848 Portglenone, Antrim, Ireland
Keith Richard Spence
Leigh Raymond Spence
Martha Spence 1850 Ireland
Neil Rodney Spence
Noreen Gloria Spence
Annie Eliza Spencer 1883 Willesden, London, England
Charles Edward Spencer 1915 Bentley, Michigan, USA
Dale Howard Spencer 1945 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth SPENCER
Frances Spencer 1785 Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England
George Spencer
Lori Sue Spencer 1968 Owosso, Shiawassee County, Michigan, USA
Lorraine S Spencer
Melody Ann Spencer 1962 Mokama, India
Richard Spencer
Thomas William Spencer 1891
Zelia Evans Spencer
Hector Spenser 1912 Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada
Elizabeth Spicer 1657
Elizabeth Spicer 1699
Hannah Spicer 1656
Jack A. Spicer 1920
Joanna Spicer 1958 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
John SPICER 1632
John Spicer 1662
Mary Spicer 1693 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nathaniel Spicer 1664
Samuel Spicer 1664
Samuel Spicer 1695 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah SPICER 1656
William Spicer
William Spicer 1692 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Spicer 1660
Eliza Laburta Spier
Ethel May Spitty 1899 Bradwell on Sea, Essex, England
Moses Spitty
Patricia Erika Spole 2008 Riga, Latvia
Raimonds Spole
John Spooner
Leonard T Spooner
Margery Spooner 1561 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Eliza Ellen Sporbeck
Gladys Mary Ann Sporton 1907 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Henrietta Frances Sporton 1906 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Ida Gertrude Sporton 1910 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Kathleen Hazel Sporton 1909 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
William Sporton
Sarah Spreadborough 1847 Bentley, Hampshire, England
Ann Springer
Margaret Springer 1799
Daughter Springford
Daughter Springford
Donald G Springford
Elbridge Hall Springford 1904 Reading, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Frederick A Springford
Frederick Lionel Springford
Laurel Springford
Lucy Beatrice Sproston 1872 Beacorithorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Annie Eda Squire 1855 Bideford, Devon, England
Arthur Squire
Arthur J Squire 1914 Exeter, Devon, England
Emma Squire 1835 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Geraldine M Squire 1922 Exeter, Devon, England
Isa Tuck Squire 1859 Bideford, Devon, England
John Squire 1830 Frithelstock, Devon, England
John Squire
Loney Elise Squire 1857 Bideford, Devon, England
William Squire
Adelaida Sta. Coloma 1855 Manila, Philippines
Elizabeth Stabbick 1760 'Upcott Farm', Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Elizabeth Cooke Stabbick 1791 Knowstone, Devon, England
John Stabbick
John Stabbick 1700 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
John Stabbick 1728 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Amelia Florence Stacey
Catherine Stacey 1775 Godalming, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Stacey 1798 Reigate, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Stacey 1841 Buckland, Surrey, England
Frank Stacey 1884
James Stacey
Michael Stacey
Michael Stacey 1770 Buckland, Surrey, England
Michael Stacey 1805 Buckland, Surrey, England
Thomas Stacey 1801
Thomas Stacey 1800 Buckland, Surrey, England
William Stacey 1807 Buckland, Surrey, England
Grace Staddon
Henry Buckingham Stafford
Ethel Mary Stagg
Ann Staight 1785 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Staight 1783 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Edmund Staight 1777 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Staight 1793 Tiverton, Devon, England
Elizabeth Staight 1793 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Staight 1785 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
James Staight 1777 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Staight 1771 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Staight 1775 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Michael Hatton Staight 1795 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Staight 1782 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Staight 1779 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Staight 1782 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Staight 1773 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Staight 1751
John Edgar Stait
John Oscar Stait
Margie Stait
Oscar Ernest Stait
Richard Stait 1812 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William D Stait 1801 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Andrew James Stait-Gardner 2017 Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bailey Stait-Gardner
Beryl Mary Rosalie Stait-Gardner 1915 Ilford, London, England
Bradley Nathen Stait-Gardner 1973 Australia
Brent David Christopher Stait-Gardner 1970 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Catherine Mary Jane Stait-Gardner 1981 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Ernest Hugh Stait-Gardner 1903 Durango, Mexico
Christine Elizabeth Stait-Gardner 1965 WCH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Clive Stait-Gardner 1938 Perpignon, France
Craig Christopher Kent Stait-Gardner 1975 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Danielle Cherie Stait-Gardner 1979 Australia
Elizabeth Stait-Gardner
Eric Christopher Robyn Stait-Gardner 1938 London, England
Eric Lucien Cuthbert STAIT-GARDNER 1905 Sagrario Parish, Santiago de Queretero, Queretaro, Mexico
Frank Ernest Stait-Gardner 1936 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Harry Alforth Barnard Stait-Gardner 1910 Mazatlan, Mexico
Harry Dudley Charles Alforth Stait-Gardner 1940 London, England
Hilary Grant Stait-Gardner 1966 Benghazi, Libya
Ian Robert Alforth Stait-Gardner 1982 Los Angeles, California, USA
Ian Robert Stuart Stait-Gardner 1942 London, England
Imogen Miranda Gwendolyn Stait-Gardner 1997 WCH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Julianne Stait-Gardner 1969 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Keith Michael Roy STAIT-GARDNER 1943 'Freeland House', Newlands, Oxfordshire, England
Lia Zane Stait-Gardner 1967 WCH, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Melynda Karanne Stait-Gardner 1968 Australia
Mercedes Isabel Victoria Stait-Gardner 1936 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Norman Cecil Stait-Gardner 1906 Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico
Robert Stait-Gardner
Roy Quinton Evarad Stait-Gardner 1908 Mazatlan, Mexico
Shane Adam Penfold Stait-Gardner
Stuart M.A. Stait-Gardner 1973 Australia
Tarik Roy Stait-Gardner 1969 Benghazi, Libya
Timothy John Stait-Gardner 1979 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Woody Stait-Gardner California, USA
Anna Stait-Gardner Mendez 2003 Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
Gara Stait-Gardner Mendez 2006 Hospital Candeleria, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
Aleksandis Staltmanis
Alma Staltmanis
Nikolajs Staltmanis
Vilis Staltmanis
David Stanage 1865 California, USA
Grace Louisa Stanage 1874 Lafayette, California, USA
Hiram McCarty Stanage 1832 West Liberty, Ohio, USA
Mary Stanage 1860 California, USA
Emily Frances Stanaway 1855 Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire,Wales
James Stanaway
Helen Louiza Stanbury 1850 Wonford, Devon, England
Elizabeth Agnes Standen 1867 Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Alfred William Stanger
Alice May Stanger 1906 Hendon, London, England
Alexander Staniforth
Edward Stanley
Margarey Stanley 1548
John Stanning
Ellen Staple 1866 Chard, Somerset, England
James Stapledon 1834 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
Christopher Stapleton 1970
Harvey Stapleton 2010 Basildon, Essex, England
Laila Stapleton
Jennifer Elizabeth Stapley 1982 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Peter Stapley
Richard Mark Stapley 1953 Farnborough, Kent, England
Simon Robert Stapley 1980 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Mary Elizabeth Starry 1895 Pennsylvania, USA
Barbara Mary Statham 1930 Bromley, London, England
Frederick William Statham 1858 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Olive Alicia Statham 1927 Lewisham, London, England
William H Statham
Edward Staunton
Edward Staunton
Edward Staunton 1621 Swindon, Gloucestershire, England
Hannah Staunton 1643
Fred August Stayhue
Tobias M Steed 1959 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Mary Steele
Maria Steen
Ann Steer
Annie Jane Steer 1875 Appledore, Devon, England
Daughter Steer
Edwin M Steer 1917
John Steer Parkham, Devon, England
Joyce R W Steer 1935 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
William J Steer 1941 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
William W Steer 1904
Clara Steffen
Ann Steight 1745 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Steight
Anne Steight 1731 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Conan Dabny Steight 1710 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
Daubney Steight 1656
Edward Steight 1731 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Steight
Edward Steight 1670 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Steight 1752 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Steight 1748 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Steight 1724 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Steight
Elizabeth Steight
Elizabeth Steight 1690 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Steight 1684 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Hannah Steight 1681 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Steight 1717 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Steight 1675 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Steight 1727 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
John Steight
John Steight
Margaret Steight
Mary Steight
Mary Steight 1720 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Steight 1633 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Steight
Mary Steight 1680 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Steight 1677 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Steight 1685 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Steight
Nicholas Steight 1682 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nicholas Steight 1694 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nicholas Steight 1717 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
Nicholas STEIGHT 1622
Nicholas STEIGHT 1687 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nicholas Steight
Nicholas Steight 1654 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nicholas Spicer Steight 1722 Hidington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Paul Steight
Paul Steight 1696 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Paul Steight 1672 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Paul Steight
Russell Steight
Sarah Steight 1683 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Steight
Sarah Steight
Sarah Steight 1676 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Steight 1718 Natton, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Steight 1687 Kemerton, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Steight 1749 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susanna Steight
Susanna Steight
Susanna Steight
Susannah Steight 1678 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Steight 1673 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah STEIGHT 1728 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Steight 1692 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Susannah Steight 1700 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Steight
Thomas Steight
Thomas Steight 1719 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Three Daughters Steight
William Steight 1685 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Steight
William Steight 1714 Alstone, Worcestershire, England
William Steight
William Steight
William Steight 1719 Pamington, Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
William STEIGHT 1652 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
William Steight
Robert David Stenner 1946 Thornbury RD, England
Ada Emma Stephens 1868 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Alexander Stephens 1805 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Beatrice Amy Stephens 1870 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Charlotte Annie Stephens 1874 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Eileen Stephens 1916
Ethel Gwendoline Stephens 1879 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Florence May Stephens 1874 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
George Thomas Stephens 1822 Offenham, Worcestershire, England
Glyn Wardell Stephens 1872 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Hannah Maria Stephens 1836 Saint Peter, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Hilda Stephens 1883
John Stephens 1836 S Agnes, Cornwall, England
Joseph Stephens
Morley H Stephens 1881 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Susan Stephens 1834 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Thomas Stephens
Thomas Stephens 1847
Willfred Colchester Stephens 1881 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Thomas Stephenson 1832 England
Henry Steven 1792 Margate, Kent, England
Alfred Arthur Stevens 1884 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Annie Ruth Stevens 1871 Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire, England
Cyril William Charles Stevens 1908 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Daughter One Stevens
Daughter Three Stevens
Daughter Two Stevens
Dorothy Bernice Stevens 1895 California, USA
Elizabeth Mary Stevens 1883 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Ella Elizabeth Beatrice Stevens 1905 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Emily Stevens 1823
Ernest Stevens 1874 Bethnal Green, London, England
Ernest Walter Stevens 1906 Shoreditch, London, England
Ethel Rose Stevens 1909 Shoreditch, London, England
Euretta Stevens 1867
Flora Elizabeth Stevens 1901 Bethnal Green, London, England
Frederick Henry Stevens 1918 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
George Frederick Stevens 1903 Bethnal Green, London, England
James Bevan Stevens 1863 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
John Stevens 1881 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
John Frederick Stevens 1872 Bethnal Green, London, England
John William Edgar Stevens 1899 Bethnal Green, London, England
Louisa Stevens 1820 Margate, Kent, England
Lucy Maria Stevens
Lynne Stevens
Mary Ann Stevens 1852
Miriam Eliza Stevens 1859 15 Pittville Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Miriam Lutheria Stevens 1894 California, USA
Percival Stevens 1905 St Olave Bermondsey, London, England
Phyllis Eileen Mary Stevens 1917 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Richard Tomes Stevens 1848 Claydon, Buckinghamshire, England
Sarah Comfort Stevens 1857 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Sheila Phyllis Stevens 1932 Middlesex, England
Son Stevens
Son Stevens
Thomas B Stevens 1865 Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Bond Stevens 1917 Nynehead, Somerset, England
Thomas Bond Stevens 1888
William Stevens 1851 Mile End Old Town, London, England
William Stevens 1861 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Stevens
William Stevens 1832 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William G Stevens
William Joseph Stevens 1907 St Pancras, London, England
Alfred Hewitt Stevenson 1852 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Elizabeth A Stevenson 1850 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Stevenson 1850 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ellen Stevenson 1848 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ellen Stevenson 1849 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Ellen Jane Stevenson 1856 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Eric Stevenson
John Stevenson 1823 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary A. Stevenson 1873 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Sophia Stevenson 1858 Clapham, London, England
William Stevenson
Vincenta Irene Steves 1896 British Columbia, Canada
Alexander Stewart
Alfred Bartlett Stewart 1894 Ontario, Canada
Angus Mark Stewart 1963 Launceston, Cornwall, England
Anne Dewhurst Stewart 1942
Arthur Stewart
Charles Thomas Stewart 1905
Charlie Stewart
Eric Joseph Stewart 1907 Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Frances Christine Stewart 1880 Ontario, Canada
George John Stewart 1920 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Graham Bruce Stewart 1964 Launceston, Cornwall, England
Herbert Robertson Stewart 1882 Amherst Island Township, Addington County, Ontario, Canada
Ian Anthony Stewart 1936 Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England
James Stewart
James IV Stewart 1473
James V Stewart
Jean Gertrude Stewart 1917 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Jessie Scott Stewart 1886 Ontario, Canada
John Stewart
John Stewart
John George Stewart 1854 Scotland
John Robert Stewart 1878 Ontario, Canada
Linda Susan Stewart 1949
Mary Frances Stewart 1927 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Merrill Glen Stewart 1915 Ernestown, Ontario, Canada
Muriel Gwendolyn Stewart 1915 Ernestown, Ontario, Canada
Rose Anne Stewart
Sally Stewart
Scott Ian Stewart
Thomas Gilmour Stewart 1958 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wilfred Grant Stewart 1898 Kaladar. Anglesea and Effingham Townships, Addington County, Ontario, Canada
William Alexander Stewart 1883 Amhurstburg, Ontario, Canada
William John Stewart 1955
William STEYTE
Barbara A Stidson 1919 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Charles Algernon Stidson 1881
Ellen Stidston 1865 Kingston, Devon, England
Edmund Stilgoe
Lottie May Stilgoe 1890 Hillmorton, Warwickshire
Elizabeth Stiling 1780
Grace Stiling 1811 Washfield, Devon, England
John Stiling
Cyril F Stiller 1911 East Grinstead, Sussex, England
Frederick Stiller 1889 Withyham, Sussex, England
Jocelyn Stinson
Lola Bernice Stinson 1924 Cartwright, Ontario, Canada
Raymond Wayne Stinson 1902
Richard John Stinson
Josepf Thomas Stitt
Patricia Kay Stitt
Ann Stoate 1803 St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ernest W Stockbridge
Ian W Stockbridge 1942 Maidstone, Kent, England
Jane E Stockbridge 1965
Martin James Stockbridge 1968
Susan L Stockbridge 1965
Erin May Stocks 2001 Poole, Dorset, England
Ethan James Stocks 2004 Poole, Dorset, England
Peter James Stocks 1968 Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Charlotte Stoddard
Ruth Stodgell
Richard Stollard
Richard Stollard
Alfred Stone
Amelia Adeline Eliza Stone 1841 Poole, Dorset, England
Annie Stone
Elizabeth Rosetta Stone 1892 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England
Mary Stone
Minnie Stone 1878 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mary Stonman 1748 Bondleigh, Devon, England
Abraham Stoodley 1777
Caroline Stoodley
Sophia Stoodley 1823 Whitechurch, Devon, England
Francis Stook 1685 Devon, England
Adeline Elizabeth Stoor
Ann Storer 1880 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Ernest Augustus Storer 1860 London, England
Ernest H Storer 1917 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Henry Ernest Storer 1888
Maureen A Storer 1929 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Patricia Mary Storer 1921 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Lilian Joan Storey
Maria Story 1805 Baltonsborough, Somerset, England
Thomas Story
Doris Stoskopf
Elizabeth Stotter 1884 Norwood, London, England
Sydney Stotter 1855 Norwood, London, England
Florence Ruby Stowers 1892 Colchester, Essex, England
Lewis John Stowers
daughter 2 Stradins
Elvira Stradins
Janis Stradins
Klara Stradins
son Stradins
son 1 Stradins
Gwenllian STRADLING 1442 St Donats, Glamorgan, Wales
William STRADLING 1400
Edna Dorothy Strafford
Arnold Stratford
Ian A Stratford 1937 Dartford, Kent, England
John F Stratford 1939 Dartford, Kent, England
Patricia Anne Stratford 1944 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Peter J Stratford 1943 Bromley, Kent, England
Thomas R Stratford 1942 Bromley, Kent, England
Alan Boyd Strath 1934 London, England
Julie Deborah Strath 1961 Whittington Hospital, Highgate, London, England
Murray Boyd Strath 1962 Whittington Hospital, Highgate, London, England
Natasha Marie Strath 1987 Redhill Hospital, Surrey, England
Laura Strautnieks 1961 Latvia
Ojars Strautnieks 1937 Riga, Latvia
Sandra Strautnieks 1962 Latvia
Maynell Straw 1901
Maynell Straw 1923 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Alberta Earl Streeper 1919 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Ellen Elizabeth Street
Frederick C Street 1921 Brentford, London, England
John Street
John F J Street 1916 Brentford, London, England
Juris Strelnieks
Lize Strelnieks 1818
George Strevens 1826 Ostend, Belgium
Ellen Susan Strickland 1901 Islington, London, England
Jane Strickland 1842 Silverdale, Lancashire, England
Joseph Strickland
Sarah Strickland
Stanley Stringer
Martin J Stringwell
Ellen Wensley Strong 1855 'Little East Farm', Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Thomas Strong
Joanna Strout
Charlotte Stuart 1831 Plymouth, Devon, England
Husband Stuart
Jeanie Thompson Stuart 1825 Plymouth, Devon, England
Suzanne Stuart
Jon Stuart-Masters 1932 Chertsey, Surrey, England
Iona M. Stubbs
Ann STUCKEY 1724 Donyatt, Somerset, England
Rebekah Stuckey 1710 Chard, Somerset, England
William Stuckey
Fanny Sturmey 1843 Southampton, Hampshire, England
James Sturmey
Maria Sturmey 1837 Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Susanna Stutchbury 1832 Surrey, England
William Stutchbury
Audrey Eileen Styles 1909 Taunton, Somerset, England
Dennis Hector Styles 1930
Elizabeth Styles 1752
Ernest Styles 1877 Taunton, Somerset, England
Evelyn May Styles 1898 Taunton, Somerset, England
Frederick Bateman Styles 1905 Taunton, Somerset, England
Joe Styles
Julian Ashley Styles 1966 Taunton, Somerset, England
Louis Ronald Charles Styles 1903 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Phyllis Eugene Styles 1907 Taunton, Somerset, England
Queenie Cicely Mary Styles 1911 Taunton, Somerset, England
Christine Suffolk
Daughter Suffolk
Eric Suffolk
Anthony M Sullivan
Clement ArthurJohn Sullivan 1884 Dover, Kent, England
George Leslie Thomas Sullivan 1911 Ramsgate, Kent, England
John Joseph Sullivan 1861
Mary Sullivan 1814 Castletown Bearhaven, Cork, Ireland
Michael Sullivan 1810 Castletown Bearhaven, Cork, Ireland
Annie Summers
Charles H Summers
Daughter Summers
Edward Summers
Elizabeth Summers 1832 Oakford, Devon, England
Elizabeth Summers 1707 Chard, Somerset, England
Grace Summers 1765 Chard, Somerset, England
Grace Summers 1771 Chard, Somerset, England
Hannah Summers 1797 Somerset, England
Hezakiah Summers
Isaac Summers 1770 Chard, Somerset, England
Jacob Summers 1770 Chard, Somerset, England
John Summers 1759 Chard, Somerset, England
John Summers
Joseph Summers
Newton Oscar Pelham Summers
Robert Summers
Robert SUMMERS 1730
Robert Summers 1749 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Summers
Robert Summers 1762 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Summers 1702 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Summers 1701 Chard, Somerset, England
Rose SUMMERS 1761 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Summers 1717 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Summers 1766 Horsham, Sussex, England
Thomas Summers 1740
Thomas Summers 1705 Chard, Somerset, England
Thomas Summers 1754 Cam, Gloucestershire, England
Barbara Mary Summons 1932 Farnham, Surrey, England
Edward Alfred Summons
Mary Elizabeth Sumner 1831
Thomas Hunt Sumner 1794
Elizabeth Surcesse
June Surr
Maria Surridge 1814 Bampton, Devon, England
Susannah 1799 South Molton, Devon, England
Alan Roy Sutcliffe 1951 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Brian Sutcliffe 1946 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Christine Sutcliffe 1956 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Elizabeth Sutcliffe 1992 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Emma Sutcliffe
Florence Bertha Sutcliffe
George Henry Sutcliffe 1897 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Harry Sutcliffe 1921 5 Lower Spring Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Harry Sutcliffe 1874 Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Holly Sutcliffe 1988 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Jane Sutcliffe Sutcliffe
Michael Brian Sutcliffe 1979 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Neil Sutcliffe 1960 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Norman Sutcliffe Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Philip Sutcliffe 1980 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Raymond Peter Sutcliffe 1974 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Victoria Sutcliffe 1973 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Laura Sutherland
Glenn Sutor
Hannah Sutter 1736 Oxenton, Gloucestershire, England
Alexandra Elizabeth Sutton 1988 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Andrea M Sutton 1951 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Clive N Sutton 1955 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
David W J Sutton 1962 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Doris Sutton
Edmund Sutton 1683 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Arnold Sutton 1934 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
George Edward Sutton 1920 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Gordon Michael Sutton 1957 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Joan M Sutton 1950 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Joan Y Sutton 1927 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
John Sutton
John Sutton 1675 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
John Michael Jordan Sutton 1936 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
Joseph Sutton
Julie E Sutton 1961 Warrington, Cheshire, England
Karen J Sutton 1963 Warrington, Cheshire, England
Karl W Sutton 1958 Warrington, Cheshire, England
Linda J Sutton 1957 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Lynda Joyce Sutton 1943 Rochford, Essex, England
Margaret Elizabeth Sutton 1925 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Paul G Sutton 1964 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Peter Sutton 1971 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Richard Andrew Sutton 1967 Warrington, Cheshire, England
Roy Albert Corker Sutton 1923 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Roy J Sutton 1952 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Sarah Sutton
Shaun William Sutton 1969 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Thomas Sutton
Timothy J Sutton 1963 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
W Sutton
William Hugh Sutton 1902 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
William Joseph Eric Sutton 1933 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
William Michael E Sutton 1990 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John Suumers
John Suumers 1703 Chard, Somerset, England
John Suumers 1708 Chard, Somerset, England
Madara Svecs 1986
Vilborg Sveinbjarnardottir Reykjavik, Iceland
Florence Swain 1861 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Edward Swan 1755 Dorking, Surrey, England
Harriett Swan 1870 Taunton, Somerset, England
Henry Swan
Joseph Swan 1820 Ashcott, Somerset, England
Richard Swanton
Violet Swanton 1888 Ontario, Canada
Helen K Swartz
Ula Swayze
Wife Sweat
Christopher Sweeney 1967
Mary Ann Sweet 1839 Merriott, Somerset, England
Christine Sweetland 1952 Devon, England
Frederick Sweetland 1920 Devon, England
Gerald Sweetland 1948 Devon, England
Geraldine Helen Sweetland 1985 Exeter, Devon, England
James Sweetland
Linda Sweetland 1955 Devon, England
Sarah Swell
Daughter Swift
Daughter Swift
Edward J Swift
Hermon Lee Swift
Howard Munson Swift 1913 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Son Swift
Son Swift
Charles Swindles
Fanny Swinney 1840 Gravesend, Kent, England
Albert Sydenham 1864 Tiverton, Devon, England
Albert Bidgood Sydenham
Annie Alberta Sydenham 1890 Tiverton, Devon, England
Bessie Sydenham 1886 Tiverton, Devon, England
Ellen Florence Sydenham 1895 Machen, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jessie Sydenham 1891 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mabel Bidgood Sydenham 1888 Tiverton, Devon, England
Edwin Scott Symes 1850 Exeter, Devon, England
Elizabeth Symes Poltimore, Devon, England
John Symes
John Symes Poltimore, Devon, England
Mary Maria Symes 1839 Membury, Devon, England
Susannah Symes 1851 Brampford Speke, Devon, England
William Scott Symes 1822 Poltimore, Devon, England
Elizabeth SYMONDS 1672 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Joane Symonds 1670 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Adam Symons
Anna Symons
Brian Symons
Charles Symons 1834 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Daughter Symons
David Bryan Symons 1952 Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Dorothy Irene Symons 1925 British Columbia, Canada
Ernest John Symons 1880 Mariansleigh, Devon, England
Francis Reginald Balsdon Symons 1921 Milton, Ontario, Canada
Gertrude Symons 1882 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
John Chown Symons
Kathleen Aubrey Symons 1914 Milton, Ontario, Canada
Mabel Eliza Symons 1879 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Mary A Symons 1857 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Michael Gerald Symons 1948 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phyllis Symons 1824 Morely, Devon, England
Reginald Charles Symons 1877 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Robert Symons
Son Symons
Thomas Symons
Thomas Symons 1853 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Thomas Harold Symons 1879 St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England
Esther Elizabeth Syms 1873 Bermondsey, London, England
Robert Syms 1840 Bermondsey, London, England
Ada Gwendoline Sysum 1913 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Martha Taber
Mary Ann Taber Stepney, London, England
Cecilia E Tabor 1914 Little Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England
George Paul Tabor
John Bentley Sidney Tabor 1908 Little Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England
Mark Sidney Tabor 1939
Pamela Mary Tabor 1910 Little Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England
Peter John Tabor
Sidney Tabor
Sidney Tabor 1876 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Barbara Ann Tadlock 1930 Los Angeles, California, USA
Willis Edward Tadlock
Joseph Taffe
Leslie W Tait
Tevita Matiu Takitaki Tongatapu, Tonga
Amelia Talbot
Harriet Talbot
Sanita Tamasa 1977 Latvia
Daniel Tambre 1999 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
Holgar Tang
Karen Evangeline Tang 1935 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Marianne Isabel Tang 1932 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Isabell TANKARD 1476 Bodmin, Cornwall, England
Alice Tanner
Ann E Tanner
Coren F Tanner
Elizabeth Tanner 1751
Herbert Tanner 1847
James Tanner
James Tanner 1784 Rose Ash, Devon, England
James Meluish Tanner 1833 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
John Tanner
John Tanner
John Tanner 1816 Rose Ash, Devon, England
John Vowler Tanner 1831 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Jonathan Tanner 1811
Jonathan Tanner 1781
Jonathan Tanner 1846
Lyddon Tanner
Mary Hutchings Tanner 1829 Kings Nympton, Devon, England
Richard Tanner
Robert Tanner
Robert Tanner
William Tanner
Dorothy J Tapper 1929 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Edward G Tapper 1936 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Leonard F Tapper 1927 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Leonard George Tapper 1905 Totnes, Devon, England
Marian Rose Tapper 1932 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Matthew Tapper 1876
Joseph Beldon Tapsell
Sarah Elizabeth Tapsell 1831
Ann Tarmey 1959 Warwickshire, England
Brian P Tarmey 1957 Warwickshire, England
Judith Tarmey 1951 Warwickshire, England
Peter Tarmey
Francis Tarr 1847 Clatworthy, Somerset, England
Lena Harriet Tarr 1884 Chipstable, Somerset, England
Roy Chandler Tarrant 1912
Roy Chandler Tarrant
Elizabeth Tarry
Wife Tartt
Vika Tase
Chloe Victoria Tasker 1992 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Emma Louise Tasker 1887 Washington DC, USA
James Dominic Tasker 1992 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Lee D Tasker
Luke Kristen Tasker 1990 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Robert Tate
Victoria Tate
Alfred Thomas Tatlow 1906 Carphilly, Glamorgan, Wales
Alysa Tatlow
Brenda A Tatlow Surrey, England
David J Tatlow 1938 Surrey, England
Gary G Tatlow 1965 Surrey, England
John A T Tatlow 1937 Surrey, England
Kevin J Tatlow 1962 Surrey, England
Lynda Tatlow 1949 Surrey, England
Neil J Tatlow 1963 Surrey, England
Robert Tatlow 1947 Surrey, England
Thomas Tatlow 1861
Toni Tatlow 1988 Surrey, England
Violet M P Tatlow 1931 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Mary Tayler 1707
Mary Tayler 1738
Albert E Taylor 1889 St Luke's London, England
Albion Taylor 1842 High Ham, Somerset, England
Albion Clifford Taylor 1885 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Albion Richard Taylor 1899 Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset, England
Alexander Taylor
Alfred Charles Taylor 1835 High Ham, Somerset, England
Alice Ellen Taylor 1869 Wolverley, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Alice Lilian Taylor 1896 Homerton, London, England
Andrew Taylor 1957 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Beatrice Kate Taylor 1897 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England
Brian Taylor 1932 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Carol Susan Taylor 1943 Matlock, Derbyshire, England
Charles Taylor 1772 High Ham, Somerset, England
Charles Taylor
Charles Frederick Taylor 1857 Bromley, Kent, England
Charlotte Taylor
Christiana Taylor 1851 Pitney, Somerset, England
Christopher Dean Taylor 1962 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Clara Jane Taylor 1854 Curry Mallett, Somerset, England
Claude R Taylor 1921 Maldon, Essex, England
Constance Amelia Taylor 1903 Bromley, London, England
Darwin Fredrick Taylor
Dora Taylor 1874 Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Douglas Cunliffe Taylor 1894 Maldon, Essex, England
Douglas John B Taylor 1890 Thurlbear, Somerset, England
Edith Taylor 1836 High Ham, Somerset, England
Edith Bulpin Taylor 1875 Marwood, Devon, England
Edmund Taylor 1834 High Ham, Somerset, England
Eileen Eleanor May Taylor Fulham, London, England
Elisha Taylor 1837 High Ham, Somerset, England
Elizabeth TAYLOR 1741 Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Taylor 1818
Elizabeth Taylor 1818 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Emily Susan Taylor 1827 High Ham, Somerset, England
Ernest James Taylor 1879 Horton, Somerset, England
Eva Adele Taylor 1921 St Pancras, London, England
Evelyn Taylor 1912 Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Frances Taylor 1831 High Ham, Somerset, England
Francis Taylor 1833 High Ham, Somerset, England
Frederick Arthur Taylor 1881 Horton, Somerset, England
Frederick James Taylor 1892 99 High Street, Homerton, London, England
Frederick Wallis Taylor 1829 High Ham, Somerset, England
George Taylor
Grace Ethel Taylor 1900 Bromley, London, England
Harold J Taylor
Harold Victor Taylor 1887 Thurlbear, Somerset, England
Henry Loader Taylor 1864 Chard, Somerset, England
Hilda Irene Taylor 1930 London, England
Ian Taylor 1962 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Isabella Taylor
Ivy Jane Taylor 1894 Bow, London, England
James Taylor 1804 High Ham, Somerset, England
James Taylor 1839 High Ham, Somerset, England
Jane Taylor 1875 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Jane Taylor 1791 Bideford, Devon, England
Jane Taylor
Jane Taylor 1841 Bideford, Devon, England
Jean Taylor 1912 Newtown, NSW, Australia
John Taylor 1945 USA
John Taylor 1802 High Ham, Somerset, England
John Taylor 1736 Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall, England
John Taylor 1799 High Ham, Somerset, England
John Taylor
John Henry Taylor 1861 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
John Henry Taylor 1884 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
John Melhuish Taylor 1830 Bideford, Devon, England
Joshua Taylor 1988
June Eleanor Taylor 1944 Devizes, Wiltshire, England
Karen A Taylor 1965 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Kenneth C Taylor
Kenneth Sydney Taylor
Kevi Taylor 1959 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Leslie Loader Taylor Fulham, London, England
Lois Taylor 1925 Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho, USA
Lucy Taylor 1851 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Lucy Ann Taylor 1847 Curry Mallett, Somerset, England
Lydia Taylor 1883 Toronto Township, Ontario, Canada
Mabel Lucy Taylor 1873 Marwood, Devon, England
Macharinah TAYLOR 1722 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Margaret Jane Taylor 1893 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor 1809 High Ham, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Taylor
Mary Ann Tryphena Taylor 1824 High Ham, Somerset, England
Matthew Taylor 1986
May Florence Taylor 1898 Poplar, London, England
Meaghan Taylor 1998
Norman T Taylor
Olive Sophia Taylor 1883 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Oliver James Taylor 1911 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Oliver John Taylor 1840 Pitney, Somerset, England
Phoebe Agnes Taylor 1868 3 Hope Cottages, Woodford, Essex, England
Rhoda Taylor 1841 High Ham, Somerset, England
Richard Taylor 1836 Bideford, Devon, England
Richard Taylor
Richard Bulpin Taylor 1871 Marwood, Devon, England
Robert John Taylor
Samuel Taylor 1807 High Ham, Somerset, England
Samuel Taylor 1811 High Ham, Somerset, England
Sarah Jane Taylor 1969 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Teresa Taylor 1813
Theodora Emma Taylor 1877 Marwood, Devon, England
Theophilus Taylor 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Taylor 1734 Lanteglos by Camelford, Cornwall, England
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Patrick John Taylor 1873
Thomas Uttermare Taylor 1899 Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset, England
Valerie Taylor 1943 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Victor Gladstone Taylor Fulham, London, England
Vincent Taylor 1835 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Taylor
William Taylor
William Edward Taylor 1797 High Ham, Somerset, England
Mary Teale
Ethel Annie Tedham
Judith Maria Teed 1800 Lancaster Court, St Martin in the Fields, London, England
Richard Teed
Susanna Manston Teed 1804 St Martin in the Fields, London, England
Cailey Temperton
Mabel Francena Temple
Annie Elizabeth Templeman 1876 Bexley, London, England
Daniel Templeman
Enid Ellen Templeman 1911 Hendon, London, England
Frank Harbour Templeman 1878 Bexley, London, England
George Albert Templeman 1885 Fulham, London, England
Henry James Victor Templeman 1883 Fulham, London, England
Maud Mary Templeman 1881 Bexley, London, England
Robert Templeman
Sarah Jane Templeman 1868 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Thomas Templeman 1845 Taunton, Somerset, England
Tom Templeman 1874 Bexley, London, England
Jessie Bain Templeton 1896 Queensland, Australia
Samuel Maxwell Templeton 1853 England
Felix J. Tennant 1921 Crediton, Devon, England
Gillian Roberta Tennant 1957 Barton, Lancashire, England
Josanne Mary Tennant 1944 Suffolk, England
Karen O Tennant 1959 Barton, Lancashire, England
Liselle F Tennant 1946 Devon, England
Neil Pierce Tennant 1927 Bolton, Lancashire, England
Robert Joseph Tennant
William Terrett
Grace Teste 1460 Gloucestershire, England
Gyles Teste 1455 Gloucestershire, England
John Teste 1448 Gloucestershire, England
Lawrence Teste
Lawrence TESTE
Margaret TESTE
Margaret Teste 1452 Gloucestershire, England
Mary Teste 1466 Gloucestershire, England
William TESTE
William Teste
Claire Tett
Elaine Tett
Michael Tett 1965 Devon, England
Katie Tewkesbury
Elizabeth Thaine 1709 Ockley, Surrey, England
Frusanna Thaine 1701 Capel, Surrey, England
John Thaine 1666 Ewhurst, Surrey, England
John THAINE 1640 Ewhurst, Surrey, England
Sarah THAINE 1668 Ewhurst, Surrey, England
Mary Thake
Andrew James Thatcher Oudtshoorn, Cape Province, South Africa
Ann Thatcher
Alfred Thicks 1858 Poole, Dorset, England
Emily Winifred Thicks 1894 Stoke Newington, London, England
Sarah Thiselton 1809 Faversham, Kent, England
Thomas Thiselton
Helen Thole
Ann Thomas 1755 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Ann Thomas 1808 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Annie Thomas 1922 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Benjamin Thomas
David Thomas
Edgar Thomas
Edgar Thomas 1929 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward Harold Thomas 1879 Margate, Kent, England
Elizabeth Thomas 1762 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Thomas 1797 Silverton, Devon, England
Gail Thomas
George Thomas
Gladys Emily Thomas 1881 Marylebone, London, England
Jean Gertrude Thomas 1904 Wellington County, Ontario, Canada
Jennifer Thomas 1749 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Joan Thomas 1753 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Keith Thomas
Lawrence Thomas 1756 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Lawrence Thomas
Lawrence Thomas 1728 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Lincoln Snell Thomas 1906 York County, Ontario, Canada
Louisa Thomas 1832 Bath, Somerset, England
Margaret Amelia Thomas 1872 Margate, Kent, England
Margaret Ruth Thomas 1912 75 Hilton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Marjorie M Thomas 1924 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas 1818 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Nesta Rosalind Thomas 1918 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Rachel Thomas
Ray Thomas
Thomas Thomas 1759 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
William Thomas Somerton, Somerset, England
Albert Frederick Thompson 1859 Pimlico, London, England
Albert Henry Thompson Brockley, Kent, England
Annie Thompson
Annie Thompson
Annie Christina Thompson 1892 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Bertram Atkinson Thompson 1930 Meriden, Warwickshire, England
Betty Thompson 1910 Pennsylvania, USA
Bradley Thompson
Cyril Paul Thompson Brockley, Kent, England
Donald Thompson
Edward Thompson
Edward Thompson 1794
Fanny Thompson
Frank Thompson
Frederick George Thompson Brixton, London, England
Gary Thompson 1982 Easington, County Durham, England
George Thompson Ireland
George Thompson
Gordon Wallace Thompson
Graeme Vladimir Thompson
Jane Thompson
Jane Thompson 1827 Ireland
Janet Thompson 1954 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
John Thompson
Kathlene Rose Thompson 1907 Brockley, Kent, England
Lynette Thompson 1967 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Marguerite Charlotte Thompson Brockley, Kent, England
Mary Ann Thompson 1852 Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, Ontraio, Canada
Nesta Eileen Thompson 1914 Saffron Walden, Essex, England
Reginald John Thompson Brockley, Kent, England
Robert Chambers Thompson 1893 Sunderland, County Durham, England
Steven Thompson
William Thompson
William J Thompson
Winifred Maud Thompson Brixton, London, England
Adrian Philip Thomson 1933 Battersea, London, England
Anthony Graham Thomson 1929 Wandsworth, London, England
Benjamin James Ludwick Thomson 2006 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Caroline Thomson
Daughter Thomson
Daughter Thomson
David Kenneth Roy Thomson 1957
Harold George Thomson 1902
Kenneth Roy Thomson 1923 North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Lynne Thomson 1959
Mary Elisabeth Thomson
Neata D Thomson
Peter John Thomson 1965
Roy Herbert Thomson 1894 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Alec Thorn
Herbert W Thorn
Horace Harvey Thorn 1898 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Agnes Dorothy Thorne 1892 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Alice Beatrice Thorne
Ann Anthony Thorne 1813 Swimbridge, Devon, England
Ann Van Straubenzer Thorne 1825 Teignmouth, Devon, England
Arnold Thorne 1843 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Betty Thorne 1757 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Brian Thorne 1894 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Eliza Ann Thorne
Elizabeth Thorne 1819 Swimbridge, Devon, England
Elizabeth Thorne
Emma Ellen Thorne 1878 Hornsey, London, England
George Thorne 1785 Landkey, Devon, England
George Anthony Thorne 1819 Swimbridge, Devon, England
George Van Straubenzer Thorne 1820 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harman Thorne 1886 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Harriet Thorne 1823 South Molton, Devon, England
Harry Thorne 1880 Hornsey, London, England
Henry Arnold T. Thorne 1881 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Henry King Thorne 1811 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Hugh Thorne 1890 Barnstaple, Devon, England
John Thorne 1789
John Thorne
Mabel Florence Thorne 1881 Mariposa Township, Ontario, Canada
Mary Thorne 1815 Swimbridge, Devon, England
Mary Lucy Thorne 1884 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Priscilla Thorne 1838 South Molton, Devon, England
Robert Thorne 1851 Tiverton, Devon, England
Robert Thorne
Susan Thorne
Walter Thorne
William Thorne 1821 Swimbridge, Devon, England
William Thorne 1813 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Henry Thorne 1883 Barnstaple, Devon, England
James Thornton 1930 Poplar, London, England
James Thornton 1902 Mile End Old Town, London, England
Sharon Thornton 1957 Bromley by Bow, London, England
Susan Linda Thornton 1959 Poplar, London, England
Emily Martha Thoroughgood 1882
Lovey Mapel Ida Thorp
Annie Phillips Thorpe 1862 Horsham, Sussex, England
Ellen Thorpe 1863 Horsham, Sussex, England
Henry Phillips Thorpe 1832 Horsham, Sussex, England
Jane Thorpe 1861 Horsham, Sussex, England
Kathleen Mary Thorpe 1867 Horsham, Sussex, England
Lizzie Thorpe 1868 Horsham, Sussex, England
Lilly Malene Thorstvedt Stavenger, Norway
Ann Thyer
Adam Christopher Tibbs 1959 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emma Sara Tibbs 1989 Redditch, Worcestershire, England
Harold Ernest Tibbs 1930 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lawrence Christopher Tibbs 1992 Redditch, Worcestershire, England
John Ticehurst 1779 Brighton, Sussex, England
Mary Ticehurst 1780 Brighton, Sussex, England
Thomas ticehurst
Thomas Ticehurst
Amy Tidboald 1890 Compton Gifford, Devon, England
Charles H Tidboald 1885 Compton Gifford, Devon, England
Frances M Tidboald 1887 Compton Gifford, Devon, England
George G Tidboald 1888 Compton Gifford, Devon, England
Jane Tidboald 1819 Poughill, Devon, England
John Tidboald 1861 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Mary Ann Tidboald 1855 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Tidboald 1857 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Tidboald 1829 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
William Tidboald
William H Tidboald 1884 Compton Gifford, Devon, England
Daughter Tiffany
Son Tiffany
William Tiffany 1895
Anna Maria Smith Tiley
Kimberly Tilford
Irmgard Timm
Karjorie Grace Timmis
Alma Irene Tims 1878 Manvers Township, Ontario, Canada
William Henry Tims Canada
Frances Myrtle Tindale
Rachel J Tingle
George Henry Tipper 1892 Brentwood, Essex, England
Janice Tipper 1942 Croydon, Surrey, England
Constance Mary Tipson 1888 Holborn, London, England
Edward Rene Tipson 1904 Camberwell, London, England
Elizabeth Joanna Tipson 1892 Holborn, London, England
Frances Minnie Tipson 1895 Camberwell, London, England
Frederick Charles Tipson 1898 Camberwell, London, England
Henry George S Tipson 1890 Holborn, London, England
Henry Samson Tipson 1812 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Hilda Agnes Tipson 1894 Holborn, London, England
Margaret Amy Tipson 1907 Camberwell, London, England
Samson Tipson 1862 London, England
Mary Ann Ellen Titcombe 1883
Mary Ann Tobey
Elizabeth Todd USA
Eugene Todd
Jennifer Todd USA
Priscilla Todd USA
Rowland Todd 1887
Audrey M. Tolcher 1922 Tavistock, Devon, England
Clifford Russell Tolcher 1925 Tavistock, Devon, England
Frank Ieuan Tolcher 1913 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Geoffrey Brian Tolcher 1933 Crediton, Devon, England
Harold Arthur Tolcher 1915 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Henry Tolcher 1859 South Brent, Devon, England
Jacqueline Tolcher 1946 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Jo-Anne Tolcher 1961 Exeter, Devon, England
Linda Jane Tolcher 1957 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Tolcher 1938 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Pamela Anne Tolcher 1954 Plymouth, Devon, England
Patrick James Tolcher 1953 Lymington, Hampshire, England
William Arthur Tolcher 1909 Dartmouth, Devon, England
William J. Tolcher 1965 Exeter, Devon, England
William Winsor Tolcher 1882 Brixham, Devon, England
Winifred Isabel Tolcher 1912 Yeovil, Somerset, England
George W Tolfree
Mark Inkerman Toll
Teresa Toll 1898 Templeton, Quebec, Canada
Florence I Tomlinson
Tom Toms 1884 Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
Anastasia Tomson
Boris Tomson
Maria Tomson
Tatjana Tomsons 1938 Daugavpils, Latvia
Emma Theresa Tonkin 1890 North Norwood, London, England
William Tonkin Ireland
Albert Toogood
David W Toogood 1960 Taunton, Somerset, England
Dennis Toogood 1928 Langford Budville, Somerset, England
Dorothy Toogood 1929
Frank Toogood
Gladys Mabel Toogood 1911 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Kenneth Toogood 1924 Langford Budville, Somerset, England
Mary Eve Toogood 1927 Langford Budville, Somerset, England
Michael J Toogood 1958 Taunton, Somerset, England
Nicola J Toogood 1964 Taunton, Somerset, England
Olive Elizabeth Toogood 1926
John Tooke
Rachael C Tooke
Elizabeth Alice Tooms 1874 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Frederick Tooms 1850 Dunnington, Lincolnshire, England
Henry Tooms 1819 Dunnington, Lincolnshire, England
Anna Eliza Tooze 1850 Tiverton, Devon, England
Charles Tooze 1872 Huish Champflower, Somerset, England
Charles William Tooze 1908 Washfield, Devon, England
Edmund Tooze 1827 Taunton, Somerset, England
Frederick Tooze 1905 Washfield, Devon, England
John Tooze 1903 Withleigh, Devon, England
Nellie Jane Tooze 1901 Loxbeare, Devon, England
William Tooze
Mary Torrington
Charity Tout 1810 Templeton, Devon, England
William Tout
Husband Towers
Jane Towers 1846 Aslockton, Nottinghamshire, England
Page Towers
Georgina Townend 1976 England
John Townsend
John Townsend
Sarah Townsend
Mika Toyoda Japan
Ann Trapp
Ellis Trapp
Elsie Helena Trapp 1887 Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, England
Frederick John Trapp 1860 Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire, England
Olive Trappitt 1881 Hackney, London, England
William Joseph Trappitt
Ann Trask 1863 Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Elsie Henrietta Trask 1883 Kingsdown, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
John Trask 1855 Marylebone, London, England
John Trask 1804 Exeter, Devon, England
John Trask
John Trask 1781 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Joseph Trask 1814 Merriott, Somerset, England
Joseph Henry Trask 1865 49 Albert Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Margaret Trask 1803 Merriott, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Trask 1867 Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Mathias Trask
Sidney Frank Trask 1892 Norwich, Norfolk, England
Sophia Trask 1834 Chard, Somerset, England
Walter John Trask
Walter John Trask 1855 Stepney, London, England
Edward Trasler 1886 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Mary Trasler
Emma Huxtable Trawin 1854 South Molton, Devon, England
Mary Trawin 1851 South Molton, Devon, England
William Trawin
Arthur Allan Treadwell
Millet Hazel Louise Treadwell
Roy Maurice Treadwell
William T Treadwell 1877 England
Malena Ellen Treatt 1825
Thomas Tredwell
James Treloar
Richard Henry Treloar 1854 South Australia, Australia
Charles Henry Tremlett Exeter, Devon, England
Marion Jane Tremlett 1879 Exeter, Devon, England
Evelyn Trevithick
Elizabeth Tricarco 1917 Staten Island, New York, USA
William Trick
Lubova Trifonova 1934 Riga, Latvia
Brian A C Trim 1960 Honiton, Devon, England
Henry Trim 1845
Joel Malachi A Trim 2001 Exeter, Devon, England
John Trim 1847
John Trim
Lewis William D Trim 1996 Exeter, Devon, England
Rikki Jordan C Trim 1994 Exeter, Devon, England
Sarah Trim 1783 Membury, Devon, England
Sarah Margaret P. Trim 1849
Kathleen Nancy G Trimmer 1911 Wandsworth, London, England
George Tripe 1804 Dawlish, Devon, Englamd
Mary Tripe 1840 Alphington, Devon, England
Charles Trippett 1672
Elizabeth Trippett 1704 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Joanna Trippett 1714 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
John Trippett 1678 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Trippett 1703 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Trippett 1719 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Trippett 1674 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Perry Trippett 1711 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Trippett 1642
Richard Trippett 1686 Awre, Gloucestershire, England
Richard Trippett
Benjamin Isaac Truck 1977 Polk County, Iowa, USA
Martha Trudgian 1865
Daughter Truman
Kenneth Henry Truman
Arthur Miles Trumpour 1919
Daughter Trumpour
Hiley Trumpour
Miles Trumpour
Roy Bartlett Trumpour 1920 Tweed, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Son Trumpour 1934 Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Tannis Kristine Trumpour 1947 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fred Trussell 1860 Brighton, Sussex, England
James Owen Trussell 1890 London, England
James Albert Truswell 1878 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Jane Elizabeth Truswell 1910 3 Anandale Place, Park Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
John Tuck
Mary Ann Tuck 1870 Walworth, London, England
Adam John Tucker 1991 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Alice Joan Tucker 1932 New York, New York, USA
Ann Tucker
Arthur Tucker 1894 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Percy Tucker 1915 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Avis Jessie Tucker 1919 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Bernice Eleanor Tucker 1903 Bethel, Minnesota, USA
Bertha Carrol Tucker 1906
Blanche Emma Tucker 1910 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Tucker 1888 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Catherine Frances Tucker 1913 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Cathryn Esther Tucker 1902 Bethel, Minnesota, USA
Charles Tucker 1834
Charles E Tucker 1910 Staten Island, New York, USA
Charles H Tucker 1874 Wandsworth, London, England
Charles J Tucker 1940 Staten Island, New York, USA
Charles William Tucker 1850 Lambeth, London, England
Charlotte Ann Tucker 1976 Exeter, Devon, England
Child Tucker
Christine Tucker 1940 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Daisy Annie Tucker 1891 Bedminster, Somerset, England
daughter Tucker
Daughter Tucker
Daughter Tucker
Dianne Gloria Tucker 1946 New York, New York, USA
Doreen Tucker 1929 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Doris May Tucker 1918 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Dorothy Louisa Tucker 1913 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Edward Henry Tucker 1854 Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, England
Edwin A Tucker 1910 New York, New York, USA
Edwin H Tucker 1890 New York, New York, USA
Edwin Zachariah Tucker 1853 Lambeth, London, England
Edwin Zachariah Mortram Tucker 1828 Lambeth, London, England
Elizabeth Tucker 1939 Staten Island, New York, USA
Elizabeth Tucker
Ellen Harriet Tucker 1872 Camberwell, London, England
Emily Tucker 1886 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Emily Florence Mavoureen Tucker 1909
five sons Tucker
Francis Eric Tucker 1941 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
George Bertie Tucker 1903 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
George Francis Tucker 1916 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
George Henry Tucker 1883 Bedminster, Somerset, England
George Selwyn Tucker 1874 Hassan, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Gertrude Susan Tucker 1918 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Grace Emily Tucker 1885 16 Mary Street, Bedminster, Somerset, England
Gwendoline M Tucker 1916 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Harold Charles Tucker 1903 New York, New York, USA
Harriet Tucker 1900 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Tucker 1898 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Tucker
Ivy Tucker 1931 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Jacqueline P Tucker 1937 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Michael Tucker 1983 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Jane Tucker 1822 Halberton, Devon, England
Jane Tucker 1814 Shaldon St Nicholas, Devon, England
Joan Tucker 1730
John Tucker 1927 New York, New York, USA
John Tucker
John Tucker 1884 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
John Edward Tucker 1911 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Tucker 1882 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Tucker 1838 Ellboard Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Joseph Reed Tucker 1911 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Josephine Ann Tucker 1938 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Josephine Elizabeth Tucker 1907 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Katherine Tucker
Kathleen Tucker 1904
Kevin R Tucker 1953 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lillie Louisa Ellen Tucker 1880 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lily Tucker 1904 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Lily Joyce Tucker 1927 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Margaret Evelyn Tucker 1920 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Marjorie Tucker 1920
Mark Tucker 1923 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Mark Tucker 1858 West Street, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Mark Tucker 1890 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Tucker 1809 Minster, Kent, England
Mary Anna Maria Tucker 1798 Devonport, Devon, England
Mary Elizabeth Tucker 1900 Bethel, Minnesota, USA
Mary Louise Tucker 1938 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Michael David Tucker 1961 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Michael Desmond Tucker 1934 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Nora Arden Tucker 1906 Westminster, London, England
Patricia Amy Tucker 1921 Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Raymond Tucker 1926 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Raymond Tucker 1915 New York, New York, USA
Reginald Henry Tucker 1907 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Robert Tucker 1897 Brook Cottage, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Rose Anna Tucker 1905 Craik, Saskatchewan, Canada
Rosie Elizabeth Tucker 1881 Croydon, Surrey, England
Roy Sandford Tucker 1908 Saskatchewan, Canada
Sarah Tucker 1780 Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, England
Son Tucker
son Tucker
Son Tucker
son Tucker
Steven A Tucker 1950 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Stewart John Tucker 1952 Lympstone, Devon, England
Thomas Tucker 1892 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
two daughters Tucker
Unknown Tucker
Violet Tucker 1906 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Walter W Tucker 1918 New York, New York, USA
William Tucker 1896 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
William Tucker
William Tucker 1767 Witheridge, Devon, England
William Henry Tucker 1909 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
William Henry Tucker 1872 Westminster, London, England
William Joseph Tucker 1878 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Winifred Lenore Tucker 1912 New York, New York, USA
Herbert S Tuckfield 1944 Greenwich, London, England
Margaret I Tuckfield 1946 Greenwich, London, England
Sian Louise Tuckfield 1979 Greenwich, London, England
William E Tuckfield 1938 Woolwich, London, England
William Langman Tuckfield 1902 Greenwich, London, England
Gary M Tudge 1965 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Kim S Tudge 1961 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Michael S Tudge
Arthur Tudor 1486
Edmund Tudor 1499
Edward Tudor 1501
Edward VI Tudor 1537 Hampton Court Palace, Kingston-upon-Thames, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth I Tudor 1533 Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London, England
Henry VII Tudor
Henry VIII Tudor 1491 Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London, England
Jasper Pembroke Tudor 1431 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England
Katherine Tudor 1503
Margaret Tudor 1489
Mary I Tudor 1516 Greenwich Palace, Greenwich, London, England
Mary Rose Tudor 1496
Owen Tudor
Ann Anna Tugwell
Ann Tully 1752 Capel, Surrey, England
Hannah Tully 1750 Capel, Surrey, England
John Tully
John Tully
Martha Tully 1744 Capel, Surrey, England
Mary Tully 1745 Capel, Surrey, England
Ruth Tully 1742 Capel, Surrey, England
Samuel Tully 1748
Vu Xuan Tung Hanoi Hai Phong Hau Giang, Vietnam
Anne E Turberville 1945 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Rowland Trevor Turberville 1914 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Mary Ann Eliza Turbyfield 1831 Shoreditch, London, England
William Turbyfield 1805 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
George Turk 1801 Gloucestershire, England
Maria Ann Turk 1833 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Ada C Turner 1857 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Ann Turner 1746 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Turner 1845 Bloomsbury, London, England
Ann Turner 1792 Tiverton, Devon, England
Arthur Turner 1886 Friern Barnet, London, England
Arthur Alfred Turner 1870 Bloomsbury, London, England
Arthur John Turner 1852 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Caroline Turner 1850 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Caroline Mary Turner 1968 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Charles Herbert Turner 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Daughter Turner
Daughter Turner
Daughter Turner
Daughter Turner
Doris Minnie Turner 1913
Duncan K M Turner
Duncan Keith M Turner 1923 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Edward James Turner 1885
Edwin John Turner 1910
Edwin Weale Turner 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Edwin Weale Turner 1826 Islington, London, England
Eliza Turner 1842 London, England
Elizabeth Ann Turner 1899 Lambeth, London, England
Elizabeth Ann Turner 1863 Bloomsbury, London, England
Elizabeth E Turner 1936 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Emily Louisa Turner 1867 Holborn, London, England
Emily Marie Turner 1903
Emma E Turner 1893 Chatham, Kent, England
Emma Elizabeth Turner 1870 Chatham, Kent, England
Ernest Arthur Turner 1895 St Pancras, London, England
Ethel Lilian Turner 1896 St Pancras, London, England
Fanny Caroline Turner 1884 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Florence Rebecca Turner 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Turner 1844 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Turner 1892 Friern Barnet, London, England
George Turner 1841 Bloomsbury, London, England
George Turner 1851
George Arthur Butler Turner 1893 Lambeth, London, England
George Henry Turner 1875 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
George Henry Turner 1899
Hannah Turner 1862 Chatham, Kent, England
Harriet Fanny Ann Turner 1847 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Helen R Turner
Henry Turner 1805 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Turner 1850 Somers Town, London, England
Henry Thomas Turner 1931
Husband Turner
Iris D Turner 1931 St Pancras, London, England
James Turner
James Turner 1817 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Turner 1842 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
James Turner 1864 Chatham, Kent, England
James Turner 1797 Shoreditch, London, England
Jane Turner
John Turner 1828 Bloomsbury, London, England
Joseph Turner 1830 Bloomsbury, London, England
Joseph Turner 1873 Bloomsbury, London, England
Joseph William Turner 1834 Bury Street, Bloomsbury, London, England
Kate Beatrice Turner 1900 Chatham, Kent, England
Lilian Madeline Turner 1890 Lambeth, London, England
Lilian May Turner 1905 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Lillian Mary Anne Turner 1859 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Margaret Augusta Turner 1857 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Margaret Sybil Turner 1887 Lambeth, London, England
Mary Turner 1836 Bloomsbury, London, England
Mary Ann Turner 1888 Friern Barnet, London, England
Mary Ann Turner 1852 Somers Town, London, England
Mary Ann Ellen Turner 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Michael D Turner
Robert Turner 1866 Chatham, Kent, England
Robert Louis Turner 1880 Barnet, London, England
Robert Stewart Turner 1966 Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Sarah Ellen Turner 1873 Chatham, Kent, England
Sarah Laura Turner 1895 Lambeth, London, England
Sarah Laura Turner 1839 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Son Turner
Son Turner
Son Turner
Son Turner
Son Turner
Taylor or Turner
Thomas Turner 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Turner 1863 Chatham, Kent, England
Thomas Price Turner
Victor Turner 1894 Stockland, Devon, England
Victoria Turner 1973
William Turner 1868 Chatham, Kent, England
William Turner 1808 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Turner 1870 Bloomsbury, London, England
William Turner 1784 Tiverton, Devon, England
David H Tustian 1921 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Dinah Mary Tustian 1927 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Harry N Tustian 1944 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Justin Tustian 1861 Milcombe, Oxfordshire, England
Justin Allen Tustian 1923 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Justin Henry Tustian 1887 Milcombe, Oxfordshire, England
Margaret B Tustian 1918 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Michael D Tustian 1945 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Mary Ann Tutchings
Bride Tutton
Mary Ann Twells 1851 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Daughter two 2009
Arthur Sidney Twose 1908 Teigngrace, Devon, England
Brian Twose 1933 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Christopher Donald Twose 1961 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Donald Frank Twose 1929 Exeter, Devon, England
Dorothy Ida Twose 1912 Teigngrace, Devon, England
Elsie Twose 1915 Teigngrace, Devon, England
Frank Twose 1905 Coffinswell, Devon, England
Fred Twose 1902 Rackenford, Devon, England
Henry Percy Twose 1907 Teigngrace, Devon, England
Jillian M Twose 1956 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Linda A Twose 1951 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Mary Rose Twose 1909 Teigngrace, Devon, England
Nicholas J Twose 1959 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Richard S Twose 1963 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Sarah Irene Twose 1904 Coffinswell, Devon, England
Sylvia Twose 1938 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Thomas Twose 1841 Wellington, Somerset, England
Wilfred John Twose 1910 Teigngrace, Devon, England
William Twose 1870 Rackenford, Devon, England
William Thomas Twose 1900 Rackenford, Devon, England
Winifred Twose 1902 Rackenford, Devon, England
George Tyler
Hannah Maria Tyler 1876 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Harriet Elizabeth Tyler 1853 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Tyrell
Elizabeth TYRRELL
Elza Ucelnieks 2001 Riga, Latvia
Guntis Ucelnieks 1972
Linda Ucelnieks 1999 Riga, Latvia
Mara Ucelnieks 2002 Riga, Latvia
Ann Udy 1808 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Catherine Udy 1740 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Catherine Udy 1692 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Hart Udy 1715
Henry Udy 1718
Henry Udy
Jane Udy 1690 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Udy 1709 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
John Udy 1650 St Issey, Cornwall, England
William Udy
William Udy 1768 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Marlene Helen Ulfig 1945 Detroit, Michigan, USA
Raymond Ulfig
Caroline Emily Ullmer 1868 Brixton, London, England
Derek H Ullmer 1932 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Edith Agnes Ullmer 1870 Hammersmith, London, England
Edwin Ullmer 1818 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Edwin F Harold Ullmer 1900 Clerkenwell, London, England
Edwin Sylvester Ullmer 1864 Brixton, London, England
Florence Marie Eva Ullmer 1872 Camberwell, London, England
Frederick Ullmer
Frederick William Ullmer 1866 Brixton, London, England
Hilda Agnes Ullmer 1902 Clerkenwell, London, England
Kenneth John Ullmer 1937 Edmonton, Middlesex, England
Lydia Agnes Ullmer 1898 Islington, London, England
Michael C Ullmer 1957 Hendon, London, England
William Ullmer
Adela Umbers 1846 Greeba, Isle of Man
Alfred Charles Umbers 1839 Greeba, Isle of Man
Clarisse Umbers 1906 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Harold Cooper Umbers 1880 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
John Umbers 1849 London, England
Jacqueline M Uncles
Frank Underdown 1875 Colyton, Devon, England
Ivy M Underdown 1917 Axminster, Devon, England
Jesse Underdown 1836 Hinton St George, Somerset, England
Alan John Underhill 1952 Devon, England
Esme Irene Underhill 1910 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Martin John Underhill 1982 Devon, England
Mary Underhill 1776
Mary Southcoate Underhill 1789
George William Underwood
Janet Underwood 1874
Mary Lucrecia Underwood 1873 Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
Unknown Father
Ann Harriet Upham 1831 Bradninch, Devon, England
Betty E Upham 1922 Oregon, USA
Bruce Upham 1870 Silverton, Devon, England
Bruce Upham 1876 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Cecil Henry Upham 1889 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Charles Neil Upham 1893 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Child Upham
Clifford Scott Upham 1896 Oregon, USA
Daughter Upham
Doris Evelyn Upham
Earl Francis Upham 1892 Oregon, USA
Edith Annie Upham 1901 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edmund George Upham 1901 Nant-y-Moel, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward Upham 1917 Oregon, USA
Eleanor Frances Upham 1895 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Elizabeth Upham
Elizabeth Upham 1798 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Upham 1842 Silverton, Devon, England
Elsa Patricia Upham
Ethel Upham 1892 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Ethel E Upham 1888 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Francis Upham 1860 Bampton, Devon, England
Francis Upham 1838 Silverton, Devon, England
Francis Upham 1795 Uplowman, Devon, England
Frank Upham 1866 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
George Upham 1872
George Upham 1901 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
George Nix Upham 1824
George William Upham 1868 Silverton, Devon, England
Gladys M Upham 1898 Oregon, USA
Harriett Upham 1801 Uplowman, Devon, England
Henry Scott Upham 1866 Silverton, Devon, England
Jane Thomas Upham 1837 Silverton, Devon, England
Jean Upham 1931 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Joan Upham 1931 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
John Upham 1789 Tiverton, Devon, England
John Upham
John Upham 1836 Bradninch, Devon, England
John Scott Upham Silverton, Devon, England
Kenneth W Upham 1926 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Lillian E Upham 1889 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Mable Fanny Upham 1896 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Margaret Upham 1870 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Margaret Frances Upham 1878 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Mark William Upham 1866 Silverton, Devon, England
Mark William Upham 1894 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Mary Ann Upham 1793 Clayhanger, Devon, England
Mary Ann Upham 1862 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Minnie Upham 1898 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Pearl Irene Upham 1899 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Percival John Upham 1899 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Raymond Upham 1913 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Richard D Upham 1912 Oregon, USA
Roger Alan Upham 1939 Oregon, USA
Sarah Upham 1804 Uplowman, Devon, England
Sarah Jane Upham 1826
Son Upham
Susan Upham 1841 Silverton, Devon, England
Susan Upham 1800 Uplowman, Devon, England
Susan Upham 1864 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Sydney Eric Upham 1909 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
Three Daughters Upham
Wife Upham
Wilfred Upham 1887 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
William Upham
William Upham 1869 Ararat, Victoria, Australia
William Upham 1759 Devon, England
William Upham 1831 Bradninch, Devon, England
William C Upham 1920 Oregon, USA
William Ephraim Upham 1791 Clayhanger, Devon, England
William Marcus Upham 1896 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
John Alfred Upton
Olive Orme Upton 1901 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Catherine Philippa Urquhart 1907
James Blair Urquhart 1876 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
James Kyle Urquhart
Augusta Emma Uttermare
Florence Lilla Uttermare 1865 Fivehead, Somerset, England
Richard Uttermare
Ann Vague 1779 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Jennifer Vague 1797 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Vague 1781 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
John Vague 1748 Luxulyan, Cornwall, England
Mary Vague 1785 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Robert Vague
Robert Vague 1792 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Thomas Vague 1789 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
William Vague 1780 Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Pilar Vall
George Vallance
Violet Daisy Vallance 1912 Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Vallenius Finland ?
Charles Ernest Valler
Lilian Beatrice Valler 1909 Barnsbury, London, England
Jennifer Van Dent
Husband van der Berg
Son van der Berg
Sylvia Mary Van Heekeren 1920 Marrickville, NSW, Australia
Ann Van Straubenzer 1785 Wakefield, Yorkshire, England
Kathy Van Vliet
Anthony Christopher John Nérée Vander Elst 1949 Salisbury, Rhodesia
Arwen Genevieve Zélie Melville Vander Elst 1987 Hammersmith, London, England
Gaston-Jean Vander Elst
Nérée Blanche Paul Vander Elst 1911 Brussels, Belgium
Philip Denis Andrew Nérée Vander Elst 1951 Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England
Martha Jane Vandercook
Elizabeth Vanstone
Ida Vardy
Oksana Varlamova
Velta Varslavans 1931
Beth Vary
George Alexander Vary
George Richard Vary
Jason Vary
John Angus Vary 1949 Timmins, Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada
Lynne Marie Vary
Neil Vary
Patricia Ann Vary
Ronald Alexander Vary 1894 Ispheming, Michigan, USA
Sharon Lee Vary
Diana Vasiljeva 1979 Latvia
Karen M. Vass
Daniel W Vaughan 1822 Islington, London, England
Myrtle Vaughan 1868 Folkestone, Kent, England
Temperance Vaughan 1862 Baseley, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas J Vaughan
Bridgett Vaulx
Nicholas Vaulx
Joan Vaux
Irma Veidemanis 1919 'Rikopole', Kaunati, Latgala, Latvia
Martins Veidemanis
Martins Roberts Veidemanis 1882 'Liepnieki', Elksni parish, Zemgale, Latvia
Ann Vellacott 1783 Heanton Puncharden, Devon, England
Helena Agnes Vellacott
John Vellacott
Alexander Thomas Venables 1990 Knowsley, Lancashire, England
Charles Duncan Venables 1963 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Charlotte Paige Venables
Gregory Stanton Venables 1965 Ormskirk, Lancashire, England
Rylie Venables
Thomas William Venables 1932
Vanessa Rose Venables 1993 Knowsley, Lancashire, England
Alice Constance Winifred Venn 1882 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Esau Venn 1839
Henry Venn 1856 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Mary Venn
Caroline Venner 1825 Stoodleigh, Devon, England
Cassie B Vennevy 1901 New York, USA
Isaac Vennevy
Joaquin Vera 2007 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Valentin Rene Vera 1962 La Paz, Bolivia
Joyce Margaret Verbeyst 1918 Long Ashton, Somerset, England
Georgette Verhagge
Ann VERNEY 1539 Pendley, Buckinghamshire, England
Edmund Verney 1596
Edmund Verney
Edward Verney
Francis Verney
Jane Verney
John Verney
Ralph VERNEY 1510
Ralph Verney
Richard Verney
Urian Verney
John Vernon
Marion Vernon 1866 Forest Hill, Kent, England
Agnes Veysey 1681 Templeton, Devon, England
Alexander Veysey 1662 Oakford, Devon, England
Anne Veysey 1671 Oakford, Devon, England
Anstice Veysey 1680 Templeton, Devon, England
George Veysey 1668 Oakford, Devon, England
Honour Veysey 1665 Oakford, Devon, England
Jane Veysey 1700 Oakford, Devon, England
Joan Veysey 1650 Oakford, Devon, England
John Veysey 1707 Oakford, Devon, England
John Veysey 1698 Oakford, Devon, England
John Veysey 1657 Oakford, Devon, England
Margaret Veysey 1651 Oakford, Devon, England
Robert Veysey 1654 Oakford, Devon, England
Robert Veysey 1696 Oakford, Devon, England
Robert Veysey 1660 Oakford, Devon, England
Susanna VEYSEY 1655 Oakford, Devon, England
Dorothy Vicaridge 1661
Elizabeth Vicaridge
John Vicaridge 1655
Mary Vicaridge 1659
William Vicaridge
Mary Elizabeth Vicary 1839 South Molton, Devon, England
Edward Vickers
Elizabeth May Vickers 1898 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Florence Vickers 1910 Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
Kathleen M Vickers 1926 Liskeard, Cornwall, England
William Vickers Stonebroom, Derbyshire, England
William Vickers 1874 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Joseph Vickery 1770
Maria Vickery 1803 Luxborough, Somerset, England
Antoinette Vidal
Joel Simon Vieira 1986 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Tracey D Viggers
Jaime Vila 1973
Jaime Vila
Juan Vila 1976
Zenon Balaguer Vilanova 2002 Sant Vicenc de Montalt, Spain
Wife Villasenor
Agnis Vilnis 1967 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Andrejs Vilnis 2006 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Kristaps Vilnis 2000 Talsis, Kurzemi, Latvia
Edward John Vincent 1920 Stockland, Devon, England
Edward Mons Bertram George Vincent
Felicity E E Vincent 1964 Exeter, Devon, England
Ida Vincent 1892 Hickling, Norfolk, England
Lilian Etta Ada Vincent 1899 Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Michael Vincent 1947 St Ives, Cornwall, England
Pamela Jean Vincent 1971 Truro, Cornwall, England
Paul Mark Vincent 1975 Penzance, Cornwall, England
Robert Austic Vincent 1855 Hickling, Norfolk, England
Sidney Vincent
Ada Mary Vine 1884 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Thomas Vine
Priscilla Vines 1876 Carphilly, Glamorgan, Wales
Albert John Viney 1843
Kate Viney 1875 Stapleford, Wiltshire, England
Honour Vinnie
Ann Vint 1806 London, England
Dorothy Vipond 1832 Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England
James Virgo
William James Virgo 1871 Sundridge, Kent, England
daughter Virza
Nynke Vis
Elenora Vitols 2015 Riga, Latvia
Gints Vitols 1980 Riga, Latvia
Imanuels Vitols 2013 Riga, Latvia
Elizabeth Vivian 1835 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ralph Hornby Vivian
Wife Vivian
Margaret Vodden
William Voight 1854 USA
Agnes maude Vollett
Alexandra von Gaudetz 1883 Petrowsk, Russia
Peter von Gaudetz
Spiridon von Gaudetz
von Kussov
Ottilia von Ramberg
Maria von Rimscha 1945 Paddington, London, England
Michael Friedrich von Rimscha 1914 Riga, Latvia
Paul Friedrich von Rimscha 1893
Mary Votier
Elizabeth Vowler 1796 Pyworthy, Devon, England
John Vowler 1757
John Vowler
John Vowler
Mary Vowler
Mary Anne Vowler
Margaret Annie Waddington 1909 Brighouse, Yorkshire, England
Alexa Amber Wade 2007 Ilminster, Somerset, England
David Wade 1946 Taunton, Somerset, England
John Wade
John David Wade 1974 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Sarah Wade
John Wadley 1724
Samuel Wadley
Samuel Wadley 1721 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
David Wadsworth
Eleanor Wadsworth
Elizabeth Wadsworth
James Wadsworth
Michael Wadsworth
Susan Wadsworth
Elsa Aileen Wager 1909
Caroline Waikelin
Gordon Kenneth Marcus Wainwright 1914
Mary Elizabeth Wainwright
Wife Wainwright
Cara Jo Waite 1976 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Kenneth R Waite
Kerry Jane Waite 1980 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Mother Wake
Charles John Wakefield 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Gertrude Wakefield 1869 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England
Sarah A. Wakefield 1839
Vida Wakefield 1872 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England
Mary Wakley 1737 Lanlivery, Cornwall, England
Hannah Elizabeth Waldeck 1877 Norfolk, Ontario, Canada
Father Walder
Wife Walder
Elizabeth Wales
Elizabeth WALES
Andrea J Walker
Ann Walker
Charlotte Walker County Cork, Ireland
Dorothy Walker 1846 Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Elizabeth Walker 1871 Brixton, London, England
Elizabeth Walker 1863 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Walker 1671
Elizabeth Walker 1812 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Elizabeth Hannah Walker 1905
Emma Walker
George Corbyn Walker
Irene Walker
John Blake Walker
Mary Walker 1793 Ditcheat, Somerset, England
Molly Walker
Peggy Walker
Sarah Walker 1864 Omrskirk, Lancashire, England
John Jeffries Wall
Mary Wall
Robin J Wall
Sallie Catherine Wall 1852 Tippah County, Mississippi, USA
Alexander T Wallace
Alfred Wallace
Alfred James Wallace
Beverly Ann Wallace 1937 Decker, Sanilac County, Michigan, USA
Danny Wallace
Daughter Wallace
Daughter Wallace
Debra Wallace
Donald Edmund Wallace 1914 Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, USA
Jack Duane Wallace 1939 Cass City, Tuscola County, Michigan, USA
Janet Grant Clark Wallace
Jeff Wallace
Marilyn Wallace
Mary Ann Wallace
Matilda Jane Wallace 1856 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Robert Wallace 1936 Michigan, USA
Sharon Wallace
Son Wallace
Son Wallace
Son Wallace
Edward Walland
Edward Walland 1825 Silverton, Devon, England
Edward B Walland 1857 Silverton, Devon, England
Francis Edward Walland 1852 Silverton, Devon, England
Thirza Jane Walland 1853 Silverton, Devon, England
Thomas M Walland 1856 Silverton, Devon, England
Ida Louise Waller 1883
Lydia Ann Waller 1838 Puddington, Devon, England
Maria Waller
William Waller
William Edmund Waller 1834 Puddington, Devon, England
Elizabeth Wallington 1787
John Wallington
Caroline Wallis 1836 Isle Abbots, Somerset, England
Eliza Wallis 1843 Low Ham, Somerset, England
Lucy Wallis 1810 High Ham, Somerset, England
Mary Wallis
Mary Jane Wallis 1837 Isle Abbots, Somerset, England
Thomas Wallis
Tom Wallis 1853 High Ham, Somerset, England
William Wallis 1814 High Ham, Somerset, England
Isaac Walpole 1830 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
Isaac Walpole 1802
Mary Ann Walpole 1828 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England
John Walsh
Julia M. Walsh 1804 Ireland
Michael Walsh
Ann Walshe 1515
Catherine Walshe 1510
John WALSHE 1450
John WALSHE 1485
Mabel WALSHE 1517
Margaret Walshe 1525
Maurice Walshe 1515 Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England
Grace Bell Walsworth
Thomasine Walter 1689 Witheridge, Devon, England
Agnes Walters 1781 Tiverton, Devon, England
Alfred Walters
Florence Ethel Walters 1869 Alverstoke, Hampshire, England
Harriett Walters
Husband Walters
Nellie Walters 1913 Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Sybella Damarell Walters 1865 Charleton, Devon, England
William Joseph Walters 1823 Slapton, Devon, England
Betty Walton 1919 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Brenda A Walton 1918 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Ernest J Walton 1885 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Geoffrey E Walton 1924 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
George Augustus Walton 1847 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Amy Lynn Wanamaker
Bertram Lloyd Wanamaker 1912
Hiram Wanamaker
Neil Bertram Wanamaker 1942 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Paul Wanamaker
Robert Wanamaker
William Hiram Wanamaker 1950 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Wife Wangel
Edwin Ward
Francis Ward 1835 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Francis Ward Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Grace Cotton Ward
James Ward 1840 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Kate Ward 1890
Margaret R Ward
Maurice M Ward
Robert Ward 1801 Buckinghamshire, England
Sarah Ward 1836 Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England
Sarah Ann Ward 1839 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Sarah Jane Ward 1861 Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire
Susannah Ward 1842 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Terry Lou Ward
Thomas James Ward 1834 Ledbury, Herefordshire, England
Jane Warder 1830 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Caroline Ware 1813 Stepney, London, England
Daniel Ware 1838 Drewsteignton, Devon, England
George Richard Lutwyche Ware
Isabel Caragh Ware
Jane Elizabeth Ware
Jonathan Guy Ware
Kevin Mark Ware
Lucy Diana Lutwyche Ware
Martin Patrick Ware
Matthew James Ware
Michael Charles Ware
Michael John Ware
Richard Charles Ware
Sarah Jane Ware
Stefan Jon Ware
Catherine Baylis Warman 1848 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Nellie G Warman 1921 Belvedere, Kent, England
Stephen S Warman
Abraham Warner 1786 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Eleanor Warner 1794 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Elizabeth Warner 1796 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Esther Warner 1788 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Esther Warner
Geoffrey Heegaard Warner 1889 Ramsgate, Kent, England
George Hemmings Warner 1856 Henley, Staffordshie, England
John Warner 1784 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
John Warner
John Warner 1761 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Marie Heegaard Warner 1881 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Martha Warner 1802 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Miriam Warner 1798 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Norman Steffen Heegaard Warner 1887 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Reginald George Heegaard Warner 1884 Ramsgate, Kent, England
Susannah Warner 1790 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
Emmaline Warney 1864 England
Emily Warr
Rosina A Warr
Aileen Warren
Albert Warren 1877 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Alfred Warren 1874 Taunton, Somerset, England
Amy Warren 1885 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Anthea Warren 1927 Barnet, London, England
David Warren 1931 Barnet, London, England
Elizabeth Mary Warren
Elizabeth Mary Warren
Etheline Warren 1889 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Frank W E Warren
George Warren
Helena Warren 1872 Taunton, Somerset, England
Holcombe H Warren 1894
Minnie Warren 1879 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Robert Warren 1882 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Robert H Warren
Thomas Warren 1870 West Monkton, Somerset, England
Thomas Helliker Warren 1817 Wellington, Somerset, England
William Warren 1886 Derby, Derbyshire, England
William Charles Warren 1846 West Monkton, Somerset, England
Ruth Warrington
Andrew Keith Washer 1951 London, England
Luberta H Washington
Frederick J Waterfall
Ronald Frederick Waterfall 1914 Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Winifred Joyce Waterfall 1917 Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Francis Mitchell Waterfield 1872 Tavistock, Devon, England
Mabel Waterfield 1909 Saltash, Cornwall, England
Lydia Elizabeth Waterman
Mary Waterman
Helen Waters
Gladys Waterson 1890
John Waterson
Fanny Watkin
George Henry Watkins
Jane Watkins 1871 Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales
Ann Harriett Watkinson 1880 Derby, Derbyshire, England
Isabella Watkinson 1825 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Richard Watkinson
Thomas Watkinson
Anne Watson
Elizabeth Craig Watson
Jane Watson
Jemina Sarah Watson 1855 Brimpton, Berkshire, England
Jeremy Watson
Joseph Watson
Laura Dinah Watson
Louis Benjamin Watson 1874 Bethnal Green, London, England
Mary Eva Watson
Matilda Elizabeth Watson 1897 Bethnal Green, London, England
Rowland Nevison Watson 1903
Susannah M Watson
Wife Watson
William Watson
Mona McCaugherty Watt 1925 Canada
Lawrence Watters
Mary Cecilia Watters 1919 Campbellford, Ontario, Canada
Harriett Watterson 1872 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Henry Watterson 1846 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Mary Watterson 1880 Isle of Man
Audrey Watts 1925 Williton, Somerset, England
Daughter Watts
Elizabeth Watts
Elizabeth Amelia Watts 1833
Isaac Watts 1836
Isaac Watts
Israel Watts
James Watts 1802 St Aurtle, Cornwall, England
James Charles Dicker Watts 1829
Jennifer Watts
John Watts 1830
John Frederick Watts 1926 Williton, Somerset, England
Lester John Watts 1894 Carhampton, Somerset, England
Pauline C Watts 1951 Exmoor, Somerset, England
Robert Watts
Robert C L Watts 1928 Williton, Somerset, England
Terence L Watts 1954 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Winifred Laura Watts 1923 Williton, Somerset, England
Charles Waygood 1890 Wellington, Somerset, England
Evelyn Waygood 1915 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
John Waygood 1866 Wellington, Somerset, England
John T Waygood 1913 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Susy A Waygood 1912 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Alfred Weale 1905 Mossley Hill, Lancashire, England
Alfred John Weale 1877 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Alfred Matthew Weale 1844 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Alice Weale 1652 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Annabella Weale 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Anne Weale 1659 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Anthony Weale 1812 Cork, County Cork, Ireland
Anthony Weale 1943 Ayershire, Scotland
Anthony Edward Weale 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Anthony Henry Weale 1817 Passage West, County Cork, Ireland
Arthur Weale 1905 Seaforth St Thomas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Bertha Weale 1906 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Charlotte Elizabeth Weale 1888 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Claretta E Weale 1898 24 Ashland Street, Malden, Massachusetts, USA
Doris Ellis Weale 1900 Seaforth, Lancashire, England
Edna Ellis Weale 1906 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Edward Weale 1749
Edward Weale 1972 Yorkshire, England
Edward Weale 1790 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Edward George Weale 1876 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Edward Hill Weale 1810 Cork, County Cork, Ireland
Edward Phillips Weale 1841 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Edward Taylor Weale 1785 Farnham, Surrey, England
Eleanor Weale 1697 St Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Eleanor Gardner Weale 1908 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth Weale 1989 USA
Elizabeth Weale 1693 St Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Elizabeth Weale 1724
Elizabeth Weale
Elizabeth Weale 1778 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Catherine Weale 1825
Ellen Weale 1818 Passage West, County Cork, Ireland
Ellen Louisa Weale 1880 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Emma S Weale 1871 Massachusetts, USA
Eric Ellis Weale 1903 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Fanny Weale
Fanny Weale 1787 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Frances WEALE 1782 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Freddie A Weale 1866 Cholora
Frederick Greville Weale 1834 Nova Scotia, Canada
Fulk Weale 1785 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Fulk Weale
Fulke Weale 1650
Fulke Weale 1732 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Fulke Richard Weale 1823 Passage West, County Cork, Ireland
George Weale Dublin, Ireland
George Weale
George Weale 1781 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
George WEALE 1724 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
George Weale 1827 Dublin, Ireland
George WEALE 1695 St Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
George WEALE 1621 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
George WEALE
George WEALE 1751 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
George Weale 1858
George Weale 1656 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
George Dupleix Weale 1897 Llanrwst, Denbighshire, Wales
George Dupleix Weale 1822 Oysterhaven, County Cork, Ireland
George Edward Taylor Weale 1750 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
George H P Weale 1874 Massachusetts, USA
Gertrude Weale 1901 Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Peter Weale 1847 Humphriss Street, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
James Anthony Weale 1873 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
James Harris Weale 1816 Passage West, County Cork, Ireland
James Henry Weale 1909 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Jane Weale 1786 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Jane Weale 1667 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
John Weale 1724 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
John Weale 1665 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
John Weale 1944 Dumfriesshire, Scotland
John Weale
John Weale 1614 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
June Anne Weale
Kenneth Morton Weale 1905 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
Macharinah Weale 1783 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Mackarinah Weale 1755 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Marca Weale
Maria Weale 1623 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Martha Elizabeth Weale 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mary Weale 1664 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Mary Weale 1820 Passage West, County Cork, Ireland
Mary Weale 1792 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Mary Weale 1949 Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland
Mary Weale
Mary E. Weale 1869 Massachusetts, USA
Mary Elizabeth Greville Weale 1836 Nova Scotia, Canada
Mary Ellen Weale 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Mary F Weale 1861 Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Molly Weale
Pequita M. Weale 1934 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Rebecca Weale 1974 Yorkshire, England
Samuel Morton Weale 1830 Chelsea, London, England
Sarah Weale 1988 USA
Sarah Weale 1783 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Selina Weale 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Selina Arabella Weale 1840 East Stonehouse, Devon, England
Sophia A Weale 1855
Sophia Jane Weale 1838 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Sophia S. Weale 1779 Hatton, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Weale 1619 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Vera Weale 1911 West Derby, Lancashire, England
William Weale 1696 St Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
William Weale 1784 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
William Weale 1612 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
William Weale 1722 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
William WEALE 1663 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
William Weale 1754 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
William Weale 1690 St Pauls, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
William Weale 1756 St Mary's, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
William Weale
William Bishop Weale 1813 Cork, County Cork, Ireland
Eileen Randall Weaven
Charlotte Louise Weaver 1974 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Elizabeth Weaver 1857
John Weaver 1922 Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England
Joshua Weaver
Leslie Weaver 1949 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Victoria Ann Weaver 1976 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Adela Cora Leonora Webb 1903 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Adolpe Sydney William Webb
Alice Dorothy Fernanda Webb 1937 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Anne Webb 1821 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Arthur Bernard Charles Christian Webb 1912 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Beatrice Ann Webb 1939 Bearsden, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Cyril Henry Gordon Webb 1910 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
David Webb 1972 Madrid, Spain
Dorothy Helen Mary Webb 1901 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Edna Winifred Webb 1920 Camberwell, London, England
Eliza G Webb
Ellen Webb
George Henry Ignacious Webb 1936 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Henry Arthur Webb 1941 Totton, Hampshire, England
Herbert F N Webb 1905 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Husband Webb
John Maximilian Webb 1829 Southwark, London, England
John Maximilian Webb 1794
Joseph Robert Anthony Webb 1906 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Joseph Robert R Webb 1874 Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA
Judson Webb Ohio, USA
Mary Webb 1635
Mary Ann Webb
Monica Webb 1974 Madrid, Spain
Son Webb
Son Webb
Son Webb
Victor Enrique Webb 1980 Madrid, Spain
Sara Webb Camacho 2006 Madrid, Spain
George Albert Webber 1890 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
George William Webber
Martin Webber
Mary Webber 1825 Halberton, Devon, England
Mary Webber 1840 Rackenford, Devon, England
Mary Webber 1823 Halberton, Devon, England
Peggy Webber 1919
Sarah Webber 1786 Rackenford, Devon, England
Thomas Webber
Thomas Webber
Elizabeth Webster 1866
Florence Emma Webster 1886
Ivy Webster 1909
Margaret C Webster
Richard John Webster
Edwin John Wedlake 1902 Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
John Wedlake 1871
Norman J Wedlake 1933 Exeter, Devon, England
Alice Maria Caston Weedon 1855 St Pancras, London, England
William James Weedon
Jane Weeks 1841
Thomas Bell Weeks
Walter Weeks
William Rolstone Weeks 1839 Bickleigh, Devon, England
Sophia H Wegner 1835 Prussia
Emma Frances Weir 1976 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Eoin Robin Weir 1943 Belfast, Norther Ireland
Tracey Weir 1968 Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
Victoria Kirsty Weir 1974
John Revelyn C Welch 1890 Wandsworth, London, England
Joseph Harold Squire Welch 1892 Brentford, London, England
Joseph Thomas Welch 1862 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Mary I D Welch 1896 England
Thomas Williams Welch 1832
Conrad T Wellby 1922 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Diane E Wellby 1954 Devon, England
Jennifer A Wellby 1951 Exeter, Devon, England
Elizabeth Wellington
John Wellington
Elizabeth Mary Wellman 1827 Fordington, Dorset, England
William Wellman 1791 Dorset, England
Ann Wells 1805 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Charles Wells 1810 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Charles Wells 1854 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Daisy Edith Wells 1888 Woodford Green, Essex, England
Elizabeth Wells 1800 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Elizabeth Ann Wells 1832 Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, England
Elizabeth Lily Wells 1885 Richmond, London, England
Elizabeth Sophia Wells 1867 St Georges Square, Claines, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Emma Jane Wells 1858 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Frances Wells
George Wells 1807 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
George Wells 1839 Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England
George Charles Wells 1868 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
George Richard Wells 1804 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
George William Wells 1841 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
James Wells 1866 Woodford Green, Essex, England
Jane Wells 1811 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Jane Wells 1839 Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, England
John Wells 1808 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Joseph Wells 1799 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Leonard Wells
Luiza Wells 1845 Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England
Mary Wells 1656
Mary Wells 1804
Mary Grace Wells 1869 Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England
Maud Adelaide Bertram Wells 1889 Ludlow, Shropshire, England
Penelope Wells 1801 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Richard Wells
Richard Wells
Robert Wells 1813 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Wells 1840 Halford, Warwickshire, England
Sarah Wells 1796 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Thomas Ford Wells 1871 Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England
William Wells 1847
William Wells 1753
William Wells 1798 Rowington, Warwickshire, England
Alfred William Wellsman
Alfred William Wellsman 1890 Rotherhithe, London, England
Alfred William Wellsman 1924
Caroline L Wellsman 1919 Poplar, London, England
Eliza Wellsman 1921 Poplar, London, England
Violet Lilian Wellsman 1923 Poplar, London, England
Beatrice M Welsh 1895 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Daniel Welsh
Lucillia Welsh 1883 Stephen Township, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
Agnes Wensley 1738 Puddington, Devon, England
Ellen Wensley
James Wensley
John Wensley 1730
Harriet Were 1813 Halberton, Devon, England
Christopher Werry
Tertia Elizabeth Werry 1975 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Alice Edith Wescombe
John Wescott 1813 Cullompton, Devon, England
Mary Ann Wescott 1838 Silverton, Devon, England
Carel Johannes Wessels
Elizabeth Wilhelmm Wessels
Frank Bekker Wessels
Karen Susanna Wessels
Edith Emily West
Sarah West 1800 Clifton Upon Teme, Worcestershire, England
Sarah West
Blanche Westacott 1878 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Diana Westacott 1948 Bromley, Kent, England
Doris Westacott 1910 Plymouth, Devon, England
Edna Westacott 1903 Plymouth, Devon, England
Gladys Westacott 1885 Appledore, Devon, England
John Westacott 1890 Appledore, Devon, England
John Westacott 1913 36 Sloane Court, Chelsea, London, England
John Westacott 1845 Barnstaple, Devon, England
John Westacott 1847
John Westacott
John Malcolm Westacott 1876 St. Lukes, London, England
Michael J Westacott 1942 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Pamela Westacott 1938 Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Percy Westacott 1880 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Percy Westacott 1901 Plymouth, Devon, England
Samuel Westacott 1850 Barnstaple, Devon, England
William Westacott 1821 Barnstaple, Devon, England
William Westacott 1843 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Ann Harriet Westlake 1868 Stoke Canon, Devon, England
Edward Upham Westlake 1884 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Florence Maud Westlake 1880 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Frances Upham Westlake 1872 Stoke Canon, Devon, England
Susannah Upham Westlake 1870 Stoke Canon, Devon, England
Thomas Webber Westlake 1841 Stoke Canon, Devon, England
Bernard R Weston 1929 Alton, Staffordshire, England
John Weston
Rosetta Weston 1885 Paddington, London, England
Winifred May Weston 1899 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Arthur Holt Westwell 1902 Chorley, Lancashire, England
Christopher Richard Westwell 1959 Marston Green Maternity Hospital, Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Jennifer Ruth Westwell 1964 Marston Green Maternity Hospital, Solihull, Warwickshire, England
Michael John Westwell 1933 Coleshill, Warwickshire, England
John Thomas Whale
David F Whatley
Linda Whatley 1953 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Pauline Whatley 1940
Richard F Whatley 1960 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Tarry Whatmough 1857 Clerkenwell, London, England
John Whatmough
Phoebe Edna Wheatley 1907 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Herbert Whebby 1899 Chelsea, London, England
Yvonne Beryl Whebby 1924 Wandsworth, London, England
Audrey Wheeler 1899 Oldbury, Worcestershire, England
Cecil Wheeler 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Clara Louisa Wheeler 1854
Dorothy Wheeler 1889 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Edgar Wheeler 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
George Wheeler
Helen Kathleen Wheeler 1894 Oldbury, Worcestershire, England
Herbert Wheeler 1824 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Herbert Wilson Wheeler 1853 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Kate Wheeler 1858 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Louisa Wheeler 1849 Regent's Park, Pancras, London, England
Marion Matilda Wheeler 1856 Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Marjorie Wheeler 1901 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Martha Ann Wheeler
Percy Wheeler 1859 14 Plough and Harrow Road, Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England
Percy Wheeler 1888 Oldbury, Worcestershire, England
Richard Patrick Wheeler 1920 'The Bungalow' Church Road, Yardley, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Samuel Wheeler
Thomas Wheeler
Vernon Wheeler 1892 Oldbury, Worcestershire, England
Walter Burbridge Wheeler 1901 Enfield, London, England
William Wheeler
William Wheeler 1862 Kingston, England
Jennifer Whelan 1967
Kyren Whelan 1964
Lettia Whelan 1969
Susan P Whelan 1936 Ireland
Thomas Whelan
Ann Wherry 1773 Cardinham, Cornwall, England
Ada Mary Whiles
Alfred Charles White 1883 Chard, Somerset, England
Alice Kathleen White 1895 Yeovil, Somerset, England
Ambrose Albert White 1919 Chard, Somerset, England
Andrew L White 1962 Poole, Dorset, England
Charles Henry A White 1844 Bedminster, Somerset, England
Edward White 1814 Westbury On Tyrm, Gloucestershire, England
Edward John White
Elizabeth White
Ellen M White 1851 Redcar, Yorkshire, England
Emily White 1865 Sidbury, Devon, England
Emily Mary Jane White 1899 Sidbury, Devon, England
Florence Louisa White 1896 Sidbury, Devon, England
George Robert White 1860 Sidbury, Devon, England
George Thomas John White 1900 Sidbury, Devon, England
Grace Olive Pearce White 1918 Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England
Henry White 1875 Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England
Jeffrey White 1978 Taunton, Somerset, England
John White
John G J White
John M White 1949
John Spencer White 1924 Poole, Dorset, England
Joseph White 1832 Tiverton, Devon, England
Lawrence Jack White 1915 Chard, Somerset, England
Leonard Alfred James White 1911 Chard, Somerset, England
Lilian Beatrice White 1908 Chard, Somerset, England
Lilian M G White 1924 Chard, Somerset, England
Lydia Catherine Elizabeth White 1855 London, England
Maria White
Marian White 1853 Sidbury, Devon, England
Nicholas John White 1972 Plymouth, Devon, England
Philip White 1830 Uffculme, Devon, England
Queenie May White 1905 Poole, Dorset, England
Reuben White 1866 Poole, Dorset, England
Sarah White 1981 Taunton, Somerset, England
Sheila Anne White 1947 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Thomas White 1815
Wife White
Wife White
William Frederick Charles White 1907 Chard, Somerset, England
William George White
William Henry White 1826 Axminster, Devon, England
William Laurence White 1848 Chardstock, Dorset, England
Elizabeth Whitear 1772 Devon, England
David F Whitehead
Derek L Whitehead 1945 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Eric Whitehead 1928
Frederick William Whitehead
Jerred D Whitehead 1943 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Thomas H Whitehead
William Thomas Whitehead 1879 Plaistow, Essex, England
John T Whitehouse
Margaret Whitehouse 1920 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Mildred Whitem 1879
Elizabeth Whitesides
Frederick Whitfield 1912
Mark Frederick Whitfield 1940 Canada
John Whithorne 1734 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Whithorne 1731 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Whithorne 1854 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Sarah Whithorne 1706 Ashchurch, Gloucestershire, England
Sophia Whithorne 1851 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas Whithorne 1739 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Whithorne 1702
William Whithorne 1852 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Whithorne 1669
William Whithorne 1818 Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, England
William Whithorne
Herbert Whiting
Robert Samuel Whiting 1902 Queensland, Australia
Henry Whitlam
Florence Whitley
Alan C Whitlock
Ivor B H Whitlock
Leah Whitlock 2000 Victoria, Australia
Mark Stuart Whitlock 1964 Bromley, Kent, England
Neil Ashley Whitlock 1971 Truro, Cornwall, England
Nicola J Whitlock 1962 Horsham, Sussex, England
Victoria Ann Whitlock 1970 Truro, Cornwall, England
William Whitlock
Zane Whitlock 1996 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Cheryl Leigh Whitmore 1977 Salisbury, Rhodesia
Gareth Charles Whitmore 1979 Crawley, Sussex, England
Herbert Charles Geoffrey Whitmore 1950 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Mark Peter Whitmore 1979 Crawley, Sussex, England
Dorothy Whittingham 1916
Harriet Whyte 1832 Torrington, Devon, England
Mary Frances Whyte 1866 Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
Patrick Whyte
Samuel Soloman Whyte
Wilfred T Wiatt
Sarah Wiborn
Philip A Wickham 1960 Hull, Yorkshire, England
Edna Jean Widerick
Albert Ernest Widnall 1886 Radford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Charles Widnall
Edward Allen Widnall 1942 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Edward Peter Widnall 1968 Malta
Frederick Edward Widnall 1911 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Harry Widnall 1863 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
James Francis Widnall 1974 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Susan J Widnall 1947 Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Edith N Wiese 1893 Mount Auburn, Benton County, Iowa, USA
Ellen Julia Wigg 1857 Maidstone, Kent, England
Frank W Wigglesworth
Sarah A. Wigglesworth 1945 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Cornelia Wijsman
Wife Wijsman
Joseph Wilbourne 1824 North Wingfield, Derbyshire, England
Mary Jane Wilbourne 1860 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Peter Wilbourne
Emily Wilcox 1861 Ontario, Canada
Husband Wilcox
John Wilcox
Thomas Henry Wild
Charles Henry Wildgoose
Mary Stewart Wildgoose 1899
Henry Robert Wildish 1859 Old *mpton, Kent, England
Lorna D Wildish 1923 Totnes, Devon, England
Phyillis B Wildish 1919 Totnes, Devon, England
Ronald Henry Wildish 1885 Blackawton, Devon, England
Caroline Ruby Wildman 1944 Southgate, London, England
Husband Wildman
Walter W Wildman
Alice Maud Wiles
Maggie Wilkie
Elizabeth Wilkins 1836 West Meston, Sussex, England
James Wilkins
Louisa Wilkins
Montague Wilkins 1879
Susan Wilkins 1877 Holloway, London, England
Thomas Wilkins
Al Wilkinson
Beverley Anne Wilkinson
John L Wilkinson
Sheila Agnes Willcock 1935 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Elisabeth R Willcocks
William G Willcocks
Ambrose William 1866 Tipton, Staffordshire, England
Ambrose Williams 1905 March End, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Annie Ivy Williams 1901 Rhyl, Denbighshire, Wales
Annie Mary Williams
Anthony Williams
Arthur John Williams 1923 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Benjamin Walter Williams Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales
Brenda Williams 1947 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Byron L Williams 1907 Utah, USA
Caroline T Williams 1953 Southwark, London, England
Charles Williams
Craig Michael Williams 1977 Glamorgan, Wales
Crystal E Williams 1904 Utah, USA
Daniel Williams
Daughter Williams
Daughter Williams
Daughter Williams
Daughter Williams
Daughter Williams
David Williams
Ebenezer Albert Williams
Edmund G Williams
Edward Williams 1910 Bagilt, Flintshire, Wales
Edward Williams 1863 Camborne, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Williams 1829 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Williams 1832 Wroxton, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Alice Williams 1896 Carnarvon, Conway, Wales
Elizabeth Frances Williams 1822 Newington, London, England
Ellen Elizabeth Williams 1875 Llanrwst, Denbighshire, Wales
Emily Jane Williams
Emma Williams
Emma M Williams 1892 New York, New York, USA
Evan Williams 1847 Llanrhychwyn, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Fred B Williams 1897 Utah, USA
Frederick Bernard Williams 1871 Kaysville, Davis County, Utah, USA
Freyja Williams
George Williams 1806
George Williams 1834 Addington, Oxfordshire, England
George E Williams
Gertrude Dorothy Williams 1922 Ormskirk, Lancashire, England
Gordon Williams 1944
Gregory Jason Williams 1971 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Gregory M Williams
Harriett Williams 1838 Addington, Oxfordshire, England
Harriot Giffard Williams
Helen Jessie Williams 1863 Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Husband Williams
James Williams
Jane Elizabeth Williams
Joanne Williams
John Williams 1940
John Hugh Williams 1899 East Ham, Essex, England
Laura A Williams 1907
Lauren Nicole Williams 2003 Hertfordshire, England
Lewis Ebenezer Williams 1909 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
Linda J Williams
Lydia Williams
Mary Ann Williams
Mary Jane Williams 1857 Rudbaxton, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Rhuamah Abigail Williams 1854 Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Richard Williams
Robert S Williams
Rosaline Alice Williams 1884 Wiston, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Samuel Williams
Samuel George Williams 1891 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England
Scott Williams
Sheila Williams 1951 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Sian Marion Williams 2003 Hertfordshire, England
Sidney John Williams 1904 South Molton, Devon, England
Son Williams
Son Williams
Son Williams
Son Williams
Son Williams
Stephen Williams
Susan Williams 1945 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Temple Williams 1899 Kensington, London, England
William Williams 1875 Knowstone, Devon, England
William Williams
William Williams 1852 Llanddona, Gwynedd, Wales
Zavia Williams
Alexander Williamson 1991 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Emma Williamson 1993 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Lettice Williamson 1878 Gosberton, Lincolnshire, England
Margaret Williamson
Timothy Williamson 1956
Wife Williamson
Allen Willis 1942 Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Bert V. Willis 1906 Gloucestershire, England
Charles Henry Willis
Deborah Mary Willis 1968 Hexham, Northumberland, England
Rachel Jane Willis 1966 Hexham Hospital, Northumberland, England
Samuel Willis 1760
Thomas Francis Willis
William Keith Willis 1893 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sarah Willmer
Anna Maria Willmington 1876 Gittisham, Devon, England
George Willmington 1851 Gittisham, Devon, England
Jane Willoughby
Lucy Willoughby 1823
Charles Wills
Debbie Catherine Wills 1973 Plymouth, Devon, England
Ernest John Wills
Gary Wills 1969 Hammersmith, London, England
George Wills
George Wills 1813
George John Blackaller Wills 1848 'Narracombe', Ilsington, Devon, England
June E Wills 1930 Islington, London, England
Lawrence W Wills 1922 Islington, London, England
Reginald E J Wills 1920 Islington, London, England
Samuel Nosworthy Wills 1850 'Narracombe', Ilsington, Devon, England
Thomas Wills
Vera L A Wills 1917 Islington, London, England
William John Wills
Gordon J Wilmot
Sally A Wilmot 1963 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Stephen J Wilmot 1964 Tonbridge, Kent, England
Alistair David Wilson 1991 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Ben Wilson 1984 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Beverley Anne R Wilson 1966 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Bjarni Wilson 1966 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Charles Henry Wilson 1855
David Alan Wilson 1951
Donald Morrison F Wilson 1919
Duncan Andrew Wilson 1969 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Elizabeth Wilson 1823 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England
Elizabeth Wilson
Elsie Wilson 1899 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Emma Wilson 1859 Bethnal Green, London, England
Emma Wilson London, England
Evelyn Agnes Wilson 1916 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Frank Wilson
George Wilson 1866
Gertrude Wilson
Hannah Jane Wilson 1986 Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Harriet Rosamund Wilson 1987 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Isabel Mary Wilson 1907 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Joe Wilson 1991 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
John Wilson
Kenneth Charles Wilson 1937 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Kevin Gordon Brian Wilson 1956 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Maggie May Wilson 1897 Gargill, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Wilson
Margaret Wilson
Mary Wilson
Matilda Wilson 1772 All Hallows, London, England
Michael Edward Wilson 1985 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Morris Charles Wilson 1908 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Robert Wilson
Robert A Wilson
Rosalie V Wilson
Roy Walton Wilson 1954
Ruth Claire Wilson 1983 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Samuel John Wilson 1872
Signy Wilson 1968 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Steven Wilson 1986 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Violet Hazel Wilson 1902 Grace Hospital,Toronto, Ontario, Canada
William Wilson
Brendan Thomas Wilson-McGarry 1997 Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Bessie May Wilton 1907
Catherine Elizabeth Winchcombe 1784 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Charlotte Anne Winchcombe 1786 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
George Clifford Winchcombe 1786 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Henry Clifford Winchcombe 1785 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
James Winchcombe
Maria Winchcombe 1789 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Nathaniel Winchcombe 1725
Nathaniel Winchcombe 1757
Rosamund Winchcombe 1793 'Stratford House', Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Martha Windmill 1801 Buckinghamshire, England
James Wingate
Nellie Macharinah Wingate 1886 Richmond, London, England
Walter James Wingate 1846 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Harvey Harrison Winger
Minnie Edna Winger
Bertha Louise Winkle 1921 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
James Rowley Winkle
John Winkle 1889 Burslem, Staffordshire, England
Alfred Herman Fredrick Maxe Winkler 1869 Germany
Jake Anthony Winslade 2007 England
Jason Winslade New Zealand
Joshua William Winslade 2010 New Zealand
Dorothy Winson 1920 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
George H Winson 1895
Maria Ann Winsor 1860 Brixham, Devon, England
Anne Winter 1858 Chard, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Winter 1868 Chard, Somerset, England
Lloyd Winter 1823 Barnstaple, Devon, England
Walter James Winter 1871 Chard, Somerset, England
Gillian Winters 1961 Swanage, Dorset, England
Anne Wintle 1682 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Anthony Richard Wintle 1946 Ruislip, Middlesex, England
Arthur Wintle 1878 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Carolyn Mary Drysdale Wintle 1948 Ruislip, Middlesex, England
Charles Wintle 1682 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Charles Percival Wintle 1877 Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
Emily Wintle 1866 Stoke Fleming, Devon, England
Florence Wintle 1872 Sherford, Devon, England
Frederick John Wintle 1865 Stoke Fleming, Devon, England
John Wintle 1837 Westbury On Severn, Gloucestershire, England
John Wintle
John Edwin Wintle 1898 Kingsbridge, Devon, England
John Richard Wintle 1911 Hanwell, Middlesex, England
Kenneth Charles Wintle 1914 Hanwell, Middlesex, England
Mable Winifred Wintle 1916 Kings Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Olive M Wintle 1916 Hanwell, Middlesex, England
Richard Charles Wintle
Richard Charles Wintle 1981 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Rosamund Wintle 1683
Sarah Wintle
Simon James Wintle 1979 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
William Wintle 1796 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
William Wintle 1870 Stoke Fleming, Devon, England
William Wintle 1677 Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England
Zachariah Wintle
Zachariah Wintle
Mary Sharland Wippell 1807 Thorverton, Devon, England
John Edwin Wirdnam 1915 Brentford, London, England
Walter John Wirdnam 1884 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Ada Wiseman 1884 Kilburn, London, England
Vada Marie Wiseman 1912 Lantan, Missouri
Benjamin Wismer
Lydia Anne Wismer 1895 Blair, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada
Rachel Withey
Frederick William Withycombe
Maria Withycombe 1841 Marylebone, London, England
Eugenia Witting
Thomas Reinhold Bowring Woddbury
Alan E Wood
Amey Wood 1684 Cruwys Morchard, Devon, England
Ann Wood
Anna Maria Wood 1851 Farway, Devon, England
Brenda M Wood 1959 Horsham, Sussex, England
Derek R Wood 1965 Horsham, Sussex, England
Edith Adeline Wood
Elizabeth Ann Wood 1848 Wellington Hearth, Hereford, England
Emma Wood
Frederick Wood
Henry Wood
Jamie Michael Wood 1979 Surrey, England
Joce Alice Wood 1926 Upton Park, Essex, England
Julie M Wood 1957 Surrey, England
Kenneth Wood
Mary Elizabeth Wood 1871 Loughborough, Leicestershire, England
Raymond C Wood
Sarah Catherine Wood 1977 Surrey, England
Shirley May Wood
Thomas Wood
Joyce Anne Woodall
Carol M Woodcock
Elizabeth Woodcock
Ethel Frances Woodcock 1899 London, England
Francis Woodcock 1860 Weymouth, Dorset, England
Sarah Woodcock 1835 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Albert Edward Woodford 1880 26 South Street, Isleworth, Middlesex, England
Henry Woodford 1852 Southampton, Hampshire, England
William J. Woodford 1863 Hampshire, England
Cicely Blanche Woodgate 1868
Millicent Woodhurst 1897
Elizabeth Woodlands 1805 Frome, Somerset, England
Jane Woodliffe
Levi S Woodman
Sarah Lilla V Woodman 1854 Raymond, Rockingham County, New hampshire, USA
Hazel Bell Woodruff 1894 Sydenham, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada
William Woodruff
Allister Dean Woods 1968 Bromley, Kent, England
Anson Maurice Woods
Brenden Leigh Woods 1970 Bromley, Kent, England
Darrell Peter Woods 1966 Bromley, Kent, England
Grayson Charles Woods
James Christopher Woods 1948
Jessica Louise Woods 1998 Bexley, London, England
John Maurice Woods
Lila Woods 2006
Malcolm J Woods
Marlene Dorothy Woods 1947 Repps with Bastwick, Norfolk, England
Maurice Byron Woods 1950 North Grimsby Township, Ontario, Cnada
Nathan George Woods 1998 Bromley, Kent, England
Peter C. Woods
Ruby Eva Woods 2004 Hackney, London, England
Sheila E Woods
Anne Woodville 1438
Anthony WOODVILLE 1442 Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England
Edward Woodville
Eleanor Woodville
Elizabeth Woodville 1437 Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England
Jacquetta Woodville 1445
John Woodville 1445
John Woodville
Katherine Woodville 1442
Lewis Woodville
Lionel Woodville 1446
Margaret Woodville 1439
Margaret WOODVILLE 1456 Maidstone, Kent, England
Martha Woodville
Mary Woodville 1443
Richard WOODVILLE 1405 Maidstone, Kent, England
Richard Woodville
Thomas Woodville
Alec Charles Woodward
Florence Alice Woodward 1900 Upper Holloway, London, England
Hettie Alexandra Woodward 1902 Islington, London, England
Joan E Woodward
William Richard Woodward
Martyn Woolaway 1959 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Reginald Joseph Woolaway
Thomas Reginald Woolaway 1927 Hereford, Herefordshire, England
Edna Roselyn M Woolcott 1909 Wedmore, Somerset, England
Elizabeth Wooton Woolcott 1867 forton, Somerset, England
Francis William Woolcott 1893 Chard, Somerset, England
George Woolcott 1871 Chard, Somerset, England
Henry Charles Woolcott 1881 Chard, Somerset, England
John Woolcott
Kanthleen Christina G Woolcott 1906 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England
Pamela Lilian Woolcott 1931 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Richard Woolcott 1865 Chard, Somerset, England
Robert Woolcott 1880 Chard, Somerset, England
Samuel Woolcott 1876 Tatworth, Somerset, England
Samuel James Woolcott 1838 Chard, Somerset, England
Sarah Mary Woolcott 1873 Chard, Somerset, England
Vincent Edmund Woolcott 1869 Chard, Somerset, England
William Woolcott 1874 Chard, Somerset, England
Alan Woollard 1979
Andrew John Charles Woollard 1953 Waterford, Hertfordshire, England
Daniel David Woollard 1983 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Darren Woollard 1973
David Keith Woollard 1959 Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England
Frederick John Reginald Woollard 1929 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
Jacqueline Ann Woollard 1952 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Jason Michael Woollard 1989 Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England
John Woollard
Lee Andrew Woollard 1982 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Luke Christopher Andrew Woollard 1985 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Pauline Elizabeth Woollard 1957 Hertfordshire, England
Scarlett Kate Woollard 2007 Hitchingbrooke, Cambridgeshire, England
Andrew John Woolley 1970 Honiton, Devon, England
David Colin Woolley 1972 Honiton, Devon, England
Derek Godfrey Woolley 1935 Honiton, Devon, England
Gladys Loretta Woolley 1908 Fresno, California, USA
Percy T Woolley
Roy Thomas Woolley
Sarah Jane Woolley 1969 Honiton, Devon, England
Susan Marie Woolley 1974 Honiton, Devon, England
Hannah Woolnough 1847
Harold J Woon 1917 Reach Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada
James E Woon
Richard David Woon
Mary Wooton
Johanna Sarah Worcester 1825 Stepney, London, England
John Worcester 1789
Lucy Maud Worden 1869 Dublin, Ireland
Mary Worden 1728
Samuel Worden
Lucy Maud Wordon 1869 Dublin, Ireland
Elizabeth Workman 1786
Emma Workman
Irene M Worley
Mabel Wormald 1885 Bingley, Yorkshire, England
Patricia Marie Wormley
Irene Matilda Worrall 1920 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Ralph Worrall
Frank Worsley
Marylynne Worsley 1947
Moira Worsley 1950
Anne Worth
George Worth
Isabel Worth
Margaret Worth Buckington, Wiltshire, England
Elizabeth Lukey Worwell 1802 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
James Nicholas Worwell 1798 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
John Worwell 1766
John Worwell 1797 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Laurence Clarke Worwell 1800 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Mary Marsh Worwell 1804 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Robert Marsh Worwell 1795 Morwenstow, Cornwall, England
Margaret Wotton
Mary Ann Large Wraight 1826 Purton, Wiltshire, England
John Wray
Lilian Luella Wray 1900 Cartwright, Ontario, Canada
Charles Wren 1820 Woolwich, London, England
Stephen Wren
Martha Wressell
Wright 1910
Alvan L Wright 1927 Rochford, Essex, England
Amelia Sophia Wright 1840 Bayswater, London, England
Annie Maria Wright
Barry Wright 1935
Charles Wright
David J Wright 1955 Chelmsford, Essex, England
Elisabeth Isabelle Wright 1886 Lowell, USA
Elizabeth Anna Wright
Geoffrey Charles Wright 1953 Chelsea, London, England
George Wright
Hannah Minnie Thirza Wright
Harriet Wright 1811 Halford, Warwickshire, England
James Wright
Jessie Sarah Wright 1871 Herringswell, Suffolk, England
John Wright 1844 Farnham, Surrey, England
John Wright
John Wright
Louisa Wright 1880 Maldon, Essex, England
Louisa Annie Wright 1874
Mark Alvan Wright 1953 Chelmsford, Essex, England
Mary Wright 1789 Cadeleigh, Devon, England
Mary Jane Wright 1875 Marylebone, London, England
Millard Filmore Wright
Pamela Brenda Wright 1944 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Priscilla Wright 1828 County Cork, Ireland
Sarah Wright 1814 Bardwell, Suffolk, England
Sarah Ann Wright 1834
Sidney A Wright
Susan K Wright 1962 Norwich, Norfolk, England
Thomas Wright 1905
William Wright 1823
William Thomas Wright
Albert Wrobel
John Sparrow Wroth 1858 Bigbury, Devon, England
Norman Edward Wroth 1895 Bigbury, Devon, England
Bryen Skinner Wulfing
Albert Charles Wyatt 1883 Watchfield, Berkshire, England
Anne Elizabeth Huxtable Wyatt 1845 All Saints, Maldon, Essex, England
Anne Louise Wyatt 1914 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Beatrice Clementina Wyatt 1842 Maldon, Essex, England
Edgar Arthur Wyatt 1880 Heybridge, Essex, England
Eliza Wyatt 1820 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Elizabeth Wyatt
Emily Jane Wyatt 1875 Maldon, Essex, England
Emily Jane Wyatt 1850 Maldon, Essex, England
Fanny Wyatt 1806 Cornwall, England
Frank Herbert Wyatt 1889 Heybridge, Essex, England
Frederick Augustus Wyatt 1849 Maldon, Essex, England
Henry Wyatt 1860 Bagborough, Somerset, England
John Wyatt 1781 Tiverton, Devon, England
Laurence Hugh Wyatt 1890 Heybridge, Essex, England
Mabel Wyatt 1887 Heybridge, Essex, England
Maria Wyatt 1841 Newton St Cyres, Devon, England
Mary Wyatt 1709 Halberton, Devon, England
Richard Wyatt Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Sarah Ann Wyatt 1826 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Thomas Wyatt
William Wyatt 1791 Devon, England
William Wyatt 1813 Tiverton, Devon, England
William Wyatt
William Wyatt
William Frederick Wyatt 1877 Heybridge, Essex, England
William Huxtable Wyatt 1840 St Peters, Maldon, Essex, England
Amelia Wyburn 1835 Woolavington, Somerset, England
Amelia Ann Wyburn 1838 Woolavington, Somerset, England
Emily Wyburn 1836 Bridgwater, Somerset, England
Joseph Wyburn 1833 Woolavington, Somerset, England
Mary Ann Dicker Wyburn 1824 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Rhoda Wyburn 1841 Taunton, Somerset, England
Robert Wyburn 1795 Thurloxton, Somerset, England
Sarah Wyburn 1828 Cockernwell, Devon, England
Susannah Wyburn 1826 Ilminster, Somerset, England
Walter Robert Wyburn 1830 Oakhampton, Devon, England
Husband Wylie
Ann Wyman
Pauline Wynne
Anne Wyse
Lucy Wyton
Hannah Wyville
Mary Rita Yalland 1879 Stapleton, Gloucestershire, England
Thomas King Yalland
Elizabeth Yarnold 1670
Gregory Yarnold
Jack Yarrow
Pauline Yarrow 1944 Kettering, Northamptonshire, England
Edward Savage Yates
George S Yates 1912 Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Maud Alice Yaxley
Hugh Yelland 1660 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
Oliver Yelland 1664 Sampford Courtenay, Devon, England
William Yelland
Rita Edith Hermina Yells
James Yendell
John Yendell 1819 Silverton, Devon, England
Samuel Yendell
William Yendell 1813 Silverton, Devon, England
John Yerby
Daphne Elizabeth Margaret Yonwin 1930 Hendon, London, England
Stanley Henry Yonwin 1902 Paddington, London, England
Delma Harmina York 1878
Ellen York
Thomas Nelson York 1857
Charles Stuart Yorston
Bernard Oswald Youlden 1874 Camborne, Cornwall, England
Annie Victoria Young 1883 Monteagle Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada
Christian Young
Daughter Young
Daughter Young
Elizabeth Young
George Young
Gordon Young 1840
Graham Pearson Young 1928 Southampton, Hampshire, England
Harold Brian Young 1929 Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England
Ian Young
Isaac Varian Young
Jacob Henry Young 1880 Michigan, USA
James Stephen Young
Jane A Young 1965 Winchester, Hampshire, England
Joan Constance Young 1923 Lewisham, London, England
John H Young
Kim Elizabeth Young 1957 Gateshead, County Durham, England
Lucia Katherine Young
Mabel Young
Mary Jane Young
Muriel Joyce Young 1916
Robert William Young 1920 Bergen County, New jersey, USA
Ruth Simpson Young 1891 Carlisle, Warren County, Iowa, USA
Sarah Young
Son Young
Son Young
Son Young
Susan Young
Thomas Scott Young 1902 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Nina Mary Younger 1948 Fielding, New Zealand
Ann Youngs 1828 Verwood, Dorset, England
Emma Youngs 1833 Verwood, Dorset, England
Ruby Yourth
John Ytt
Lize Zalits
Eliza Kristiana Zalmeza-Grinvalds 2005
Sanita Zalmeza-Grinvalds 1992
Aurelija-Tija Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2009 Latvia
Dominiks Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2012 Riga, Latvia
Edgars Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1991 Latvia
Gunars Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1939
Ivonna Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1961
Loreta-Lote Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2013 Riga, Latvia
Raimanda Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1996 Latvia
Ramona Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1993 Latvia
Ramona Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1962 Latvia
Renaldo-Kristofers Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2000 Latvia
Rezija Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1997 Latvia
Ricards Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1989 Latvia
Rolands Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1965
Sandija-Amanda Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1994 Latvia
Sigita Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1987 Latvia
Teo-Marija Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2006 Latvia
Teodors Zalmezs-Grinvalds 1986 Latvia
Tristans-Gusts Zalmezs-Grinvalds 2010 Tiraine, Latvia
Mother Zander
Silvia Zarn
Daughter Zepeda
Jose Zepeda
Victoria Zepeda 2002
Erika Agate Zibens 1906 Ainazi, Latvia
Christian Vida F A Zibia 1957 Maputo, Mozambique
Daughter Zibia
Daughter Ziemba
Daughter Ziemba
Leonard Gerald Ziemba 1940 Detroit, Michigan, USA
Son Ziemba
Andris Zilberts 1943
Dzintra Zilberts 1982 Latvia
Albert Edward Zimmer 1879 Oslo, Norway
Alyce Lovey Zimmer
Barbara Jane Zimmer 1945 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Carolyn Victoria Zimmer
Cathrine Marie Zimmer
Edwin Zimmer 1878 Oslo, Norway
Edwin Wright Zimmer 1910 Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Elizabeth Anne Zimmer
Frederick Anton Zimmer 1876 Oslo, Norway
Frederik Zimmer
Frederik Zimmer
Frederik Anton Zimmer 1906 Oslo, Norway
Frederik Anton Zimmer
Frederik Edward Zimmer
Frederik Faye Zimmer
Gregory William Zimmer
Hanne Camilla Zimmer
Hans Kirkgaard Zimmer
Johannes Zimmer 1883 Oslo, Norway
Johannes Zimmer 1909 Aker, Oslo, Norway
Karen Elisabeth Zimmer
Ludwig Zimmer 1841 Fredrikshald, Ostfold, Norway
Margrethe Marie Zimmer 1879 Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
Marrianne Zimmer
Nancy Elisabeth Zimmer
Phyllis Elizabeth Zimmer 1913 Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Trine-Lise Zimmer
Veronika Zimmer
William Zimmer
William Wright Zimmer
William Wyatt Zimmer 1874 Oslo, Norway
William Wyatt Zimmer 1917 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Albine Zlidne 1931
Katrine Zorgenfreija